Episode 3  -  Costa Rica.


 Links to the seperate levels:
1 - Three Kings Convention 4 - The Garden 7 - Riding the Night 10 - Costa Rica Jungle 13 - Dark Dungeon III
2 - Finding a Way Out 5 - The Sewers 8 - Arabic Desert 11 - Military Base 14 - The Ultimate Power
3 - The Haunted House 6 - Sewers Courtyard 9 - Back to Saudi Arabia 12 - Caves of Altamira  

Levels by Donald Forgues.

Authorized Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Story: (Extended Story in the read-me)

After Visiting Saudi Arabia and Russia in search of the Artifacts, Lara ends up in Costa Rica this time. A beautiful opening movie in which you see divers around a Submarine and a Civil war ongoing in Costa Rica, Lara will end up in the basement of the Three Kings Hotel.

It’s hardly possible to mention all enemies you’ll encounter, so deal with them as you meet them, only if there’s a special way to deal with an enemy we will mention it.

Level 1- Three Kings Convention.

Hotel Office Wing.

Follow the corridors up the stairs and enter the Hotel office wing through the Emergency exit. Go L (E) and the door (L side) of the last office will open for you. In the file cabinet (to be opened from standing one step back) is a small medipack. Go out and W, the office at the crossing of corridors is empty, go R at the Elevator and come to the Main Frame Computer room, 2 corridors lead from there, take the S corridor, straight opposite the Computer room and in the office opposite the aquarium is a file cabinet with a Code Disk, go out and R, come to hall with a pillar and on the TV screen you can see a reporter giving the latest news.

Laser Passage, Code Disk Part (Left).

To the W are Lasers in front of a corridor, stand close, save and time your jump through the Lasers as they are in the down position, have full health though as you are sure to loose about half of it. (although I managed with losing minor health a couple of times, but the timing has to be perfect) Go on and the office to the R is empty, go into the opposite room and find the ladder in the 1st alcove to the R. Go up and down into the other end of the duct, crawl to where you can drop into an office, get the Code Disk Part (Left) from the file cabinet and go out this Main office N (remember the name as you’ll get back here to bypass those horrible Lasers). Go R in the corridor and R again at the Main Frame Computer room, past the aquarium and to the TV screen. Now go to the S door and it will open for you and use the Code Disk on the Terminal in that room.

The Storage Rooms.

Go in and down the stairs NE, up a ladder to have a look on the platform there and see that Red=danger and Blue=safe sign. Drop from the platform and stand in front of the next room with red glass floors. Over the blue lower tiles are squares on the glass, jump to all 4 once and the door W opens. Push the button inside and the S door opens, go through the next corridor to a storage room with a forklift, the Thug with the bat is best dealt with from standing on the crate on the forklift. Climb the grated top of the forklift and run jump/grab to the ledge W, go over the walkway in the store room and L in the end, follow to a next room and get the Basement Key from the shelf.

Go back to the room with the walkway and drop into the lower room, go into the NW passage and to a room with Ammo on the shelf, climb the crates S and jump up E, go to the next room with crates and get the Ammo from behind them. See the Medipack behind the window E (later). Go back and drop down to the lower room, go out W and then through the SE passage back to the forklift. Climb it again and jump/grab to the E side ledge, walk out onto the ledge in the next room and jump over to Storage area 1 entrance to the R, follow down some steps to a room with button to the L behind the brown crate, an Exit door opens in Storage 2. Return to where you came from and notice a monkey swing ceiling appeared in the top of the room, grab up and swing over to the other side and enter that open door there, to get Secret#1, the Medipack you’ve seen before.

Return to Storage 1 (stand jump/grab to the monkey swing) and go into the E passage in that room where you pushed the button before, follow over a bridge to a room with a door that needs the Basement Key you have, go in R and push the button on the yellow machine, cables drop from the ceiling and the doors in the end of the room open up, time the run past the cables (along the wall) and go in those doors. Go R around the blue machine to push a button, flyby of the room with the red glass floor. Go to the other side of this room and pick up some Ammo, return to where you opened the door with the Key and from the bridge outside you can go down one level and SW (shelf empty) follow up the stairs to ground floor of the monkey swing room, in the N passage and to the L is some Ammo behind the blue machine. The other side of the crossing at the yellow machine is empty. Go back to the room with the monkey swing and head out the S passage to get back to the forklift room.

Go out N and back to room with red glass floor, jump on the blue tile NE and then all the others where you see bubbles (SW, NW, SE) the E door opens, inside on the shelf is the Code Disk part (Right). Go out and leave the room through the passage NW and up the stairs, go to the hall with the TV screen and head back to the Main office, or have a go at those Lasers again to get back into the Laser passage. In the main office you can grab up into that hole in the ceiling and follow the ducts to the ladder and then into the Laser passage.

Laser Passage, part 2.

Go W and just before the Lasers there, is a window to the L, shoot it and go in. For Secret#2, you have to push the button L of the terminal and see an Exit door open up. For that door you have to get back through the ducts to main office or the 1st lasers and go into that door next to the entrance of Main office, push the button and another Exit door opens, that one is in the corridor S at the Main Frame Computer room and past the aquarium to the L. get Secret#2, a small medipack from the shelf. Now head back to the Laser passage using the expert or the sissy route.

Laser Passage, part 3.

Go back into the window L at the 2nd laser and combine the 2 Code Disk parts to use the Disk on the Terminal and the door to the L opens. In the W is another (quadruple) Laser trap, if you time the runs through these (they are down for a moment), you can get through with little damage, go L and shoot some windows, get in and take Secret#3, a Medipack in the cabinet and Ammo on the table, you’ll have to get back through the Lasers and then go L into the open door NW. Go through that hall and R, the exit doors N will open on approach. Go up some stairs and get the Ammo the Thug will drop. Head S and there are some more stairs (the passage under them is closed for now), climb those too and the doors will open, follow the corridor to another office wing. Near aquarium is another Terminal.

Office Wing 2.

Go R (W) after that aquarium and open the office there, get Ammo from the file cabinet. Go out and L/R, to the L are Lasers, go R (W) and the door with the K on it will open up, look for the book case you can push in, it’s the one past the small cabinets L. A wall lowers behind you in N wall, go into a Ctrl room. Look for a CD-Rom on the control panel to the R. Look on the TV screens N and see Elvis is still alive… Go back out of the rooms and to the corridor E, there’s a laser there, if you want some Flares, you have to time the jump through them and get Flares from the file cabinet in that office and go to the next office where the door will open for you. Go to the office in the E wing and get Ammo, then go to the next in the NE corridor, to place the CD-Rom in the player on S wall (a door opens up in the Ctrl room).

Get some Ammo in the office connected with this one and head back W through the corridors to enter the K door again, in the Ctrl room is the open door to the L, get the Uzis from that passage and return to the corridor with the aquarium, a Thug will show up and he will drop the Code Disk go use that on the terminal next to the aquarium and go into the door that opened to the L, the Basement Key lies next to the window, behind the desk, go out and into the NW corridor, down the stairs and shoot some Thugs from the stairs, go into the S passage and open the basement with your Key. The level ends….

Secret count 3.

Level 2- Finding a Way Out.

The Basement.

Go in and L at the ladder, just around the corner is a button that will open the hatch over the ladder. Go up and to the L is nothing to find, so go R and find another button near a trapdoor, open it, but don’t go in yet. Go into the duct opposite the button, keep following to the R where possible and you will come to another button that will open the trapdoor, go down and find Secret#1, a Medipack and Ammo. Climb back up at the trapdoor and go R again to come to an alcove with some Ammo, go on and in the next is a button that will open a door somewhere. Go on and R again to come to a store room, that door you just opened is in the SW corner, go in to push a button, a wall torch will light up, go out and into the passage NW for some Flares. Back to the ducts through the centre opening in W wall and R again to come to that trapdoor you opened in the first place, drop into the room with the walkways below and on the walkway to the L is a door that needs the Silver Key.

Go into the S passage and check the shelves in the next room for the Silver Key and some Ammo, then head back to the previous room and use the key on the lock on W walkway, go in and open another small door to come to the place you saw from the secret pick up. Push the button to open a door and go back to where you used the Key, down from the walkway and into the S passage again, in the room where you got the Key go L (E) and follow to the door that opened.

Get the Torch from the shelf, notice the closed door to the R of it and go back to the room with the walkways, take the W passage now and down the small ramp to light the torch, in the room with the walkways you can light the Sprinkler on the E stairs and the door in the room behind the window opens, so drop the Torch and head S, follow to the room where you got the Torch and go in, up the ladder and a flyby shows the Guards upstairs in the Parking Lot.

The Parking Lot.

Open the door and deal with those Guards. Pick up a small medipack left behind and go find the entrance of the office close to where you entered and find some Ammo inside, go out and to the E side of the Parking, L of the yellow machine is a ladder on the pillar, go up and back flip into the duct, follow going L everywhere and come to a button, it will open the trapdoor next to it, go down into that storage to get the Lobby Key and the Revolver. Go back up to the duct and go L again, to get some Ammo and then proceed going L to get back to the ladder down to the Parking.

Go to the N side and kick in the door on the landing, L is a door that needs a Crowbar and go on down into the N passage and open the door in the W with the Lobby Key. In the SW corner of the next room is Ammo behind the crates, then go down W and shoot the Thug for his small medipack, climb the crates E to get Ammo and run jump/grab E to the orange structure, climb the pillar up to a tank on top.

Dive in a swim to the first burner ledge in the next pool. Climb the SW corner and stand still, run jump into the E passage and come to a lava room with sloped blocks, just jump to the first and keep slide/jumping till you are in the W room, get the Ammo and push the button to open a gate. Jump back to the flat ledge in the lava room and grab up to the monkey swing ceiling, go back to the pool with the burner ledges and climb out in the NW corner save in front of a button in the end of the passage (gate opens).

Timed Gate.

It’s a timed gate and it is on the S side of the pool, this is how I managed. You have to push, just roll and run normal, no jumps or sprint and the burner was off when I run jumped onto it, run jump through onto the S side and sprint into the open gate. (It could be different for you though, just find out what type of run gets you to the pool with the burner off) On a ledge in the room is a Thug that holds the Silver Key.

The Crowbar.

Get back to the pool and swim to the orange tank E, climb down the pillar where you came up and on the N wall is a door that can be opened with the Silver Key. Go up the stairs and halfway up you can get onto the centre floor with the grey crates, get some Ammo behind those crates and follow the stairs up to a door you can kick in. Now you are on the girders of a room where you passed below, go to the SE door and inside is a button to open the door opposite this room, enter that door, follow to a gate that opens for you and get the Crowbar and Ammo from the shelves inside.

The Machinery Key.

