The Red and the Blue.

Back to the Basics: Level 16

Level by Eric Claire (eRIC)

Walkthrough by Dutchy & Gerty.

MS=Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=med-pack, UW =underwater, have fun!

Names and numbers in Red are for later reference.

Sliding into a grim cellar, explore to the N and go into the grated passage to get the Flares, push the
1st button in the end to open a door SW in the cellar (notice all the Skellies in the adjacent rooms, you’ll meet them later). Go out that door and R, in the W end is a closed door (1), to the N a passage to a Tomb, go in and to the R is a coffin you can climb, roll and runjmp/grab an opposite ledge, go NW and up the coffin there. Down the other side and to a dark passage to a button (1st for door (1) )

The door in the end opens, Stand against the L hand wall, back to the open door and backflip through, go R into the NW corner for some Ammo and look in the empty W alcove in the tomb for some Flares. Go out S again and up into the CS in SW corner of the room with the closed door.

Tomb with the burning Coffins.

Runjmp/grab over to the other side to get the Flares and jmp back, go to the coffin with the burner E and stand close, you have to runjmp/grab in a SE direction to land in that higher alcove, L of the crack at the burner. (quite possible as I found out, your aiming has to be perfect and it will take a few burns, though) Follow the CS E to the next burning coffin, runjmp/grab into the opposite side and hold the forward key to get out of the way fast. Push the button to open the door (1). Runjmp/grab back into the other side and from that higher spot at the 1st coffin, runjmp/grab back to the spot from where you jmped 1st time (hard) try to curve R a bit at the end of the jmp.

Go out the N CS and into the W door, go R a bit and pull up to the L ledge. There are some Bones (1) SW (5 sets of them in this level to open a final Secret door), you can shoot them with the pistols from the somewhat higher end of the ledge, jmp to the CS R of the coffin in W wall and go through to a big room.

Pharos Room with the pool.

Go R of the pillar in front and get a flyby of the room with some pickups and a Gem. Go to the pool and dive in, in the centre is a hole in the bottom, look SE from the hole and spot the crack in the pillar, swim in and straight S, up and climb the E side, backflip to a ledge behind. Standjmp up to the S ledge and climb the grating up to a ledge opposite a burning vase, runjmp/grab to the W opening and climb the central grated floor. Straight W is another grated tower, you can go down to get some Ammo and see Bones 2 (Come back later after you got the Crossbow). From the water hole you can get some Ammo and swim straight over the Bird statue to the alcove behind the green vase for some Ammo, go back to the statue and L. up a hole L and return to the pool, on the NW side of the hole is a ½ MP. Swim into the SE crack in the pillar again, straight S, up and climb the E side, backflip to a ledge behind. Standjmp up to the S ledge and climb the grating up to a ledge opposite a burning vase, runjmp/grab to the W opening and climb the central grated floor.

Up in the room.

Go R and over look the pool, see the arch just N of this floor and sidejmp or standjump onto the E side, slide and jmp/grab the ledge on E wall. From that ledge go standjump/grab N and runjmp to the NE pillar. Climb off the N side and go L to the E side, down to the crack and backflip into a passage, follow to Secret #1, the Crossbow.

Go back, runjmp/grab the pillar and go R, climb up and backflip to the N balcony of the room. There are receptacles for the Pharos Pillar and Knot on this balcony and a big closed door (2). Go to the W side of the lower sandy part of the balcony and runjmp S to that lone pillar in the pool, get the Shotgun and see Spikes retract on the Gem ledge, runjmp/grab back N from the highest part of the pillar and go L, runjmp/grab the ladder on the side of the arch S and go up, shimmy past the vase and drop onto that S ledge to get the Horseman’s Gem.

Climb back up the arch and go to the N side again runjmp/grab to the upper N ledge and get the Ammo, go R and hop over the ledge with the vases to get some more Ammo in the NE corner. Drop to the lower balcony and hop to the pillar you came from before, runjmp/grab up to the centre ledge in front S and up to the next ledge S, from that one to the SW to grab the edge of the grated floor, well R of the burning vase. Stay clear of that vase and go straight S.

From the edge of the floor, standing L against the block hanging from the ceiling, you can do a runjmp (no grab) straight (hold the forward key down) to the L tip of the sloped ledge under the window. Jmp to land on the ledge L of that and go up in the room for Secret #2, the Lasersight. Runjmp/grab back to the grated floor under the hanging block and go up. Runjmp from the N side into the pool. (For getting the last Secret of the level, you now have to go back to shoot those Bones in the W tower: Dive in the pool and swim into that crack SE from the centre hole, swim in and straight S, up and climb the E side, backflip to the ledge behind. Standjmp up to the S ledge and climb the grating up to a ledge opposite a burning vase, runjmp/grab to the W opening and climb the central grated floor. Straight W is the 2nd grated tower, you can go down to shoot Bones (2) and swim back through that UW tunnel.) Climb out in the W and go to a door that needs a Gem. Go in and get a flyby of the Lava room when crossing the small room to it.

