Levels by Scott Ginn (EssGee)

Walkthrough written by Elvis t. aka eTux, with additional help from the author.

It’s possible that the walkthrough might miss an enemy or a pickup someplace, but nevertheless it serves its purpose and guides you to the end of the level.

Designations: Enemies, Pickups, Secrets, Cardinal Points, Level name, Individual tasks of the level.


The level starts with Lara and R2D2 arriving at an entrance of the city on the desert planet Tatooine, but there’s a fight between a rogue alien (1) and 2 storm troopers (2, 3) going on right now, so don’t interfere – watch till either the alien or the storm troopers win, and then kill the victor of this battle. Pick up the light saber (1) and general access key (2) the troopers left and use the key to open the door to the main city section.

Lasersight quest.

If you already have the lasersight from other cinemas you may avoid this little task, but if you haven’t found or needed it yet, I’ll explain how you can get this. As you enter the city turn left and go till the city wall – along the street head in the SW direction to find a doorway in the corner. If you investigate the small den with the fiery bin, then an Ewok (4) will greet you on the way to this doorway. These guys are cute, but don't underestimate them – they will hurt Lara, so shoot it before entering the doorway. Enter and kill a trooper (5) go to the end and climb in a higher room. Shoot the brown seat to reveal the small health pack (3) beneath it and enter the room with the grated floor – to your right, by the westernwall of this room should lay the desiredlasersight (4).

Console Key.

Head for the central pillar (you can see it in the levels load screen) – it’s straight ahead, as you enter, and a street that goes north leads there from where you return after getting the laser-sight. In this courtyard keep in mind the house in the north, where R2D2 is in, but go west now instead. Ignore the building here for now and go straight till you reach an obvious green wooden movable crate (nearby is a grated door). Push it till you can enter the next room – and in here position the movable crate on the concrete tile in the corner (on right as you enter), to open the door right next to you in this room. Enter it and go right down the steps. See the door? A dead end? Wrong! Turn around and look up for a high jumpswitch, activate it to open the door ahead. Straight after the door turn right and climb up in the high crawlspace for secret #1light saber ammo (5) and small health pack (6). Go further into the room and left, and there will be a yellow movable block (light a flare, if difficult to recognize), get it out of the way and pick up the Console key (7), that was beneath it. Return to the main courtyard with the central pillar and go into the northern house I mentioned earlier.

The Holy Gem quest.

Enter the house with R2D2 and use the console key to open the trapdoor behind you – drop down and go left in the next room to find a low crawlspace – which leads to a hidden room.

(Note: In the downloadable version – once through the crawlspace turn around to find a push button on the back of the computer console. Press this to open a gate in the next area. Enter the next room and press the button to open the outer cell door to release the ewok and then kill him. Press the button again to re-open the same door and quickly enter the first cell avoiding the red floor tile. Save. You are temporarily trapped inside the first cell as the outer gate shuts behind you.)

Press the button to open the door to the glass cage – take out the ewok (6) from the distance and save before this sequence – as you’ll have to do it in one go. As you step on the tile before the door – all but one doors open up, but only for a period of time, so hurry! (but don’t panic hitting every wall you see, lol, the openings are made very conveniently in this cage, use it to your advantage and sprint!). Press the button next to the innermost gate; get the Holy Gem (8) and rush out of here as fast as Lara’s legs can carry her! If you don’t succeed you’ll die, so it isn’t recommended to save in the middle of the sequence, do save once you’re done though and are completely clear of all the cells!

Exit the same way you got here, back to the main courtyard. Turn right (west) and go to the building here now – you can also explore the street (you also could do this earlier), but all you’ll find at the end will be an ewok (7), a flying sphere (8) and a small health pack (9). Enter the church type of building. Behind the 2nd left pillar is a high crawlspace, where you can find a small health pack (10). Place the holy gem on the wall tablet to open the door to the next room. Drop into the pit, and activate the lever on the left to operate a rising floor tile – climb up and pull a block onto it – return to lever and lower it. Push the block onto the right side and push it on the differently looking tile at the closest end – it will sink and the wooden tile will rise at the other side. Operate the lever to raise the tile again, and pull another block onto it – lower the tile again and now push the block onto the brown tile. Now you should get a camera hint of a wall lowering in the main courtyard, so go there now. A trooper (9) will greet Lara, so return the favor and after killing him get his General Access key (11). If you wish, you may go where the wall lowered, but there’s no need for it now – go where you pushed the green box, and use your key by the till now closed door.