Go back to the room with the girders and drop to the green crate below, go out NE and follow back to that Crowbar door near the Parking. Go in and R, out to the balcony and open the door there, inside is a wine barrel in an alcove, push it all the way in and the door S opens, go in there to get a Silver Key from the grey crate SE, go back and return to the Parking lot. Go to the W side and find the lock for that Key on the porch of the Ctrl room. Go in and shoot the Mechanic to get the Machinery Key he has, check out the room for some Ammo and go out to enter the N side door in the Parking again, go past the Crowbar door, down the stairs and L onto the steps there and open the door.

The Exit Key.

Inside, in the SW corner is the lock for the Key, go in and push the button, a crate drops from a hatch, go back to the previous room and climb to the upper floor, on the grey crate is the Exit Key and behind the green crates S is Secret#2, a small medipack. Get out of here and return to the Parking lot, down the ramp in the E to the big overhead doors and open the gate to the R with the Key. 

Out to the Streets.

Kick in the next door and go out to an alley outside, in the SW corner is Ammo then climb the NW crates and run jump/grab to the balcony E, get Secret#3, Ammo.

1st Square.

Jump back to the crates and get up onto the roof, shoot the resistance and go to the NW, between some pillars on 1st Square is a Crowbar door. Get the Ammo inside and head out, straight into the staircase E, jump/grab to the ledge over the stairs and get the Ammo, now proceed further down the stairs and up the next to 2nd Square.

2nd Square.

Go L from the stairs and just before entering the building you can grab up to an upper floor, go in the building there and get the Golden Key to the R, Ammo to the L, go out again and down to ground level, go into the lower passage now and follow to a water filled room. Get into the water and just L of the coin slot is a trapdoor you can open up.

Swim in and go R, then up in the S of the next room, run jump to a sloped pillar in the deadly water and jump to the flat ledge, run jump to the next (watch the low ceiling and then to a ledge with a slope block on it, jump over that one and run jump/grab into the passage S, go up and to the L is a closed gate, go straight and into the water of the next room, get the Token and return to that gate that now opened. Go in and Lara will look up to the Lasersight on the grated skylight.

Go out N and then L, up the steps to 1st Square, go R to find the stairs to the 2nd Square again and there enter that lower passage in the building L of the stairs again. Jump to the Coin slot on the pillar and use the Token to get a rope out of the basket, climb and back flip to the upper room where a lever will make a wall on 2nd Square climbable.

The Lasersight.

Go down and out of the building, to the ladder on S wall of 2nd Square. Go straight over a walkway and get the Lasersight from the skylight, go back to the walkway and drop in the room below, go S and R and then L at the wheel barrow, open the door with the Golden Key and pull up on the W yellow wall, near the wheel barrow there.

The Golden Coin

Back flip to the walkway above and run jump to the W, go out on the balcony over looking the alley and shoot the fuse box in the SW corner of the alley. The door below in W wall in the alley opens, go around to get there or just back flip over the fence. Behind the door is a small store room, push the Wine barrel aside and get the Golden Coin from the wall. Make your way back to 2nd Square and to the N of it, there’s a receptacle for that Coin on the wall straight ahead, The gate to the E opens up. Go onto the next square and in the SE you can find Ammo. Then head into the NE side of the square and find the broken window in the E wall, climb through and go L. The level ends in the next passage.

Secret count 6.

Level 3- The Haunted House.

There are so many doors that need keys that we will only mention them when you have to go there and not point then out in advance, keep the bold blue names in mind, as you will go back there once or twice. Zombies will come out of many doors, just dodge them and there are Rats the size of Dogs, yugh…

Go through the door and then N from the entrance, a couple of Zombies will wake up, just dodge them as you go to the Main Staircase and go W from there and just around the corner a door will open up, go in and get the Broken Diskette from the cabinet, go out and R again, through a passage where the end door will open, go R and the door on the R will open.

The Library.

Go in and get the Maria Key. Look for a wheelchair here and to the R of it is a book case you can push in to the end. Go R and go down into the lower room. Go E and in the end of the cellar are ledges, climb up and get the Alicia Key. Drop down and the door you see S leads to the Main Staircase and only opens from this side, so go in and up the stairs, go S and back to the start of the level. Open the door there with the Alicia Key and get some Ammo in the NW. then go to the SE corner and shoot the grating on the crawlspace, get in and slide down into the Torture Chamber.

The Torture Chamber.

There are Thumpers here that will kill you when you get too close, so stand R and run past the first, stop in front of the next and then run R around the corner of the pillar, up the ladder and turn to the NE, stand jump to the close by pillar and then run jump over to the SE corner pillar. On that pillar is a jump switch, so drop/hang from the pillar and drop/grab the switch (all the pillars have trigger tiles now), go to the ladder again and now into the W passage where you’ll find a deadly pool, look L and see the ledge in the NE corner of the room, run jump to that ledge and then S to the ledge with the Mars Symbol, get back to the entrance and now go jump onto each of the pillars in the Torture Chamber once and then go to the E side passage. You can shoot out the door now. Go in and use the reach-in switch to stop the Thumpers.

Look for the crawlspace in the S wall near the switch and follow through, shoot the grating and climb into a Piano room. get the Diskette on the small cabinet and go to the painting on S wall, open it with the crowbar and use the reach-in switch (screenshot of more paintings). Go out the door W and come to a big Library, go to the N end and open those paintings you saw before. One holds Ammo and the next a reach-in switch that will open a book case N. Go up the stairs in that new passage, through the door of the next room and come to the Main staircase. Go W again and follow past the door with the lock to that hallway near the Library, the door straight W will open for you go down and L to put the Diskette in the R hand machine (screenshot of a door). Go out of the room, to the hallway and L, then L onto the stairs opposite the library and the door on top of the stairs will open.

The Big staircase.

Upon entering the room, 2 Wraiths appear, run straight and L down the big staircase and L to the door in W wall, follow down more stairs and into the water filled basement there. Go back up the last stairs and in the L wall is a door, open it with the Maria Key and get Secret#1, Ammo in 2 corners out of the Morgue. Go back to the passage and L to the Big staircase and to the NE corner, shoot the grating off the crawlspace on top of the ladder and get in. Shoot that small door E and get the Ammo from that room. Back to the Big staircase and up one floor, the door NW will open for you.

The Blue Chapel.

Inside go to the W, there are two doors with locks, go on to the stairs to the R and then straight into the S door, around the corner is the Chapel Key (left). Go out and E, the door opens and you can go down the stairs and follow to where you came into this place. Go L and back to the Big staircase, go down one floor and to the E door, first room L is empty, the next will lead you outside. Go E and to the Square.

The Square.

There’s a small Gazebo (with a tunnel below it, later) in the centre of the Square, go to the SE corner and dive into the hole. Swim through the Spike traps after you timed them and open the underwater door straight ahead, get Secret#2, Ammo in 2 corners. Get back to the Square and go NE, find the receptacle for the Mars Symbol and enter the room.

Statue Puzzle.

There are 2 Busts on pedestals and Spike textures on the floor, the statues go onto the marked tiles (in an ongoing motion, unless you HAVE to stop. Or Spikes will pop up). Go to the N gate that opened and throw the switch on the statue (screenshot of water lowered in the hole below the Gazebo). Now the statues have to go under the Hammers.

S statue: push out once and then E to the gate, then S to the L opening and push it under the Hammer, back flip while Lara still pushes it and go gat the Medipack that appeared.

N statue: Can’t go straight N or you will get crushed, push it N once, then push it W twice, then push it N to the end and push it under the Hammer, get back quick and go for the Venus Symbol that appeared.

Go out to the Square and into the hole under the Gazebo, climb down the ladder, jump over the water to the jump switch N and use it to open an underwater gate. Go back over the water and up the ladder to the Square again.

Go to the NW corner and use the Venus Symbol to open the gate, dive into the pool and swim down in the tunnel, go R and to a room with statues and air, don’t get out yet but take a breath of air and open the underwater door W. Go in and follow to a crossing, there’s one hole up, go R here and follow to the stairs, go climb up into the room above (notice the jump switch over the NE block here) and go to the other end of the room, in that NE corner is a block you can run jump/grab to, aim for the corner next to the water (over the lowest part of the slope).

Go over the blocks to the one near the other water hole and use the jump switch, a gate opens somewhere. Head back to the other side of the room and dive into the SE hole there. Swim E and up in the room where the underwater door is, climb out E and use the switch on the statue, a flyby shows a new route opened, because the pool has frozen over. Go back to the water and dive in, climb out S and wade through the shallow pool, around the next corner is a small medipack. Then dive into the water there and swim W, through the gate you opened before and get Secret#3, Ammo in that room, swim back E and climb back to the Square using the ladder under the Gazebo.

Enter the Venus gate NW again. Go over the ice to get some Ammo NW and then go up the ladder from the flyby and to the NE for a small medipack, head S and see the pedestal in the niche behind the gate. run jump over the gate to get the Chapel Key (right). Jump out to the ground floor and go over the square to the SW, out to the alley you entered from and down a sloped passage NW.

The Chapel.

Go L inside and jump onto the windowsill, look NE and spot the jump switch in the corner, a stand jump/grab with a L curve from next to the candle will get you dangling from the switch, a piece of the SW stained glass window opens up, go in to get the Marcus Key, back, leave the Chapel and go to the alley. Go inside the house again and follow the passage back to the Big staircase, go up and to the NW door,

The Blue Chapel 2.

Go L inside and open the first door L with the Marcus Key (which will stay in the inventory) go L inside to find Ammo, then go out and L, to the next door for more Ammo, then go out and L up the stairs and open the third door to get a 2nd Diskette from the small cabinet. Go out of the room and R (E) through the door, down the stairs and L to the big staircase again, cross over to the E, down the stairs and R, to the R into that room where you can put the 2nd Diskette in the machine (screenshot of a door) Go out and straight into the E door, past the door with the lock and to the Main staircase, go S again and L in the end.

The door to the L will now open for you. Follow to the top of the Library, on the N wall you can push the book case in, use the reach-in switch and a book case SW lowers, revealing the Silvia Key. Return to the Main staircase and then go W. Now you can open that door L in the passage, just before that blue door. Plenty of Zombies crying for help now, but no Fire power to help them out of their misery, so… sorry, no can do.

Just get that door open and go in for Ammo and another Silvia Key. Go out, L through the blue door and R, then L up the stairs to the Big staircase again, down to the lower level and into the W door, follow down to the water filled basement where you’ve been before and wade to the other end of the room. Open the door and get out of this nasty place….

Secret count 9.

Level 4- The Garden.

This is a level for the Beetle lovers among us.

The door will open, wade into the deeper water and go R (W) into the room to the R to get Claudia’s Key from the low crate, a door opens and that door is back in the passage and to the S.

Room with the Tree.

