Level by bne lara

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Enemies: Rats, Giant Spiders, Ravenous Fishes, Hell Hounds
Items of note: 2x2 Crystals, Wooden Stick + Head Part (= Sunstick), Connector, Bone
traps, 1 timed-run.

Welcome to Hill House

After a quite informative fly-by, you find yourself in a Big Hall, facing S, standing before a block which has a receptacle for the Bone (aka Pharos Knot). The main goal of the level is to find this Bone. Needless to say, there will be lots of tasks to accomplish before reaching it, so let's start right away.

-- Two Crystals --

First, head S, and enter another big hall we'll call the Pink Hall. There are stairways on each side, but we'll get there only in a moment. Continue S, and stop immediately after the lanterns. Looking L and R, you can see two doors. They're the kind of doors which can be opened by simply hitting Action in front of them.

Beyond the E door (L) there's a closed metallic door and two crystal holes. Since Crystals are what you need, your next task will be to collect them both.

Open the W door (R) and run along the red corridor until you enter a small room. The 1st Crystal lies in plain view on a pedestal. Pick it up.

A Double Timed Run for the 2nd Crystal

Go back to the Pink Hall, up the W (R) stairway then through the opening in front of you. On your L and R are two small rooms, each with a colored tile. In the center (S) is a set of two closed doors, separated by a burning tile. Time for a double timed run.

First, go in the W room and climb on the colored tile. Roll to face E, then sprint to the E room, SJ on the colored tile there, roll and sprint, turning L at the now opened doors (the burning tile being temporarily off) and dash through them. You've made it.

Run along the corridor and enter a rather dark small room. The 2nd Crystal is awaiting on a pedestal. Pick it up. Don't forget the shotgun ammos in the SW corner and the flares in the SE one, then go back to the Pink Hall the way you came (doors are now open).

Once there, pass the E door and use both Crystals in their crystal holes to open the metallic door.

-- The Basement --

Go down the stairs to enter a big dark room we'll call the Basement (because, well, it IS a basement). As most haunted house go, this is more or less the Heart of the House, so it might be a good idea to take a look around, if only to get a general idea of the situation.

Against the E wall, you can see a big wooden square wall enclosing a tall yellow closed door you may spot if you look through the crack in it. To the S, there is another stairway with a closed grate door at the top. And, last but not least, to the W, there are two low arched openings. The SW one (R) is where we're heading for now.

Going past it and across a small corridor, you find yourself on top of a downward stairway. First take care of the rat nibbling at Lara's ankles before going all the way down where 2 more rats will come and bite hello. You're now in the Downstair Room. From this point, you have the choice between two paths: the Southern Way, which will lead you to the continuation of the level, and the Northern Detour, which will lead you to a secret and grant access to another one. Let's go for the secrets first, but in case you don't want them and prefer skip that part, resume this walkthrough at the "Southern Way" part.

-- A Detour North for Secrets --

So, to the N, you can spot this very dark, web-covered opening. Looks inviting, isn't it? Go there and on through a bigger opening, this time covered with a very big spider web. Go on along the wide corridor, and very soon you'll meet the weaver itself: A quick music and heavy footsteps warn you just before a giant spider attacks. (No matter how big and scary it is, you can take it down easily without taking any damage by having Lara keeping her back against the wall).

Now that the beast is dead, spot two openings in the N wall. Go through either of them, then to another N opening. You are now at the entrance of a long (dark) corridor with alcoves on both sides. Six of these have grate doors with buttons. Looking through the first on your L (W), you can see a set of blade and spiked swinging balls traps. This is where you'll eventually have to go, but first, we'll look into the other rooms for some goodies.

Go directly to the second E door, (the first one has nothing of interest), push the button, enter and shoot the wooden chest R of the entrance for a small medipack. Leave the other chest alone: it's empty and a rat will attack as you approach it. Now go to the second W door and shoot the chest on your L to reveal shotgun ammo.

Go to the end of the corridor. Behind the E door, you can see goodies beyond some wooden bars. This is Secret #1. Pass the W door to access it.

Secret #1

Shoot the chest and the grate behind to reveal a CS. Crawl through it, climb the N block (R), go down then turn R and climb onto the ledge. You find yourself in a very dark room with a central lava pool. Use your binoculars to spot an opening in the opposite wall (E). Light a flare, and carefully head for it around the lava pool. Step down from the block you're on, crawl across a short CS to eventually find yourself behind the bars (virtually speaking) you spotted before. You've reached Secret #1. Go get a large medipack and shotgun ammo before returning to the corridor.

