Level by Richard Lawther



Authorized walkthrough written by Selene



[Many thanks to Richard for helping me out with some important points]





After the conclusion of Astrodelica 4: 

Showing off to Lara, King Penguin tried to balance the Magic Thing on his crown but it fell off and smashed. Captain Astrodelica was furious.


Somewhere in another galaxy, quite far away, lies a small moon whose surface is entirely covered by an ocean of frigid water. There, exists ancient alien technology that can be used to create a new Magic Thing. Captain Astrodelica has dropped Lara and King Penguin off on this moon with instructions that one or other must make it to the Provider Apparatus.



Do go through the readme file before starting the level. This will give you a lot of helpful information on the level, how to get the secret etc.



Pickups: Flares, Provider Gem, small medipack, revolver, lasersight, large medipack, revolver ammo, Magic Thing + 1 Secret (the Eagle-Eyed Certificate)


Enemies: None


Identify the 4 rune symbols is the message that greets us as the level starts and we find Lara on a small rocky slab of land. You’re on the moon now and the water here is freezing cold, so do NOT under any circumstances tempt yourself into going for a dive (technically you can, but Lara will die and you’ll have to reload the game so what’s the point?). Another good idea here is to keep a pen and paper ready so that you can jot down each of the rune symbols as you come across them.


There are three bridges leading off the island: the N one down to a boat where King Penguin is waiting. You can’t get anywhere from there yet, so that leaves us with one option less. As of now you can go either E or S as you like. The preferable thing is to locate the revolver/lasersight to begin with, so head S to the Isle of the Platforms.



Pick up the flares to the left and cross the island to the bridge leading up into no where. Pointless youre saying? Wait and see.or simply walk up to the end of the bridge, turn around, drop and hang from the edge. Now look up underneath the bridge. Thats right..you will see a rune symbol- one out of the four youre looking for. This rune is according to the Futhark (the ancient runic alphabet) called Uruz and it symbolizes strength/power.    


Examine the 11 raised platforms and turn the volume up high. Walk across each of the platforms and take a note of the sounds of Laras footsteps as she walks onto them. Most of them (nine to be exact) will be just the same- a sort of hollow sound as it would be when walking across metal. The sound accompanying her footsteps as she walks across two of the platforms will be different from the rest. What you have to do is to run across these two platforms and none of the others. You can try solving this puzzle yourself or have a look at this screenshot for the location of the two tiles in question


When done correctly a block rises at the S end. Climb onto it (being careful not to step onto any other platforms- if you do so the block will lower again). Do a standing jump to grab the isle above and pull up. You might notice a tile with a frame around it at the middle of the isle. There is a column tucked away in the corner and this is moveable- your next task is in other words to find a way of moving it onto said tile. However, you can NOT under any circumstances move it across the tiles that have tiny green squares on them- spears will pop up and impale Lara if you do this. You can retrieve the Provider Gem placed upon the white pedestal at the far end now or after moving the column. After you’ve done both a pair of flame emitters will be put out down at the Isle of Fire.


The secret here is quite simple: NEVER stop on the spear tiles, just continue pushing it until you‘re standing on a safe tile. Stand behind the column and push it 6 tiles forwards. Go around it to the left and push it 2 tiles S, then move around to the left again and push it straight onto the middle tile.



Now you can head over to the white pedestal and retrieve the gem if you haven‘t already. As you do so youll see the Isle of Fire down below and some flame emitters are turned off. Head down the stairs beyond the pedestal and follow the path around to the right and then left to pick up a small medipack. Stay away from the elevated platforms though- Lara will catch fire if she gets too close to them.


Return to the stairs where you came down and go around to the right, then climb the elevated block in the corner. The moment you step onto this block look to the left to see that a second pair of flame emitters that have been put out in front of a second flight of stairs. The moment you step off this block a timer will start and you have to reach the stairs BEFORE the flame emitters come back on and saying this timed run is difficult is a major understatement.  Heres my way of doing it:


Stand on the left tip of the block and run off. Sprint forwards a little bit, release the sprint key and veer right, then sprint down the next part. Let go of sprint before turning the corner, run to the edge and jump. Press Action in the last moment to grab the edge ahead and pull up. Immediately do a standing jump forwards and keep running and start sprinting just as you turn the corner of the fire platform. Sprint a bit forwards, release the sprint key and start jumping in zigzags between the fire platforms (just take care that you do NOT get close to them, jump across them, run across them etc.). At the end veer right at the corner of the last platform and dash up the stairs before the flame emitters come back on.


