Lara And The Pit


Level by Isis (Sue Wicks)


Walkthrough By Yoav



Start the level with Lara standing on a dock. Take a look at a boat on the lake, you'll visit it later. You can jump into the water and swim around but the propeller boat will not allow you to swim north. Turn around and go south-west for some flares in the alcove. Meanwhile, two rats are coming from the north, kill them both and head to the north alley. Notice as Lara will turn her head right to give you some hint how to proceed. Take a look at the north wall, there's a green

trapdoor you need to raise. Stand facing the sloped east wall, jump up to grab it and roll/backflip and grab the sloped wall behind and shimmy right, then backflip and you'll land on a ledge. Face south and jump over the slope, one more jump over the sloped roof and run forward along the next roof, and at the end pick up a medipack.


Go back to the sloped roof and jump to the ledge from the right side. Reach the smoked block in front of you and stand with your back to the west, then drop and grab the jump switch and screenie will show the green trapdoor has raised. Go back to the alley and climb onto the green trapdoor you just raised.


Insertion from the builder: Before jumping back down into the alley, jump back to the flat roof in front of the smoking chimney and face the river. If you look over the sloping roof and to the left, you can just see the corner of another roof. Line Lara up with that corner, take one hop back and two steps, do a running jump to the other side of the sloping roof, then jump again to the left and Lara should land just on the corner of the roof. This is SECRET #1.

Or, a much easier but less fun way is: from the ledge in front of the smoking chimney, just jump to the sloping roof on the right and shimmy along to the end, then pull up and backflip to the secret.


Look east and you'll see an opening with a closed door for later. Right now, climb into the west opening and go right, see a carriage of refuse ready to move on the track but blocked by a block. Follow the track down to the end and from there jump to the floor. Look for a closed door you'll open later, then pull the lever and get a screenie of an opening door. Return to the green trapdoor and climb east through the open door. Now you can pull the block to free the carriage and get a screenie of the carriage parked in the track end. Go back over there and climb onto the carriage to reach the opening.


Right above Lara's head there's a green trapdoor preventing you from climbing the ladder. Drop down onto a ledge and from there you can look closer on a boat. Turn to face north and run/jump to the grate ledge, move south-west and pick up the shotgun ammo. Turn around and climb the east wall. Wait a second and do not proceed into the barrel room. Turn to face west, then take a standing jump, grab the grate ledge. Crawl into a crawlspace and drop into the room ahead, run forward, climb a half wall and be ready to kill two rats. Proceed south through a short passage and drop into a small courtyard. Kill the bats and go the east wall for a switch, this switch will open the door you saw earlier at the place with the carriage of refuse. Make your way back there and enter inside for SECRET #1. Just shoot the boxes and pick up the revolver.


Now make your way back to the barrel room. There is one big barrel at the top of the slope you should be careful of. Start sliding down the slope, when you reach the floor take a jump forward onto an opposite slope and do a backflip, you should land safely on a ledge. From the ledge you are standing on, jump forward and enter a deep pit place. Climb east and save the game before you press the switch. This switch raises three timed green trapdoors, but I found that there is plenty of time to make it to the top ledge. Anyway, press the switch and turn around, take a standing jump, grab the first trapdoor, immediately do a right sidejump and land on the second trapdoor. Face south and jump to grab the third trapdoor, turn to face north and immediately draw your pistols and shoot the boxes ahead, then jump forward onto the ledge. Pick up the Roof Key and use it in the keyhole to open a door in the west wall.   


Take a standing jump into the room you just opened and go south to open another door. Get out to the roof and kill the guard, pick up his own revolver ammo. Head south and climb the wall, then climb the west wall. You are standing on a ledge with a zip line. For a moment ingore the zip line and just run and jump to the north ledge. Kill the crow and move east down the ledge, at the end jump up to grab the ceiling and monkeyswing to the next roof. Stand close to the sloped roof and take a look on the north-west wall, you should see a jump switch. Go a few steps back and take a running jump forward as far as you can, slide a little and jump forward to grab the jump switch. As you do this, you open a door for an alcove somewhere. Go back again to the ledge with the zip line but don't use it. Simply run and jump to the west sloped roof.


Follow the next sloped roof, reach the end and drop down onto a small roof for flares. Climb the west wall and see the alcove you just opened. This is SECRET #2, so just pick up the shotgun. Jump back to the sloped roof and run to the end, and from there jump to the earlier ledge. The green trapdoor is open now so you can climb the ladder back to the ledge with the zip line.  The great moment has come and you finally can use the zip line and hope you enjoy the float? Well, never mind. From the alcove you are standing in, take a running jump and try to land onto the boat. Some homeless dude has taken controls on the boat so kill him and go south, drop into the hole and throw the switch. The propeller of the boat turns off, climb out the hole and jump into the water. Swim north until you see an underwater opening in the west side. Keep swimming inside and get from the alcove the Gate Key. Get more shotgun ammo from the floor and swim back to the boat.


