Level by Titak

Walkthrough written by Elvis t. aka eTux, with additional help from the author

It’s possible that the walkthrough might miss an enemy or a pickup someplace, but nevertheless it serves its purpose and guides you to the end of the level.

Designations: Enemies, Pickups, Secrets, Cardinal Points, Level name, Individual tasks of the level.

Military installation.

The level starts with Lara infiltrating into a military installation, and a fly-by showing you around the first area. As you slide down, shoot the grating, and collect the knife (1) before dropping out of here. As you do, a guard dog (1) attacks, so dispose of it, and shoot 4 or so boxes lying around the 1st floor – collect the revolver ammo (2), shotgun normal ammo (3) and flares (4) you can get from them.

Enter the storage and go up to a higher level here, activate the lever here. It operates a floor tile on the first floor raising or lowering it. Return to the first floor and push the box in the middle of the room onto the lowered tile, raise it and return here. Look on top of the box, and move on the tile up here that looks just like it. Lower the tile again, and this time - pull out the box from the corner of this room and onto the tile. Raise it again and do the same as with the first box. Doing so will raise tile out in the main hangar (a camera will show this) – go there and activate the now reachable wall-switch. This opens a grating that blocked an entrance to a crawlspace on the 2nd floor so go there. As soon as you’re up the stairs turn left, jump and shoot to shatter the grating, climb in the crawlspace and get out on the other side.

Walk to the edge of this ledge now and with a standing jump and grab the furthest tile in the middle of the burner pit. Shimmy around the edges till you’re closest to the opening on the other side and climb up on the corner of the tile. It will light up on fire, but since you’re on the corner of the tile you’re safe. Face the opening and get in. Jump over the pit and get the crossbow (5) – secret #1. To return use the same strategy – grab the furthest (yet) non burning tile and shimmy to the corner, climb up – face the furthest non-burning tile – grab it with a standing jump and simply shimmy now to the safe tile and get out. Go along the ledge here and enter the room on the left – search the shelves for a large medipack (6) and normal shotgun ammo (7).

Climb on the boxes and into the enclosed sector of the room for some flares (8). Ignore the crawlspace and the grating in this room as there’s not much of interest there. Leave and go where you opened the crawlspace earlier. In here crawl left, and hang in the pit – shimmy around the crack on the other side and get the normal shotgun ammo (9) there. Carry on in the other direction and shimmy around this pit too. At the end shoot the gratings and get out. Jump on the boxes near the high pipes and get the flares (10) from the top. Press the button to open the door and enter the top level of the warehouse.


There are a couple of things to do here, but you’ll find that most lead to dead ends (you may explore, but I’ll only describe the most efficient way of doing things) so go to the middle level of the warehouse now. Go to where the exit sign is and activate the lever to open the door – you’re not leaving yet exactly, but the way further is in here. Go left and in the next room turn left also. Activate the lever by the door to open it.

Toxic pool.

As you enter turn right and use the binoculars to spot a grating on the right wall in the distance. Jump up and shoot facing the grating to destroy it. You can use the laser-sight with a gun that works with it too, if you think it’s more comfortable. Grab the monkey swing and swing left to get some shotgun shells (11) at the end – return to where you entered this room after that. Now grab the low ceiling and monkey-swing to the now open crawlspace, get in it. Slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge at the end of it. Climb up and backflip onto the next slope. Slide down as low as it goes without dying then press and hold the jump and action keys. Lara should bounce to the next slope and from it jump and grab a higher one. Climb it up and backflip to land in an alcove.

Crawl into the opening on your right (or left, depending how you got there, though it doesn’t matter as the opening is obvious), shoot the grating at the end and drop out. Shoot the gratings on the right wall you should see, monkey swing and drop in there. Crawl till you can get out, slide on the steep part then bounce to the next one, from there slide and bounce to the flat platform. From there do the next simple jump sequence to get to the other side. From there shoot the grating covering the crawlspace, you saw earlier and swing there first. At the end press the button, to open a door, and return to the previous room. Let’s take a small detour for a secret first – slide down the slope below the crawlspace you just got out of and safety drop to the ground.

