Coyote Creek

by The Team

Video Walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer can be found here


Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions

Ominous tales surround Coyote Creek. Once a thriving gold mining town in the Old Wild West, it now lies silent and derelict. Many have journeyed there in an attempt to uncover its sinister past, but none have returned. Never one to pass up an opportunity for such adventure, Lara Croft is determined to unearth Coyote Creek’s dark secrets once and for all.

by Todd Shurtz (Raider X)
(9 secrets)

Lara falls down and screams.

Lara: “Oh great, just what I needed. Those were my favorite dual pistols too”

Cut scene.
Go NW and down where the Indian is running to, keep to the left, at a cactus take a right and enter the big tipi. The Chief Dark Cloud will ask Lara:

Chief: “Who is there?”
Lara: “Lara Croft is my name.”
Chief: “Why are you here in sacred place?”
Lara: “I’m try to find the missing Gold from the Coyote Bank robbery.”
Chief: “Why you after gold?”
Lara: “To be honest I like a challenge, an adventure.”
Chief: “It will be, I guide you train station, it take you into town. Stay close, follow me”

Stay well clear of the campfire and pick up SECRET # 1, a Golden Skull and a medipack in the back of the tipi.
Follow the Chief out and go to the left.

Lara: “What do you know about Coyote Town?”
Chief: “Coyote Town become almost legend. As know as there was bank robbery but is not ordinary robbery. The Elpaso gang heard advance about large sum gold passing through by coach. There was ambush, many people die that day! Most people don’t think Coyote exists and those come looking, never return. Come follow me”

Follow the Chief but watch out for the snake, the Chief will chase it away when you hop onto a ledge E. Go N and slide down into the cave, climb the ledge to the left at the closed door, jump down to the closed door. The Chief will then open that door for you.
Follow the Chief in the now open door and:

Chief: “You still weak from fall, go down, take easy for now, I go this way, you find different path”

Go N and down a ladder and follow through, jump up and just past the ladder the Chief will climb climb. You can climb up a ledge NW for SECRET # 2, a Golden Skull.
Jump down and go to the ladder W and climb up. Follow the Chief through the caves.

Chief: “Many moons ago, my father Chief Running Bear, find this place.
I just child at time, he not know where come from. One day he leave village and never returned. Ever since I’ve been searching for truth. Come, this way”

In the right water basin is SECRET # 3, a Golden Skull. The Chief will go on. So to find him go up along the E wall *from the SE corner) and climb up to where the Chief will speak again.

Chief: “Make sure you search all areas on journey you never know what may find.” (meaning the Secrets you collected of course)

Keep following the Chief.

Lara: “Hmmm, what happened to the Gold?”
Chief: “Before ambush sheriff left town, escort coach. The oulaws took over Coyote and planned their ambush. When coach arrive ambush sprung and gang outnumbered. Ambush pay off with only one outlaw casualty.”

Chief: “After ambush Elpaso gang take gold ride away. However sheriff didn’t die. As gang leave he take out another member of gang. He survive and questioned latter. Only gang know true location of gold. Those that die still walk town streets seeking vengeance for their deaths. Come this way.”

Chief: “Legend also talk of lost Temple, not much known. After robbery it said thieves found Temple. Soon after town deserted out of fear. Some nights can still her screams of deaths.”

Chief: This way to second part of journey, wait for me to cross then follow.”

Jump over the ledge and one further and watch the Chief using the monkey climb. Better jump down on the right and find a crawlspace E wall behind a bush and crawl in for SECRET # 4, a Golden Skull. Get out and climb the blocks around the corner N, go up to use the monkey climb and at the end shimmy left, drop and grab and hoist up.

Chief: “Pull self up, follow me”

Go to the Chief.

Chief: “There is lever down below I find make way back up here.”

Drop down in the pit and find the lever NW (W side of the pillar with the ladder). Climb the ladder and go after the Chief again, who went into the opened gate SE.

Go up some steps, climb the block next to the red one and turn around, use the swing poles to get to SECRET # 5, a Golden Skull on a pillar N.
Now push/pull the red block S and around the corner on the red tile.
A trapdoor next to it opens up, grab up S, crawl in and use the lever there, get out.

Chief: “to flip forward out of crawlspace, press action and hold back on control pad” and go after the Chief.

Chief: “This cave sacred to my people, many dead buried here. Do not disturb their remains. Come follow me.”

Follow the Chief

Chief: “If want solve mysteries of town, must hone skills. Find switch for bridge make way back here.”

Go to the rope W of the bridge runjump and grab the rope, line up to the rock on the left to swing to the top of it. Go to the SW corner with a runjump over the steep part for SECRET # 6, a Golden Skull. (looking N you can spot the lever). Get back to the rock at the rope and runjump/grab the rope, swing straight to the rock on the opposite side of the pool and use the rocks W to shimmy around the corner to the W till you can pull up on a flat ledge, go W and jump to a brick ledge, use the lever located there and see the bridge roll out, straight under that bridge and on the bottom of the pool is SECRET # 7, another Golden Skull, so dive into the pool and swim to the rope, head left there and find the low pillar in the NW part of the pool after picking up the Skull from the bottom. Climb up and jump to the bridge to follow the Chief again.

Chief: “Very good! Come this way.”

The Chief opens another door.

The Pistols and the Train Station Key.

Go through the open door, and on the right, pull the skeleton (you saw in the cut scene) away by it’s head to get your Pistols and the Train Station Key.
If you walk to the Chief he will tell Lara:

Chief: “Must hurry! Find something move ground. Night is upon us, the dead will rise from grave.”

Metal Blade and Torch.

In the E is a cave with a red block, pull it and push it aside. Get in and jump up a block, go through passage, go left around the corner grab the Metal Blade and get down onto the floor to pull the skeleton SE away from the Torch.

The Wooden Handle.

Jump up, go back to the previous room and down to light the Torch on the wall torch there, get out and to the big cave, go W and jump a block straight ahead, keep walking W into the next part of the cave where you can see a burning wall torch. Then face SW and jump up onto the pillar, take a running jump to the next pillar W and from there again NW to a ledge over the burning wall torch. Jump up to the floor W and light the Wall Torch.
Jump down with the Torch and head S from there to find an opened gate in the S wall (up in the SW corner). Leave the Torch so you can get it again (or take it with you hopping up the blocks) and get into the gate. Jump to the ground floor and get the Wooden Handle in the E.
Get out and taking the Torch and go back to the Chief NE, leave the Torch for a bit and combine the pieces to get the shovel. Go and stand facing SW near the wall and start to dig. (I encountered a problem here, the first time around Lara started to dig when she was standing on the flat part of the mound, facing N. The second time there she wouldn’t start to dig whatever I tried- Dutchy)

Lara: “That took longer than I thought. Sure was a lot of dirt to move.” [/color]

Get the Torch and light the Wall Torch.

