Level by Debbie Overstreet

Walkthrough by Dutchy

(I like the little Derringer pistols Lara has in this level.)

The Hall.

Go through the Hall to the stairs and to the R of you is a Fire place, hop over the logs and push in the block, pull it aside and enter the passage behind it, into a puzzle room with a Skeleton waking up.

The Puzzle Room.

Run to the pillar opposite the entrance and use the Jmpswitch, sidejmp L to the door that opened, runjmp/grab over to the pedestal with the Lasersight. Runjmp back and run straight to the entrance passage, jmp/grab the Jmpswitch over it and go into the entrance passage, turn around to see the door R of the 1st Jmpswitch opened. Now for me something happened that’s not supposed to, I think, but I tried and it happened twice. Wait in the entrance a bit and the Skeleton can run into the deadly water in the new passage, if so you’re lucky. If not, just run in and jmp/grab to a breakable platform, hang and shimmy L to the wall, pull up and turn L, jmp/grab up to a crack in the wall and go to the other end, drop on the far side of the next platform and sidejmp R.

Get the Revolver and use the Jmpswitch behind the pedestal to open the exit. Jmp up to the passage R and follow back through the burner-traps to the start of the deadly water room, if the Skeleton happens to still be here, run to the entrance passage and shoot him in the head from there. Pull/push the Lanterns on the light coloured circles and the SE gate opens, go up to a MP and the nice Blade-trap behind it, turn L from the MP and stand to the wall, close to the higher floor part, sidejmp R over the 1st Blade, jmp onto the block next to the railing and runjmp to the NW corner where you can get another MP. Now here are 2 ways to do the next part, the easy one and the harder one.

Easy: Don’t use the switch, just go up into the opening above and runjmp from this passage over the 1st Blade, hop on the block again, runjmp/grab to the CS in the wall, get in and use the switch there to raise a block back in the Hall. I just dropped from the bottom of the ladder to the puzzle room and went back upstairs and onto the block, stand far back from the burner on the next block, on the R hand side, standjmp/grab the edge of the burner block, go around the R hand corner and pull up in the next, turn SW and standjmp to the lower corner ledge, pull up to the window ledge above for some Goodies and drop back down, jmp into the alcove in S wall and get a ½ MP, pull the switch to open a door in the Hall. Jmp around the corner to the R hand corner ledge and climb up for some Ammo, get down and drop to the floor below.

Hard route: Use the switch to raise a block at the Blades, go up in the higher passage to shoot the Crystal ball, which will retract Spikes on a sloped ledge in the room, runjmp out over the 1st Blade and climb the ladder on the L wall, backflip from the ladder onto the raised block and grab the MS above, go to the burner, but don't get fried, drop to the slope where the Spikes retracted and slide/jmp into the alcove in front, pull the switch to open a door in the Hall. Jmp around the corner to the R hand corner ledge and climb up for some Ammo, jmp to the other corner ledge to pull up to the window ledge above for some Goodies and drop back down and to the Puzzle floor below.

Ms. Danver’s Key.

Shoot the 2 lamps in the alcoves L and R of the entrance passage and the last gate opens in this room, get Ms. Danver’s Key from inside and go out to the Hall.

Go R and notice the raised block under the closed gate, go on to the opened door on the L side, nothing much to do here except for the Secret, a ½ MP in the CS up in the back wall behind the plant. Go back to the Hall and climb the block at the closed gate, look around for the nearby lamp behind you, shoot it and the gate will open. Crawl past the steam blowers and drop to the Fountain room, shoot the Guard dog (pick up the Ammo it leaves behind) and go up the steps, look over to the fountain to spot the dark Crystal ball on L side of the fountain, shoot it with the pistols from here and an UW gate in the pool opens, Swim in and go 2nd R/L down past a closed gate and up to a hallway, climb out and go on to a deep pit.

1st Rebecca’s Gem.

Run off to the lower ledge on E wall, get the MP on it and jmp to the S and N passages to pick up the Ammo, from the N passage down to the lower ledge and on to the breakledge in front of the W passage, run in fast and get Rebecca’s Gem from the pedestal, jmp over the pit behind it and climb up to a tunnel R, great place for some Boulders. Jmp onto a flatter part on the sloped W side and walk up to the tunnel entrance, the Boulders crash by, go up the slope and jmp the deep pit to get the Goodies, drop down into the pit and swim to an UW lever, pull and swim on, out of the now opened gate L and back to the Fountain Room, go back to the Hall. R up the stairs and there is Ms Danver watching your every move, go R into a passage and use the Gem in the receptacle.