Hunt for the bribe. Part 1.

As you open the door, go right and kill the trooper (10) and flying sphere (11) – shoot the crate below the small market tent to get a large health pack (12). Go into the tavern now and down the stairs – fight another trooper (12) and an ewok (13). Keep in mind that you can shoot the seats, and so gather the small medipack (13), light saber ammo (14) and flares (15) beneath them. Approach the dancefloor – no time to enjoy the light show and the groovy beats, as another rogue alien (14) like the one from the start and another ewok (15) will attack. After they’re down – go to the dancefloor – Lara will look at something, and not only cause she is amazed by the pretty lights. Draw your Light saber, attach the lasersight to it and aim at a ring attached to the ceiling where the light rig pulley rope enters the roof – once you shatter it a rope will drop and allow you to swing into the DJ's booth up higher.

Crawl into an adjacent store room, and shoot the vase to get the Republic Credits 1 (16). Drop down, explore the adjacent back rooms to meet another ewok (16) and trooper (17). The ewok leaves the Penthouse key (17). Also in the room here, look in the corner for a high crawlspace – there you can find some light saber ammo (18). As you leave face the dancefloor again, and there should be another way on the left – go there to find a crawlspace which leads to a hidden room – secret #2 – a large medipack (19) and light saber ammo (20). Leave the disco now. Go south and around the corner you’ll be attacked by another trooper (18) and a flying sphere (19). Use the deformed platform to climb higher and use the recently acquired key from the disco to open the penthouse door. Press the button in here at the bedside drawer to open a door a bit further on and leave here.

Part 2.

Return to where you opened the door with the General Access Key, and go left now instead (straight ahead along the alley when leaving the previous area). As you enter, go right and into the enclosed market area. There’s a board with movable box – you have to push it on 3 specific tiles. They have some lighter striped scratches on them – 1 is nearby the box, the 2nd is behind the gray solid block and the third in the corner of the board. After the box has been on all 3 tiles a wall will lower under the middle shed, revealing a hidden room so go there and activate the lever to open a door a bit further on. Exit to the main street and go right, where the door opened, a flying sphere (20) will emerge, so dispose of it. Enter the now open hallways and kill the trooper (21) along the way. As you enter the underground generator room, go left (east) first and collect a small medipack (21) from the ground at the very end of this room, then go to the middle of the room – opposite from where you entered to enter another room. There will be a button, save before pressing it.

This is a timed run, but a rather simple one – press the button, you’ll see the door opening behind the grate, run out of here and a bit on the left – jump into this room and sprint past the door, before it falls. Before doing anything here – go to the corner of the room and look up when facing the door you just ran past – there is a high crawlspace – secret #3 – a large health pack (22). SAVE before attempting this next run, as it is better for your health if you to do this in one go (or reload and do till you succeed), Press the button, turn towards the door that just opened, sprint in, and roll on the tile where the Republic Credits 2 (23) are. As you pick them up the doors that closed reopen, so sprint past them to get out of here in one piece. (Note: If you don't make it out first go you can re-pull the lever run back into the second set of spikes – taking some damage, roll and sprint out the re-opened door). Combine the 2 credits to get Jabba’s Bribe. The name already suggests what to do now – but let’s return to the central courtyard first.

Jabba’s Challenge.

Remember the large building in the main courtyard where the wall panel lowered earlier? Go there and enter Jabba’s room where he will greet you with some disdain. Below him is a round container, place the bribe in there and you’ll fall in the room below you. Jabba has double-crossed you! In here go to the right and activate the jump-switch in the corner on the northern wall. As you do so the doors at the bottom of the ramp will open and an ewok (22) attacks. Kill him and loot his corpse for a small medipack (24). As you go towards the now open doors look on the right wall when the ramp starts to go downwards – and find a crawlspace with the last secret of this level – secret #4 – 2 light saber ammo’s (25, 26). Enter the next room and as you go deeper a Rancor (23) will come stomping towards Lara. He can be killed easily by getting as close as it gets and using your light saber (or shotgun, though the first one has higher guarantee of success) against it – even 1 shot should be enough, but killing him isn’t so important, so if it doesn’t work, don’t waste your ammo on him.