NOTE: Sprinting during the timed run can be rather difficult and it leaves you with less control when turning the corners etc. You can do it if you like, that’s how I did it and it worked fine for me. It is also fully possible to make the timed run with runs and jumps only. In the words of the level builder: The critical step is jumping before the gap so you can run/jump from the edge and save some time.


Cross the floating isle on top and the next bridge W. Walk around and enter the building. Pick up the revolver and lasersight from the pedestals (youll need it for finding the secret). Combine the two and aim for the huge eye up in the ceiling (Lara will actually aim for it by herself, even if you only have the pistols drawn). Shoot it and the second rune appears: Gebo- the rune symbolizing gifts.


Return to the Isle of Fire the way you came (the flame emitters will not come back on at all, but you’ll still have to avoid the platforms). Before the stairs leading up to where you found the gem draw the revolver and look up to the left underneath the rocks. Here you’ll find Sphere # 1 (screenshot), shatter it before continuing up the stairs and drop back down onto the Isle of the Platforms. Now return to the starting point the way you came before.




Head down the E bridge- you’ll reach the Isle of the Runes. Here you’ll find 8 raised platforms, each one decorated with a rune. You might recognize Uruz at the middle of the far left row and Gebo at the bottom of the middle row. We have yet to find out the remaining two runes so cross the island and locate a row of platforms floating in the water to the N/W. There’s also a bridge to the E, but you won’t be able to go all the way to the next island as there’s a closed gate at the approximate middle of the bridge.


Stand at the N/W corner rune and do a running jump to reach the first platform. In this case you’ll have to be a bit cautious in your attempt to follow across the trail of platforms. Normally Lara would stop at the edge if you’re walking, but in this case she won’t and so she’ll die if you step off the edge of the platform. You’ll have to reach the third and last platform by a series of running jumps. Just avoid stepping of the sides and you should make it there. But first of all: standing on the first platform turn around to face the Isle of the Runes. Now arm Lara with the revolver again and start searching underneath said isle. Here you should be able to find Sphere # 2 (see screenshot if you‘re having trouble locating it). After shooting it you can continue the jump sequence across the platforms.



>From the last platform do a long running jump to the island with the rainbow glow underneath it. Walk around to the opposite side and here you’ll find what looks like a raised bridge. You’ll have to reach the level above and to do this walk to the edge (facing the bridge) and hop backwards. Start running, jump at the edge and in mid-air roll so that Lara ends up facing the opposite direction right before she hits the bridge. Continue pressing Jump and as she leaps into the air press Action. If this is done correctly she’ll grab the ladder opposite and you can climb up to the top.


Here you’ll find a multi-levelled walkway, two moon globes and two levers. Notice that there are two corner tiles here: N/E and S/W decorated with a picture of the moon Your ultimate goal is to place the moon globes on each their corner tile and this is done by raising and lowering parts of the walkway.


The rules are as follows:

Smaller rising block up on its own - globe is pushed one block high.
Taller rising platform up on its own - globe is pushed two blocks high (lower platform)
Taller rising platform up and smaller rising block up - globe is pushed three blocks high (upper platform)

Face S and pull the rightmost lever (this we’ll call Lever # 1- the other one is # 2) to raise some platforms and lower others. Now move one of the moon globes onto the nearby lowered platform. Return and push the second lever to raise the platform up to the second level. Climb onto the walkway and pull/push the moon globe all the way to the end. Now return to the ground and push Lever # 1 once and then push Lever # 2 back into its original. Go back up to the moon globe, push it onto the “elevator” and head down to the ground. This time push lever # 2. You can now go and move the moon globe onto the nearby moon tile. A blue diamond surrounded by electrical currents appears on top of the globe.


Now you know what to do. To cut things short I will simply list which lever/s to push for each move. It’s obvious that you’ll need to climb up to the globe and push/pull it further along the walkway every time you push a lever and as said before your goal is to move the globe onto the second moon tile. I’m not going to go into a lengthy explanation here: if you’ve moved the first globe all the way around you shouldn’t have any problems figuring out how to deal with the second. 


Once the second globe has been positioned in the correct spot you’ll see a camera shot of a zip line appearing somewhere nearby. Push both levers again and you can now climb up to the zip line and ride it to the island at the far end. Just keep pressing Action and when Lara drops >from the zip line she’ll automatically grab the edge of the island.