Chief: “Very good, come this way.”

Leave the Torch or take it with you for some extra light. Follow the Chief and watch out, a flock of bats will try to eat you. First look where the Chief goes and drop down into the pit to pull the skeleton NE away to get SECRET # 8, a Golden Skull, then get up and shimmy the crack to the right and at the end pull up.
Follow where the Chief went.

Chief: “Once get town you must keep guard! Sancho Ramirez and Phoebe Jay very dangerous. They will stop at nothing keep you from town secrets. Come this way.”

Lara: “I don’t understand, why are these two so dangerous?”
Chief: “When they find Temple it destroyed them, now they want revenge for their death! There are many dangers that await you young one.”

Go N, and into opening W.

All secrets found:
Chief: “ So you found all ancients skulls, you will be rewarded. We take this path.”
If you didn’t find all secrets:
Chief: “Even though you not find all ancients skulls, you have heart of adventurer! You did very good, come this way.”

The Chief will open a wooden door (S) if you have 8 secrets and follow him (If the Chief just stands there without moving, you could have encountered a small bug, to get on the move again: Walk back into the previous room and return, by then the Chief probably opened the door so you can follow him in).

If you didn’t find all the secrets there is another path he will take (N) but it ends up in the same place. The gates in the N is the end of this other path so they will stay closed.

Once in the room with a central structure climb on one of the blocks S, turn around and jump on the ledge above the central structure to get your reward, SECRET # 9, a Golden Skull. Drop from the W side and follow the Chief into the passage there.

Chief: “We have come to end of our journey. The way to station through these doors. May the spirits guide you to what seek.

Go to the W wall and use the Key on the door while standing against it.

Lara: “Now it is time to holster my revolvers and let my hair down.”

Level 2 - AMBUSHED
by Todd Shurtz (Raider X)
(1 secret)

Watch the fly by,

Villain: “Time to die”.

Open the door, shoot the boxes and get Winchester ammo under one of the boxes. Open the next door and jump to the ladder on the right. Climb up, turn around and jump to the back of the train. Get the only SECRET # 10, a medipack, flares and a small medipack.

Jump back and jump to the next car and at the end watch the cut scene

Villain: “We talked to your friend Chief Dark Cloud, now we want to have a talk with you. You not leaving this train to we get all the information we want from you.”

Jump down to the flat wagon.
Jump to the next wagon and open the door, shoot the box on the floor and grab the small medipack and the Winchester 73 (shotgun) then shoot the box in the crawlspace and crawl trough. There is another box to shoot in there and get the flares from it.

There is another crawlspace N, crawl in and out backwards, shimmy left and climb the ladder till you are on top. Jump to the flat car W and from the end slide down and grab the ladder.
Go all the way over the roofs to the front of the train and at the last one do a safety drop, climb down the ladder and back flip.
Use the lever on the locomotive and see a cut scene of a door. Back on the ladder and about the middle of the roof (facing the back of the train) look down on the right hand side.

Drop on that ledge that is sticking out of the train (to the left you can see a closed door).
Draw your pistols and shoot out the box through that small crawlspace. Jump up to grab the ladder above that crawlspace and go back to the roof.
Walk to the other side of the roof and spot another crawlspace there. Lower yourself and grab the crawlspace and crawl in. Use the lever and crawl back out and shimmy to the right to climb back to the roof.
Go to the other side and find a ladder on the side of the car next to the door you saw earlier. Get into the car. One of the crates has a padlock, shoot it with your pistols. When the door opens get the Crane Key and Winchester ammo.
In the SW corner on top of a crate is a medipack.
Get to the door and although Lara will climb the ladder she will not go around the corner so take a running jump with a slight curve to the left to get to the ledge outside. Jump up again to grab over the crawlspace and climb up to the roof. *or drop grab out of the opening, shimmy right to the ladder and climb up*

Go to the back of the train, over the flat part with the rocks and a running jump up to the next roof.
Halfway this roof, do a safety drop to the left and into the crawlspace. Once down into the next crawlspace and jump to the next wagon OR just jump to the wagon with the crane from the trop of the box car. Use the Crane Key and watch the Crane work. Get the rope and swing at least twice to grab the next roof, drop at the end to the ladder (left) and shimmy around the corner into the open door.
Go to the back and use the lever and see a trapdoor opening in one of the front cars.

Back to the ladder and up the train, go to the front. Jump to the car with the crane, over to the next car, through the crawlspaces and on top of the train, jump to the flat car with the rocks and up the next. In the car with the now open trapdoor are some warthogs and after killing them use the lever in the back. Watch a cut scene of a door opening. Go to the ladder and you hear a voice saying

Villain: “Now, how do you gonna get out of there.”

The trapdoor is padlocked. Let Lara stand on that block and face the padlock, save and pull out the Winchester. Use the look key to aim and shoot the padlock.
When the lock is gone a voice says:

Villain: “Time to die”

Climb out and shoot the villain and jump to the flat car with the rocks and make your way to the car with the crane. There are some bandits and a third one is on the next car.

Other villain: “She killed our brother, now it is your turn missy, damn you.”

In the next car you find under a shoot-able crate is a medipack. Save and stand facing SE, there’s another padlock you have to shoot. You can shoot it with the pistols. The door slowly opens, jump in and grab the Office Key on the floor.
Back to the Crane car and swing with the rope to the roof E. At the end, climb down the ladder and around the corner. Once you are safe inside turn around to the next car (E) and jump over and use the Key left of the door.

Find the Gang’s Note:
To find the lost gold, look to the fort in town.
A secret will await, and the gold will be revealed completely.

Go back to the door and watch the fly by.


Level 3 – Coyote Creek - first time
by Michael Allan (Cowboy)
(3 secrets)

In the NW corner is a box, shoot it to get the Winchester ammo, open the door S to get outside and watch the fly by of this town.

The Saloon

Go straight and pick up the Colt Peacemaker from the ground near the Bank you saw in the fly by. Go over to the Saloon and open the saloon doors. Behind the bar is a medipack. Go up the stairs and open the door S. Push the cupboard as far as it will go into this passage, revealing another door. Kick the door in and watch out for a swinging box. Next to the bed is a crate shoot it and get the Hunting Spear that is on a small cabinet. Leave this room and go down the stairs and out of the Saloon.