A Key to Secret #3

Next task will be collecting two items in order to later access Secret #3. And yes, we do need to deal with those traps, now, don't we? Go open the 1st W door (from the entrance of the corridor), and take a good look to assess the situation. It seems undoable, but don't despair. It's in fact rather easy. You see that web-covered tile immediately after the blade? That's what we're aiming for.

Position Lara one sidestep away from the blade (roughly), facing the S wall, her nose against the open door. Wait for the blade to be on its way to the opposite wall and side jump R over it. You'll go through the web tile, landing in a corridor below, and losing a tiny amount of health in the process.

Go S, ignoring the sloping opening on your L (you can't go there yet, anyway), and carry on a little bit until you can climb on a block in the S wall. Enter a small room with the Wooden Stick on a pedestal. As you pick it up, a camera shows a block lowering at the other end of the corridor, approximatively where you landed.

Go back there to pick up the Head Part. Again, a block lowers in an area you haven't visited yet. This is where you need to go in order to get back to the main part of the level.

Return to the room where you first picked the Wooden Stick and this time go N and along the corridor only to find yourself on the other side of the traps. Deal with this blade the way you did with the first one (this time facing the N wall) and land in another corridor.

First turn S and climb the block for a large medipack (you're by the sloping opening we saw before), then go N and over the block to a small square room. Pass the opening in the S wall, where the block lowered, then turn L to climb in a high CS on the E. The next part might prove a bit tricky.

Exit the CS on its right side (with the next room on your back). You'll land on a slippery slope. Slide then jump, repeat as you land on another slope, jump as soon as you hit a third one (from the very tip of it), then grab the edge of the opening.

Pull up in an orange room. The opposite W wall is climbable. Climb it up until Lara's hands are just below the very last bar from the ceiling, then backflip/roll in mid-air/grab the opposite opening. Pull up, run across the room then through an opening on your R. Slide down the next slope to land in the Six Rooms Corridor. We're done with Secret #3 for now. Go back to the Downstair Room via the Spider Lair (S).

-- The Southern Way --

Go through the S opening. Notice the closed door S, and take note of the three green symbols above it for later. You'll come across other doors with such symbols and it could be a good idea to take a note of them. For now, leave the room through the opening near the NW corner, entering an orange padded corridor. Run along until you reach a green room with a pool and a door (with blue green blue symbols). You're in the Center Pool Room.

Dive and swim through the N UW opening, then L (W) at the junction. Soon, you'll spot Mr Ravenous Fish in the distance. Immediately go back to the Center Pool Room and pull up on the ledge. Now wait patiently for the fish to enter the room (it may take some time, but it will eventually show up) so you may kill it from your safe dry location. Dive back.

This time, take note of the yellow symbol and the 6. This will be useful for an upcoming puzzle. Turn R (E) at the junction, and swim until you reach a pool. You're in the East Pool Room, and about to enter the Spiders Maze (plural intended). Your next task will be to collect another set of two Crystals.[/color]

-- Two Other Crystals --

The Spiders Maze

First, turn around to the W and look above the door. A blue symbol and a 7. The chests are empty, so you might as well leave them be. Proceed through the E opening, then turn L, and follow the long corridor until you reach a junction. On your R (NE) is a closed door. Go L (W), R (E) at the next junction (notice the big web on your L, we'll call it web #1) then through another big web in the shadow (web #2). Hear those heavy footsteps? Yep, that's why it's called the Spiders Maze. This giant spider is an elusive one, so listen to its loud tap-dancing to find it and take it down. Just remember to keep Lara's back on the wall when fighting, and you'll be fine. Once it's out of the way, return to web #1. We're going for another secret.

Run through the web (W) and to the W wall. This is a moveable block. Pull it twice. Now turn around, straight (E) at the junction, follow the corridor through web#2. At the next junction, notice the red wall ahead but turn L (S). You're now on the other side of the moveable block which allows you to enter the opening on the R (W) which is Secret #2: flares and the Shotgun. Now go to that red wall by turning L (W) at the junction.

[If you skipped the secret part, from Web#1: E then W (ahead) at the junction, you'll find the red wall there].