Go into the passage with the Knights swinging their swords. Easiest way is to just sprint through and take a MP afterwards, get aMP in the end and place Ms Danver’s Key.

Tip from Selene: Just one little tip on this one: If you would like to get past the Knights with the swords without losing a single drop of blood, carefully time your run past each of them. Make sure to stop at the right point, you'll know which one that is when you stand between two swords without getting slashed.

A block lowers on opposite side of the landing, first turn L from the key and climb the wall, go L and get a Secret in the passage up there. Sprint back and enter the new rooms, there’s a lamp in the middle of the passage, the block R of it is pushable, throw a lever inside to open a gate in the end of the passage. Go out and into a room to the R where you can get some Goodies on top of the stairs. Now enter the room behind the opened gate, Spikes pop up from the floor, stand one step from the gate in the R hand corner and back to the wall, look up above the spikes to spot a vase in a hole in the ceiling.

Max’s Money Clip and 2nd Rebecca’s Gem.

Shoot it and the gate opens, pull the switch to raise a block at the entrance, get up and grab the MS, go over the Spikes and to the side a bit at the hole, drop just before you are hit by the Hammer and turn around, slide backwards off the slope and grab the edge, go to the ladder where you can drop/grab a Jmpswitch, be sure to have enough health, because it is a long way down. Grab Max’s Money Clip and climb the ladder to backflip on the pillar, push in the block and get a Secret MP from a CS, Throw the lever to open the gate at the ladder, jmp in and turn around in the new passage, take 4 hops back and run back to the pit, just run in, so you’ll fall down, as the Boulder will go over the gap. Now go up where it came from and climb the R hand ladder to get another Rebecca’s Gem. Now jmp over the pit in the passage and up in a CS to the R, throw the switch to open a trapdoor in the passage to the Spike room, which will be your exit, backflip from the top and go to the opposite passage at the landing, place Max’s Money Clip to open the door.

Go up the stairs and place Rebecca’s Gem next to the gate. Enter a Bedroom, a Dog attacks from the R, go through the curtains to the bed and stand between the bed and the Crystal ball, shoot it and watch the wall go down. Go in to a room with Horse statues.

The Horse Room.

There are Horse statues around the centre pillar each 2 horses are looking at a Crystal ball and one more is in the centre of the room, push the Globes around the centre pillar to the according Tiles, White to white, Black to … you guessed! A block raises near the entrance of the room, get up and standjmp/grab around to the break able platform, pull up and runjmp to the alcove with the Globe in W wall. Push it to the Tile and go down, go around the room, shooting all the lamps and pick up some Ammo in the W pool and more from a gate in the E wall, then go to the entrance and hop on the lower block, shoot the last Crystal ball and a pillar goes up under the Timed switch L of you, it will open the big S Gates. Run off the pillar and sprint into the next room, where Max is sitting at his desk.

Push in the block in W wall and go L into the passage to a water filled basement, wade straight to the opposite opening and through the next (the Wraith will only slightly harm you and he’s very territorial) push a Globe to a Tile and go out, L and L in the end, to push the 2nd, a block lowers in the Horse room and reveals Max's Money Clip. Go back to the room with the wraith and L to the end, climb out of the water and pull the L switch to lower a wall in the Hall, climb the ladder and grab the Crossbow in the next room. Turn and slide down the sloped passage to the Horse room, get the Money Clip and arm with the Crossbow (explosive) when returning through the Bedroom and down the stairs, team up the Skeletons and blast them with one arrow. Go L past Ms Danver, down the stairs to the Hall and into the room opposite the Fireplace.

Go up the long staircases and when you go into the big gates that will open up for you, Rebecca will be waiting for you, shoot her with the pistols (why spill the Ammo) and side jmping L and R. She will drop Rebecca’s Manuscript, go get it and push the 2 Globes over the Spike Tiles in one continues move or the Spikes will get you. The fire at the lever goes off pull it to open the final gate. Go back to the Hall and see that your actions had effect, the whole place is ablaze. It seems you did a poor job re Rebecca, shoot her up good this time and go to the NE corner of the Hall where that open gate is, place Rebecca’s Manuscript and the gate opens, run into the blue rays and you will be transported to the next level (Psycho).