Go where he came from and go up the long slope on the left. Thought the lighter tile looks suspicious? Rightly so! As soon as you get to it, roll and dash back as a rolling metal cog will be coming towards Lara. Once the coast is clear go up the slope to the top. In this next room press the button to open a door in a hallway behind you. Go there – left and in the SE corner should be a crawlspace which yields the Skywalker key (27) and a lever that opens the door in the room with the button earlier – so go there. Maneuver through the hallways till you get out in an open space, where 2 more troopers (24, 25) should await Lara – kill them and take the General Access key (28), left by one of them. Return to the keyhole, which was in a corridor on the left just after traversing the arched yellow bridge. Using it opens the cage in the area with the troopers, so return there. Before entering the cage, do a quick circuit of the perimeter to find a crawl space at the rear wall for some more light sabre ammo (29).

The cage.

As you will soon notice, not all tiles are safe, so you’ll have to maneuver around them safely. Start with a standing jump, then with a running jump to the next one diagonally on the left. Grab the metal grate above this one and swing till you can drop – then jump to the next tile, which is in the NE corner direction. From there the next tile is south. Then you must simply clear the next 3 with standing jumps, while avoiding the steams the best you can. The 3rd is a trapdoor actually that leads you in the rooms below the cage. A trooper (26) will be waiting for you there already. Crawl beneath the pipes to get to an enclosed part of the room – there press a button to open a door back in a corridor just near the cage entry. Continue to the next rooms, past the fiery floors into the next room and straight again – in here get into a crawlspace for a large medipack (30) and return to the fiery floor room again. Jump over the floor to get deeper into the rooms – past the ladder, look for a jump-switch to open the trapdoor at the top of the ladder – now you can climb out, so do so. Get out of the cage. Go through the now open door in the corridor – in this room go right first and get the small health pack (31) from the crawlspace - then continue and kill a trooper (27) in the next room. Go down the stairs but turn right first and press a button behind a machine. Continue till you can get into a familiar building and so – the beginning of the level again.

Preparing for the race.

Return to where you used the penthouse key earlier and use the Skywalker key on the ground floor door. Enter the house and go to the second room – shoot the vase to reveal Watto’s Key (32) and open a trapdoor nearby. Opposite the key is a crawlspace, where the trapdoor was – go down and in this room, move the yet unfinished C3PO out of the way and get the Podrace Validation (33) – exit Skywalker's house now, and go east, where the 2nd movable box was, but this time go left, to use Watto’s key and explore his house. Watto isn't home so you can steal the equipment you have so desperately been searching for. Pick up the Hyper Drive Generator (34) from the second floor – and a door opposite the balcony will open revealing a shootable disc. Use your light saber to do the job and get a fly-by showing Skywalker’s house again, and a hidden room near the penthouse – go there and drop through the open trapdoor into the outer compound of the podrace arena. Shoot the trooper (28) – use the podrace validation and so enter to end this level, and go on to the next one…

Level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 28
Possible pickups: 34
Secrets: 4


Note: If you’ve finished cinema 4 before this one, your pod will automatically have the turbo boost, which is helpful here and there, but the level can be finished without this little extra.

Enter the outside area and kill the 2 troopers (1, 2). In the right section of this area, go and push the button behind the tables to open the door in the middle. In the next area shoot the crate and get the large health pack (1) from it. A flying sphere (3) will attack, so dispose of it. Place the Hyper Drive Generator you got from the previous level in the opening at the back of the cage (you were facing it when you entered this area) – and it’ll power up the pod and open the front of the cage. Before getting into the pod, read the warning (no reverse gear!) and Race rules. Get into the pod and float/drive towards the door to open it – where you reach the start line the first lap begins – I recommend saving before this.

Lap 1.

Drive past the outside area (you’ll hear Jabba again calling out from his seat in the grandstand) and inside – left past the silver grid tiles and then just along the road till the green arrow sign – float in the direction it shows. Drive so until the lava lake ignoring the Tusken Raider (4) – use the slope to drop over to the next platform, and on this, drive a bit to the left, as there’s no platform straight ahead of you here – past that you only have to make it to the furthest open door in time (what isn’t as easy as it sounds) – some time saving tips:

1)Drive through the track as you would normally to first get acquainted with it.

2)Drive carefully, but not slowly around the corners, where you drive down by the green arrow sign.

3)Take up full speed past the lava blocks – steer left a bit already when jumping to the 2nd platform – once you’ve jumped on the last one, if with full speed, you should be able to float over the small lava bit, and have no need to take the curves.

4)Ignore the other Tusken raider (5) meanwhile if you think you’ll make it.