Go into that next room and save at the door, then go in and a flyby will show the upper room where the first Beetles will pour out of a hole to the L and on a crate is Ammo and so is some on a crate SW. I ran over the red floor at the tree and jumped on the E crate, got the Ammo and run jumped to the tree again and from the higher part of the floor you can run jump to the crate SW, got the Ammo. Then go to the S door fast and go in, follow the arrows on the walls, opening some doors and come to a room with crates, get up on the L lower crate and run jump over the pit behind that crate. Get the Medipack and wait for all those nasty critters to drop in the pit, go back over the crate once more to check if you got them all (could be you have to repeat this a couple of times, as did we). This is your refuge for Beetles for now on, remember this place.

Go back into the passage and open that small door you passed earlier, get behind the S crates and shoot the single crate to get into the crawlspace behind it.

The Mansion.

Follow to another crate you have to shoot and get Ammo in the next room, open the ceiling hatch and climb up to a room with a Fireplace, follow the next passage to a corridor with a staircase down (closed door) and in the next room to the L are Ammo on the floor and the Mansion Key on a cabinet. Go on through the corridor and spot the wall torch in the end. Go back the way you came and through the crawlspace and in the room with the crates is a door you can open with the Mansion Key (it’s the door you saw at the bottom of the stairs, for later).


Kick in the small N door and go up the steps, there’s a crate near the fence, shoot it and get the Torch from under it, go back to the big door you just opened and up the stairs to the Mansion. Go R and to the room with the Fireplace, light your Torch and head for that wall torch in the other end of the corridor, the door will open when you light it.

Go in for Secret#1, Ammo on the crate to the R and a Medipack in the shootable crate NW. Take the Torch with you when you go back up the stairs and just around the second corner when facing E in the small passage, you can throw the Torch on the floor to set it ablaze. Drop down into that hidden passage and look W to see some water in a passage, first go E and shoot a Dog in the last open cage to get the small medipack. Then return to that water you saw and follow to a wider passage, go L and then L again, open the door with the Mansion Key (shortcut for later, could be there are still Beetles running loose, deal with them later), then inspect the N passage for some Ammo near the fence and head E, open the door to the L with the Mansion Key, follow past the cages to a yard, look for the shootable wall N, under what looks like a monkey swing, right in front of the passage you came from, crawl to The Spike ball challenge.

The Spike ball Challenge.

Save before climbing into the room and drop. Immediately back flip to release Spike ball #1 and then jump forward again to avoid being crushed by Spike ball #2, now look E and shoot the 2 Targets, crawl back to the yard and throw 2 switches in the alcoves in N wall.


Go to the W side of the yard and get the Torch from the now open pit. Notice the 2 pedestals near the cages, you have to light them later. Go back to the water passage S, to the R and in the S passage through that door you opened before. Head for the S door again and follow the passage to the end if you want to get rid of more Beetles. Then return to that N door halfway down the passage, go to the room with the crates and up the stairs to the mansion, R and to the Fireplace (those Beetles even followed me here).  Light the Torch and go back to the cages with the Dog and to the yard where you got this Torch (shortcut: down the hole in the corridor N) Light the 2 pedestals near the cages and go in to both cages to collect the Gemstone Piece and the Garden Key.

Go back to the water and into the water passage, go W and back to the big room with the tree. Open the door W and then the next one with the Garden Key. Follow the passages down some stairs to a crossing, L is a closed gate. Go straight and come to a pool.

The Garden Pool.

Dive into the pool and find a small tunnel NE, get air and save before swimming in follow all the way to a room with 2 pedestals, between them is an underwater door, open it and follow to a tunnel where you can climb out into a room with a switch next to the gate. Gates open up somewhere. Swim back through all the tunnels and climb out of the pool. Go up the NW stairs and Save at the slide.

Timed Spikes- Target Practice.

Just slide down and jump to the Spike ledge and have a look first where the targets you have to shoot are located and then start over with the Revolver drawn.

Slide and jump to the Spike ledge, run forward a bit to the centre of it, look up and R, there’s Target#1, make a 180 turn and to the L and R close to the entrance up on the ledge are Targets#2+3, shoot them in time and you’re home free, go into the now open W wall, use the switch to open an underwater gate in the pool.

Go out E, straight into the pool and swim R/R into that tunnel and R again at the crossing, climb out at the stairs and get some Ammo near the fence, go up the stairs to another shallow pool, up the wider W stairs and to the R again.

In the end of this passage and to the L you’ll look out over a yard, jump over the balustrade to the pillar in the corner and get down top the floor, in the sarcophagus at the N wall are some Ammo pickups. Go to a passage in the SE and walk along the R hand wall, a Dart-trap will start, just at the slide to the R are some markings on the floor, “Left 2/6”.

Timed Spike-Switch Puzzle.

Wonder what that is… Save and slide into a crypt with a deadly pool and numerous Spiketraps, around the room on the walls are switches, quickly run to the #2 switch on the L (so the central one of that wall) and side jump R to switch #3, then turn to the R a bit and back flip into the pool (that is safe now) before the Spikes come up. Pick up the Gemstone and go use the rest of the switches. A flyby shows that gate in the passage that led to the Garden Pool opening up.

Dive into the hole in the pool, swim through the small tunnel and climb out in a dark passage. Crawl through the crawlspace and come to that passage near the yard again. Go back to the balustrade you jumped over before and now enter the W gate, go up the steps to a gate that can be opened with the Gemstone, go in and use the switch in the end to open the next underwater gate in the Garden Pool. Climb the vegetation L of the switch and get Secret#2, Ammo. Down again and down the steps to the yard and jump to the ledge with the Ammo you can see in front when going down the steps. Go S behind the fence at the yard to get the Ammo there and then go jump up the small roof (from the purplish ledge at the stained glass window E) next to that NE corner pillar to jump back over the balustrade, go S and to the R of the crawlspace you came out before are some stairs down, get the small medipack to the R on the balcony and go down the stairs to swim into the opened gate L (SW). stay low as there are Dart-traps in this tunnel, find the underwater ceiling lever in the centre of the next room and watch the health while pulling it, swim back along the bottom and straight out of the tunnel into the N room that is dry now

to get some Ammo on the pedestal, look in the sarcophagus E for the 2nd Gemstone. Swim back to the stairs to go up to the passage with the crawlspace and go down the wide stairs E. In the next room straight into the passage E and up the ladder around the corner, place the Gemstone in the receptacle (the S gate opens in the room below). Go down and get the missing Gemstone Piece. Combine the 2 parts to make it whole again and go out N, swim back to the Garden Pool.

Go back W to the Garden Pool and up the ladder NE, get into the crawlspace, go L and up the stairs to a closed gate and door, place the Gemstone to open the gate S and go in carefully.

Timed Burner Run.

Pull the switch and sprint to the Timed gate S and L in the end, you’ll could catch fire (although I didn’t J ), just take Medipack’s and hit the water at full speed. Look around for a small medipack and the Sewer Key on the lower pedestal, then open the underwater door E, go up for air and save. Dive into the open door and swim through the Spiketraps, if you did the 1st one OK, you can probably just go on full speed and open the gate in the end with the underwater ceiling lever up to the R (NE). Swim out to the Garden Pool.

Climb out E and go up the steps, through the gate, and R in the SE corner is that gate you saw opening up at the Timed Spike-Switch Puzzle and here’s Secret#3, 2 Medipack’s.

Go out and head back E to the previous part of the level, go through the room with the tree to the E door and wade into the passage there, go E and just around the fence to the R into the passage with the burnt floor, go straight and to that fence with the lock, open it and open the manifold to the Sewers. Dive in and swim into the next level.

Secret count 12.

Level 5 – Sewers.

Swim to the next room and here are 2 tunnels. Go into the N tunnel and L and as soon as you see a big Propeller, go R. Then L again and go past the pipes to the L to get some air in the next room. To the S are pipes in a tunnel, you have to go in there, but the pipes are deadly, so you have to swim where you won’t go under or over a pipe and gat a final breath of air in the end, to the L is a gate, go R and pull an underwater lever in the end of that place, swim back. The gate in S wall is now open, get some air before you go in and follow to another underwater lever that will stop one of the big propellers. Go back to the pipe room and to the room N of that, you can swim W from there as the current is off. Climb out in the W and go down the stairs where it says Danger, the door will open for you and now you entered the Excavation Area.

The Excavation Area.

An enormous pit in the centre of the room, in the SE is a switch that will open the doors of the shacks near the switch. Inside the shacks are cabinets with Ammo (in the bigger shack is a closed door), go out and to the NW corner of the pit for Ammo.

Bottom of the Pit.

Now go to the S side of the pit and safety drop onto a wooden walkway, go N and run jump/grab to the climbable wall, down to a ledge and jump E, and go around the E to the S to jump over the sand hill to a partially hidden door, open the panel R of it and crawl into the crawlspace, at the crossing to the R and down is some Ammo, go back and straight and L / L for more Ammo, turn around from this pickup and go straight out, around a corner where you can stand and into another duct get down and find a push block SE.

Pull it all the way in this small room so you can get the other block out off the way too. Go behind the fence and use the switch (opens a door on the walkways). Climb back into the crawlspace and when into the next crawlspace follow through going L everywhere, till you can stand up, turn around and climb up for Ammo. Hop back and crawl in, go L / L (S) and find a small medipack.

Get out of the ducts to the ledge in front of the crowbar door and run off to the walkway below. Go to the N ladder and drop/hang from the edge of the walkway. Drop/grab to the one below and go to the NW corner where that open door is. Go in and go R. In the first room is a switch. Go in and use that to open a door E on the walkways (the second room here has a switch too, don’t use that now). Go out and to the E, enter that room to use the switch that will change the opening of 2 doors, go out. To the Ladder N and go up, back flip to the upper walkway again and go to the SE corner of it, drop/hang and drop/grab to the lower walkway where the door opened. Go into the room L and use the switch to open an old corroded door down in the pit somewhere. Go out and now the door L on the walkway opened, so no easy ladder down, jump/grab around the corner to the upper walkway or use the ledge in the corner to achieve the same. Go down the ladder N.

The Battery.

Down to the bottom of the pit and get some Flares in the NW corner behind the crates, go to the opening in the SW and find some Ammo and a Battery behind the crates there, go

Down to the bottom of the pit and get some Flares in the NW corner, go to the opening in the SW and find some Ammo and a Battery behind the crates there, go out and into the NE corner tunnel, R and then R again into the passage there, follow to that open door, inside and to the R is a crate in front of a ladder, push it aside and climb up. In the next passage a door will open for you, go into the Elevator room. Place that Battery you have in the NE Fuse box and step into the elevator. Take a rest while it takes you up to level 2.

The Sewer System.

