Back to Basics 2008 - In Cuzco


Level by Jonson


Authorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.



Lara walks around a valley near Cuzco when suddenly a trapdoor opens beneath her feet and she falls into a big, deep hole...


After sliding down the waterfall a Native will attack, take him out and head E into a settlement, turn left and go to the end of the path. Jump up the sloped ground W next to the hut and find the Jump switch NW, a door will open up somewhere. Go back and turn left at the crossing, underneath the waterfall is a big door, but to the left is the door you opened. Go in and up the higher floor, shoot the tiny raptors and around right in the back is a switch opening up a trapdoor near the fireplace. The entrance closed up so just drop down and land in a water filled tunnel, follow and open the underwater door around the corner, swimming through you'll be taken by the current and end up in a large lake.


The Temple Cave


Swim left into the opening in the rocks and climb up at the end, turn around and jump to the pole to swing across to the rock in the corner. Hop into the opening E and follow up to where you look out over the lake. There's a switch on the wall, raising a block in the lake. Dive down into the lake and get onto the block to climb up to the Temple entrance. Quickly run to the pillar SE and grab the crack before those Skellies cut you in half. Shimmy around the pillar to the left and drop on a ledge. Run-jump with a curve to a ledge S and continue in that direction. A few jumps and a crawl through gets you to a tiny ledge from where you have to do a diagonal run curving left and then jump to the brick ledge E, onwards to the ledge at the water level near the waterfall and jump across to the N. Go up to the monkey swing along the N wall and get inside the tunnel there, shoot the tiny raptors.


Follow to a ladder; go up to the top and 2 steps down, backflip (no roll) and jump again to grab the ledge in front. Use the lever and go out onto a rock ledge up over the lake and pick up the Uzi ammo SW. Go to the Zip-line there, use it to go over the waterfall and grab the edge of the stone bridge there. Walk N a bit and face the ledge with the switch W, from the higher part of the floor you can just run-jump over there. The switch will open the big doors N, run-jump onto the higher ledge you can see just around the corner N and get the Medipack there. Jump back down to the bridge, get the Flares and enter the doors N.


The Shotgun


You'll slide down into a room with a lot of human remains. Get the Shotgun from the pedestal straight ahead and collect the 2x Shotgun Ammo left and right of the pedestal. Dive into the hole in the floor NW and throw the underwater lever, quickly resurface facing E and run-jump onto the timed block. Grab up left onto the ledge, face S and stand-jump to grab the pillar with the emitter. Carefully step past that nasty vase and save, time the burner and the teeth spikes to do a run-jump to the ledge S. Go in and get past the Skeleton, roll and shoot it off the ledge. Pull that cage there towards the E as far as possible so you'll have a way back to the bridge later.


Skeleton Shoot, the Golden Key


Enter the room E and jump over the ledges to the N side, shooting Skeletons as they appear. There are 2 statues there, move the right hand one to the side so you can get the level's Secret, a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Go up the block NW and grab up N, turn around and shoot all incoming Skeletons. Collect Shotgun Ammo W and go over to the grassy area S. Collect more Shotgun Ammo and grab up to the ledge up S. Make your way over to the far N ledge where you can get the Golden Key.


Drop from this ledge and then down to that block NW and make your way back to that cage you pulled out, get past it and run-jump to the left out of the opening to get back to the bridge. If you happened to land in the water there, climb back on the bridge S and from there (higher part of the bridge) take a run-jump up to the ledge with the lock SW to open the S side doors with the Key. Jump back and save in front of that ridge. Jump over from the right hand side and slide down into the next Skeleton challenge.


Spikes and Skeletons


Turn left and shoot that Skeleton into the deep pit behind the popping up spears. Time the hop through the Spikes to get to the E side of that room. In the corner N is some Shotgun Ammo, then go S, hop over the Knives and go into the room left. Crawl along the E side under the Blade and get up the ladder past a closed gate. Take care of more enemies up there and head to the other side W to throw the switch that will open the gate at the ladder. Go back there and get in from the ground floor, follow through and come to a ledge near the waterfall, run-jump out with a right hand curve to land in the pool behind the fence.


The Shallow Pool


There's a small medipack E and you'll find a Jump switch N, opening a door on a ledge outside. Face NW looking out over the bridge area and run-jump out with a right hand curve and a grab in the end to get onto that ledge with the skull fences below. Throw the lever there to lower a block. Stand on the S end and look left to find the ledge you have to jump to with a grab (under the upper floor). Pull up and grab the monkey swing, follow to the other side and go left to the wall. Slide down to the pointy ledge and run-jump to the swing pole from there. Swing to the ledge with the lever that will open the trapdoor at the shallow pool above.


Back up


Dive into the water, climb out onto the bridge near the S side doors and go down that nasty room again. Up the crawlspace and jump up to the shallow pool again. Now you can go up the ladder S and climb the ledge S up there, get the Shotgun Ammo and go over to the NE ledge. From there jump to the ledge up SE and throw the lever to open the gate W. Go through to end up in an Inca outpost.