Jump on the next safe tile (NE corner) and crawl into the narrow passage. Get in the water and in the open room at the end get – crossbow explosive ammo (12) and shotgun normal ammo (13) – secret #2. Climb out on the west and use the ladders and passages (avoid the deadly pit before one of them) to get out back in the room with the slopes. Get on the other side of the pit again. Now use the monkey swing to get as close to that open door from earlier as you can. As you’ll soon find out, it isn’t close enough – but there’s a helpful crack on your right – swing as close to the right wall as you can, drop and grab it and shimmy left till you can stand up where the door opened. Crawl to the end here, shoot the grating and drop out in the next room. Search the shelves for some shotgun normal ammo (14) and get the shotgun (15), crossbow explosive ammo (16) and revolver ammo (17) from the higher platforms. Press the button at the end of the rocket hallway to open the door to the crawlspace in the room with the goods.

In the crawlspace go right, slide down the slope and grab the opposite wall. Climb so Lara would be on the black hole and backflip and grab the wall above the opening you slid in. Then climb up and backflip to the ledge. There’s a crawlspace just above you get in and keep moving till you’re outside – climb up the ladder, activate the wall-switch behind you to open the door just a bit ahead of you. Slide over the barb-wire pits and get into this newly opened door. Snatch the flares (18), and shoot the grating at the end of the crawlspace. Shoot the glass in this room and get Chevron 3 (19) behind it. This sets off the alarm and a guard (2) appears outside. Get rid of him, and get back into the crawlspace. Return to the rooftops and continue where you left off getting the chevron. Operate the lever above the hole into the grating to open a nearby door – in the next room – time getting the valve room disc (20) from below the steam and then use the crawlspace to get back to the room before the toxic pool. Use the disc in the computer device to open the door behind you. Operate the valve in this room to make the pool safe to swim in.

Swim down to the bottom of the pool and look for a switch on the central structure. This opens the door on your right (south) – swim there and inside get the small medipack (21) from your right, and activate a switch on your left. This opens the door at the opposite side of the pool. Let your air supply bar fill and save before attempting this maze, as it may take few tries.

The maze.

Swim past the now open door and turn right to enter the maze. When you have choice swim left (north) first, then swim till you have to choose where to swim again swim left (west) now, activate the switch to open a door a bit further on and use the same path to return back to the start, so you can get some air. When you’re air bar is filled up, return to the maze and take the same route, but where you turned left to activate the switch swim straight, and then take the left where the tunnel goes down. Swim here till where the door opened (the grating might hint on where it was) and then swim right (north) where the way goes down straight.

Swim up the steep part carefully without bumping anywhere, as that takes previous time – and then swim close by to the ceiling to fit into the narrower tunnel coming up. At the end just swim up and shoot the windows to pick up Chevron 2 (22). You may return directly back to the big pool, but I’ll describe a little detour to get a secret. Return as usual till the vertical swim up where the door initially was, and instead of going left and so back turn right (west) and swim down where the tunnels go, but keep Lara to the ceiling as another narrower section is coming up – at the end pick up the crossbow explosive ammo (23) – secret #3 – and then swim as fast as possible back to where you got the chevron – you might need to take a health pack along the way, but it is possible to get through without one too, if you’re fast and careful enough. Now return back to the big pool the same way you got there. If you wondered what the other tunnels where you didn’t go (if you followed this walkthrough) are for – then I can say that they won’t take you to any new areas, they’re just a detour to the same places you’ve been. Climb out of the pool and leave this area. A fly-by will show a door opening on the first floor and a guard being summoned. So go where the door opened.

Warehouse, bottom floor.

Kill the guard (3) and shoot the 2 boxes here to get some normal shotgun ammo (24). Go down the stairs where the guard was. Pick up the large medipack (25) at the top of the stairs, and continue your way down. You’ll hear some warning music along the way so draw your guns and dispose of the guard dog (4). At the end will be a storage room with electrified floor. Jump on the boxes and to the platform by the northern wall, where above it is a wall-switch that opens a door by the chain. Jump on the box, duck and shoot the blue one hanging in the chain. Get to the chain. I found that it is easiest to jump and grab it, then climb up 3 times.

Turn around and jump off backwards to land safely into the opening. If you don’t succeed try higher or lower from the place you tried till you do. In the hallway go straight and activate the lever at the end, then go into the side hallway and climb up – get on the bridge and then onto the rope in the middle of the room. From there swing to the wall-switch on the western wall. It opens the wall on the other bridge, so return to the rope the same way you did before and get on the other bridge. Activate the lever in the new room and the sprinklers will set off, making the deathly floor safe. Drop down on the first level, and go where the door opened, shoot the glass and get chevron 4 (26), another alarm will start and the other door on the warehouse’s bottom level will open setting free few more guards. Return there and shoot the 2 guards (5, 6), pick up the revolver (27) one of them leaves.