If it closes – go through the only passage available – it’ll open the doors, and you’ll have to return to the start of the level and do this lap again. If you did this in time, then simply go to the end of the right hand hallway and pick up the Check Point 1 card (2), get rid of the Tusken raider, if he’s still there (i.e. – you haven’t drove/floated over him). As the sign by the card pickup said – return to the start via the open tunnels now and prepare for the second lap. Along the way you can pick up a small medipack (3) and kill another Tusken Raider (6) but you might as well ignore him and float over another lap.

Lap 2.

Before you approach the starting gate for Lap 2 (Middle gate) – Save to preserve your first accomplishment. Same as in lap 1, but as you’ll approach the arrow; you’ll see its pointing elsewhere so drive there instead. Drive and jump over the hole, by the next one drop carefully – as you have take a sharp turn left. From here on its pretty much the same as the escape route after the first checkpoint, you only will have the chance drive over another Tusken Raider (7) besides the earlier one along the way. Where you drive up the slope by the exit gate, turn right and drive as fast as you can through the overhead tunnel and with driving over 2 more Tusken Raiders (8, 9) jump into the 2nd checkpoint's hallway. If you didn’t make it – same procedure as for lap 1, simply pass the doors, and go try again (or simply reload and try so till you succeed). Tips:

1)Same as for lap 1 – get acquainted with the track before you start, even though you’ll know most of it anyway.

2)Don’t bump into anything take out corners carefully.

3)Don’t stop to get pickups or kill the enemies along the way.

4)Save in a different slot if you think you did good up until a point, so you wouldn’t have to redo the whole lap if you fail.
Anyway, once done, pick up
Check Point 2 card (4) and carry on so you could do the third lap.

Lap 3.

Do the same as before when you have completed Lap 2 and are approaching the start gates again to commence Lap 3 – Save.
For a while (till the ‘exit gate’ signs) this really doesn’t feel any different than lap 2 (another
Tusken raider (10) will appear somewhere along the way though), so if there are any obscurities till the ‘exit gate’ signs, refer to that section. When you go up to where you turned right the last time go straight now, and so till the checkpoint. Tips are the same as for lap 2, but I can’t emphasize enough how important points 2 & 4 are here! Anyway – once you get Check Point 3 card (5), drive into the now open hallways – run over the Tusken raider (11), and shatter the left vase to get a large health pack (6). On the yellow striped block a bit further on is a switch, which opens the check-in terminal. Activate it and return to the start.

To the exit.

Drive as you would take another lap – but the path should be enclosed now by the raised silver grid blocks – climb out and notice the small alley in the cliffs – go there, that’s the checkin terminal – submit your 3 cards. The door on the side will open – pick up the Dark Side invitation (7) in there. Save before activating the switch, as besides opening the exit gate it also starts a timed run for the level’s only secret. Activate the switch and get on your pod and rush to the exit gate as fast as you can, bearing in mind all the tips I’ve given before. I found the secret (a large and a small health pack (8, 9)) to be no more tricky than any of the check points – so it’s manageable, though you must lose no time to get it right! Outside you will be attacked by 3 Tusken Raiders (12, 13, 14). Grab a small medi (10) behind one of the transport crates. Approach the gate, push the box to one side and activate the button to get to the battlecruiser. 2 more troopers (15, 16) and a flying sphere (17) will attack – so dispose of them, or if you have enough health and don’t want to battle them – endure their attacks, while placing the dark side invitation in the computer. A camera suggests where you have to get now, so quickly step on the grated floor tiles of the elevator next to you and wait for the elevator to start rising up. When it’s done step inside and welcome to the battle cruiser!...

Level’s summary:

Possible kills: 17
Possible pickups: 10
Secrets: 1


Go further, avoiding the steams and wait for the doors to open up – shoot the 2 troopers and a flying sphere (1, 2, 3) waiting for you, and pick up the general access key (1) one of the troopers left. Press the button by the door to open it. Enter the next big area – the main generator room – you’ll return here several times, for now go straight to the opposite door and it’ll open as you approach it.

West route.