The Bank

Go straight over to the Bank and shoot the door, pick up the Banks Telegram from a small cupboard.

February 1st 1875.
Telegram to head banker Thomas stop.
We have discovered source of the gold stop.
Coming from Temple in mine stop.
Foreman Edwards investigating the situation stop
Good news indeed since last weeks robbery cost us stop.
To think we thought the gold supply would run dry stop.
Problem is the gold source could be guarded stop
Will keep you in touch if any further developments stop
Signed M. Clarkson stop.

The Theatre

Leave the bank and go N and go to the house with the balcony (next to the Bank and opposite the Jail).
The doors open when you approach. Go in and go to the back, up the stairs and left to get the Arrows. Descend the stairs and open the broken panel on the right with the Hunting Spear.

Follow this passage to a small theatre, get on stage and look in the mirror. There is a ghost walking through the wall in the other end of the Theatre. Go to that spot and walk through the same wall.
Use the lever in there and go back onto the stage and go right, behind the piano and a trapdoor has opened. Save here, jump up grab and shimmy to the right, pull up and side flip immediately into the space on the right as a barrel comes rolling down. *Or drop back down standing flat against the wall the barrel will go over your head*

Continue N passing a swinging crate and shoot the banister to jump over to the next part of the balcony. Get the Rusty Key from that small cabinet there in the end. Drop to the ground floor and leave (W). Go out of the house and go to the Wagon in front of the Jail, push it aside and pick up the Winchester ammo.

The Barn

Go S and at the end on the left is the Barn where the Rusty Key fits. Enter and kill the two coyotes. In the back is a door.
When you enter the back of the barn you see a cut scene. You’ll find the block where that item is in the SE corner.

First we go for a secret, so turn to the N wall and grab the breakable planks on the left hand side (NW), just run to the end and drop to the floor. Now the crawlspace behind it is revealed, crawl in and get SECRET 11, Arrows, the Crossbow and flares. Get back out and cautiously approach the staircase S. Shoot the fence left of the swinging crate and outrun the barrels and the swinging crate through that opening and at the end take a running jump with grab over the breakable planks to get the Iron Ore (watch the fly by).
Jump down and shoot the skeleton into the poisonous water S and go back up the stairs. Turn E and jump grab the ledge and hoist up. Get the flares and Winchester ammo. Jump back to the top of the stairs and descend down and jump over the balustrade. Go to the opening E and enter the open gate.

Level 4 - The Canyon
by Michael Allan (Cowboy) and George Maciver (GMac)
(0 secrets)

When you enter the Canyon watch the fly by. Go to the left and get onto the ramp going up W. Before the resting Bison is a crate, shoot it to get the Rusty Key (don’t get too close to that beast just yet). Get back down the ramp, go straight to find a small passage on the left and use the Rusty Key there.
Shoot the box on the left between two crates and get the Canyon Store Key and another Colt Peacemaker.

Canyon Store

Leave this small room and go back W to the ramp and opposite of the ramp is a rock you can climb on (facing E). You startle a rattlesnake. From here jump SE and walk to the other side (you have to get to the E side of this rock formation). Safety drop and grab from the side of the rocks, shimmy to the right (E) and hoist up. Take a running jump with grab to the rock ledge SE and you are on the higher level of the Canyon.

Go right passing the entrance to the mines and carry on until you come to the last building, which is overlooking the bison paddock. Your task is to get up onto the boards above the entrance door of the house W and there are 2 or 3 ways you can accomplish that. The easiest is to climb on the rocks overlooking the lower canyon right next to the barricade overlooking the bison and then do a running jump SW over to boards. Follow to the end and from there take a running jump S to the opening in the rocks. Follow through, around a corner and jump (grab) into a passage on the right S.

Use the Canyon Store Key and walk down the ramp. Face SW and jump to that roof, slide back and grab to shimmy to the right and at the end hoist up, jump and roll and shoot the snake that you woke up. If you draw you pistols while jumping you might avoid getting bitten. Take a safety drop to the ground and get the arrows and the small medipack.
N is a ladder and on the left of it a lever, which opens the door on top of the ladder. Climb the ladder and follow through to a small room SE is a lever, use it and then turn to W and pick up a Torch.

Using the Torch

Leave this house with the Torch and go back E through the canyon, go left passing the “Williamson & Co Mines” building and find the opening on the left to jump down with the Torch. Behind/under the rock W is a small campfire; carefully light the Torch there. Turn to the S and jump up to light the first wall torch (in the alcove with the reddish light). The second on is SW near the entrance. The third is N, go up the W ramp and halfway go N and take a jump to a small diagonal ledge and from there to the wall torch. Last one is in the NE corner of the canyon.

Walk to the S and a cage has appeared. Jump on the block W of the cage with the Torch and from there to the cage and another jump to the rocks. Now run the other way (N) and all the way at the end ignite the wall torch near the gate. You can throw the Torch away and enter the gate.

Bison chase

Now it is time to wake up the Bison and lure him to the “Williamson & Co Mines” house (SE).

On the sides of the mine entrance are two wooden tiles he can smash, which unblocks the entrance to the mine. When the entrance has been cleared, run in there where you will be safe from the bison. Swim across the flooded part of the mine and hoist out into the passageway.

Level 5 - Abandoned Mine - Part 1
by George Maciver (GMac)
(2 secrets)

Getting the necessary Keys.

Follow through till you arrive at a huge cavernous dig. Go to the left and open the first door you encounter (left) and shoot the box on the floor to get the Winchester Ammo.

Go to the N wall and open the door with the Hunting Spear.
Shoot the box in the next room and grab the Hut Key.
Get out and go to the left till you see a passage on the left. Enter and follow through, go right at the closed door and at an intersection go to the left (N). All the way at the end is an opening in the floor, safety drop down onto the Explosives Hut in the cave below. Turn S and shoot that padlock (duck), then turn again and a running jump to the other side to use the Hut Key.

In this small room is another box and under it is the General Mine Key.
Go out and to the SE to climb a block and jump to the next and from there, take a running jump with a curve to the left and head back to the cavern. (or just hop onto the flat ledge right of the S door and jump into the opening)
Go straight back to the big cave, slide down and go right, through the cavern, shooting the crate and the rattlesnake if you like shooting snakes, and make your way over to the far SE side where you will find a hut with a closed door near a burning wall torch. Use the General Mine Key and wander inside.