Go find the manifold in front of the big pipes and open it and swim through the tunnels, use the underwater lever at the gate and swim out. Swim R at the big intersection and immediately L into a small opening near the bottom of the tunnel and climb out. Climb the ladder and then up the stairs NE. In an alcove to the W in the next room is a Medipack. Climb the ladder, off to the R, go S and get Ammo form the dead soldier. At the end of the walkway is a switch. Save before using it, as there is an announcement and a timed run.

Backflip, turn R a bit and jump over the fence to land straight in front of the N  passage to the stairs, sprint to the lower section, go L and sprint over the walkway on the pool and hit “Alt” in the end to just roll/dive into open Emergency door S.

Use the wheel under the Danger sign E (a tunnel in the beginning of the level filled to the top, so that small tunnel is now accessible. Turn around and the switch W opens the door to provide you with Ammo. The file cabinet in the office also holds Ammo. Go outside to the walkway and jump in the water, go swim N, R past the small tunnel you went in just before and at that intersection R (S) then a L at the next intersection and a R, you are in the first tunnel, go R and up, into the small tunnel over the Danger sign. Follow to a pool and get out ASAP, as the water stains red.

The Central Pool.

There are several passages leading from this pool …

N passage:

Jump into the pool at the end and get the Rusty Battery from the bottom near the big pipes. Swim back through the small opening in the SW corner. In the next room, in the SE corner is some Ammo, swim W to the central pool and get out of the water in the W.

W passage:

Follow to a room with a glass panel in the back, put the Rusty Battery in the Fuse box. The glass panel L is gone and there are 3 switches inside. Only use the middle one (switch one and two you have to use separately) and see 2 gates open at a pool. Go back to the central pool.

E passage:

Follow to the pool where you picked up that Rusty battery and grab the corroded monkey swing ceiling. First go into the R hand gate and throw the switch (#1 for door) Dive back in the pool and swim through the SW corner tunnel, back to the central pool, climb out W and go into the W passage, back to the switches, throw the R hand switch, the monkey swing changes position. Go to the central pool and into the N passage, now you can grab the monkey swing here and go into the 2nd (R) room to throw switch #2 that will open the door in the S passage at the central pool. So dive in and swim back through the SW tunnel.

S passage:

The door in the end is open, go in and use the Valves on the pipe to flood the basin behind you. Dive in, throw the underwater lever on the N side (door opens in the W passage) and find Ammo in the SE corner. Go back to the central pool and into passage W, into the open door L and get Secret#1, Ammo inside. Go back and L, to the 3 switches and use the R hand switch again. See an underwater gate open up, go to the central pool and Save before you swim in N. 

When in the wide tunnel, go L (N) and R at the intersection, R again into that open gate and use the underwater lever there. The gate at the #1 sign opens. You are probably close to drowning, so swim out quick, L/L then straight at the intersection and L in the end. All the way to the end of the tunnel and up in an air pocket. Swim back a bit and R into that room you passed. Get Secret#2, 3 Ammo pickups. Get some air again and swim back, go R at the #1 sign and in the wide tunnels straight N, then L at the last intersection, then R in the end and one more L turn to come to those big pipes again, swim past them and up in the next room to get some air. Then swim into the W tunnel and climb out in the room at the end, down the NW stairs to the Excavation again. You’ll get a flyby of Guards in the NE tunnel, one of them opens a door.

The Excavation Area 2.

Go down in the pit and on the bottom into the NE tunnel. Take the L passage this time and go behind that crate to get Secret#3, the HK Gun from the file cabinet. Go into the NW corner and pull the crate out of the corner to get the Ammo from underneath. Look in the SE corner, behind that open door and throw the switch to open a trapdoor over a ladder (that leads to Sewer System again). Go out and into the opposite passage, up the ladder in the room with the old Bike and up the ladder, up the ladder to the R at the open door and back flip into Sewer System.

The Sewer System 2.

This is a long swim, so save and dive into the manifold, swim through all the tunnels, past the underwater lever R and straight at that big Propeller. L at the next and then R, R again and up a bit into that small tunnel over the Danger sign, to get back to the central pool. Climb out S and into the passage there, go S through the pool you flooded and the door will open for you.

The Deep Shaft.

Jump over the Deep Shaft and go into the SE corner, turn before the hole in the floor and climb down the ladder, go in and to the R is a switch that will get the walkway in the Shaft up to this level. Go out the door that will open for you and onto level 1 of the Shaft, go over to the other side and next to the hole in the floor is another switch to pull (the walkway in the Shaft lowers one level). Climb down the next ladder and come to level 2. Again closed doors to both sides, so go in E and slide/jump/grab the ladder, climb into the low space and stand up to the R, again slide and jump/grab the ladder, turn around on top of that one and run jump/grab to the next ladder, follow up to a passage with some Ammo L and another hole ahead, jump over that hole and throw the switch and safety drop down the hole.

Head W and on this level the N and S doors are open, go in to turn both Valves open, then go out, spot the opening in the S wall of the shaft below the walkway. Go W and up the ladder in the passage and throw the switch to get the walkway up again, go out and the N and S doors are open here too. Go S first and turn the Valve open, then N and also a valve, throw the switch L of the valve to open the Emergency exit on the top level of the Shaft and go over the walkway into the E passage, where the door will open on approach, go in and climb the ladder in the end, go to the NW corner of the Shaft to open the valve in the Emergency room, water will fill the lower level of the Shaft.

Go out, to the ladder SE and down to the switch, out over the walkway and down the ladder other side, don’t forget to throw the switch and out to the walkway, drop to the crate NE and go into that S opening. Dive in the pool and throw the underwater lever. Swim into the open gate and climb to the passage, go up the ladder to Sewers courtyard.

Secret Count 15.

Level 6 – Sewers Courtyard.

Well… You certainly caused some commotion (great movie BTW)

Guards will drop Ammo most of the times, check it out yourself. 

Be careful here, there’s a Sentry-gun in the SW corner, run along the W wall and then sharp L onto the Container Yard. (to the R (SW) around the corner here is a small medipack, but you will loose as much as you will get)

The Container Yard.

A lot of resistance here, I ran to the S first to get out of the line of fire of the 2 Sentry-guns. Turn and take care of some enemies, go down the steps in the S here and behind some crates is a small wooden box with the Uzis. I’ll describe now how I got rid of the Guns, maybe it works for you too, if not try to find your own way to deal with them.

E Sentry-gun.

When coming back out from the Uzis pickup, climb up E (near the forklift) and go run along the E wall to the N. Then you have to run L and around that container to the R to get into the NE corner of the yard, walk back and look up if you can shoot the E Gun (in it’s little gas tank).

W Sentry-gun.

Go back to the red forklift (SE) the same way you came and go to the W side. Slowly walk out to the yard and look if you can take a crack at the Gun. For me it worked, if not, try to get the attention of the Gun from this side and then run N, turn there and take another shot at it.

With both Guns gone (the one in the W street will stay as it is) you can go collect dropped Ammo. Then go to the E of the yard and into the passage there to another Container storage, look along the N wall for one of the containers with the word TIR in mirror image and shoot the door, go in to get a Medipack in the back (this will also move the red forklift on the Container yard), go out and return to the Container yard, climb the red forklift (SE), up the container and go N, past the Sentry tower and shoot the windows in E wall, get in and go into the first R hand passage of the walkways. R again and down the steps, nice Doberman, the fist L passage has a closed door, go to the next room and start shooting crates for Goodies, then look for a crate NW (W wall) and pull it out and aside to throw the switch inside, that door in the passage you saw is open now, so head back and get Secret#1, a Medipack.

Go back up to the red walkways and R / L into the first N passage, L down the steps and kick the door in, get Ammo and another HK Gun from the crates before you go through the N door. Then open another door to the R and get some Ammo from the wooden box, after you shot that guy in the back. Go out and R, up the SE steps get the Ammo and follow the walkway to a closed door small medipack, when you pick it up a Thug opens another door W and you can now return through that N lower passage, through the rooms and up the other steps to get back to the walkways.

Head straight S and into the passage to throw a switch that will open the door where you got the small medipack, so one more time over the walkway, follow the N route and over the walkway to that open door. You’ll need a flare or two here. Go to a door, kick it in and go out to the top of the walkways open the door N and get the Ammo inside. Then head E and look out over the yards below, there’s a cable you can use to get down to where the Sentry-gun is, quickly duck when you land and go around the structure, crawl to the container E, turn and shoot the Gun.

Go to the red portal crane and climb the SW leg of it and up o the beam to the R, go E and drop/hang from the outside, shimmy R till you can pull up again around the corner. Jump to the SE containers and go L. then run off to the yard with the Gun and get as close to the tower as possible, crawl to the NE corner and from the E wall there, next to the crates you should be able to take out the Gun. Climb up the green crates SE and get the Ammo, run jump over the fence around the Gun tower and open the manifold S of the tower. Follow down and up ladders to a room with a switch in the back, use that to open the room to Secret#2, Ammo pickups. Go back to the Gun tower and from the crate you can jump back over the fence.

Then go to the far NW corner, between the container and the wall is a small medipack another small medipack is located in an alley S of the forklift turn around and climb up the containers again using the red forklift and go to the windows N, go to the one window L you can just garb up to and shimmy L, pull up and turn to the yard to see the platform the Sentry-gun was on before, run jump over and get Secret#3, Ammo. Go back the way you came and drop to the containers, go to the window to the R, shoot it out and run jump/grab to it.

Inside is a crawlspace up in the N wall, follow to the R and safety drop into a corridor, go W as the 2 doors here are closed, kick in the first door to open a door somewhere and a Thug runs in. Go to the next door in the corridor and climb up the hole in the ceiling, take out the Thug and go back to the corridor, to the E and L, as the door to the Station is now open.

The Station.

Go E and around the front of the train, head W along the other side of the track and shoot the Guard there to get the Balcony Key. Go back into the building and up to the upper floor where you shot the Thug, open the door there and go out on the balcony overlooking the train, jump onto the train, find the hole, but don’t go down yet, go all the way to the back of the train and look on the R hand side for a crate hanging in a crane, get the Ammo from that and go on to the last car of the train, climb backwards down the ladder to the space between the cars and back flip onto the balcony of the car behind you, get Secret#4, Ammo.  Jump/grab back up the ladder and go back to where you jumped onto the train, now drop into the hole. Use the lever to open the doors and go to one of those, a flyby takes over and the train leaves the Station.

Secret count 19.

Level 7 – Riding the Night.

Go E (back of the train) and jump with a grab into the next boxcar, go through this one you’ve visited before to jump to the next, open the L door to get some Ammo and go back out and L to open the next door for some Ammo on the desk, go out and L, open the door in the end of the car and jump/grab the ladder to go up. Go to the back of the train, over the 2 grey cars and on the wooden one you can open the hatch. Get the Flares from the Lions cage L and climb back up to the roof, go on to the end of the train again and jump over the crates on the flatbed car, get some Ammo and here one of the Thugs dropped from the train spontaneously, ha ha… stupid fo….

