Level by Josep Borrut

Notes by CC used for walkthrough by Dutchy

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

The 1st secret is in the 1st helicopter area. You must follow the wall that you reach to exit the area. It's just to the helicopterís left.

The 2nd secret is the one before the monkeyswing. Use the slope and hold Lara grabbing the border, move left ...

3rd secret: In the rump just before the jeep jump.

4th secret: The small security tower when completed the jeep way in time.

5th secret: In the room where the jeep crash the floor. The easiest way is stop the car after crash the iron bars.

6th secret. Left to the cat temple. Using the pyramid slope to reach it.

The Canyon.

Excellent opening flyby. Drop/grab the helicopters landing bars, shimmy R and drop from the end, take a MP to recover. (Great chopper pilot, couldnít he have gone down a bit?)

Go into the W canyon and where the passage gets narrow, face E and hop back against the W pillar, jmp forward on the sloped block in front and keep jmping L till you can jmp/grab to a ridge from the highest W pillar, go find the spot (a bit L) where you can stand, look W to spot the CS for later and turn S, standjmp to a ledge at the end of the ridge, standjmp over the slope far S end of the wall and slide to a flatter part, jmp around the corner to the N and then down to a lower ledge NE, shimmy along the ridge to a CS and get the Secret Shotgun. Drop to the canyon floor and go up to that ridge again and jmp to the CS (itís possible to jmp to a sloped ledge N and do a backflip/roll/grab to the opening you will reach through the CS) and follow to an opening from where you can jmp the Canyon. Watch out for that hanging L rock, stay R of it and follow the tunnel grabbing a MP to reach a wide Canyon.

Runjmp/grab the crack in the protruding rock E and go around L, drop to a sloped block below and find the hole in the wall E of where you just landed, pill the rock away from the CS behind it and get in, follow the crooked passage up to where you slide behind the Lasers near the Jeep. Look for the CS at the R side of the fence, follow through to an area with a big gate and a watch tower, go down a cave to a loading area, where youíll find a big truck, inside the truck you have to pull out the L hand crate and go behind the other to get the Crowbar.

Go further down the cave (notice the black steel construction L) and come to a work area, thereís a red Generator with a Crowbarlever next to it, start up the Generator with it. Go back in the direction of the truck and now climb the steel construction to the R of you (just past a closed gate), push the button in the machine room and a trapdoor opens next to the machine. Drop down onto an elevator, look in N wall for the CS and follow to an alcove with a MS.

Donít use it yet, first turn R and sidejmp onto the slope floor of the alcove, grab and shimmy all the way L as far as possible, have full health before you drop, climb up R and go R, get a 2nd Secret, some Ammo at the window, go back to the other side from where you can climb all the way back up to the MS, get the MP on the way. Climb into the CS at the MP and drop into the passage at the MS. Turn R from the drop, grab the MS and go R into the passage, drop at the ridge and jmp/grab the lower part of the MS, go on to where you get a screenshot of Lara from far below and L into a passage there, follow and up the ladder, save at the top and go over the edge. Immediately jmp/roll and grab the edge at the end of the slope. Pull up and backflip/roll to land on a sloped block, jmp/grab to the block in front from where you can get up to the roof of the Ctrl room.

The Jeep Keys.

Push the button to open the trapdoor and drop in and go around to the cafeteria to get a Grenade-gun and the Jeep Keys from the Cola machine. Look through the window and see 3 elevators and some kind of path through the rocks connecting them, there are 3 Ctrl buttons on a walkway in the Ctrl room to get the elevators on the right level so the path is connected, the R most elevator has to be in the upper position. The L one down and the centre one on the level of the path. Open the trapdoor, climb down to the ground and go up to the truck, to the black gates, get the MP there and go through the CS to where the Jeep is. Drive it through the Red fence at the CS and to the big gate (there is one more Gate behind it, weíll come to later).

Exploring the Route/ Cat Eyes.

Now we go explore the route through the caves you will have to do to get the 4th Secret later and get the 3rd Secret on the way. Drive the Jeep down the cave ahead, breaking the fences and L, over a narrow path with a short jmp in the end, go L and park the Jeep in the next wider corner, walk back a bit and you can dive in the water through a gap L, look for an UW opening where you can get the Cat Eyes. Back to the Jeep, you will have to swim around to get to it and take it up a narrow slope, over a path past a waterfall R, cross a higher path youíll ride later and through an opening in the rock wall, up to a wider cave, go L and down the slope, follow that cave to the dead-end and go up R, jmp the gaps in the path you crossed before and through another small tunnel, now be careful, you have to stay on the higher rock face steering R and make a U-turn around the deeper part to the L over a hill into a deeper part, here youíll see a slope up on the L side and one down on the R side, park the Jeep and go stand with your back to the steep Up slope, back up as far as possible and backflip/jmp/grab the CS to get the 3rd Secret Ammo.