Search the shelves in the room from where the guard came from to get an access code disc (28) and revolver ammo (29). Return to the top floor of the warehouse and use the disc by the laser control room door. Enter the control room and approach the left row of bulbs. Use the knife to pry the middle laser fuse (30) from its resting place. The fuse is worthless as such, but it deactivates all the lasers, so let’s get busy. Go into the wider hallway of this floor – at the end and on the right wall is a button that opens a door to the conference room from which you can see the stargate - to see through the windows it you have to press the button in here, which also turns on the light in this room, but otherwise there’s nothing to find here. In the middle of the left wall by a double door is a button that opens it (the door).

As you enter, a guard dog (7) will approach from behind. Go left and press a button to open the door ahead of you. Enter the room with the Rosetta stone and kill another guard dog (8) that attacks Lara. Go by the controls here, and get Daniel’s security card (31), from one of the desks (near the shatterable computer). Return to the previous room before the Rosetta stone and use this card to open the door. In here, light a flare to spot a pushable wall panel and push it as far as it goes – if you were here before, you’ll know that there were lasers here, but now they’re deactivated so you can go to the end of the passageway and get – chevron 1 (32), kill the guard dog (9) and guard (10) when leaving back to the warehouse.

Activating the stargate.

Go to the 2nd floor now, where the ‘authorized personnel only’ sign is. Kill the guard (11) along the way and pass the passage that was guarded by lasers before. Activate the lever at the end to open the next door. Turn left (south) and go down here. Kill another guard (12) and enter the next room. Shoot all the glass before the chevron symbols and place all 4 of your chevrons in the receptacles. You’ll hear the stargate activating so return to the higher floor and go through the now open door into the stargate room itself. Jump through it to end the first part of this adventure….

Beyond the Stargate.

Search both niches left and right for some shotgun normal ammo (33, 34), the 2 hallways on the sides are for much later, so ignore them currently and go up. Shoot the 3 alien scorpions (13, 14, 15) and explore the temple for some shotgun normal ammo (35), large medipack (36) and flares (37), you will be attacked by another alien scorpion (16) as you do. Exit the temple for a most breathtaking view – which reveals one alien wasp (17).

As you go further on the desert planet another one (18) will attack from the dunes. First turn left and at the end of the small valley climb up on top of the temple. Get the small medipack (38) from one of the grated windows, and some shotgun normal ammo (39) from the roof. Climb down on the other side to get a large medipack (40) sitting on a flat rock. Go further into the desert and turn left to pick up some revolver ammo (41) at the end of the valley. Go further into the desert, and firstly ignore the big canyon on your left.

Go in the opposite direction (south) and encounter 2 giant alien scorpions (19, 20). Go further south into an opening and kill 2 more alien scorpions (21, 22). Jump over the pendulum blade pits, when it’s safe and over the bigger gap to get the Horus Talisman (42). 2 more alien wasps (23, 24) will attack so dispose of them and get out of this cave and move on to the canyon. Hang on the ledge of the pit to spot the first sandy platform and drop on it – use the other ones to get on the other side of the canyon and kill the giant alien scorpion (25) there.

Move on to the 2nd canyon. Jump to the first sandy platform, turn around to spot that there are carvings onto the southern wall; you can use to get to the bottom of the canyon. Once down face the western wall and grab the crack – shimmy right and get into the crawlspace. At the end there’s a crawlspace to get back into the canyon – opposite it is a high one that leads further continue so till you get to a big room, where you’ll find some normal shotgun ammo (43), a large medipack (44) and flares (45) – secret #4 – the only one in this section.

Get back to the canyon – climb up the same wall, backflip and grab the edge shimmy right and get on the sandy platform. Now cross the canyon the same as you did with the first one. An alien wasp (26) will attack as you move on towards the end of this valley. In the temple you can already place the Horus talisman you got a bit earlier, but as you see the other sitting statue is out of reach so you must look for other ways there…

Quest for Anubis talisman.

Return outside before the entrance. Face north and get on the mound behind the pillar, look for a high crawlspace and get within. Get into the cave, and get rid of the alien wasp (27) jump into the water and get the flares (46), swim west till you get to a remote part of the temple. Go through the passageway, avoiding the scissor-blades till you get to checkered room where the key you need lies. Go in the SE direction over the black tiles and jump safely into the niche with the guardian key (47), after getting it, use the black tiles only again and get back to where you swam here first. Use the key next to the Horus’ eye symbol door to open it.