On the last flatbed car the door of the brake car will open, go in, shoot a box for Ammo and open the crate in the back L (NE) to get a Medipack. Head back over the flatbed cars and the door of the wooden car will open, the Lion cages are broken, so watch out and get Ammo and a Rusty Key from the cages. Climb back to the roof and go (W) over to the first grey car where a Thugs will pop up on the next car, shoot him from here and the hatch on this car will open up. Go down and use the Rusty Key on the E lock and go in for Secret#1, 2 Ammo pickups. Climb back up to the roof and head to the front of the train (W) and when you arrive on the first dark roofed car, you can drop/hang from the S side, find the opening and drop/grab to get in, go L and shoot a Lion, open the SW crate and get the Silver Key from the box inside.

Go to the other end of the car, throw the lever to the R and the door E opens, jump/grab the ladder on the grey car and go up and down into the hatch of this car, open the door near where you drop in and get a Broken Crossbow (hope somebody can fix that), and another Silver Key from the box on the crate. Now you have to go all the way to the front of the train, down the hatch you dropped in when you were still on the Station and use the key here to open the door. Inside is the Bronze Key and that one goes in the lock in the last (brake) car of the train. Fresh Troops will be dropped on the train by a chopper. Head all the way to the back end of the train and use that Bronze Key to get a HK Gun. Go back for the flatbed car W and end the level.

Secret count 20.

Level 8 – Arabic Desert. Egypt 15 KM from the Red Sea…”

After a lengthy trailer, showing inmates in a prison, talking about the attempt to recover the 3rd Artifact from Egypt. The Mission seems to have failed, the level starts with Kurtis in the desert (he seems to be injured too).

Ancient Temple Ruins, Hathor Effigy 

Climb down the pit and go up in the other side to come to a Square in a ruined Temple complex. Go around the square into all the alcoves first to recover all the Ammo and then dive into the water NE to get the Hathor Effigy. Next to that pool is more Ammo, then head into the S passage and come to the waterfall room.

The Waterfall Room.

On the central platform are 2 Demigods, shoot them from the lower step, just before climbing onto the platform (they shoot in the floor), then get up and get that Medipack that was dropped. Go to the SE Throne and go up the ladder, turn around and jump to the chain to pull it (a door opens up). Go back down the ladder and find that door in the SE corner of the room. Follow the ledges around the room all the way into the SW corner and pry the Golden Star from the wall. Drop down to the ground floor and head out to the square N.

Ornate Handle.

Go to the N pool, get the Ammo from it if you didn’t already and wade to the passage in the back L, place the Star to open the gate and go into the hall, up the stairs N and then R into that gold floor room. Go up the steps E (glass floor room) and then L (N) to the room on top of the stairs, a box in the NE corner holds Ammo. Then go up the steps to the room in that corner and get the Ornate Handle from the reach-in wall. Go down the steps and to the E stairs, up and to the R (notice the small gate to the R *Secret*), in the end R again and through the Scissor-trap (crawl). To the L is a switch in the ledge, throw it to cause a small earthquake (raises a block), back through the Scissors and L, go all the way to the N end and see a block in the L corner, climb into the crawlspace from that block and get Secret#1, a small medipack.

Mechanical Scarab and Winding Key.

Go out and from the block you can grab a crack in the N wall, shimmy R (using your teeth as you only have one hand) and get into the E opening. Use the switch there and get out again, go S a bit and just past the stairs W, that gate is open now and you can get Secret#2, Ammo. Go out and L, down the stairs W and L to follow the rooms (glass floor/ gold floor) back to the hall, straight into the W passage with the Scissor-trap and follow straight, over the glass floors to a room with Dart-traps, go under them and up the blocks in the end to get into the door you opened. Get some Ammo in the windowsill to the R and go into the first passage L, down the stairs and L, get the Ammo from the box and go on down the ramp W to a room with Burning tiles (the grated ones).

Go to the R and hopping over the Tiles you’ll find a switch in the NW corner to raise a block on the upper floor, hop to the NE corner and get up the ladder, now you can move the pillar to the opposite side of the room and into the alcove there. Go down from the ladder and hop to the side of the room to get the Mechanical Scarab from the pedestal. Go back up the E ramp and stairs and R/R to the Dart-traps, follow back through the Scissors into the hall and go R. Down to the Star gate entrance in the L and out to the Square. Go into the centre W openings and follow to a door with the stand for the Portal Guardian, so combine the Handle and the Effigy and place it on the stand, go into the room and get Ammo from the box, Medipack and Winding Key from the pedestals.

Go out to the Square and re-enter the N side in the hall go L/R and use the Scarab beetle on the Tile in front of the room with the Blade-trap. Go in and pick up the Scarab again, use the reach-in switch and go out, to the hall and up the steps N, L into the W passage and follow through the Dart-trap room and into the open door, to the end of that passage and use the Scarab again. Use the reach-in switch and see blue rays on a Tile. Go out and back to the hall, down the steps S and immediately R/R, step on the Tile under the rays and see a block go up. Go back to the hall, up to the N and to the R into the E passage, in the gold floor room go R and R into the SW corner where the block went up.

Climb the block and grab up E, jump over the ledge to the other side and get some Ammo, follow the passage to a switch that will open a coffin, revealing a switch, take one hop back and look into the room N, do a run jump with a curve to land on the ledge with the chain. Pull it to activate the blue rays in the Waterfall room and the Sarcophagus moves aside. Safety drop to the floor below.

Head back to the hall, go down to the S end and go L shoot a box for Flares. Go up the steps around the corner and throw the switch at that coffin. An underwater door opens, go out to the Square through the Star gate and to the pool in the NE corner, swim into the S side tunnel and follow to Secret#3, Ammo pickups. Swim back and get out of the pool, go around the pit to the S side and go back into the Waterfall room.

Waterfall room 2.

Get into the hole under the Sarcophagus and find the 2 pushblocks E and W, push them both in once and go stand in the blue light falling into this crypt. The Coffin N opens so you can use the switch there to open the door S, go there to get the Scarab Talisman, climb back out of the crypt and go N to the Square.

Go around to the N side and place the talisman next to the door between the pools, go in and up the ladder. Go straight for the switch W and get a screenshot of a block on the Square, drop down from the waterfall and head out, to the NW corner of the square and up the block, jump to the S and find some Ammo in the 2nd window to the L, jump back and run jump/grab S, jump around the corner to a sandy ledge and then to the upper corner of the Square, go jump along the W wall ledges to the N and in the end face E and run jump onto that broken pillar there. Turn to the N and see a door opened in the N wall there, a Ninja is patrolling the place, shoot him now if you can and a long run jump (no grab) from corner to corner will just get you there, pick up the dropped Ammo and head in, the level ends.

 Secret Count 23.

Level 9 – Back to Saudi Arabia.

Immediately hop back and save as the level starts, get out a flare to spot the Hack saw blades, negotiate your way through and get the Ammo from the pedestals in the next room, save again before heading down the W slope

Spike slides and Break tiles.

What worked best for me, was to just run jump in and keep jumping to the end. Immediately turn R to run with a L curve over the next tile and run jump to the W tiles, curve L again and jump to the ones across the room, curve R and jump to the last set and stand jump with a roll in mid air into the opening in W wall.


Just slide, holding “Crtl” to grab the end of the 2nd slide, save and pull up, don’t back flip. Just let go and immediately take a single step back to end up right between the rolling Cutters. Have a look around and spot the button in the NW, stand in the lowest part of the pit and do a run jump W (with a sharp R curve) as soon as you have a chance between the 2 Cutters you have to pass, take a step back if needed and go jump up to the button N, a ledge comes out over the W cutter, run jump onto that ledge from here and climb up W slide into the water and swim to the Rotating Blades, go high and up under the grated floor, throw the underwater lever and get out through the open trapdoor.

Now you have to check your health and get back into the water, swim NE, a gate in the bottom opened there. Best to just run in forward and immediately push the up arrow, then time the swim down and get Secret#1, a Medipack, roll and swim into the other opening there to throw another underwater lever. Swim out to the Blades stay low and go SW into the grated floor there, throw one underwater lever to open the gate in the other end and throw the lever in there to raise the water level in the central hole over the Blades, so swim up fast and get out before you drown.

Heart room.

Get out W and go for the button NW that will open the gate L of it, go in for the Ammo in the vase and find the passage W, shoot a vase in the end for some Ammo and go back. Into the SE room and get the small medipack from the vase, shoot some Ninjas and one of them will drop the Arabian’s Heart. Go place that in the NE corner of the Heart room and 2 trapdoors open up in the floor.

Optional and actually a Trap:  But try this one out also, but go back to the save you made when you come to the end of that part, because there’s no Secret in this route.

Go to the N trapdoor and *Save*. (keep that Save separate)

Down in the passage is some water, follow the Dart-trap tunnels to where you can climb up at a gate, go over the gate and dive in again, swim low into the next room and get the Book of Revelations from the pedestal, the gate in front opens. Go in for the underwater lever and a trapdoor opens S, but first go back E for air. Examine the book and it reads

"When the bird collide from the power of God, the wall of Horus will rise, when the statues are in the alcoves, the Gods sleep, when they are on an opposite side the gods awakes, it also makes a rhyme."

Then swim back to the blade and go L, up and follow to an underwater room, there’s a tunnel up S where you can get air in a shaft, swim back to the room and on N and S wall are 2 underwater levers, some Goodies on the pedestals E and W, get air in between if you need it. Now get air and swim back (down into the bottom) to the room where you got the Book and into the N opening, get the small medipack and throw the underwater lever on N wall (get some air in the E of the Blades if you need it) and swim back into the S side, all the way up into the shaft where you got air before and come out at the Zip-line you saw in the flyby. Go down the ride and into the slide L, Kurtis will drop into a deep shaft and call out Oh Shit!!!

The minute you hit the water the rest will be the same as when you used the S trapdoor from the Heart room, (but you missed out on a Secret and some Keys you need later on) so go back to the Save you hopefully kept and take the S trapdoor this time

A Burning Sensation.

Go to the S trapdoor and go to a room with Flame emitters, get onto the block at the pillar and jump into the NW corner as soon as that flame is down, run off into the gap behind the Flame. Grab back up un the W side and stand still till the flame is down, run jump/grab to the ledge S and pull up. Go stand on the ledge near the pillar and look on the ledge in the NE corner, a pole over the Flame emitter, stand where you can do a curved stand jump to the pole and go up to it fast, jump/grab up and go to the first floor, back flip off and get Ammo and small medipack from the vases. Then face W before going up the pole and climb into the red room. Backflip onto Secret#2, the Guard’s Keys and a Medipack.