Climb the green trapdoor from the right side of the boat. Then run and jump forward, grab the block and use the Gate Key at the keyhole. Jump to the bow and from there you can see the gate you opened. Take care for the wire when you jump there, kill the guards and pick up shotgun ammo. Now climb the south wall and turn west, drop to the ground and reach the large opening you might have seen in the earlier flyby.


Simply drop into the water and swim west between the columns into a tunnel and at the end pull out of the water. By standing on a designer tile a timed door is opened. Ingore it and go to the south-west alcove for a medipack and go back to the tile again.  This time run south and climb into the opening, take another jump and pass the open door before it closes. Takr care of two guards coming from the west, kill them both and get shotgun ammo. Head to the center room and you get an fixed camera angle. Climb the south block and you see an open trapdoor, which means you need to raise it up. Move south-west and climb up on the block while facing south, jump and grab the sloped block, pull up and backflip to land on a ledge.


Take a simple jump to the east block and pick up the Boogli Key, turn around and jump back. Facing south-east, take a running jump over the slopes and land on the block. In front of you is a receptacle for the Boogli Key, use it and trapdoor raises up. Now you can push the grille block onto the trapdoor and climb up the ladder into a room above for a medipack.


Time to leave this place. Go back to the block where the trapdoor is raised, there is a new opening. Follow the passage and drop into the next passage, wait for the flame to turn off in the hole ahead. Jump over it and do the same for the next hole at the end of the passage and before you slide down the slope save the game. The next move could be most challenging, as you need to act like an acrobat. Slide down and right before you reach the end jump forward, grab the pole, slide up, jump forward to grab the next pole, it should throw you on the opposite ledge. Now follow the ledge east and jump into the alcove for a medipack, turn around and go to the other side of the ledge, jump above the slope and you land onto the next ledge. Run and jump forward past the gap, grab the ceiling and monkeyswing north, drop onto a small ledge.


Look on the west wall, there is switch, right now ignore it and turn east to stand above some deadly water. As you can see, there's a crawlspace in the north wall, but it's not important for you. However, take a running jump to the east ledge and another one to the next ledge, turn south and do a running jump to the far ledge. From here simply jump onto a block and pick up the Boogli Key, you also get a screenie of an opening trapdoor. Face north and jump up, grab the new invisible floor so you can get back to the beginning. On your way, kill three rats that crawl from the crawlspace and keep to the west wall with the switch. Save the game and press the switch, it opens a timed door. Start moving north between the sloped blocks, drop down and see the trapdoor you already opened. Through the opening drop down onto a block, keep dropping and stand facing west of the deadly water with slopes. Take a standing jump, slide down and jump the next slope and the one after it, reach the passage and run forward past the door you opened into a big room.


Notice, if you missed the timed door and you do not have a savegame, there is an opening in south-west wall, jump there and enter a room. Kill the homeless dude who attacks, then stand in front of the south sloped block. Jump up, grab it and slide down past the next two slopes and climb the hole in the ceiling. Climb the north wall and through a doorway back to the switch again. 


Inside the big room climb the block while facing west. Jump and grab the floating ledge. Turn to the south ledge, jump and grab it, turn south-east and take a jump to the next ledge. Face north-east, run and jump to the ledge, then jump the west ledge.  Look in the west wall for the electricity box, since you only have the revolver without the lasersight you can't shoot it from here. Turn to face east and take a standing jump, grab the rope and turn over toward the west wall, swing three times and when you have full momentum jump forward, draw your pistols and shoot the electricity box.  Drop down, slide a slope and stand on a ledge below. A door opens down the floor, so make your way down and go over there. Step forward a little and look up for a slope, jump and grab it, pull up and backflip onto a ledge. Run/jump forward to the next ledge and reach the receptacle for using the Boogli Key and open a door in the cave. Drop down and run forward into the cave, head south-east, see the door you opened and drop to the next room.


In front of you there is a big floating diamond and if you look closer you might see there a key. Follow the ledge to the north and stand on top of a slope that has a row of flames. Start sliding down and each fire will turn off but you have to jump over the last fire. Follow the passage until you get to the end and pull there a lever, then climb the east wall and look for two openings. Climb the south opening and take a running jump to grab the opposite opening. Drop down to the bottom and pull another lever, you should get a flyby around the diamond. Climb back to the opening and from there jump/grab the ledge above, face west and jump to the sloped block. Pull up and backflip, slide down the next sloped block and jump forward to grab the block and climb onto it.


Stand with your back to the brick wall, drop and grab the east wall, then do a backflip and grab the brick wall. Move left and climb up, jump to the ledge around the diamond. From where you are standing, simply jump onto the ledge with the candlestick, then jump and grab the diamond, pull inside and pick up the Key of Eternal Happiness. Now the floor is covered with water, so drop down and swim into the east tunnel, pick up a medipack from the center hole. Keep swimming up, roll and see an underwater lever at the west wall. Pull it to turn off the big fans and quickly swim through one of them and toward the east, look for a hole. Keep swimming up the tunnel until you reach the exit hole and you're back at the lake, swim north and the level ends.