Inca Outpost


Two Natives will try to prevent you from entering, do it anyway and go all the way behind the hut N where a Medipack is hidden behind a plant with big leaves. Go back and now enter the hut N. Stand E of the block with the flames and face W, hop on the block when you expect the flames to go down and run-jump with a slight curve, onto (or grab) the pillar SW. Throw the lever and go do the same thing to the other side of the room. The door opens N. Go through the trap and stand in the NE corner facing W, stand under that swing pole and turn to the W, stand in the middle of the pole and jump straight up to swing to the opening up W. Throw the lever in the window sill and a block will rise outside. Jump to the block and then jump to activate the Jump lever. The gate will open up.


For the Crowbar


Now go through the open gate and swim across the pool to that building, climb out and head to the N side, from there take a run-jump over to those flat rocks NE and make your way over and up to the E wall. Grab a crack there and shimmy to the right to find the crawlspace there. Go through to end up on a ledge over the outpost. Save here and run-jump with a left curve around the rock pillar to the ledge NE, then a left curved stand-jump NE and then run-jump over to that triangular corner ledge E. Take a stand-jump with a left curve to get around the corner to the next one (S) and now jump to the roof of the hut and get onto the top. Go over to the S side, near the SW corner and spot the flat ledge near the lower part of the roof. Slide down and run-jump across to the S side of the opposite hut and go just over the top, from there take a run-jump to grab that arch E and get the Crowbar there.




Get back to the first hut (N) and hop onto the flat corner left (SW), a diagonal run over this corner to jump and grab that balcony of the hut W, open the crowbar door and get in, next to the double doors W is a lever that will open them up. Step out onto the terrace looking out over the lake; don't slide down while you take care of those Natives.


Going N (under the waterfalls) grab 2 small medipacks and some Shotgun ammo. Turn around and go up the tunnel S and down the S side to a deadly pool.


Deadly Pool, to the Torch (Looks like there are more ways to get through this room, this is how we did it.)


Run-jump left around the corner to that tiny ledge and run-jump to the swing pole, swing to land on the (underwater) block at the wheel. Use the wheel (stand in front and hit Ctrl) and jump to a breakable tile ahead, immediately jump again to get to the safe brick ledge. Grab up to the ledge above S (before the skeleton has a chance to jump across to you) and turn around to run-jump and grab the ladder on the block on the W wall. Go up and back flip with a roll to grab the next ladder, climb around left and get Lara’s feet on the bottom of the ladder before doing another back-flip roll to grab a ledge. Run-jump and grab the central pillar and run-jump to grab a grated platform N, pull up in the crevice and climb down left where you'll find some Torches. Throw one or two into the opening N from the block there and get back into the crevice to drop to the grated platform. Run down to the platform S and from there a run-jump with grab into that tunnel N. Climb up and get into the crawlspace to the left, drop into a room with a fire on the floor.


The Torch


Face SW and run-jump with a roll onto the slanted block next to the fire (a standing jump and a simple back flip into the alcove will do the trick, too) and jump to grab the ledge up over the flames. From there a run-jump NW and grab the ladder. Climb up and up again on the rock, take from there a jump SW to the torches and get one. Throw it down into the room below making sure you see where it lands. Go make your way down and get the torch, ignite it at the fire and light the dragonhead on the W wall, the door opens up N. Leave the Torch.


Carefully go in and duck, crawl under the Blades and stand up when possible to run into the safe pit ahead and climb up N on the left, go through the next set of Spikes and shoot a native to get to a switch near a fence. You'll see those big doors open up at that temple near the lake (below). Now get back to those Spikes and stand on the safe spot right and in front of the pit. Run-jump diagonally to the left hand side of the Blade passage and run behind the Blade and duck. Get back through the passage to the room with the fire and pull up into the crawlspace E, go left down the tunnel and run over the terrace to the lake. Jump in and climb out at the open doors W.


Back to the Settlement


Follow in and throw the switch to the left to open the next doors and find yourself back at the start. Go right and to the door in the left hand hut to open it with the Crowbar. Climb up to the left inside and go out onto a balcony. Turn around and grab up to the roof from the right hand side. Go as far S as possible and run-jump over to the roof of the other hut, go over the waterfall to the crawlspace SE, get in and shoot the native to get to the switch near the fence.


The Mask


A flyby will show an artifact in the pool near the temple. Get back, drop from the waterfall and go into the big doors E to follow back to the pool, dive in to get the Mask and then return to the Settlement W, as a trapdoor opened up in the hut there. Go back and get over to the roof of the hut like you did before and now jump up to the top of the E hut. Climb down the ladder and go into the open trapdoor in the lower part of the hut.


Swim through the tunnel again and end up in the Temple Lake. Climb out and place the Mask to the right of the big doors. Had no Shotgun Ammo left, so I lured the Skeletons away to sprint back and quickly placed the Mask. Go out into a dark canyon, cross just one bridge and grab up to the W wall, shimmy right and around the corner to get to a ledge with a switch. It will open up a trapdoor on the canyon floor. Get back along the rock wall and go S over the bridge, face SE from the tip of the rock ledge and stand-jump down into the open trapdoor (or take one step back from the SE tip and do a fancy swan dive). The current will take you out to a lake where the level will end.