Back onto the pole and to the room above, get the Book of Revelations (look above for the contents) Go to the W passage carefully and Spikes pop up here, stand back to the pole, time the sequence and start to sprint through as you expect them to go up, the gate drops shut. Go up the ladder and climb to a passage with a lava pit, stand jump/grab the rope and swing jump/grab to the pole. Go up till you see the opening to the R, back flip in there and follow to the dark shaft, slide and drop into the water below (halfway down you’ll hit an opposite slope, that’s the one coming from the N trapdoor). Climb up N.

Here the 2 routes come together.

In this room the Book of revelations will come in handy!!! Actually these rooms are ones that Lara visited before, when she went to Saudi Arabia a couple of years ago (The Stolen Coffin) and that’s why the Cartouches are in place and that lever is already used)

Climb the block to the R and get into the openings in the S wall for a Medipack and Ammo in the N of the room is another opening to the R and there’s some Ammo too.

"When the bird collide from the power of god, The wall of Horus will rise"

Go to the W wall and shoot the L cartouche (those Ninjas didn’t find that one yet) and go into the L opening N wall. A squish pillar is moving there now, time the jump past it to the NE alcove and get the small medipack from the vase, jump to the next alcove and go on to the N room. Use the lever (the floor of the room below changes) in this room and get back through the pillar, climb down from the blocks S and go around the central floor to the N side.

Statue Puzzle.

"When the statues are inside the alcoves, the gods sleep,when they are on an opposite side the gods awakens

It also makes a rhyme."

Here's the solution to this puzzle, provided by TombTitan: (seems our solution left too many questions)

-         First, move both statues to their respective cat face tiles (NW statue to SE cat face tile and NE statue to NW cat face tile), you don't have to stop on red tiles (that will have no useful function). The sarcophagus moves and the Amulet of Horus is exposed, but the spikes are now up preventing Lara from getting it.

-         Second, move both statues to their respective red tiles (SE cat face tile to SW red tile, and NW cat face tile to NE red tile). The spikes are still up.

-         Third, now move one of the statues (doesn't matter which) back to the cat face tile it came from. Now the spikes are gone and you can go out to the room with the Sarcophagus and just climb on to get the Amulet of Horus from the top. Suddenly blue rays shoot out of the Sarcophagus and there’s a hole in the E wall get in and follow the path to a cave with a hole in the floor, go down and slide into the streets of the Saudi Arabia levels (if you played those you will recognize them).

Notice the big gates to the N and go S and L (E ) before those open gates and into the building at the end of the street, find that crawlspace up in the NE corner and get in. Follow to the next room and look for a push block in the W wall, push it twice and use the Guard’s Keys to open the gate to Secret#3,  several  Goodies. Turn around and throw the opposite lever and those big gates open where you came into this place. So head back out to the streets and go straight, then R and through the open gates. Go to the Chopper and that will get the Artifact back to Lara in the Costa Rica Jungle.

Secret count 26.

Level 10 – Costa Rica Jungle.   “Back to you Lara”

Climb over the rocks on the E side and come to a Temple wall ruin, go to the SE corner of the jungle to get some Ammo, then head into the Temple wall, take either entrance and find some Ammo and a small medipack in the alcove in the entrance passage. Go to the next area and go L (SW corner), climb over the rock and find a pulley to the L, it will open the door behind you.

The Catacombs.

Go in slow and watch out for the Spike-traps right behind the door, follow (closed door here) to the R and into a lower room. Jump into the W opening and follow over a pit (shortcut) to some Blade-traps, I did a run jump swan dive (“Shift”) over the first and a jump over the second, go down a ladder and follow straight to a wooden crate in the passage, get over the crate and go to the pulley N (door opens) Go back over the crate in the SW corner and take the first R. Through the open door and come to a pit where Thugs gathered around a campfire.

The Torch.

Shoot the Thugs and one leaves a Torch (lure them away from the fire or it might happen the Torch will fall right into the fire, then it’s lit but of no use). First jump up the slope to get into the alcove for some Ammo and a small medipack, get out and light the Torch at the campfire and go into the S passage, follow up some ramps and light the wall torch there. The door opens and you’re back in the first passage, go L and down into that 1st pit, now jump up into the N passage and light the wall torch, now drop into the hole (take the Torch with you) opposite the wall torch and R through the plants, then sharp L at the Blade and light the wall torch there. The door opens and you are in the pit with the pulleys, leave the Torch in the passage at the door and jump onto that platform to go to the pulley N (a trapdoor opens).

Go back to the S passage and take your Torch again, follow back to the Blade and go R, follow to the plant cover and go L, to that hole you dropped into this passage from. Jump up to the upper floor and go N and R into a room with that open trapdoor, throw the Torch in a corner and deal with the Thug before he pushes you in the hole with the Torch, look in the L hand passage for the next wall torch and a door opens outside, (there are more passages in these catacombs but other then places you’ve been to before we couldn’t find anything new).

Throw the Torch in the open trapdoor and follow down, go to a bridge over a river and inside the opposite passage is another wall torch to ignite (you can leave the Torch here), go through the open door and that alcove NW the Thug is climbing up to, has Secret#1, Ammo. Shoot the Thug before he gets it. Go back down and into the N alcove where Ridley’s Keys are on the floor. Go back to the Bridge and up the ladder to the trapdoor, follow the W passage, past the hole and through the room with the block S to the exit of the catacombs. Shoot the Thug for Ammo and the Spikes pop back when you pass, climb back over the rock and head N to the bridges.

The Jungle.

Go over to the other side and climb the back of the tree standing near the river, back flip/roll/grab into the opening in the tree house and open the door with Ridley’s Keys. Inside you can use the switch (opens the N gate to the Private property) and get a small medipack and Ammo before getting down to the ground again.

NE is an opening in the building, go in and up the ladder to get the Ammo, down again and to the NW and find another opening, go in and dive into the water, follow to a submerged rock, stand on that and jump/grab S from the highest part. Go up the wooden pillar and run jump/grab to the roof over the pulley where the door opened before, drop/grab and go in to use the pulley to start up the big waterwheel below.

Dive into the water below and swim in NW, get Secret#2, 2 Ammo pickups and a Medipack. Swim back and you cannot get up for air here, so swim L/L and back to where you entered this area from. Go out to the tree house and to the low crates on E wall, face N and grab up to the branch above, run jump over the fence NE and climb to the top crate to get Secret#3, Ammo.

Private Property.

run jump back over the fence and go to the open gate. Careful there’s a Mine field.

My route involves only jumping 2 bushes and avoids a lot of popping mines… (could be you won’t find any Sentry-guns in the next part too as I found out).

The little bushes are safe spots. So run jump to the first and then stand jump to the one a bit L and then to the L around the tree, follow the grass all the way to the W wall and then go N, to another tree, pass it on the L side and look on the N side of it. You can climb up to the branch here and jump to the W branch. From there a run jump NE to a tree in front of a Bunker, get down in the Bunker and use the switch to open the gates NW. Climb back up and from the lower part of the branch you can run jump (R curve) and grab the branch sticking out to the W, walk to the very end and now do a stand jump NW with a L curve into the open gate below. Save!!!

Around the L building is are Sentry-guns run to the crates and go around the corner, show yourself there and go back around the corner carefully. Look for the spot where the Gun doesn’t notice you and you can shoot the tank near the red marking. Climb over the low crate and throw the switch to open a door in the building near the open gate. Go to that door NE and in the first passage L is Ammo, go on and up the steps to an office, there’s a blue crystal on a pedestal, shoot it to get the Amulet of Anubis back.

Go back out and now it’s the turn of the 2nd Sentry-gun. Have it facing W and from the front of the NW Bunker you should be able to shoot it. Go to the crates and climb up to the roof where the Gun was, drop into the hole and look for a Fuse-box  through the gap on E wall, shoot it (no fire) and the exit door opens, go out and R/R into the room with the Fuse-box, throw the switch and a platform goes up on one of the Bunkers. This part is Timed…

Maybe it’s for the next part of the level as you will come back here later, then just go to the NW Bunker and get this Ammo later. Go out and sharp L, run jump onto the crates and a sharp R curve run jump/grab up to the platform, pull up and jump up the roof, grab the Ammo and get back down. Now head for the NW Bunker and go in, use the switch in the back and doors open, the one near the entrance holds a Medipack, grab that before you go down in the 2nd door. Get some Ammo, go W and more Ammo to the L, go to the crawlspace N and in L wall, follow to a slide and go down to the Military Base.

Secret count 29.


Level 11- Military Base.

Go E and down the stairs to the R and here’s a Robot you cannot kill (but if you shoot it he will make a back roll and give to time to either get past it or run away), you have to open the Crowbar door to the L, just past the window to the R.

I ran all the way to the end of this passage S and around the corner to lure the Robot in there and then ran past him, did a roll and shot him even further back, rolled again and sprinted back to have enough time to open the Crowbar door, go in and go L everywhere to find the button, a set of doors open in the back (S) of the passage where I ran to before.

(The best way I found to deal with the Robot was to shoot it into the Crowbar door passage, so it was restrained - Gerty. And you were right.)

Save before you run out past the Robot and roll, shoot it into a back roll into the passage of the Crowbardoor so you can go S safely and when you are down the first set of stairs you’ll see some lamps on the L wall, near the floor, shoot the L ones and they will break, crawl in and push the button in the end, the door in the first passage N opens, go back out and run past the Robot, go R and straight into that open door into a Laser room. Go R around the Laser and get Secret#1 , a Medipack, Ammo and the X-Wing 45 (Crossbow) from the file cabinet. Back out and to the S, to that passage with the 6 buttons in the alcove.

From the L side use # 1-3-6 and the door W opens. Shoot the Thug inside for the Ammo he will drop and proceed down the passage, the next door will open for you, go into the lower part and find the ladder L on the stairs. First follow to the NE and a door opens when stepping on the ledge in front. Get the small medipack from the Thug in the Laser room and go into the back to get some Ammo from the file cabinet. Head back to that ladder. Go up and follow to a machine room, in the N side floor is a hole, climb down and go L, L and push a button in the end to open a door in the machine room, go back and pick up the Ammo on the way, back in the room with the pipe and L is a closed door with an underwater level (for later).

Climb back to the Machine room and head S, into the open door and to the R side back, jump over the block with the 2 pipes and get Secret#2,  a small medipack from behind it. Go back into the machine room and look for a pipe leaking steam in the W, shoot it (it won’t break but you’ll hear a flood sound) and the hole N will be flooded. Dive in, swim N and throw that underwater lever in the end R, the door to the Sub Robot opens. Swim sharp L and stay clear of that red floor and the Robot, go to the far L corner and throw the underwater lever (there’s an air pocket in the centre of the room, but I got killed by the Robot every time I tried it so do all in one breath or go back for air after opening the underwater door). A door opens NW in the machine room, swim back and go into those doors. Careful, there’s a Robot around the corner. Look straight w and shoot the panel with the Red cross.