This wall is climbable. Climb it, pull up, notice the 3rd Crystal and pick it up. As you do so, a fly-by shows pillars with buttons and numbers on them, and a set of slopes flattening, giving you access to a new room: The Numbers Room.

The Numbers Room Puzzle

This is where those symbols with number hints will be useful. We've got four pillars, each with numbers on each side and two buttons. For something to happen (whatever it is), both buttons have to be pushed. Each pillar gives a different result. The solution to this puzzle is given to the end of this walkthrough (in order not to spoil the fun). The pillars have the following actions:

- One will open the door in the Spiders Maze granting access to the rest of the level (and unleashing a spider over there)
- One will set off a
spikes trap (instant death)
- One will make some goodies appear (
shotgun ammo and a small medipack), and release 2 giant spiders in the process
- One will send
two boulders directly on Lara (sidejump immediately after pushing the second button, and you'll be safe), and open a shorcut back to the Big Hall. This is where we're going now, in order to open the way to Secret #3.

[Note: Said way could have been opened before, but through a much longer detour. As always, you may skip the following part. If so, consider you never left the room and resume at "The Way to the Fourth Crystal"]

A Short Detour for Secret #3

Once the boulders are released, climb on the E ledge of the central structure with the SE pillar (8/12, 7/24) on your right. Look up to spot a transparency in the ceiling, and a ladder beyond. Sidestep once from the pillar, turn Lara toward the ladder, hop back and do a RJ, turning slightly left mid-air to grab the ladder. Climb a bit and backflip. You're now in the room where the boulders were, one of them then blocking the way to the stairs in the SW corner. Go up those stairs. You'll soon find yourself back in the Big Hall, this time opposite the end you were when the level started (ie: you're on the N side of the Hall). Before you is a block with a receptacle (as you may see thanks to the fixed camera).

Time to combine the Wooden Stick and the Head Part to obtain the Sunstick. Go to its receptacle. As soon as you're there, 4 Hell Hounds attack (gruesome ugly beasts, those ones). Shoot them while moving and they should soon meet their end. Now go use that hard-earned Sunstick. A camera shows a door opening on a lava room, somewhere in a greenish pool room. Secret #3 is open at last, but, yes, you still have other tasks to accomplish before getting to it. For now, go back to the Numbers Room.

The Way to the Fourth Crystal

Climb down the Red Wall back to the Spiders Maze, first hunting this noisy giant spider, then going to the door we opened with one of the pillar. (from the Red Wall: Ahead at the junction (E), past web #2, L at the junction (S), ahead at the junction (E) then L (N) through the door). In front of you is a button with blue yellow yellow symbols. Push it. A camera shows you a tall yellow door somewhere, but it's not open yet. As the symbols above it hint, another button is needed. We're going there nonetheless.

Find your way to the East Pool Room at the entrance of the Spiders Maze (Exit, L (S) at the junction then all the way along the corridor to the E Pool Room). Dive and swim straight ahead (W) at the junction, and through the long tunnel until you reach another pool room. Surface and exit the water. Look on your L (W) to locate a button with green blue blue symbols matching the second row above the door the previous camera showed you. Push that button. A camera shows another corresponding door opening elsewhere (ie: in the very room where Secret #3 is). However, that button did open the tall yellow door, so let's find it.

Look in the NW corner for an opening, and enter an alcove with a ladder on the W wall. Climb it until Lara's hands are on the second bar from the ceiling, then backflip/roll/grab another ladder on the opposite wall. Go R and around the corner, let go to land before the tall yellow door you just opened.

First Blocks Puzzle

You find yourself in a big room surrounding the Numbers Room. There's a central platform with one moveable block on each corner, as well as a colored tile. On the S wall, is a (beautiful) stained glass window letting you see a large Hall with Columns. On the E wall, is a closed metallic door.

Simply place each block on the closest colored tile. This will open the door.

Second Blocks Puzzle

Go through the door, and immediately stop: there is a ceiling blade trap here. A good timing should be enough to negotiate it, provided you remain in the center.

In this room, you'll find four colored tiles and four moveable blocks: Block #1 in the NW corner, Block #2 in the SW corner on the blades side of the room - Block #3 NE and Block #4 SE, on the other side (see map of the room at the end of this walk). In the center of the room, two blocks will allow you to move around if needed. Obviously, the goal is to move the blocks on the tiles.