Push the detonator in the back of this hut and get out. Watch the fly by and make your way left (NW) towards the entrance through an opening through a passage. Also watch out, as that Indian skeleton will be following you. You can shoot it with the Winchester when you are a bit higher on the walkway. Near a wall torch is an open door, get into the partially flooded cavern there and push the crate on the marked tile, then use the lever.
After the crate gets smashed, get the Restricted Hut Key and the second piece of Iron Ore.
Get back to the main cavern, the door will open for you. Go left and follow the walkway all the way around, passing the entrance and enter the first door left (the first hut you visited). Go in the room in the back and use the Restricted Hut Key there.
The box right in front harbours a snake and the box in the corner hides the Explosives Hut Key.
Back out and head E over the ledge and enter the passage on the left again. Go straight through the opened door, jump down and use the Explosives Hut key in the lock on the Hut. On the right is another detonator, so use it. Go back out, climb up SE and jump in the opening in the corner there where you will find you have blown a hole down into an underground river system

Getting the Torch

Lara drops in some water, swim S through the small opening, in the end swim left to the E around the corner N and take the first left, keep left and swim toward where you can breath again. This water has all sorts of currents, so swimming will not be so easy. Try to keep to the roof and away from corners of rocks.
Dive and swim further S and up for some air and you can climb out S.
Turn around and align yourself with the left hand side (lowest point) of that block jutting out of the water and save.

A running jump without Ctrl has to do the trick but keep holding the forward cursor and Lara takes another running jump but this time do grab the ledge on the other side.
In the NW corner is the Crossbow and this triggers the door on the other side of the previous cavern to open. So swim over there and get in.

Climb down the ladder and go to the doors in the W. On the bottom step face S and climb up, walk a few steps along the wall, turn around (facing N), back flip, jump and grab, shimmy to the left and hoist up. Now shoot the rattlesnake that you startled.
Go N and stay to the right (low ceiling left) and jump to the other side. Grab a Torch on the floor in the NW corner and make your way to the ground floor to light the Torch at the campfire S. Take it to the door in the W and ignite the wall torch. Throw the Torch where you can find it again and enter.

Get out your pistols, as there is a coyote in this dark place. Better kill it first and then go back for the Torch.
At the next campfire turn left (S) and follow through. After the next corner throw the Torch down (so you can retrieve it again) and face the music. After killing all the coyotes, light the wall torches on the other side of that shallow pool. You can leave the Torch here.


Run over the first bridge and through the open door and watch the fly by (in the last screen you can see the ledge with the Key over the 3 wall torches). Run over the next bridge and turn to the left onto the rock ledge, there jump up N. Go from there to the right (E) and take a running jump with grab to the pillar S. Next jump and grab is to the slanted pillar on the right, shimmy all around till you can’t go any further and save here. Hoist up, jump and roll with a curve to the left to end up the ledge with the skeleton, OR simply hoist up and fall and grab the edge of the pillar again and shimmy around. Get the Old Elevator Key and watch the fly by.

Now we go for a secret. See that next pillar S? Jump and grab the edge, shimmy around that one as you did the first one and hoist up into the crawl space on the far side. Shoot the ghost cowboy and make your way over to the corner (SE) where you can hoist up onto the rocks and jump to the monkey swing. At the other side, jump to the rocks (W) and then follow the passageway round and then jump to the pillar (SE) where you will find SECRET # 12, some ammo for your Colt Peacemaker.
Head back to the crawlspace and take a safety drop to the ground, losing a little health.

Walk half way onto the bridge and turn N, take a running jump onto the green path between the 2 rocks, slide backwards and grab the ledge near the lava. Shimmy to the left and climb up. Run through this corridor and turn right at the water to go through the open door W. Climb up and follow this passage and the double doors at the top of the slope will open for you and you will find yourself back at the entrance to the caves.

Go to the doors W again and climb up at the block on the left. Take the back flip to get to the higher ledge but now turn S and at the end stand as left as possible (ceiling) to take a running jump into the open door there. Climb the ladder and almost at the top another back flip off the ladder into a passage.

Follow through and jump over a pit. A skeleton (the one you saw in the cut scene) is waiting so get rid of him at the pit for now. You end up at the cavern. Take a safety drop to the ground, take a few steps S and go left (E) down a ramp. The doors will open when you approach.
Get in and use the Old Elevator Key.


Level 6 - Working Mine
by Scott Ginn (Essgee)
(2 secrets)

Use the jump lever on the right (S wall) and do a U-turn run over all breakable tiles and get back on save ground. Stand with your back to the pit as right as possible and take a safety drop down. Slide down and end up on another breakable floor, just drop down and slide. Make your way down, at the end slide backwards in the middle, grab the edge, let go of the ladder and grab the jump lever there.
Go through a passage and see a trapdoor has been lowered. Hoist up and first go to the opening SE.

Little ride

“Nothing but trouble”

The man keeps saying (if you give him some time). Shoot him to help him out of his misery and find a big TNT crate SE. Pull it out and aside and get the Spanner that is behind it.
Get out and go W. On the rails is a little cart, stand next to it facing W and use the Spanner.

(You can ride the cart like a bike=same controls)

Ride the cart all the way to it can’t go any further and at the end be sure to get to the right side so Lara can get out. Also be sure that the cart is all the way to the back, as a trapdoor has to be triggered. So get out jump to the platform and face S then climb the small ladder there (over the just closed door). Jump to the jump lever and see a fly by of a door being opened a bit further down. It is timed as well. So save, jump up and climb to the lever again, pull it, drop down, sprint back along the track around the corner to that open door, make a left curve and jump/grab through the open door to the ladder.

The Water Room - Going for some sacred items

Climb down and at the left of the ladder (SE) is a small ramp and a corridor. Watch out for some rats. On the left in an alcove, you can find some flares, next opening left go to the E, as there is a medipack to find in between the barrels. Go S and follow through and go right. Climb on the block S and take a running jump straight N and immediately a back flip. On the ledge stand as far as to the right and take a running jump with grab to the ledge on the right N. In the next room is a small medipack and on the E is a push block. Push it as far as and get the Feather # 2. This will not go unnoticed, as an Indian Ghost will attack Lara (it’s killable).

Go back to the water room and go through the waterfall N to the next ramp.
Another miner is keeping guard here. (Nothing but trouble” , he keeps saying so shoot him). Follow through to a room with crates. First climb over a crate NE, once you are standing again, look up and use that jump lever there. This will light all the lamps in this mine. Crawl back and now look for the crate with TNT on it. Pull and push that aside and “carefully” (you never know) get the Stick of Dynamite behind it.