Now you have to find a way upwards. Climb the ladder in the corner N/E. Stand with Lara’s back to the slope, walk forwards and stop at the edge, then backflip onto the slope. Immediately jump forwards and grab the ladder. Climb up and around to the opposite side. Climb down as far as possible, Lara still with her legs tucked up on the ladder, and backflip/roll/grab to reach the next ladder. Climb around to the right and on the other side climb down as far as you can again and backflip to land on top of a stone pillar.


Do an angled standing jump to grab the next ladder. Climb around to the left and down until Lara is about one step from the bottom of the ladder, then backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind. Continue climbing around to the right, then down and left around the corner. Climb down until Lara is hanging from the bottom rung, drop and grab the edge of the platform below. Shimmy around to the left until she can pull up onto a pillar.


From here do a long running jump and a grab in the last moment to reach the floating platform N. At this point look up at the ceiling to locate Sphere # 3 (screenshot). When you find it arm Lara with the revolver and shoot it. Now turn around towards the pillar you came from and look left to find another row of ladders. They can easily be reached from here by an angled standjump and grab >from the edge of the pillar. Climb around to the left until you can climb upwards and pull up into the room above. You‘ll see a pillar rising down on the ground.


Up here you’ll find two empty pedestals and two levers. Push the leftmost lever and a large medipack + some revolver ammo appears on each of the two pedestals. Now push the rightmost lever to uncover a zip line over at the edge. Note that when riding this it is essential that you drop off at the last moment, otherwise Lara won’t survive the fall. You have to estimate the drop so that she lands on the taller block in the corner of the next island. This will cause her to lose about 2/3 of her health (provided that you have absolutely no health loss from before). The only other options are: A) Having her bones crushed against the hard rocks or B) Drown in the icy water. Apparently losing more than half of her health is by far the preferred alternative.



First of all push the lever near the W bridge. This opens the two gates on said bridge (you now have free passage between this island and the one with the rune platforms). Now cross the island and the E bridge. There’s another bridge going N and also two gates preventing you from going across. Walk around to the back of the sloping block and on the wall here you’ll find two pieces that combined make up a rune symbol. When you pulled the lever these pieces started rotating so watch them closely until they merge into one symbol. This is the rune Wunjo, standing for joy, comfort and pleasure.


Return to the island with the rotating pawns (personally I think they look a bit like rotating pins of some sort) and watch the colour schemes of the three pawns near the lever closely. There is one combination in particular to take into consideration:

Blue- Red- Green- Yellow


Now you have to step onto the raised platforms with pawns that have colours matching the combination mentioned above. There are three of them altogether, you can try to solve this puzzle yourself or if you need further assistance see screenshot.



When this is done correctly a camera shot comes up showing the two gates on the N bridge being raised. Cross the bridge over to Isle of the Telescope. Approach the binoculars, stand in front of it and press Action. Lara will look into the binoculars, seeing a telescope appearing out of the globe on the rocks ahead and through the telescope you’ll be shown the fourth and final runic symbol: Algiz- a rune relating to protection. Do not leave yet though, from the N/E corner of the isle look up across the sky and you’ll find Sphere # 4 (see screenshot if you‘re having trouble locating it). As you shoot it an item will appear on the pedestal up at the Isle of Fire.


You have now found all four runes and all you need is to retrieve the secret. Head back across the bridge to the Isle of the Pawns and from there cross the second bridge to the Isle of the Runes. Step onto the four elevated platforms depicting the four runes you have seen: Uruz- Gebo- Wunjo- Algiz (see screenshot if you’re having trouble).


A short fly-by shows a zip line stretching across from the starting point over to an isle we haven’t visited yet, go back there and climb the raised block. We’ll get there soon, but first we’re going to backtrack a bit to get the level’s only secret.



Return to the starting point and head across the bridge to the Isle of the Platforms. You might have to solve the puzzle again to raise the block so that you can reach the island above. Cross it and go back down to the Isle of Fire, then follow the path left like you did during the timed run. Jump across the gap and head around to the left, but instead of continuing turn around again and look slightly right towards the poles with the spheres on top. Standjump over there and (provided that you’ve found and shot all four spheres already) pick up the one and only secret: the Eagle-Eyed Certificate.



It’s time to go back now, so return to the Isle of the Platforms and cross the bridge back to the starting point. Climb the block here and ride the zip line across to the other side. Stand in front of the octagonal receptacle and place the Provider Gem inside. The odd-looking helmet is lowered down onto Lara’s head- reading her mind and once done she can pick up the Magic Thing from the pedestal. A block rises underneath the zip line on this isle too, so you can get back where you came from.


It is now time to leave this place so go down the stairs towards the boat where King Penguin is waiting and sail off into the horizon to end another splendid adventure.