Go in and kill off the trooper (4), use your key, near where he was guarding to open the door – enter the next room and pick up the small medipack (2) on the right, also press the button in here to open a door further on, exit this room. Go along the big hallway turn right to find the next hallway – go there, at a moment you’ll be able to turn right and get into an adjacent room – crawl below the pipes, and shoot the differently looking gratings – crawl here into the next room. Pick up the large medipack (3) and light saber ammo (4) from here and return back to the main hallway. Go further, kill another trooper (5), and continue your journey. In the next room, approach the door with the trooper (6) and kill him (even though he’s peaceful now, he’ll become aggressive when his buddy comes so take them out when they’re alone), drop through the trapdoor and press a button here to open a trapdoor from further on. Climb out and kill another trooper (7), snatch his general access key (5), and use it by the closed door nearby. Go where you saw the trapdoor opening – activate the big silver lever, and get the explosives (6) from the crawlspace- activate the button by them too, in order to re-open the trapdoor that shut behind you.

Exit to the main room and go into the white hallways now – you’ll come into another room, but there’s not much to do here either so go further into the next hallway – at the start you have the choice of either going left or right. Go left first – there’s not much to find in the shelves themselves, but go behind them and shoot the grating – crawl in for secret #1light saber ammo (7), now go into flight deck room on the right. 2 more troopers (8, 9) here – one of them leaves flares (8) – leave and continue in the hallway, when done here. At the end, push a block aside in one of the side rooms, pick up a large health pack (9) and activate the wall-switch here, to open the door, a bit back. Go there, and kill the Battle droids (10, 11) in this room. On the 2nd floor on the eastern wall is a submarine door you can open by turning the valve so do so. In this hallway you have 3 ways to go – in the corner of the room left is a small medipack (10), in the right hand gun turret room there’s another droid (12). Once done in those rooms go straight and kill the flying sphere (13) that’ll attack you.

In the next room’s SW corner you can shoot a grating and climb up in a service room for another small health pack (11), return to the main room and approach the 2 doors – a trooper (14) will be summoned – kill him to get his general access key (12), use it to open the door to the Docking Bay Control room. In this room activate the lever to open the other door to access the docking bay. Kill another droid (15) as you enter the next big room and search behind the spaceships for a jump switch to open a door to a hallway behind one of the spaceships and summon a droid (16). Climb up into the hallway and follow it to the end to arrive at a deep engine room. In the distance you can see a pole, you can get to it with a running jump and grab – climb up it first to get secret #2light saber ammo (13) and large medipack (14). Slide down the pole to the bottom level.

Enter the next room with a cage on the middle – step on the higher white platform – duck and shoot a grating – crawl in and activate a jump switch. Go further – before entering the next room, look up in a corner for a grating – use your light saber combined with lasersight to shoot the grating and climb up and get into the crawlspace. If you’re not familiar with this move here’s an explanation – climb as high as you can, briefly let go the action button, and press and hold it again, then immediately press the up arrow key to get into the crawlspace, where you’ll find secret # 3light saber ammo (15). Get out of here and proceed to the next room. From one of the tables jump into the southern alcove a bit higher, and use it to get onto the bridges. Press the button on the southern wall of the furthest bridge to open the gates on the first level. Approach R2D2 and he’ll drive up to a computer and open some doors for you, get back into the southern alcove. The door there will have opened so go there and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the main big generator room. Go into the middle of the room and find that one of the pillars is climbable – climb up to the top and approach the north door now.

North route.

Pass the door and enter a room with a new puzzle.

3 box puzzle.

This might look complicated, but I’m sure you’ll find that it’s not too hard – keep in mind that the star-like black tiles raise some floor panels and the other dark ones lower them. Lets start by pulling the closest box to you 2 times, so it would stand next to the ‘lowering’ tile. Then pull it twice, so it would stand next to the metallic tile (this one’s the one who’ll rise), and then push it onto it. Pull the block that was in the middle of the wall once, then push twice so it would stand on the star-like tile that raises the metallic panel, on which you pushed the other box. Now carefully pass the other black tile and climb onto the higher bits – push and pull the block till it’s on the black tile and lowers the panel next to you. Now drag the box that you just used to raise the other one, down to one of the black star tiles under the nearest alcove, located on the other side of the structure. Avoid the black tiles next to the far wall. Leave it there for a moment. Then push it on to the central metallic tile. Now grab the one remaining box and maneuver it around to the black star tile in the furthest alcove, again avoiding the other black tiles (they are there to help you lower the raising blocks if you get it wrong). This will raise the box in the middle to the top of this structure. Climb up through the tower. Push the box on the black tile and you’ll hear a door opening on the wall behind you.

After the box puzzle.

Look on the west wall from here and you’ll see where the door opened – jump there, now you’ll be able to shimmy left till the next opening and climb up into it. From here with a running jump get back to the central structure – hang down the edge and find a wall lever – activate it to open the trapdoors. Climb up the structure, get the explosives (16) and jump on the far ledge. Kill the droid (17) and go into the hallway.