In the next room you already see the desired talisman in the distance, go into the adjacent section on the left, and press the button at the end, this summons 2 translucent red platforms which help you across the pit – get the Anubis Talisman (48) and return to the start of the cave where the wasp was. Climb out on the lowest platform in the middle – use the other rock pillars to get into a high opening in the east wall – at the end of it is the other sitting statue, use your talisman there and the door to the temple will open (If you’ve placed both talismans of course). Return to the temple through the same route you got here.

The temple/ caves.

Slide down into the caves go further, ignore where you see the temple bits as you can’t do anything there without something, so go deeper into the caves. Shoot the 2 alien scorpions (28, 29) and go where they come from, by a pit, jump up left before a slope. Jump on the slope and bounce from one to the other and then on the other side of the pit. Go further here and drop out in another canyon. Jump over the canyon on the west side. Explore the passages here to find the starship fuel (49), return to the canyon, jump south.

Kill the wasp (30) there. Now at the end of the passage you should reach the temple bits I was talking about. Place the fuel into the round opening to open the door – go there and pick up the Goa’uld Chevron (50) to get a fly-by. This suggests you to return to the start of the level, where a door opened in one of the hallways by the stargate so do so. Kill the first demigod (31) by the temple. Enter the temple and meet the second one (32). Go where the door opened, press a button and continue up, till you’re beamed into the spaceship.

Inside the Goa’uld Spacheship.

Go along the passageway and jump over the fire pit, a wall panel will lower. Step on the next elevator – it’ll beam you higher – kill the falcon demigod (33), go into the adjacent room and drop into the water, wade into the other room you saw through the room earlier then and press the button to open the door, get there. Go up and turn left (west) by the flame. Now you’ve arrived at the 4 beetle pyramid and have a choice between the western and southern route. Do whichever you prefer first.

Southern route.

Stop before the slide and time getting past them with the burners intervals (you may also wait in the alcoves besides the burners, you’re safe there). Kill the demigod (34) and come to a room with vertical burners on pillars. If you got the crossbow secret in military installation, you might be familiar with the technique how to get to the beetle, but I’ll describe again. Grab onto the edge of the pillar shimmy around till a corner, where it should be safe, from there on jump on the next pillars and so on till you get till the beetle. Pry the scarab (51) from the wall and the burners will disappear. After this a wall panel will have lowered in the previous room (south) so go there.

Slide down and activate the 2 switches to open the translucent door and get into a room below the deadly water, avoid the shining tiles as they’re deadly. Slide down on the right and get down into the big pyramid room. Go south – where the currently only open door is and pick up the shotgun normal ammo (52) from the pedestal. Jump on the higher block and swing past the burner. Activate the button on the other side and swing back. Go to the opposite side of the pyramid room where the door opened. There’s a movable block puzzle here, before taking any further actions look on the black line of each planet – especially mark the symbols of each planet. Climb up the ladder in the passage that’s in the corner of this room and get into a crawlspace – at the other side press a button, this enables you seeing hints where to move each planet, so go to the top room and mark the spots, also snatch the flares (53) – return down and move each planet on where the corresponding symbol was.

After moving all 3 planets in the correct spots (a shining planet appears above them once they’re on the correct spot) an earthquake occurs and you’ll see a fly-by of the top of the pyramid. Look on the sides of the pyramid – some sectors will be broken out and you’ll be able to maneuver on them to the top of the pyramid. Pick up the Ra’s key (54) on top of it and slide down. Kill the falcon demigod (35) at the bottom. Go past the east door that is open now. Go down and enter the next puzzle room.

5 pad and 4 column puzzle.

The goal is to raise each of the 4 columns here, and you do so by stepping on the 5 tiles, which raise and lower certain columns (there is also another pad a bit off the others that resets the whole puzzle). By stepping on the tiles in the right combination you can raise all 4 columns, if it is too enigmatic, here comes a description of what each of the tiles does:

First, let’s start with naming each of the columns – the tallest = A; the 2nd tallest = B, the 3rd = C; and the 4th (which you currently don’t even see, cause it isn’t risen) = D.