The Lava room.

Go up onto the ledge and runjmp to the next in the Lava, walk to the end and turn L, from here a tricky runjmp onto the lowest part of the sloped block (turn L at the very end of the jmp ever so slightly) and grab the edge upon sliding off, go R to the floor and get up. Go R and find the lever you saw in the flyby and another Gem door (3).

Climb the block with the vase L of the lever (don’t use it) and go runjmp to the circle tiles on the slope block NW, L of that sloped pillar, turn L and jmp to the SW ledge, get the ½ MP and hop out to the L, up the block at the vase again and over to the NW, onto the ledge in front of a closed door, from which you will be re-entering later.

The Spikes retract on the ledge N of the Lava pool so you can runjmp/grab to it go up the N floor and into the NE corner room, push the button and more one more block (NE) retracts at the pool, go out and run onto the NE ledge at the pool, go into the room and throw the lever to get all the blocks around the pool to retract.

Beetles come out, run out and jmp to the block in front and from there standjmp to the centre ledge in the pool. Wait for all the critters to drop into the pool and jmp to the entrance ledge E, from there onto the SE ledge (where the Star was hidden) and runjmp to the W, over the sloped ledge and slide to the end to jmp/grab to the S side ledge at the vase, where you can get the Crowbar.

Runjmp to the centre ledge in the pool and to the entrance E again, over to the SE block to get the 1st Golden Star of the wall. Standjmp back and runjmp onto the N side block, go into that NE room again to throw the lever back, go out and runjmp/grab the block W, turn around and runjmp/grab the ladder on the E wall, go R and pull up. Go S quick and Skeletons come for you, shoot them down while they jmp over to you and go to the W side, (shoot that Skellie too) to find the 2nd Golden Star behind the pillar. Go to the NW corner and drop onto the ledge at the closed door, jmp E and go L into the N room, find the receptacle for the Golden Stars on the sides of the big N door. After placing the stars the big door opens.

The Room with the 2 Pools.

L and R are pools, a lever on the bottom (later) an UW door (4) in the L and some Ammo in the R hand pool. Get the Ammo and head to the NW corner where you’ll see a block next to some Spikes, climb the block and runjmp/grab S to the MS under the arch. Turn around and wiggle L and R a bit to get back to the N pillar over the block. Drop/grab the ladder on the pillar and go l around 2 corners, go up the L side and pull up. Backflip and jmp again from the sloped ledge you will land on, get out the shotgun and blow the Skellie off the arch. Runjmp into the NW corner for the Ammo and jmp back to the arch, go S and get more Ammo from the SW corner. Back on the arch and N, runjmp onto a ledge NE on N wall and head E.

Runjmp to the closest burner-ledge as the flame is down and hop back, grab the edge, go around to the other side and pull up to jmp to the E sandy ledge. Runjmp/grab to the S sandy ledge over the face and hop to the pillar next to the burner, jmp into the SE corner to push the button that will raise a block (A). drop to ground floor and head to the next room N, push the pillar in and over the raised block (A) to the Tile E (a block raises under a button).

Go W (a door opens W, giving access to a room with a crack, from which you can see the next Secret room, later) and find 2 buttons in the next room, L is Spike-trapped and R is the one to push now, the pool in the pool room dries out, go back and down into that pool, throw the lever there to de-activate the Spike-trap at that 2nd button. So head back N and L to push button 2 that will re-flood the pool AND open the W door (4) in that pool.

Go back to the pool and go shoot those Bones (3) under the bridge in the pool and swim through the W door, to the R (opposite those vases) is a closed UW door (5) with a face Tile on the ceiling. Go to the W room and out on the centre ledge, get the ½ MP and swim SE, L at the small gap under the gratings and up, climb up the ledge and go up the L side, up the L hand block, notice the closed door (6) S and turn N, jmp/grab the ladder on the arch and go all the way L, around 2 corners and backflip from that corner to the roof over the floor you got the MP from, get on the block R and runjmp/grab to the Ammo S, a screen of Spikes at a button, jmp back N and go along the side of the roof to the N and throw the lever there to re-tract that Spikes.

Look N and spot the room there (later). Dive into the water below and go to the SW corner where you’ll find a similar hole as in the SE, climb the S ledge and look up SE, see the button on the ledge through the gap, standjmp/grab up and use the button to open the door (6) S. Run from the ledge to the S and land on a lower ledge, go S and spot the Gem in the water on the pedestal, shoot the Skeleton in the head with an arrow and jmp down to get the Horseman’s Gem (a second door opens in the S exit), look W and see the small gap under the ledge, going S behind that round pillar

Get back in the water, swim through that narrow tunnel to a room with some Ammo and a similar face Tile as at the UW door (5), stand on it and that UW door opens back in the small room NE. Swim out and straight through the gap under the gratings and to the NE, into the small room and up to the L at those vases. Swim into the room, look for the hole up in the NW corner and go up to get Secret #3, Crossbow and Ammo.

