Level by Michael Allan (Cowboy)

Walkthrough by CC and edited by Dutchy

I forget where all the pirates and gunmen are and all the pickups, but there pretty obviously in view as you go along.

The Black Island.

(In the crates are Goodies.)

I ran along the beach first to the very far right side and found the entrance with a bush outside (where you go down to a small beach at an inlet-D). Inside there's a medpack and a fire on the wall (this is where the torch will be lit). Go back to where you came from and to the L is a big opening in the rocks to a jungle. There are two different ways into the jungle, over slight rocky slopes. The one on the right triggers two jaguars, so I suppose that's the best one to go to first and get rid of the jaguars.

Then go to the one on the left and keep going through the jungle until you drop down a dip on the left. There's a 'face' tile just there in the wall. Push it in. Inside are shootable jars and bags. Shoot the jars and bags beside the door first to get a key, a skull (1st secret), and other pickups. Shoot the stuff over the crossbow last, a wraith is released. The only water nearby I know of is the beach so head there to put it out.

Back to where you got the crossbow, and continue through the jungle here until you see a wonderful bridge crossing a gorge. A beautiful blue macaw flies in, unfortunatly you'll have to kill it. Cross the bridge quickly (take running jumps to leave some of the tiles in tact if you like) and continue forward up onto the rocky slopes until you see water. Leave the water pool on the left for the moment and go to the water pool on the right. Near there is another hidden greenery entrance.

Inside are statues on each side and a spiked skellie ahead. Use the key near the door and look behind the statute on the far left. Run across the breakable tiles on either side, that leaves the centre ones in tact so you can run out again. Collect another skull (2nd secret).

Back outside to the other water pool and swim down. Find the exit and swim up. Kill a jaguar, shoot everything and collect pickup. Ahead are spikes and see a switch ahead. Jump into the alcove on the left, stand on the skull tile, and do a running jump around the corner to the switch. Take the green mask and pull the switch (this opens the huge gates outside in the jungle). Get back outside (the centre Spike tile in the pit is harmless-D) and recross the bridge. Keep going left through two different jungle areas until you come to the gates you've just opened.

Go inside and trigger a flyby that shows two gunmen on the left. Go there and kill them. Shoot crates and get pickups.

Get the torch near the gates and go back outside and along the beach to light the torch. Back to where you found the torch and light five sconces on the walls. This opens a face tile and inside is a switch. Pull the switch and run back outside quickly and jump onto the block because a huge snake is after you. (Great Snake !-D) You're safe on the block to watch it for a while. The switch has raised a block nearby so you can get up to the next level of this temple.

Beside the hole you've come through there is a wall of skull textures, climb this to the next level up. There's a switch on the L wall (almost impossible to see), push it. (Runjmp to a ledge on S wall outside to get some grenades). Get back down the way you came and go back out to the jungle, almost in a straight line ahead through the jungle, through the gap between areas, until you come to a statue behind a bush. Looking up and left of the statue and see a tree in the corner above. You can get behind that tree. Go through the gap and through the newly opened door.

Run quickly, beetles about, and through the crawlspace. (the next part even the beetles find too scary -D) Run quickly again as spikes come out sideways. Use ropes to get to the other side. In a room with water below jump across to the wooden ledge which will drop as you grab it and you land on the ledge below. You can shoot the snake in the water from here. Go into entrance and see a slope up.

This has two boulders, back up to trigger each and run and jump over the spike pit at the bottom, the boulders will roll into the spike pit. At the top wait and look. Two switches on the side. Run quickly to each over breakable tiles before the corkscrews come down, and run through the open door opposite the entrance. Down the step and out to another huge room with water below. Shimmy along the edge ahead and pull the switch.

Drop into the water, I found nothing where the statues are. Jump back across the water and climb the skull wall. Pull the switch and the room outside has flooded. Swim down and get out quickly onto one of the balconys as two snakes are in the water. Try to kill them from the balconys. Inside the W balcony beetles will come after you, if you shoot the vase, just get the Ammo under the Darts and go over to the E balcony. A door has opened in the room of the E balcony.

Run through towards the outside, mind the spike pit just outside the door. Run through the jungle and go up the slope to find the exit. The door opens as you approach and a gunman shoots at you. Get rid of him and you see you are above the falling wooden ledge you grabbed earlier. Shoot the vase and get the second green mask. The ledge will stay in place now for you to jump across, back the way you came. Some gunmen on the way will shoot at you.

All the way back to the temple area with double door, climb up the skull wall again, to the top balcony and find the receptacle for the mask. Shoot a gunman guarding it. Place it, jump across to the other receptacle and place the second green mask, and the double doors below open. Drop down and run through to . . .

The Black Pearl.

It's very dark here for a while, run forward and see a large cave with water below, a waterfall and ledges, a ladder and a gate below. Make your way around the ledges and find the crawlspace with ammo pickup. Back to the side of the waterfall.

Just underneath the waterfall is a crawlspace. I tried and couldn't jump to it, or fall from above. The only way to get in is to run off very near the left side of the waterfall and Lara will grab the crawlspace on the way down. Crawl in.

Tip from Scottchu: I found a way to JUST JUMP in there, I'll try to explain it here:

XXX===¦ B /water fall\

= is ledge
X is wall

(Step 1) Go to spot A (about center of bottom side of the ledge there), stand near margin.
(STEP 2) Face to spot B (slightly right of center between right side of the ledge and left margin of waterall)
(Step 3) run jump and grab in the mid air to make jump shorter (adjust with a curve to the right in midair to the center of the waterfall), then let go grab before Lara reaches waterfall.