Next to a crate (W) is another passage and when you are looking in all corridors another miner will be alerted, he leaves a small medipack behind. Go W and take the second passage on the right and pick up the Torch. Go back to the room with the crates and light the Torch on the lamp that is hanging on the wall. Back towards where you found the Torch but now get into the first passage on the right. See that trail of gunpowder on the floor? Ignite it with the Torch.
After the explosion you can throw the Torch aside and pick up the Feather # 1 from where the wall opened up and another Ghost will come in. Time to get back to the water room.


On the right side of the ladder is also an opening (S). A rat is swimming there, so be careful. Swim in and follow through, hoist up at the end and turn around. Jump up and pull up and back flip. Turn and crawl through into another cave with some eerie light.
In the S wall is a passage and you come into a place with a wooden barn. Behind this barn is an opening in the floor and in the small crate where you can place the Dynamite stick in. Immediately jump backwards as there will be an explosion. After the explosion jump onto the hill and grab the monkey climb to get on top of the barn. By picking up Pot # 2, another Indian Ghost appears. After you have bested him go back to the cave with the eerie light and go N and to the left into another passage. On a raised platform is Pot # 1 and watch the fly by when you pick it up. Back to the cave and kill the Indian Ghost and place the Feathers into the Pots (combine them) and put them in their proper place (on the 2 lower platforms). The Earth will start to shake so jump to the last (higher) platform to wait for the Totem Head to appear, pick it up.
The block E goes down. Inside is a coyote and also a skeleton. Get the Trapdoor Key and the Rusty Bolt from the skeleton and get out this part to the cave with the eerie light and back through the crawlspace (W). Drop down to get into the water and swim back to the Water Room.

Use the Rusty Bolt on the E wall near the ladder (SE) and climb the ladder, almost at the end back flip to the rail tracks. Run E and climb the ladder (with the lever) and back flip to that passage and drop down near the cart. Use the Trapdoor Key in the keyhole E and climb the ladder. Go to the right and in the passage right will be another miner who leaves a small medipack. Keep going S and end up at another small cart.

Going for another ride

Stand next to the cart and use the Spanner and drive the cart. There is a steep hill going down, make some speed and jump over a small creek. Stop the cart there as right as possible and climb out. Jump into the water and swim to the left ((N) keep to the ceiling and go through that triangle opening and get SECRET # 13, a medipack. Get back in the cart and continue. When you cross the first wooden bridge you can stop and retrieve another secret or go all the way to the end and do it later on foot.

I went all the way to the end and got out of the cart. Go into the passage E and use the jump lever to open the door a bit further. Another jump lever to use (cut scene). Now go E and run over the rails, cross 2 bridges to the second corner of this track as we go for that secret.
Climb the rock S and on the left is a small crawlspace. Get in there and get SECRET # 14, a small and big medipack.
Behind the Secret you can safety drop to the lower passage and find another medipack in the corner. Try to shoot all the rats and the underwater gate you saw in the cut scene is N and on the left.

Some pushing

Swim in and go left to climb on the smallest block and get a small medipack in a crawlspace S.
Get back on the block and take a running jump with grab to the next N and another running jump SW (mind the low ceiling). Then a curved running jump also to the SW, to a ledge in the corner there. Follow through and down some steps and shoot the walls with the mask on it in the alcoves right and left, opening up 2 rooms. Do the same a bit further down but also shoot the one in front of you to reveal some push blocks. Go to the S block and pull it out till it is on the marked tile, stand behind it facing E and push it four times. Go to the W room and into the S passage to find a crawlspace. Crawl in and out at the other side grab the small medipack in the corner. Go pull the block on the marked tile in this room.
Back to the pushing blocks, now pull the one in the N to the marked tile. Again go behind it and push it E four times. To that crawlspace S, crawl through, go to the block in the crossing and push it into the other (N) room on that marked tile there.
Now get that last block W and pull it on the marked tile in the W room and turn around. The block at the end of the passage (E) has gone. The block closes after entering. The Totem head is protected by Spikes.

Go to the wall NW and shoot it, behind it is a push block, pull it twice it goes onto a tile E around to the right. You have to go to that in a roundabout way. (
Go behind the block (face N) and pull it once, then go behind it and push it once. Now push (or pull it) to the E once. Go and face S and pull the block and again go behind it and push it N. Now go to the side and push E twice, last push is to the S. The block in the corner W has been lowered so you can get to the Rusty Bolt.

Get your pistols out as two coyotes attack you. After taken care of them you can get the second Totem Head and you also can leave this place SW. Go left up the staircase and follow through, jump down to the pool, swim through the underwater gate and go left. Make your way to the waterfall and climb the ladder there. On the top, face SE and take a running jump into the gap in the fence and go W to the ladder on the left. On top follow through to the mine cart and jump to the other platform to use the Rusty Bolt at the door.

Follow the tunnel to where three Indian Ghosts are waiting for Lara. Kill them then push/pull the TNT crate on the marked tile and a trapdoor SE behind that crate will open up. Climb down a ladder and grab the Elevator Key near that skeleton. Follow the rail tracks and save on top of that slide.
Slide down and halfway jump up to a jump lever to open a door a bit further. Slide down the rest of the track and get the medipack under your feet. Two miners rush to meet you, continue and jump on the platform W and use the Elevator Key. Enter the elevator and pull the chain.

At the top, leave SE and slide down at the waterfall to the next level.

Level 7 - The Abandoned Mine
by George Maciver
Part 2 (still 1 secret to get)

Underground lake, Lasersight

First for a secret, go to the water edge and dive in and swim NE into a crawlspace, swim around some corners and swim into the first opening on the left. The current is pretty strong, so try to swim as high to the ceiling as possible and climb out. Secret #15, a medipack and Colt peacemaker ammo.
Get back in the water and let the current take you. Climb out at the rock near the waterfall and go over the top to get the small medipack behind it, Climb back up and head NE to the door with the padlock and shoot it. In this small hut is a detonator, use it.
You’ve blown a hole in the S wall, so go there and get the Laser Sight near the skeleton.

Go back out, stay on the sand and go SW and then a left and go back to the underground lake. Dive in, swim to the waterfall and hoist up. Follow through and at the end of this passage use the monkey climb to get to the opposite side (stand on the higher ground to jump up and grab it).

The door closes so go to the S wall and shoot the padlock from the door down in the small opening using the Sight and Crossbow (or Colt) and after that opens aim for a crate on the right side in that room. This opens the door N so run in there and get the arrows as you need those to blow the skeleton to high heaven or else you’ll be stuck forever here (you really have to blow it to pieces to get the next door open). The door S opens and pull/push this little crate on the marked tile between the hammers and use the lever to operate the hammers.
Get the third piece of Iron Ore and leave through the door. Watch the fly by and jump into the lake below. Swim to the left side and climb out, the door is SW.