2 Robots.

Run into that to get Secret#3, a Medipack. Run out and shoot the Robot into a back roll and maybe some more times to get it into the alcove where you got the Secret, run around the corner and shoot the second Robot and push the button to the R, the doors will open after 60 seconds, so run back shooting Robot(s) and get out of sight as much as possible to wait out the opening of the doors. When you run to the doors, try to run past the Robot, roll when at the doors and shoot him back into the passage you came from before the doors close so he will stay behind.  (Last try en best for me was to run past #2 and shoot him back to where I came from, sprint to the button to the R and then go stand with your back against those red doors, the Robot stayed on the other side of those stairs and even when he did fire he didn’t hit me.)

Go through those doors and follow the passage down to a button to the L, it will open the door to a room with a Sentry-gun.


Go sharp R around the corner and hop on the block, go L and run to the SW corner as fast as you can and if all went well, you are on the other side of the Gun, so you can roll and shoot it from here. Then climb a block in front of where the Gun was and grab up to the ledge the Gun was on, jump to the highest pillar N and down to the N balcony for the Ammo. Now from the high pillar into the crawlspace above (W) and follow to a slide opposite a nice cool breeze. Go through the passage to a wide room to have it out with a bunch of Thugs and Guards. Go to the S to pick up a small medipack and more Thugs come in from the N. Go in that N door they came out and get another HK Gun from the cabinet, then push the button on S wall and go back out to see you raised the Elevator. Go to the top of the elevator and from the crate you can grab the rail above, go S and drop onto the walkway, go around to the door NW and inside is a Medipack for you.

The place starts to shake and that’s no wonder; look in the S side passage and see the Presses. Time the runs one by one (there’s a bit of a safe spot in between them, just after the Press and before the steam).

OR: you CAN run through in one continuous run if you start to run when the first hits the floor and just keep on going to the corner). Watch the health, in the end is a room, get the QC Base Card from the file cabinet and push the button that will re-open the entrance, and have a nice trip back. Go down from the elevator and to the steps S, around the train and shoot the Thug for the Ammo. Return to the floor and go to the passage SE, where you can open the door with the QC Base Card.

Enter and go L first to get Ammo from the file cabinets and then go to the other side of the room to open the doors with the 2 buttons. Go in to get the Mystical Artefact (door opens). Head out and go up the elevator again monkey swing to the S and go to that door in the centre of N wall. It will open and a Thug will try to stop you, go L and follow the passage back to the Jungle of Costa Rica.

Secret count 32.

Level 10- Costa Rica Jungle.  (part 2)

Go look for the crate (E near the tent) that was dropped by Kurtis’ Chopper earlier and retrieve the Amulet of Horus. Go to the SE and find the gap in the E wall, jump through and follow back, over some rocks N to slide back in that Private Property place, head for the NW Bunker and some Natives will come out, one of them will drop the Key of Raw.

Go to that building (SE) with the timed switch for the platform again and from the roof where you got the Ammo before, a run jump to the roof of the NW Bunker, go to the N side and see a lower part in the rocks there, on the L side of that lower part is a flat rock you can run jump onto and go into that hole behind the little sand spill. Drop in and go W for Secret#1,  Ammo, now go into the other side and go L (to the R you can climb up to the rocks, but I didn’t find anything there) Follow the tunnel down to the Caves of Altamira.

Secret count 33.

Level 12 - Caves of Altamira.  

Follow to a yard in front of a building, get the Ammo and open the doors with the Key of Raw, walk in slowly through the centre of the doorway and Swords will drop, climb the L ledge and look for the jumpswitch on the pillar next to the sword, a trapdoor opens. Go down the trapdoor and find Secret#1, a  Medipack  and  Ammo in the crypt. Go back up and turn L from climbing out of the trapdoor look at the wall behind the one Sword still hanging and see a smudge on the panel there, shoot it and go around the Sword to get into a passage, walk slowly up to the sloped passage L and SAVE.

Run against Time. (3:47 minutes best time run of DF- Mine was 3:50:63)

Here comes the Famous timed sequence, I’ll describe the route here and then put some times (I managed) in there too. So you can see at any point if you are still going to make it or not. This is a hard run involving a Bike and Zip-line too and you will certainly have to do it a couple of times. No problem, at the end of the run if you are too late there’s also a gate open to proceed, but then you will miss out on the Secrets in one of Donald’s famous Dark Dungeon levels. But as soon as you see a flyby of a Thug closing the gate (an alternative route opens) you reached the 4:00 mark and you are too late for the Secrets of Dark Dungeon III.

 (TIP: hit F5 to save, but only while Lara jumps or jumps with the Bike. While on the Zip-line, stepping on or off the Bike, it is possible to save too. Then at least you have some points to save that won’t take up precious time.)  

There seems to be a shortcut in this run we didn't find. I have no saves of the game so I can't check, but this is what TombTitan wrote:

In the shortcut path Lara turns left at the corner of the center ledge? and crashes through the break wall and goes straight ahead crashing through more break walls until she reaches the "dead end" room where she immediately turns left (at this point both of the bike paths are the same).

The Route.

A Flyby will start when you slide down the sloped passage and as soon as it ends, the clock will be ticking.


(In the S is some Ammo near a tomb if you think you have plenty of time, or if you do this without the Secrets run.)

Run off the ledge with a R curve and use the jump switch (Save-00:19) on the R hand wall, sprint out of the door and go R a bit, aim for the first Tomb on the R and jump in the fenced off area just behind it, on the wall of it is another jump switch that will open trapdoors NW, roll and run jump SW, run and curve R, then jump again to land in the L corner of the trapdoors. Try to land on the L side of that Crowbar door below in the W wall, open it and ( Save-00:35) sprint in to the R, jump over the ridge and then go R past the lava pit. Take the L side of the rock in that E passage and jump over the ridge, try to land on the spot of the floor (centre) that’s not sloped, so you’ll up running E, go past the rock there (either side) and here is the Zip-line, hit “Shift” (to walk slow) as you come close and “Ctrl” to grab the ride ( Save-00:51)

Drop from the line and go around the R hand side of the rock, sprint into the cave with the campfire and go L a bit to get to the Bike  I saved while Lara got on the Bike ( Save-Time 1:08

Go straight and R, immediately L and up the sloped cave, L in the end and go through the breakable wall at full throttle you’ll go through a breakable floor and keep speeding. Down some stairs and now come the Spike-pits, manoeuvre through (take some risk by trying to go almost in a straight line over the edges of the pits) and L in the end. Go full speed up the next stairs as there’s a jump ahead. Try to stay a bit L of centre and over that pit into a passage with the camera staying behind. Go L in the end, cutting the corner and up the next stairs, then R onto some smaller stairs in the small room with the pillar and on top of these stay on the L side.

Trigger Tiles.

Hit the trigger tile L that will open the gate ahead, the next is on the same L side. (01:41) Then go sharp L around the pillar on the L, as the trigger tile is right behind it, next tile is on the R hand side. Then go into the 2nd R hand opening and go along the L side through the Blue passage, building up speed the doors in the end will open for you, just go up that ramp over the L side at full speed, the Spike-ball won’t hurt you and jump over the pit.

Flaming passages.

Go straight through the centre of the next room (over the ledge) and through the centre of the next passage (when I kept the speed, the flames were down) L and Spike-pits here, L again at the Flame and past the Flames in the next passage to the R and Spike-pits here, the L and now head into the R hand breakable wall in what seems to be a dead end passage (02:14). Go sharp L inside and into a passage with a Spike-pit. L up the small stairs, more Flames and Spike-pits, follow to another one of those coloured ledges and head R through the doors that will break. Follow to more doors and race through the Spike-passage behind them, go L in the end and follow to a next Spike-passage, R in the end and slalom through the Block passage.

Down a small ramp and L through the door to a cave, follow the cave L and at the campfire go along the L side and sharp L into the next tunnel. Make a R and then sharp L into a steep slope to a door, go R inside and hit the brakes, get off the Bike here (Save-03:11) and run jump over the wall S (run off the other side, don’t jump), a bit L of centre, run straight into the hole behind it, don’t jump and take a Medipack while you go over the edge), then curve R and jump onto the lower one of the big steps, if you land facing up the steps you can just do stand jumps to the top maybe turning L and R while jumping (Possible is also if you face sideways a bit to do a side jump/stand jump/ side jump etc.), and on top stay L a bit and sprint into the room , jump on the blocks in the end (to the L is some Ammo between the blocks, ha ha.) Sprint into the room L.

If you reached this place in about this time: (03:32) you have to keep on moving fast and you will be able to make it, otherwise just trigger the Circle tiles and the S wall will lower.

Side-jump (Save) L off the  top of the stairs, over the vase onto the 1st Circle trigger Tile. Then run jump to the next E over some boxes, curve sharp R and sprint over the one at the bottom of the stairs to the one in the NW corner, roll and run to the last at the S wall, (03:46) the wall will go down, run jump (Save) in while it is still going down and do run jumps up the steps, head L a little bit, so you can jump onto the small stairs and get up to the gate quick (jump/grab to that ledge to pull up), sprint through them before the Thug comes to close them. Don’t forget to Save here.

Secret count 34.

Now the 2 routes from the room with the closed/open gate:

When you DID make it in time:

Go through the passage with the dropping Swords carefully and come to Dark Dungeon III.

Level 13 - Dark Dungeon III.

There are some really creepy enemies here.

As soon as the level starts the Skellie Bird from the flyby is shooting at you, some explosive arrows will take him out from a distance. Walk along the R hand side of the corridor and just before entering the Athena room, there’s a breaktile in the floor, stop just after that tile and take out the X Wing again, there are several Enemies around the room you can take out now. Then go down the ladder and in the cellar is Secret#1, a Medipack, Ammo and more  Ammo in that little pool. Go back up the ladder.

The Athena room.

Go onto the bridge and down the ladder on the E side of it, go get the Athena Key and a Wraith appears. Quickly get back up the ladder and use the Key on the W door, run through the passage hopping over the steps and find some water to the L to get rid of the Wraith, pick up some Ammo next to the pool and go to the next room, S are some doors to push open and go in. On the W side of the centre pillar is a jump switch, run jump/grab over the pit and back flip from the sloped floor you’ll land on, go to the doors that opened E. Inside is a switch that will open big doors in the Athena room. In front of the Flame emitter is Ammo you can get it if your timing is right.