Now what each of the tiles do:

Violet: B rises – A lowers.
Green: C rises – D lowers
Red: C rises – B lowers
Yellow: D rises
Blue: A rises – C lowers

Just step on each tiles so that in the end all 4 would be risen. If this is still too mind boggling – bellows a direct combo, am not saying there aren’t other better ones – but this works too, so don’t knock it if you couldn’t bother figuring it out for yourself, lol. I do recommend to do that as a last resort, thus I also made it a spoiler (i.e. – select the brackets with your mouse to see solution)

Violet – Blue – Green - Yellow)

On the top floor explore the 4 side chambers for 2 shotgun normal ammos (55, 56) and a large medipack (57), and most importantly a scarab (58) from the south wall. By one the eastern wall pickups areas, near a pedestal light a flare to spot a movable block – push it as far as it goes and get the crossbow (59) and crossbow explosive ammo (60) – secret #5. As you get all the stuff a falcon demigod (36) will start roaming around the top floor and a demigod (37) on the ground floor. Return back to where you entered this area from the pyramid room and go where the wall panel lowered, when you got the scarab. Another elevator will take you up, where you can use the Ra’s key to escape back to the previous area. Go up and meet another falcon demigod (38), then return to the 4 scarab pyramid area. Place the 2 scarabs if you wish, but you may conserve them till you’ve got all 4.

Western route.

Get down by the toxic pool and maneuver around the safe tiles, to the other side, to press the button there (the jumping is pretty simple so I won’t go into detail). This opens the door in the north, so get there. Slide down the slope, but don’t drop in the water – jump on the side and keep the jump button pressed while holding the arrow key in the direction you want to go, continue this way till Lara can stand safely on a tile. Once done go where you see the scarab – on the sides are 2 burners, time the burn/not-burn intervals to activate the switches. This starts some small trembling, and opens the door to the scarab (61) – this opens the southern door in the toxic pool area, but before returning to there drop in the water that is safe now.

Swim through the narrow opening in the north and to the end – get the torch and drop through the turquoise opening down into the water room. Return to the toxic pool, and before going into the south area, return to the 4 scarab pyramid area and to the burning vessel – light your torch and go downstairs, and use it on the 2 vessels to open the rooms to one of the final secrets in this movie – secret #6flares (62), revolver ammo (63), small medipack (64). Return to the toxic pool area, you may drop your torch now, as you don’t need it. Go south now; you’ll come to an area where you see a pillar in the middle and a toxic pool below you. Hang on the edge of this opening, drop and grab the crack below, shimmy toll you can climb up in this opening activate a lever. Continue up the hallway and climb up, now the floor has crystallized and you can right walk to the central pillar and get up on the gratings.

Get the scarab (65) from the eastern niche and dispose of the falcon demigod (39) that appears. Return to the 4 scarab pyramid area the same way you got here.

Ra’s Throne.

Use the 4 scarabs on the pyramid and it’ll open up. Get the 2nd Ra’s key (66) and the door before the northern passage will open – go there and you’ll be taken up to Ra’s throne room. You’ll already see Ra roaming – he’s excited to meet you, as you see. Go to the SW of the room first and jump past the translucent wall – use the Ra’s key here. This opens the door in the opposite chamber from here (SE corner of the room) – get the Ra’s Pendelum (67) – the ultimate prize in Stargate and a door to the chevron will open from the other side so go there (NE corner), get the Earth’s Chevron (68) and go to the only chamber left (NW corner) and drop into the hole to escape this spaceship…

BUG ALERT! If for some reason you carried the torch this far after getting one of the secrets, drop it before leaving the level, or you might experience crashes when returning to the earlier Stargate levels.

Beyond the Stargate.

Press the button to open the door, slide down. Cross to the other passageway (east) and into the new room place the 2 chevrons to re-activate the stargate. Jump through it to return to the military installation.

Military Installation.

A fly-by will show you the exit route; enter the next room kill the guard (40), take the shotgun normal ammo (69) he leaves behind, also snatch the shotgun normal ammo (70) from behind a box by the steps and take the large medipack (71) from on top the boxes. Exit to the warehouse. Before going down, go into the wider hallway again and turn west to enter the canteen – jump by the fire and get the milk bottle and bread – breakfast (72) – secret #7 – this sure might come in handy.

Go down on the middle level and kill the guard (41), the other guard (42) and his dog (43) might have arrived meanwhile too. Go where the exit sign is and you’ll find yourself at the start again – behind the truck is the escape route so go there – kill the guard (44) at the end and step out to end the movie…

Movie summary:
Pickups: 72
Kills: 44
Secrets: 7