Placing the Totem Heads

Follow through and at an intersection go to the left (W) back to the main cavern. Slide to the ground floor and go left (S), left again to a deep fenced off pit and SE from that
Look for the monkey climb and you can climb a rock S and take a running jump with grab to an alcove E and from there, a running jump with a slight curve to the right to that pillar under the monkey climb (
screenshot) OR you can also go the underground river route if you wish.
Use the monkey climb and get into that passage at the wall torch. Follow through and jump the pit, keep going and down that ladder, out of the door to the ground floor. Go to the open gate E down the slope, through a door and go straight through the shallow water all the way to the end. On the right S is an opening, get in there and climb higher and higher at the end a safety drop down in a corridor that leads to the bridge E.

Place the Totem Heads on the Totem Poles next to the door and enter the opened door.

Level 8 - Ancient Temple
by Terry Barrett (Dhama) and Scott Ginn (Essgee)
(3 secrets)

Go down the slope and jump the pit. S is a crawlspace, remember that, but for now jump down onto the block under that crawlspace and watch out for the slimy leeches. On the block (facing W) is a lever. After using it climb up and go back to the start of this level, mind the pit and if you keep to the right it is an easy jump. Climb the block and jump up with a grab W and pull up. There is a lever on the right and it is a timed jump so better save.
Pull the switch, roll get out, jump down, roll again go down the slope and jump the pit and run to the crawlspace and jump in. Around the corner duck and crawl through and once you can stand up jump to the right into the open door. Jump down and enter the opening S first. Jump over the hole and down and over another hole, climb up in a corner at the end left and retrieve a small medipack.

Go back and go down the slope W. On the right is a hole, jump in and crawl through. Jump to a ladder and descend, follow through, climb up and go up some steps, keep going and get SECRET # 16, a medipack.
Make your way back and back flip from the ladder. Climb out of the pit after crawling through to get back at the slope.

First go left and down another slope and jump the spiked pit. Go right (N) and jump to the ladder you see at the wall. Go all the way down and watch out for those slimy leeches, use the lever S and back up the ladder and climb off to the right. Jump to the W over the pit and go down the slope into the open doors.

Take a sharp right and use the lever in the alcove. Watch the cut scene. Those stairs are up the slope to the right over the pit.
First we are going to have a look at the room straight ahead and when Lara runs around this big room she suddenly says:

“My God, that does NOT look like human engineering. It looks like some sort of ….. Alien technology. They never mentioned this in the archaeological text books.”
(Could be you have to wait a bit to get this line of text)

Get out as there is nothing to do just yet and go to the E ramp and jump the pit, go left and up the steps (N) you see in front of you.
Go through some pink gates and in the room with the trapdoor SE is a jump switch to use in the SW corner. Once you drop down jump to the right and slide down to a ledge over the pit you’ve been down into already. Jump S and make your way back up to the room after the pink gates where you just used the jump switch.

The trapdoor SE is open, take a safety drop down, loosing some health. Face NW and take a running jump. On the ledge, jump up and grab the crack, shimmy to the right and hoist up. Crawl through and on the left is a passage with some timed runs. Every time you step on that tile in the middle a door opens. You need to do this three times. First is S, second one is W and the third is N after a crawlspace.

Getting the necessary parts

We go for a secret so get out your pistols and go to the right wall (E) between the second and third coffin, duck and shoot. Crawl in and get a small medipack and a big one. Go to the left wall torch and pull that, the block descends and this is SECRET # 17, a small medipack and some Winchester ammo.
Go back to the room with the coffins and pull the lever N and leave this place.
Back at the passage, take a left (N).

At the end you come into a room and there are three menacing looking masks on the walls. Go to each one of them (watch the health) and use the reach-in holes, this opens a trapdoor at the entrance. Jump inside and take the Hunting Spear to use the lever. Climb out and this time a ceiling trapdoor SW has opened. Climb in and get the first of the four Machine Parts.

Leave and go back through a passage S and a crawlspace. At the end jump and grab backwards to shimmy left to drop to the familiar ledge. Once on the ledge, turn around and take a running jump to the ladder S. Climb down and push/pull the block on the marked tile in the SE corner.
Jump up N and get the second Machine Part. The door opposite opens, jump in and follow through to use the lever at the end. Go through the trapdoor and once down go straight (W) and to the left through the small gate.

Rolling balls

First look at the golden gate you just opened and side flip over it as here you find SECRET # 18, a medipack. Side flip back and save. On the far left wall is a crawlspace but above you a boulder. So run down and quickly jump up to the wall and grab that crawlspace. Once down on the ground on the other side you have to trigger the rolling balls one at the time to get to that pedestal in the SE corner.
Get the Temple Key from the pedestal and go to the block and climb up. Use the crack to shimmy to the crawlspace and get down on the other side.

Go up the ramp and around the corner left is the keyhole for the Temple Key.
Down the slope into the open doors and take a sharp right turn into a hole on the floor. Go down a ramp and in a small room face N. Backflip onto the ledge behind and jump N, aiming left to get onto the slanted block left, then jump and from the second slanted block a jump and grab to the ledge above

Go E and use the lever. Avoid the rolling balls to get to the pedestal in the end. I jumped to the openings on top of the balls (three balls at the time). Get the last of the Iron Ore you need and weave through the rolling balls back to the passage.
Go W and use the jump lever above that light coloured wall block. A block appears in the closed of room opposite this lever. Jump down to the ground floor in the pit and go back to the shallow pool through the passage and up the ladder.
Go S and on the other side of the pillar is a ladder. Climb up and walk to the other side. Face NE and take a running jump into the open gate. Walk to the end and pick up some flares, go back a bit and climb the ladder.

On a pedestal is the Temple Key. Climb down and go back, jump on the walkway and use the Temple Key on the lock W.
A trapdoor right in the passage (N) opens, jump in and grab the third Machine Part.
Back again to the walkway (I had to use “duck” to climb back up into the upper passage), go over the bridge to the SE and climb down the ladder. Wade through the water to the room SW.
The door closes behind you. Crawl through and shimmy around the pit towards the growling you keep hearing louder and louder.

Black Panthers

Yes, in here are black panthers guarding the place. They are very ferocious so take care when killing them (you can hang from the crawlspace to lure them, get back in and shoot some of them from safety). After they are dead jump into the NE pool with the skeleton and get the Ancient Seal.
Get out and go to the SW corner, behind a pillar is a jump lever. This opens an underwater door in the deep pool NW.