- Pull Block #1 twice to move it on the closest colored tile
- Go S then W over SW colored tile then pull Block #2 twice to move it on said colored tile
- Go N then E through the second opening on your R, then N. Pull Block #3 by its S side twice. Go S, W, N then E. Pull block #3 once by its W side to move it on the colored tile.
- Go S then E over the colored tile, turn S. Pull Block #4 once. Go N, W, S, E. Pull Block #4 once again on the last colored tile.

You hear a loud noise of shattering glass: you've just broken the beautiful stained glass window out there. Exit the room by passing over the blocks in the center and cautiously dealing with the blades trap again.

The Fourth Crystal

Go to the S side of the room, and enter the now accessible Hall with Columns. As soon as you step in, you hear a door opening nearby and 3 rats attack, so first get rid of them vermin. Go S and stop after the first blue columns. Turn L (E) to see the door that has just open, behind a decorative armor. Pass it, run down the ramp and enter a small room.

On your R, on a chair, you can see the 4th Crystal in all its azure glory. On your L, there's a closed door with blue green blue symbols. The corresponding button is on the E wall by the door. Pick up the Crystal and push the button to open the door. Run along the red corridor and pass another blue green blue door: your back in the Center Pool Room. You now have two things to do: find where to use those Crystals and, finally, go and get Secret #3.

-- A Collector and a Bone --

Dive and swim through the S UW opening. Very soon, you'll spot Mrs Ravenous Fish. So return to the Center Pool Room and deal with it using the strategy you used for its late companion. Dive and swim through the S opening again, soon entering another pool. You're in the South Pool Room, and it's Secret time.

[Note: Again, you can ignore it. In this case just skip the green paragraphs below.]

Secret #3: the Conclusion

This part is probably the trickiest one of the whole level. One jump in particular requires perfect positioning and jumping, but yet, it's perfectly doable, so don't give up.

Head for the Lava Room through the S door. As soon as you step in, the familiar secret ringaling resounds, and yes, Secret #3 is counted as one by now. But it's much more fun to actually get it, so let's go.

First, look up and notice the MS up there. Angle Lara slightly to the right and SJ+G the R block. Turn L to face E, and SJ+G the next block. Now time for the Tricky Jump.

Spot a higher block against the wall on your left. This is where you have to go next. What you need is find the appropriate angle, then do a RJ with a hard right curve in mid-air then grab the block. Here's a screenshot of the correct starting position and angle: (see screenshot at the end of this walk)

Now jump and grab the MS. Swing all the way until you're above a block with a button on your R, then let go. Push the button, which opens a door nearby. Now grab that MS again and return to its start, on the tricky jump block. Turn W, and do a SJ+G to the higher ledge above. Turn around E, stay on the right (to avoid hitting the ceiling), and do a SJ to the next ledge. Follow it to the end, do a 45 SJ to the next ledge and - finally - enter the newly opened door. Go upstair to get your reward: shotgun ammos, flares and a small medipack. Now you need to make your way back. Lucky you.

Go back through the door, and turn S at the edge of the ledge, facing a high pillar. Do a RJ to land on it and turn L (E). Now you have two options: the easy one will cost you a bit of health, while the less easy one is harmless. Easy one: step back until reaching the edge of the high pillar then do a SJ to a block below. From there, do a slightly right angled RJ+G to the block on the R. (Lara is looking at the button at this point, and positioning her might be a bit tricky) OR Less easy one: From the high pillar and to the E, locate a slope. Do a RJ to it (maybe very slightly angled R in order to land facing N). Immediately jump and turn R in mid-air to land on a block below and on the R. Turn NW to aim at the closest block on the R, then do a RJ, turning right in mid-air to eventually land on it. Now, whatever way you chose, turn W to the lower block, do a SJ, angle Lara toward the doorway and do a SJ while holding Action to lower her head. You're back in the South Pool Room. Congratulations, you have successfully completed Secret #3!

Pass the blue green green opened door on the E, then go up the ramp. At the top, you'll find the Crystals Holes, as well as two doors, on the L (W) and R (E). Place both Crystals, opening both doors. We'll pass the western one first.

The Western Crystal Door

Go up the ramp, remaining on the right. Turn R (E) and climb the block here, entering a dark blue place. Go S then W, enter the small corridor and stop at the apparent dead end.

Third Blocks Puzzle and the Collector.

