Level by Christoph Summerer (christoph), with Alex Nierlein

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Items of note: Key 1, Blue Globe, Red Globe, Key 2, White Globe, Key 3, Key 4, Green Globe

[Note: for non German speakers there's a transcript of the dialogues taking place in the starting and ending cutscenes in "cut.txt" in the level archive]

After a very nice intro sequence and once Lara is properly dressed, you're ready to go on your hunt for Christmas Balls. Don't go downstair yet, but run to the NE corner of Lara's bedroom: you'll find a small medipack there.

Now head for the entrance door downstair. Pull the switch on its R to open it and enter the snow covered gardens. Run across it to the open gate to the W, turn R (N) then W at the corner and run through the tunnel. Keep running until you reach a junction with a fir tree on your L (W), the road going ahead and up to the N. Turn R (E) and run to the wall until you can spot a little hole on the floor in the middle. Pick up the beige Key there and go back to the previous junction.

No go N and up the road and keep running until you reach a tunnel in a stone wall to the W: this is the entrance of The Village (no scary creatures roaming the nearby woods in this one, though). Run through it, notice the door with the grey keyhole immediately L (S). This one is for later, so ignore it for now. Run past the first junction on your L and climb onto the block extending from the house ahead. Turn around (E) and look up: there's a small ledge up there. So stand on the edge of the block, jump and grab the ledge and pull up.

Turn R (S) and notice the hole in the roof you're on to your R (SW). Safety drop down through it into the house below. Locate the Blue Globe in the NE corner on a low block and pick it up. Now go to the door on the W wall. The wall above is climbable. Climb it and stop when Lara's hands reach the point where the texture change and backflip on the roof (if you climb higher, you'll backflip beyond the roof in the street below and lose some health in the process). Go back down in the streets vie the ledge and the block below.

Now run W to the end of the street and turn L (S) before a large recess with a door and some blocks against the walls. Stop after the corner of the house, turn around and look up and R to spot a jumpswitch up on the N wall. Climb onto the nearby block and turn to the wall. Jump and grab its edge and shimmy to the R until you're just above the jumpswitch. Let go and immediately press Action to grab and activate it. You're given a very pretty fly-by showing you a door opening in a passage nearby.

Turn R (E) and run to the passage to the L (N) past the first junction. Enter the passage to locate the newly opened door on the L (W) and drop down in the house. Run W across the frozen floor to activate the switch there on the W wall ahead. This opens another door by the recess with the blocks. Turn around and cross the room. Climb on the block. The wall ahead is climbable so climb to the top to exit the house.

Turn L (N) then L (W) again after the passage and pass through the now opened door. Run along and down the corridor and locate the Christmas Tree in the center of the room there. Press Action while standing before it to pick up the Red Globe. Exit the house and go back in the street.

Turn L (N), run to the end of the street and turn L (W) once there. There's another large recess with blocks. Enter, run to the W wall ahead and turn R (N) to activate the switch there, opening a door nearby. Turn around and run ahead (E), the door is there to the R (S). Enter the house then turn around and look up to spot the jumpswitch up there above the doorway (N). Jump and grab to activate it, opening another door out there in the street.

Leave the house, turn L (W) then L (S) and ahead to the end of the street to get back to the place where the first jumpswitch is. Run ahead until you reach the red brick wall (S). the door is there, on your L (E). Enter the house, turn R (S) into the short corridor then R (W) again upon entering the kitchen. Run to the end of the room, locating a trapdoor on the floor before the S wall. Ignore it for now. Turn R (N), go up the flight of stairs and pick up the grey Key in the NE corner. Now go back to the trapdoor.

Open it facing S, turn around and drop down in the low-ceilinged corridor below. Run ahead (N) and stop one tile away from the end. Look up to spot another trapdoor up in the ceiling. Jump and grab to open it. Pull up in the room above and pick up the White Globe in the NW corner. This will open another door so turn to the E, run to the other side of the room then through the short corridor and L (N) at the junction to be back in the street.

Head for the Entrance of The Village by running E to the tunnel. Stop a bit before and turn R (S) to the door with the grey keyhole we already noticed. Use the grey key on it to open the door. Enter the house and run ahead (S) into the library, then turn L (E) and L (N) again at the other side of the room. Look down to spot a blue and beige Key near the bed there and pick it up. Leave the house to be back in the street.

Go L (W) then turn R (N) at the first junction. Run past the houses then turn R (E) to spot a door with another keyhole, this one beige with blue dots. Use the blue and beige Key on it to open the door. Run E through the white marble corridor and turn R (S). There's two doors here on the S and N walls (the third is fake), and two beige keyholes, one being trapped behind bars. Use the beige key on the rightmost keyhole, which lowers the cage and opens the door behind on the N wall.

Enter the room, turn L (W) and look down to spot another beige Key on the carpet between the beds and before the night stand. Pick it up (crouch while standing on it if you can't take it) and return to the previous room to use it on the leftmost keyhole. The closest door opens. Enter the room, immediately turn L (E) and go into the kitchen. Locate the Green Globe there near the E walls. Pick it up (again you might need to crouch to do so). That's it, you're done hunting Christmas Balls.

Return to the Manor now by leaving the house you're in, running ahead (W) a bit then turning L (S) at the junction, ahead then L (E) again toward Entrance tunnel, along the snowy road, through the Manor Gate, across the garden and eventually through the Manor Entrance Door. Watch the end sequence to know about the fate of the hard collected Christmas Balls.