The Totem Pole

Swim in and you come to a pool in a cave with a Totem Pole on a small island.
Climb up the island and jump on the block W and a running jump and grab to the ledge to insert the Ancient Seal on the panel.
All hell brakes loose. Watch the Totem Pole come alive. And if that is not enough flocks of bats appear as well

Jump in the water and make your way to the door in the N wall. In there is a lever W. After using it, jump back to the water and climb out at the other end of the pool (S). Inside this room, is also a lever (E) and a small medipack in the corner. Get back out and just slide forward to the waters edge, side jump left twice and turn around to jump to a skeleton with a medipack on the ledge NW, dive into the water and swim around the central ledge with the Totem to climb back on near that block (

You are somewhat safe here. Time your jump onto the block and up to the ledge ahead as an emitter is spouting flames. Run to the block and keep running and grab to the ledge turn right and take a running jump with grab into the open door N and use the lever . Run out and jump left into the water.
Back to the N side and find a small underwater opening to swim through (under the first room you went in). Climb out at the end and run through an open gate to get the last Machine Part.
E is a skeleton and next to him you can find arrows.

In taking the last Machine part, the Totem Pole will crumble and die. So swim back to the pool at the dead Totem, swim through the opening SE and climb out in the pool on the W side. Get to the crawlspace in the SE wall, crawl through and around the pit, wade through the pool and leave E.
Up the slope and the next, jump over the pit to the right, go straight (S) and around the corner enter the room with a strange device in it.

The Midas Machine

Insert the four Machine Parts into the 4 contraptions against the walls and save after the fly by. We go for a bit of fun now. Jump onto the structure in the middle and see what happens to Lara. Reload and now use the four pieces of Iron Ore in the machine in the middle. After doing that pick up all the Gold Bars that appear on the floor. Go out of the room.

Lara: “No wonder the Indians didn’t want something like this falling into the wrong hands. Time to get back to Coyote Creek for a little…. unfinished business.”


Level 9- Coyote Creek - second time
by Michael Allan (Cowboy)
(still 2 secrets to find)

Climb up the ladder and see a cut scene. Near the piano on the E wall is a lever. This opens the door W. Get outside and turn around facing the inside of the church. Take a running jump with grab to the rafters inside the church. Go to the S wall and use the monkey climb to go all the way to the N wall at the next rafter and use the lever there. Be careful, as a barrel will come tumbling down.
Do a safety drop on the floor and go outside. Around the corner, in the graveyard a trapdoor has been opened. Jump in and get SECRET # 19, The Winchester 73 and a medipack.

Jumping over the roofs

A skeleton also wakes up. Get out and deal with him. Go to the other side of town (S) and enter the “Morgan’s Dry Goods” store. On the left in the front room is some Winchester ammo and in the back next to the bed a small medipack.
Face the wall E and look up and climb the ladder there. Get the flares on the rafters. Turn around and look up again. Jump to the next ladder and climb up onto the roof.

Jump to the next roof N and from there to next NW. Keep going to the next one till you are on the last house N. Look E and jump down and walk the tight rope to the other house. Slide down and run to the E and spot the opening in the balustrade of the balcony of the house S. Take a running jump and grab the balcony and keep going straight and jump over the balustrade at the end and grab the next roof.

Finding the Torch

There is a hole in the middle so jump down onto the rafter. Go to the N through a crawlspace and safety drop down. Jump down on the floor and go down the stairs. Jump over the spike pit and shoot a chest to get Winchester ammo. Jump over to the next chest that has arrows in it. On the E wall is a lever, pull it and watch the fly by.
First we go for an extra goodie so run to the N wall and jump there over the spiked pit. Turn around and look down on the spikes. Now it is save to jump down there and grab the Colt ammo.
Go stand in front of the lever again and save. Pull the lever, backflip/roll and run right to jump the next 2 spiked pits (single jumps) sprint up the stairs and at the end go right into the open door.

All the way in the back get the Torch AND the Old Key. Throw the torch somewhere safe to get the Old Key, then pick up the torch and go back to the staircase N and left to the door where you can use the Old Key on the door after dropping the torch in a safe place. Once the door is open, pick up the Torch and leave the house to go straight across the street to the Saloon.
Go upstairs and light the Torch on the burning chandelier and go down again. Now it is time to visit the Jail, left.

Enter the back room and watch the fly by. On the floor is a small indentation with wooden planks in it. Throw the Torch on the floor and after the floor is burned jump in and grab the Fort Key from the box. Don’t mind the skeleton, just climb out and get out of the jail, shoot some coyotes and now we go first for the last secret of this level. Go to the NW corner of this town a door has been opened there, push the cart out of the way and enter to find SECRET # 20, arrows, Winchester ammo and a small medipack.
Leave this small barn and go to the other side of town (S) and use the Fort Key on the lock.

Phoebe Jay

Enter and watch the fly by.

Phoebe: “Hey… do you think you can destroy it?”
Lara: “I’m….. sorry, but no second opinion was asked for.”
Phoebe: “That machine is priceless.”
Lara: “It corrupted everything around it, the Bank, Mine and YOU. The people that made it might not even exist anymore.”
Phoebe: “YOU may have got one of us but the last Temple is guaranteed by Sancho.”
Lara: “I’m going to find that Temple and I’m going to put an end to this madness.”
Phoebe: “Is that so then? Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to get past ME first.”

Go to Phoebe and two coyotes also attack Lara. When Phoebe dies she leaves a Fort Key. Use that on the lock S behind that box.

Level 10 - The Hunt for El Dorado
by Michael Allan (Cowboy)
(3 secrets)

Enter and in the SE corner behind some boxes get some Winchester ammo.
Climb the big box near the W wall and climb on the roof. Turn around and face SE and shoot the balustrade. Run to the N and jump up in that opening. Turn around and take a slightly curved running jump with grab to the right (SW) and pull up.
Follow this walkway S and climb onto the roof. Slide down backwards and climb down a ladder, let go and grab and pull up. On a small cabinet near the fire is the Rusty Key.
Take a safety drop to the floor and climb the box W once more, hoist up to the roof and jump once again N. Shoot the howling wolf and open the door straight ahead with the Rusty key.

Face the W emitter and time it so that you can reach into the reach-in hole. Jump back and get out of the door and run to the other side of this wide balcony. Open the door and reach into that hole E. Back to the first room and the other reach-in hole is safe. In there is the Golden Sun Coin.
Leave this room; jump back to the roof and to the ground. Now jump in the water. Take the right side and halfway swim to the left and down and almost at the bottom into an opening E. At the end pull up and shoot the wooden planks in front of you. Now insert the Golden Sun Coin into its receptacle.