Don’t go into the new rooms to the right yet, but go through the crawlspace at the end. Herein you can find the penultimate, but also a most fun to get secret. Get down on your left to step on the star-like black tile – this starts a not very tough, but still challenging timed run for the secret – jump and grab the ladder – backflip immediately. Turn right and jump on the slope – from there jump on the grated higher platform – from there grab the edge of the crawlspace – get in, but remain in crawl position – you’ll hear the chimes for the secret #4flares (17) and light saber ammo[ (18), after getting them climb out quickly, cause if you get trapped within – Lara’s body will be pierced by spikes. Return to the previous hallway with the grated windows now. As you enter the next room, you’ll hear a sphere (18) flying your way – once it’s down, get on the lower level and shoot the gratings so you can access a crawlspace. Drop down at the end of it and first bypass the door and the button – shoot the gratings between the control panels and crawl through it and get the light saber ammo (19) from the corner. Get out and press the button to open the door, enter the next room. In here from the main controls get on one of the computers and look for a jump switch behind a pillar. Shoot the droid (19), pick up his general access key (20) that appears then look for a window that looks different from the rest of the glass and shoot that as well. Enter this room and let the trooper kill the droid (20) and later kill the trooper (21) himself too if you want. Use the general access key and return to the main area. The door in south will have opened so go there.

South route.

Drop into the big hangar and shoot the droid (22). In the north, between 2 chambers is a movable block (use flare to spot it, if you don’t see it immediately), pull it out of it’s resting place, and then pull or push to the SE chamber, beneath a light (look on ceiling to see). This raises a floor panel in the opposite chamber so go there, and use it to get to the 2nd floor of this hangar. Go where the ceiling is lower and use it to monkey-swing to the other side. On the other side find the ledge that is closest to the spaceship and with a running jump and grab get on it. Find where the closest bit is on the other side is and get there with a running jump. Step onto the tile before the door and it’ll open, go inside, and pick up the explosives (21) as it closes behind you. Press the button, and then activate the lever and run towards the door that just opened to get back to the hangar. Now there are 2 ways to get to the door that opened and both are pretty simple, so I’ll describe them and let you decide which way to take:

1)Get back onto the spaceship – and jump on the other side. Due to the low ceiling you’ll find that grabbing the other side is impossible – so do the jump where there is no low ceiling to bother you, but curve by the end of the jump, so Lara would grab the ledge – now maneuver along the side till you get to that door.

2)Drop down and go to the floor tile that raised earlier, climb up, get to the monkey swing, swing over and go to the door.
Once there, go up the stairs, shoot the
droid (23), approach the next room, lay back and enjoy the cut-scene with Darth Sidious (won’t go into detail here, you’ll have to see for yourself). After it, climb onto the gray thingy on your right, crawl into a separate room, and get the last explosives (22) and press the button that opens the door a bit back, so go there now. You’ll be attacked by a flying sphere (24), so kill it, and get onto the higher ledge here, where the lever is and activate it. As you do, the walls of a separate sector here lower and droid (25) starts attacking you, go where he came from and a door to the main area will open again.

Using the explosives.

As the door opens Darth Maul (26) approaches, but he’s easily dispatched from with the light saber (or with any other weapon too, but let’s do some justice to the movie –you’re in the star wars and don’t battle the boss characters with the light saber? ;)). As you’ll notice – the 4 side doors of the directions the routes go will have opened. Jump in the rooms behind them, shoot the glass and place the explosives. After placing all 4 another Darth Maul (27) should come to battle with Lara, but a light saber treatment will put him at rest. Now return to the south room, and you’ll notice that the some wall panels will have risen here – just enough for you to activate all 4 wall switches above them. After a while you’ll get a fly-by of the cruiser exploding and a rescue ship arriving for Lara. Meanwhile 2 more Darth Maul’s (28, 29) will have appeared and will be hacking on Lara, so teach them the same lesson the previous 2 had to learn, but before you leave, climb down to the bottom of the main area, and go where the closed door was here before (south), and get the last secret – secret #5 – a small medipack (23).

After getting it climb back up, and go where your rescue ship arrived to end the level, and so this movie altogether.

Level’s summary:
Possible Kills: 29
Possible Pickups: 23
Secrets: 5

Whole movie summary:
Possible kills: 74
Possible pickups: 67
Secrets: 10