Go back to the Jeep, back it up as far as possible and make speed to get up to the higher slope and youíll jmp over the 1st Black Gate. Now this is what you have to do in the timed run for the next Secret. (Notice the Watchtower behind the 2nd Black Gate.)

There are 3 possible solutions for the Double gate puzzle but only the first will gave access to the 4th secret.

1- Push the switch next to the first gate and quickly ride the jeep along the path you explored, as fast as possible up that last steep slope and youíll make the jmp over the first Gate, so you land between the 2 of them. If you have run fast enough through the canyons the 2nd gate will be still opened and the Watchtower door with the 4th Secret, Ammo will open when crossing the 2nd Gate.

2- If not, stop the Jeep close to the 2nd gate and push the button in here, the gate you jmped opens, go out fast and just around the R hand corner is the button to open the gate at the jeep, run back in and hop in the Jeep to take it through the Timed gate.

3- Another solution to the Double Gate puzzle is push the 1st switch, use the CS at the R side of the Red fence you opened before with the Jeep, cross the second gate and press the switch that open the first gate, ride the Jeep and cross both open gates.

After this you can drive down to the work area with the elevators, the door just R of the steel ladder you climbed should be open. Drive the Jeep in and bump it against the yellow button, the elevator goes up, drive through the tunnel, through the centre elevator and into the 3rd after the slope, bump into the yellow button and it goes down, drive out and into a wider room, R and to a closed gate. Leave the Jeep and walk back a bit, look for the CS up in R hand wall, go through and follow the next passage to a sloped one with a Boulder up L, shoot the Boulder with the Grenade-gun and head back to the Jeep and just tip the gate, it will break, back up and get out of the Jeep, go through the gate and onto a break floor (only with the Jeep, that is.) Get the 5th Secret, some Ammo in the R hand alcove and go get the Jeep, break through the floor leave it here. Go to the alcove SW and get the 2nd Pair of Cat Eyes. Drop out and get up in the NW passage.

The Pyramid and the Cat Temple.

Push the button and a block lowers in the Pyramid. Great action, the folding ladder. Go up and over, slide and jmp over the Spikes popping up out of a folding ledge, get some Flares behind the big obelisk and look E, on the roof of the veranda is some Ammo, stand on the veranda in the NE corner of this square and backflip onto the pyramid, to land just next to the roof, jmp back with a sharp L curve to land on the roof, get the 6th Secret, Ammo and go N. drop into the next square with a Cat temple. Go into the SE passage besides the temple first to get the Grenade-gun. There are 2 Statues in front of the Temple, which you have to unwrap first, shoot the cover to reveal the Gold cats and place the cat Eyes. The temple opens up. Go in and it looks like a big stone is shielding the entrance down. Go L of it and push in a block L, the Stone lifts and reveals the stairs. Go down and push the Golden doors L open. Enter the Mirror room.

The Mirror room.

The Statue L has the Timeless sands, shoot it to open a door on the opposite side, go in and go past the Mirrors with some jmps, light a flare to find a lever in the passage back there, throw it to flip over some Tiles in the Mirror room and lower the floor so the mirrors can be moved there, now go place the Mirrors on the tiles in a way that they will reflect the laser from the other statue to the red button on the pillar. You canít do much wrong here, if the Tile rises, the Mirror is in the right place. When 4 are placed there is another one you need in the back passage, go pull it out and the Laser will open the doors, get Queen Taraís Image and hear the Pilot talk to you.

The Escape.

You have to hurry now, run out of the Temple and into the opposite building a bit R, L and hop into the CS, sharp R around the corner and up L where the Boulder was, cutscenes of Guards coming in to take care of you will make the escape hard, slide into a cave with a Guard, just run past, keep an eye on the health and run down to where the Jeep is, L and to the steel pillars of the Ctrl room. L into the ladder to the Ctrl room, up ignoring the Guard and go R on top, backflip/roll and turn R, up to the roof and backflip off, run to the corner at the Chopper on the square under the rope-winch. When in time the Chopper will drop a rope, if not the Sam site will take it out. Climb the rope and backflip into the Chopper, Josep himself seems to be the Pilot. Uh-Oh!