Go back to the Athena room (a gate opens in that pit and a Wraith is released) don’t go further, turn back to that pool to deal with the Wraith first, then to the Athena room, down the ladder again and run jump over the lava into the open gate E, get Secret#2, Ammo and run jump back to go up the ladder and into the S doors. Go up the ladder there and safety drop on the other side (roll when you land), fin the break tile in the floor NW and drop into the Crypt.

The Snake Crypt.

Look for some Ammo to the W and go S, straight to the S wall and L, going along the R hand wall to find Secret#3, Ammo. Then go back, going along the wall to your L and go L where possible, you will go over a low block and there you can throw the Skellie lever and a gate opens. Go out and again keep the wall to your L, hop over another low block and just after that is a ladder up in the ceiling near a passage to the R. Climb that ladder to that gate you opened (the rest of the Crypt seems to hold only Snakes as I couldn’t find anything else). In the upper room is a hole in the grated floor, drop in and use the Skellie lever to open the E door in the Athena room. Climb back up and up the passage SE to drop into the passage near the Wraith pool, go N and to the E side of the Athena room.

Enter (you’ll visit the same next rooms when you do the part after a failed timed run) and straight S is some Ammo, then save at the Ram swinging in the W passage and stand at the R side of the door W, run when it swings L and the door will open, go in and follow to the upstairs passage with a fountain, opposite the fountain are 2 alcoves where you can place the Amulet of Horus and –Anubis, the door to the E opens.

Go to the next big hall and straight E, to the L of those huge pillars is a jump switch that will open a gate E, don’t shoot the Skellie (it will be gone in a minute) just jump over it and go in to place the Mystical Artefact there. Watch the flyby and see the S doors open. Before you go up the stairs S, better equip the X Wing with explosive arrows and Lasersight and then go through those doors to The Ultimate Power.

Secret count 37.

This is the part you’ll visit if you DIDN’T make it to that gate in time:

You can just follow the route explained in the other part and to the room with the Circle tiles. Step on all the tiles to open the wall, go into the room with the Thug standing in front of the closed gate (shoot the fool). Proceed down the NE steps and come to the small gate you saw opening up in the flyby, follow the passage to Dark Dungeon III.

Level 13 - Dark Dungeon III.  (the Hell part)

Follow the dark passage, down a set of stairs to a corridor with 2 Battering Rams in the distance a nasty Wraith will also show up, go along the L hand side of the corridor and run past the backside of the Ram and jump over the lava pool, immediately another run jump to the floor over the 2nd lava pool. To the L here are double doors and behind them is a Medipack for you, but also a Knight, so you can choose do get it now or come back later for it, go R (E) and hop on the block in the R hand corner, throw the switch and the door N opens, get out a weapon with a Lasersight and just from the entrance of the room you can look up for a Brass bal near the bright light.

Shooting it opens a door N, go in and follow past a Ram and on top of the stairs go R. run past the Ram into the open door and go L, on the bride look to the N and run jump/grab to the jump switch over the burner, the door L of where you land will open, go in there and dive in the pool to finally get rid of the Wraith. Pick up the Athena Key from the bottom and some Ammo NW next to the pool. Go back out and L/L up the stairs, past the Ram and over the bridge to the double doors W and open those.

Burning floor.

Stay on the safe trapdoor Tile and go into the small E room, 3 switches here, use all 3 (to secure all the trapdoor Tiles) and jump W over the tiles (and stairs L) to get to a closed gate look NE and jump to the stairs to use the jump switch that will open the gate, jump back and throw the switch inside to open the trapdoor Tile at the gate, get in to take the Pegasus Key. Quickly get back to the last switch and close the trapdoor again so you can go to the E exit fast and drop from the bridge to enter the L room N, the one with the pool. Go out of this room take a R turn and up to the big doors up the SW ramp. Open them with the Keys you now have and sprint to the Flares in the back as the floor will give way.

The Snake Crypt.

Go W and L in the end, keep going L and end up at a small medipack, go N and straight into that passage a bit R, take the first R and get the Bag of Sand, now out and L and L and you’re back at the start. Go into the N passage now and just follow to the R where possible and collect a bunch of Snakes behind you, just keep going and end up at an wall to the N where you can climb up.

Go to the N, down the stairs there and here’s a passage with Flame emitters. Time the run and jump with a grab in the end to land in the passage over the pit, crawl under the Dart-traps and go L, into a room where you can empty the Bag of Sand in the Bowl. A door opens upstairs. Crawl back past the dart-trap and time the run jump/grab back and run past the Flame emitters fast, climb back up to the stairs and go N where that door opened. Go to the double doors and they will open Skellies attack while you get a flyby.

To the E and W are 4 switches and N are gates with locked up Axe characters. Just throw the switches one by one, no particular order and the characters will come out of the timed gates, shoot them and if necessary open the gates again to get in and get Ammo or use 2 switches inside that will bring out 2 Chains in the S room with the switches. Go up the Chains to throw the switches on the balconies and the last 2 gates N will open up. Inside are 2 more Athena- and Pegasus Keys, those Keys will fit the locks at the N door.

Follow the passage, up some stairs and use the switch on the block in the corner to open a gate somewhere, go jump over the ledges in the lava pool to reach the next lava pool, run jump/grab to the ladder on the opposite side R and go halfway up, do a series of back flip rolls and go to the end of each ladder till you get to some doors, from there back flip to a ledge and go up the ladder. Get that Ammo from the gate you opened before and follow to 2 alcoves where you can place the Amulets of Horus and Anubis go to the end of the passage and drop down the opened gate, go L and L and there is a jump switch that will open a gate E, don’t shoot the Skellie (it will be gone in a minute) just jump over it and go in to place the Mystical Artefact there. Watch the flyby and see the S doors open. Go out those doors to The Ultimate Power.

Secret count after this, still 34.

But after the successful Timed run, Secret count will be 37.

Level 14 – The Ultimate Power.

The Giant.

After the flyby you can pull out the X Wing. There’s a big Giant running around the room and several Skellies wake up, take out the Skellies and go look for the Devil heads up on the W wall (centre) and 2 on the S wall, one more on the E wall, you have to shoot the Rubies in the mouth, but with the X Wing (and explosives) you don’t have to aim so accurate. You CAN shoot them all from the entrance steps, just run straight up against the fence and take out the Skellies too while you’re at it. This action will open the 4 gates under the Devil heads, get into each of the gates to throw the 4 Skellie levers, doors open S. Go into the S door, get Ammo and a Medipack to the sides of the gate that opens S and pull the Chain to get a Magic light up in the room with the Giant. Run back and get into that light, the floor around you will disappear and so will the Giant.

run jump back to the S and get the Ammo and a Medipack on the pedestals along S wall, then get onto the block in the SE corner, jump/grab to the jump switch on S wall and a gate opens in the W wall, go around to the ledge near the gate and go stand far away from the gate (about 2 sidesteps from the SE corner of the floor), then do a run jump with a sharp R curve and a grab in the end to grab the edge of the floor, get into that gate to throw the Skellie lever. Another block goes up and that’s in the SW corner of the room.


From the block you can go up the ladder and go walk the tightrope to the pillar E, from the pillar to the E ledge and then to the one on S wall, grab up to a crack in the W pillar and shimmy R, past the Devil head and go up to the ledge there, another tightrope will get you to the platform in the centre of the room, a long run jump/grab to the N balcony (these long run jump/grabs sometimes require a perfect line up, I do that like this: hang from the edge you have to jump from and pull up again, now do a simple roll and then the run jump). Now run jump/grab to the W pillar, down to the ledge and here’s one more and even longer tightrope, from the ledge on E wall you can do a run jump/grab to a crack in N wall and shimmy L to the opening.

To the R is a door that needs a key. To the L is a Skellie lever behind a fence, the lever will open a door to the top of the previous room and also the way into the Giant room again. Do a run jump (no grab) to that platform N, you saw in an earlier flyby and then run jump to the roof of the NW chapel, one more run jump to the balcony NW and get Secret#1, a Golden Skull. run jump back to the roof and drop down into the hole, You will land right on a trapdoor, open it and go down.

The Maze.

Just keep going R and you’ll end up in an alcove with a jump switch, use that (screenshot of a new ladder in the Giant room) and a closed hatch in the other side, go back going R again where you can and end up on the backside of a Crowbardoor you’ll see later, to the L is Secret#2, a Golden Skull. Go back and R everywhere to end up at that Crowbar door, you can open it and it will seal off the alcove you got the secret from. Turn around and go straight, then L where possible and first find the Athena Key and then a pool of water, go through the pool into the NW passage and use the jump switch to open that hatch at the first jump switch, go back and go to the Crowbardoor, open it if you didn’t and follow keeping L to that open trapdoor leading back up to the room with the Chapels.

Go S and back into the former Giant room and L around the corner is the new ladder so you have a shortcut back up to the opening in the N wall, open the door to the R and go in, on a block you’ll find Secret#3, a Golden Skull. Go out and N, run jump to the platform in the Chapel room again.

Watch those turning poles and then climb up the ladder E and above (stand a tiny bit back from the E edge of the platform and jump up a couple of times till you grab it), go off to either side and head up E, then to the R and follow (notice an alcove with a steaming pedestal L and a closed door R) to another tightrope, go past the swinging lamp to the stairs E and on top, at the lava pit is a jump switch on the pillar if you turn around.

Timed Platforms.

Platforms appear over the pit. So run jump/grab to the first and the run jump to the corner, run through with a L curve and jump to the next, try to land on the L side a bit and then side jump to the L, run jump/grab to the one in the corner (on the L side) pull up and turn R, run jump/grab to the next and a run jump to the one in front of the ladder, line up for an run jump/grab to the ladder and go R quick, then let Lara get her feet up and back flip. From this last platform a stand jump up into the opening E, follow to a room with balconies and on them is Ammo, then go pull the chain in the centre and a flyby shows multiple chains with different dates on the wall, Go back to the previous room and onto the balcony there to enter the Teleporter room, step into the light.

Time Chain Puzzle.

Go out of the Teleporter room and all’s changed. Go R/R and up the stairs, follow the blue tiled passage and come to the double passage, take the L side and go past the familiar swinging lamp. In the next wide rooms are vases, the only one of interest is in the NW corner, shoot it to get the Ultimate Key and head into the SW passage, there’s an alcove where the steaming pedestal was before and there you can place the Key in the dark hole, that door opens a bit back and to the R to go in to a room with an enormous Red Ball, The Ultimate Power .

Go past the Ball and spot the Chains you saw in the Flyby earlier, pull the ones marked 400 BC (only one pull) and watch the flyby. Get back and to the W side of the cage, shoot the Ball with whatever you want (or have left), but you have to aim in the space under the Ball and it will stop it’s motion. Go to the E side of the cage and down into the hole that appeared in the floor, go down the dark slope and watch the end Movie of these great levels.

Secret count 40.

March 14-2005 (revised August 13-2013)