Turn W to face a moveable block and push it as far as you can. You are now in a new moveable blocks/colored tiles room, but this one's a tad more complex than the previous one. Plus, there's a secret nearby. (see map of the room at the end of this walk) Here, we have in fact 3 moveable blocks (including block #1, the one you just pushed) and 3 colored tiles, but only two are visible at the moment. The goal, as usual, is to move each block on a colored tile (keep in mind, though, that they don't need to be there all simultaneously).

- Go to the W wall then turn L (S). Block #2 is there. Pull it once.
- Go back to block #1, facing S and push it twice. As shown on the map, you've just moved it on a colored tile, although you can't know that at the moment.
- Turn R, go W then turn to block #2, facing N. Push it twice on a colored tile.
- Go back to block #1 again. Pull it twice. Go where it stood via the SW opening.
Now go S over the colored tile and enter the short corridor for Secret #4: shotgun ammo
- To block #1 again. Push it twice to the N on the colored tile. You hear a door opening nearby.
- Go to block #3 via the SW opening. Pull it twice. You're almost done.
- Now go to the other side of block #3 via the SE opening and pass the newly opened door to the W. Look down to spot the
Collector and pick it up.

Picking up the Bone

Slide down the slope after the doorway. You're now at the S end of the Hall with Columns. Turn L (S), and use the Collector in the Receptacle. A fly-by shows you a nearby brown wall vanishing with a crash. Turn around N, run along the Hall, stop after the second white column and turn L (W) toward the brand new opening. By now you should be able to spot at least 1 of the 3 Hell Hounds which guard the place. Opportunist as always, 3 rats hiding in a wooden chest nearby may come and join the party if you shoot said chest in the heat of the moment. Kill them all (no, really). Now pick up the Bone that was awaiting on its pedestal all this time, opening a tall yellow door somewhere in the process (that somewhere being nowhere else than inside the square cracked wooden wall back in the Basement).

-- Leaving Hill House --

We now need to explore beyond the Eastern Door, back at the Crystals Holes. The only way to return there is via the South Pool Room, so turn around to the E and cross the Hall to get back in the room where you found the 4th Crystal. From there, pass the S doorway, and run along the corridor to the Center Pool Room. Dive and swim through the S UW opening, turn L upon entering the South Pool Room, and pull up on the E ledge. Pass the doorway, and up the ramp. You're there.

The Eastern Crystal Door

Pass the R (Eastern) door and run up the ramp, staying left. Turn L at the top and climb onto the block to pick up some flares. Now turn around to the SE and do a 45 SJ to the nearby ledge. Turn around N at the closed door to locate a green green green button. Push it to open the nearby door, as well as another one located in the small room near the Downstair Room. Pass the S door then the arched opening on your L. You're now back in the Basement, but still on the wrong side of the wooden cracked wall.

Make your way to the room by the Downstair Room by going through the R arch (NE), downstair then ahead (S) through the webbed opening. Cross the room and pass the newly opened green green green door. You enter a corridor with burning tiles on each sides. Ignore them (or don't, but it wouldn't be very wise, would it?) and go on along and up the corridor, turning L (W) at the junction. You're at the tall yellow door, and about to enter the inner side of the cracked wooden wall.

Inside the Cracked Wooden Wall and Beyond

In front of you, but hidden in the dark, is a button. Push it to open the grate door at the top of the S stairway in the Basement. However, you're not going there yet. You still have something to do. Yep, that's it: putting the Bone in its receptacle. And so, we're now heading for the Big Hall.

Go back there via the Downstair Room, the Basement and the first (N) stairway. Run through the Pink Hall to the Big Hall and the Bone Receptacle. Put the Bone where it belongs. This opens a last door near the grate door you just opened. And we'll call this one the Exit Door.

So go back to the Basement, climb the N stairway there and pass the grate door. The Exit Door is on your L (S). Pass it and run up the ramp, where you can finally see the light of day. Go on a little. You have left the beautiful and gloomy Hill House and completed the level.

Solution to the Numbers Room Puzzle

As you may have noticed, on some of the pillars the lower number is a multiple of the upper one. The numbers you were given by the hints were 6 and 7. Only one pillar have both, with the correct matching multiple: the NW one. (6/12, 7/14). This is the one which buttons will open the door giving you access to the rest of the level.

The other pillars are as follow:

NE (8/14, 6/24): Spikes pillar

SE (8/12, 7/24): Boulders pillar

SW (7/24, 6/24): Goodies & Spiders pillar