If you're lucky, Lara will safely land at the crawlspace. However, you may need to try several times to succeed by adjusting Lara's direction each time. Work hard on it.

DO NOT stop when the screen shakes and you hear a boulder, keep crawling, because a boulder is falling, but it pass Lara harmlessly. You crawl into a dark room, but as soon as you move around the fire sconces light up and you can see everything.

Climb the back wall and jump across the beams to the switch.

Pull it and see the gate outside open. Go back that way. When you go across to the gate two gunmen fire at you from the top of the waterfall, ignore them. Pick up the medpack inside the gate and don't be scared of the spikes. Jump up and grab the ledge above the spikes.

Keep going forward until you come out to what looks like a tavern in a huge cave, the Pirate hideout. Run along the steps on the left and get onto the balcony of the tavern and around to the far side to a crawlspace. Drop from the crawlspace and run to the left to trigger a well-dressed mummy! Lure him away from the skeleton and go back to the skeleton to pick up the grenade gun and skull (secret 3). Blow him away and his friends on the other side of the room. Pick up all the goodies. Back outside to the balcony of the tavern.

Go through the large gap in the wall to the other area. Stay on the right, or trigger the boulder on the left if you like. Keep going around, over a spike pit and stop when you see slopes to jump to. This is fairly easy, a single jump to the first one and jump to grab the last ledge. The whole floor has spikes. Run in a use the switch (this opens the door of the tavern outside).
Come out and deal with the gunman, and go back to the tavern.

Inside is a ghost and a mummy, deal with them here or run outside and get on a block for safety.

Inside on the right is a raised piece of floor with a cabinet and treasure map on top. This is a timed run trigger tile. Run upstairs and see the door that will open so you know where to go. Back down and start by running over the tile, sprint on the straights, or running jumps all the way, through the door.

Climb the ladder for pick ups.

Run along the arched green corridor to a room for a pickup. You could waste grenade ammo blowing up the chest if you like. Open the nearby door and see a run across breakable tiles, don’t touch them yet. There are no spikes so it's safe to fall through. Ahead is a keyhole, so where's the key.
Back where the large chest is there are barrels. Some of them can be pushed, the key is under one of them. Use it at the door.
In here climb up to the next level and climb onto the beams (in the back and to the R is a place where the beams are lower, so you can grab up), and then through the opening up there. Outside trigger a flyby of a brilliant pirate ship and docklands. Jump over the battlements to see a closed trapdoor (for later).

Get down to the ground on the ladder here. Run all along the quays to the NE where you see another door and keyhole. A Ghost Pirate takes off to the lower quays N, follow him shooting and crates will break on the way, get the goodies and go back to that door. Climb the ladder R of there and get a camera shot. Forward to a mine shaft. (Notice the Gate and the keyhole in the passage here, we’ll get back here later). Run off the edge to clear the spikes. Get the gem and wait for the ball with spikes to drop. Go back to the spikes and carefully run through the spikes and grab the ladder to get out.

This is very, very difficult and you have to be very precise. Even when I did it I was shocked when she finally grabbed the ladder and climbed up. (Stand just in front of the Spikes and run as soon as they are up, maybe even try a bit sooner and DON’T use jmp, only “Ctrl” + Up keys. Lara always goes higher with only “Ctrl” + Up. It will not be too hard then. – D.) Go down to the water's edge and shoot the shark, run along the quays to the S side, shoot all crates on your way and use the rocks to get onto the ship. Go all the way forward to the captain and shoot him and his mates. Pull the switch behind the steering wheel (a camera shot of a trapdoor falling). Go back to the other end of the ship and down the stairs. Check all the canon rooms for pickups and go forward to where you see a circular blade trap and trigger a flyby. Go sidejmp through the blade and into the right for pickups. Back outside and see spikes shooting out. Use the monkeyswing and just keep moving forward, when you drop run forward and place the gem, quickly jmp R as a ghost is shooting you in the back. You are now in the captain's quarters.

Pick up the Lasersight + Revolver and get another pair of ghosts (very good!). Shoot the lamp above the table and a door opens nearby. Go through and use the switch on the L wall, in next room. Go through the traps S and back on deck.

Kill more ghosts outside. Climb the pole up the forward mast, use the ropes and climb another pole up to the 'crow's nest'. Get the key. This triggers a wraith. Do a running jump and dive into the water below. Swim to an UW gate in the S side of the harbour and open it, get a Key from inside and get back on the quays, to the Mine NW and open that gate with the key, go in for Secret 4, a Skull and a Shotgun. Go out of the Mine and open the door in the building to the R of you. Go inside and pull the switch. Immediately roll and run towards the water outside, you've triggered at least three wraiths.

Climb that ladder again to the battlements. The trapdoor is open and there are spikes shooting out. Drop back and grab the ladder at the appropriate time through the spikes and climb to the bottom. Go into the corridor and trigger a flyby. This is a terrible run across breakable tiles. At one time at least you can grab (I think the fourth tile!), this gives you time to save and reload to make it the rest of the way. (Stand at the start, be sure to have full health and look at the 2nd platform, back up to the wall, runjmp/roll in the air over the corner of the 1st platform to the 2nd, turn L and sidejmp L to the 3rd, hop back against the wall and runjmp/grab the 4th, almost in the centre of it, pull up, sidejmp R twice and land on the safe ledge. - D)

Open the door and go through numerous turns in a mine and shoot everything, (generally going SE) until you come out to another building. The entrance has spikes. A jump through with action gets you in. You trigger ghosts. You could run up the stairs and tackle these guys up on the wide balcony. When done go down and get the gem. Go back up and jump off the balcony and use the gem. The gate opens. Run through and slide down, with boulders behind you to the treasure room, and the level ends.