Beetles and more beetles

The door opens, walk through and end up at a dart pit with poisonous water at the bottom. Jump from one side to the other holding the left cursor and end up on a block in the corner.
Climb up but we go for a secret first. Light a flare and run to the N wall and climb the ladder there. On top, shimmy as left as you can go and pull up. Jump to the right (E) and get SECRET # 21, a medipack.
Then pull the lever there and get down. Now you have to jump the dart pit again to the other side and in the next room a door has opened (or jump W from the lever along the top of the room, over the ledge you’re now on and drop down at the very W end). Enter the open door to reach a small room. In this small jail get SECRET # 22, Winchester ammo and after shooting the chest and the money bags, get a small medipack and the Stolen Gold and another Stolen bar of Gold.
If you go to the bars S you see the ghost of Sancho and hear him laughing and saying: “Die”

Back over the dart pit and now go straight. Go down the slope and shoot some coyotes. At the end a horde of beetles appear and you can get rid of them by running back and hang on the ledge at the dart pit. You might have to run back and fro a bit to get rid of them all. Go down the slope and up another and watch out for the incoming barrels. If you walk in the middle part, jump to the left when that barrel passed.
Jump over a spiked pit and the camera angle changes. Go to the SW into a building over another spiked pit and get a small medipack and Winchester ammo under a vase.

Go through the window into the opposite house and see a cut scene of the fire-bowls.
Save and climb in a corner on the NW block with the fire-bowl, turn around and the fire in the opposite SE fire-bowl is out. When you go there more beetles will appear, so back to the pit and simply jump over it to get rid of the pest.
Climb up SE again and push the block behind the bowl to enter this passage. Go up the slope and there is another block in the N of the upstairs room. Push that as far as it goes to the E. Turn around and see another block NW, pull that out so that you can get behind it. (don’t mess with the block SW, but if you encounter Beetles, there’s a pit in the E)

On the wall where the last block was is a lever, use it, take a jump up to the ledge W and enter that open door. Here is SECRET # 23, shoot the chest and vases and moneybags for arrows, Colt ammo, a small medipack and some Winchester ammo.

Jump back from the ledge to the lever and continue to the back of this area E over the pit. When the camera angle changes shoot the vase for a small medipack.
In the SE corner is a breakable tile, stand on it and drop one floor below. Climb up E and save.

A leap of faith

Watch that skeleton careful so you know where to jump to and time your standing jump when the emitters are out (one ledge at each emitter). Just take standing jumps from the edge of the opening starting as soon as you see the emitters go out and when you are safe on the other side, turn around and blast the skeleton into the pit.
Around the corner are squishy blocks, so carefully jump past them. The last is a running jump and grab over the pit (first walk up to the block as far as possible).

Go to the corner and slide down. You are in a pit that fills up with sand also spikes are coming down from the ceiling and on top of that a skeleton is bothering you. I used an explosive arrow that also blew away the panel in the NW corner you have to shoot out.

In the next room are two more skeletons and another opening S where you can find a Golden Sun Coin on a pedestal. When you take it the exit closes. Turn around and look up, jump up to grab the ladder and pull up. Walk to the end of this small passage and turn around to spot the jump lever. Climb down again and into the open trapdoor in front of the pedestal. Climb out at the end and place the Golden Sun Coin in its receptacle L of the doors.
Follow through and watch the fly by.

Sancho: “So Senorita, you come here to Coyote Creek and think you are gonna take all this gold?
Ha ha ha! The gold is mine and you’re not getting your hands on it.
Lara: “Well for a start, I’m not interested in taking the gold - I’m only interested in returning it to its rightful owners. Secondly, your priceless gold making machine is currently in meltdown. It wasn’t built for greedy people like you.
And finally the license on your cursed undead existence in this world has expired. So let’s settle this the old-fashioned way Senor Ramirez. Draw your guns wherever you’re ready.”

When he dies you can hear him say: “bastard”.

After shooting Sancho Ramirez gather the all the goodies that are laying around and use the lever S. Jump up on the block and that appeared W and climb even higher and place the 4 Gold Bars into the statues.

Watch the fly by and see the Midas machine destroyed.

Level 11 - The Burial Chamber
by Todd Shurtz (Raider X) and George Maciver (GMac)
(1 secret)

Chief: “ You have returned. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I wandered for many hours under the light of the moon. I felt the earth tremble and the wolves were silent.”
Lara: “Sancho Ramirez and Phoebe Jay will now also be silent.”
Chief: “You have done well. And now I feel a lightness in my spirit I have not felt since I last looked on my father’s face.”
Lara: Have you found him?”
Chief: “Come, follow me.”

Follow the chief through two gates he opens. At a certain point he will be waiting at a wall. Climb up N and follow through, at the end drop down, climb up E and follow through and spot a Feather and Pot SW. When you pick it up, the wall goes down, so return to the Chief *from the block you can grab the crack and shimmy back right to the passage to the Chief). Follow him into the opened wall and as he stops at a gate, turn around and spot the second Feather and Pot. The gate opens so follow the Chief again.

You are back at the sacred place. First you must follow the Chief and when he stops go back to the block S wall where you got the wooden handle (through the open gate SW in this cavern). Get the third Feather and Pot there. Back to the Chief. Follow him and see the wooden bridge expanding. The Chief waits at a block in the wall. Go over the bridge and to the rope. Swing to the right and jump to the slanted block, shimmy around the corner and pull up. Jump to the lever and use it. You here a secret Chime. This is SECRET # 24, Winchester 73, Colt Peacemaker, medipack, arrows and a Crossbow.
Jump in the water and climb out at the block (you know), jump to the bridge and go E to get the last Feather and Pot.
The block in the wall disappears where the Chief was standing. So go to him and follow him in.

See the fly by and when Lara runs over the walkway..

Chief: “My heart soars like the eagle. We are close my child. My destiny lies beyond this door.”
Lara: “Leave it to me Chief Dark Cloud. Opening doors is something of a specialty of mine.

Jump to the four lower pillars and facing N put the Pots with feathers in their places.
Now watch the highest pillar. Jump to it and get the Golden Feather Quill . The door N opens. Take a standing jump to the lower pillar N and a running jump to the ledge. The Chief goes through the door and lights the pyre

Chief: “It is my father. I recognize his hunting spear.”
Lara: “Your father was a great warrior. He has many feathers.”
Chief: “I have no words.”
Lara: “I will leave you now. Perhaps we will meet again one day.”
Chief: “Go in peace my child.”

This is the end.
Watch the credits of this amazing adventure, it’s worth the wait.