Go out in the SW and to a room you saw from the other side, swim along the L or R to safe some climbing and get out in the S dive down and head to the SE corner, that hole where you can climb up to the sandy ledge, jmp from the L block to the ledge with the open door (6) and go past the open door to find a set of Bones (4) to the L, now head back out to the Lava room.

The Lava room 2nd visit.

Dive into the now safe pool and swim to the centre S side, L of the (Crowbar) ledge, at the wall you can stand, jmp/grab up next to the Spikes and shoot the Skellie into the pool. Go to the door (3) S and open it with the Gem. Go in and W to get the Pharos Knot (see Skellies wake up near that 1st button you pushed at the start of the level) and throw the lever at the door to open a door in the Pharos Room. The exit re-opened.

Go out and swim to the E exit to go back to…

Pharos Room 2nd visit.

The Beetles follow, run to the R side of the pool go R and pass between the 2 towers and go into that S passage, go R and to the door that opened. Get the Flares in front of it and look opposite the door for the last set of Bones (5).

Lava room 2.

Come to a new room with Lava, Spikes and more fun stuff, go straight around the block with the vase and runjmp/grab to the climbable wall on the opposite ledge with the Skellie, climb down and L to drop/grab the lower ledge and go L around the corner, climb up and run S and jmp (with grab) to the SW button ledge, push the button to open some big doors up in the S wall.

Climb back up the ledge and jmp/grab the ladder E of it, go up and R to slide back to the ledge with Skellie, go to the edge of the floor, wait for him to come to you and jmp/roll over him, shoot him off the edge and go to the NE tip, from where you can do a curved runjmp into that open door S.

Boulder alley.

Go up the R hand side and as soon as the centre Boulders passed, go L to the centre and to the top, R is a ½ MP and L a button to open the doors halfway down the slope to the R and L. Look on the S wall and take note of the 3 pictures, the face in the centre of the others.

Dodge the Skellie and go down the slope to the L hand door first, into a room with 3 levers and pictures, well the L and R are ok, but the centre one isn’t a face, so only do the SE and NW of the 3 and the N door opens.

The Ornate Handle.

Go out toLava room 2again and see the door over the face slope W has opened. Runjmp with a curve into the passage and push the button, the flyby will show where the Ornate Handle is hidden. Standjmp back to the ledge you came from with a grab to avoid hitting your head, wait a bit here and the 2 Skellies will come for you.

Shoot them off the ledge and go back to the Boulder alley. Into the E door and to a pool, get some Ammo from the bottom and head into the NE passage. Go down the hole using the climb wall and the water is safe here as long as you stay on the blue path, swim up to the structure with the handle and climb the pole to backflip to the upper floor. Pick up the Ornate Handle and Spirit will chase you out the door into the Pharos Room.

Pharos Room 3rd visit.

Run forward and R through the centre between the 2 towers and dive into the pool, down the centre hole and to the Bird statue, wait for the Spirit to disappear and get a flyby of a door opening up in the SW top of the Pharos Room. Swim up and into the SE crack in the pillar again, straight S, up and climb the E side, backflip to a ledge behind. Standjmp up to the S ledge and climb the grating up to a ledge opposite a burning vase, runjmp/grab to the W opening and climb the central floor again, go S and see a sloped ledge under a MS.

The Pharos Pillar.

Go to the sloped ledge and what ever you want, just drop facing W and jmp twice or play it safe and drop to slide backwards, grab/pull up/backflip and on the next ledge do the same to land on the ledge in front of the room with the Pillar. When you grab the Pharos Pillar[/b], a screenshot shows the area at the 1st button again. Go out and from the ledge under the door a runjmp/grab to the tower with the burning vase N, go to the N side, R of the vase and runjmp to the arch on W wall at the Gem ledge and shimmy along the side, climb down the backside a bit and backflip to the N balcony with that big door (2). Place the Knot and Pillar and the door opens, go in to the next room.

The Hathor Effigy.

Go R or L to come to the same room where you’ll get a flyby of the room, a bunch of Skellies can’t wait to come in and Spirits will spice things up a bit more. Run over the bridge and go into the N passage, L and R to come to a room with a cage, run straight to the L side of the cage and climb up, backflip to a ledge, turn L and run into the 1st R hand passage, 2nd R again and runjmp/grab over to a ledge (long jmp), turn R and jmp over the gap to the next ledge, go L and follow the passage up to the balcony 1st floor, runjmp to that first pillar you see and then runjmp through to the alcove in the L where the Bird statue is. Go jmp to the pillar with the MP and go back to the balcony N.

Go to the opposite side and jmp to the closest pillar, then to the alcove and collect the Hathor Effigy, jmp to the pillar with the Grenade-gun and go enjoy yourself downstairs and on the balcony, whatever… Go to that room with the cage N and combine Handle with Effigy to place the Portal Guardian at the stand opposite the doors, look R of the doors for the door you’ve opened by shooting all the Bones and go get Secret #4 inside, the Trident. Go out and enter the N doors to get the Scroll if you can…