Back to Basics 2008 - Water of Life


Level by eRIC


Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


6 secrets



An old legend says that in a remote valley of Peru, at the foot of the Andes mountains, a tribe named the Jivaiti-Jivaitipas had built a shrine to collect water from above that is supposed to give life and healing wherever it runs. In fact, the Jivaiti and the Jivaitipas never really came to an accord to know what to decide. Only they built and sealed a cistern to retain a part of this water, and worshipped it, which was of no use to them when hard times came.

When Lara arrived in this forgotten valley, the first thing she noticed is the perfume of death that was over the desolated place: deadly water, no bird singing, bones scattered on the ground…and this unspeakable feeling that danger is around the corner. What will come out of this mess?



Walk onto the ledge to the right and hop to the one against the N wall. Jump over the deadly water to the ledge between the 2 slanted pillars S and turn around facing NW, take a jump with grab around the right hand corner to the ledge in the NW. Get the Shotgun ammo there. Jump back over the water to the ledge N. Go to the end and face S, a run jump with a slight right curve to the rocks S and slide jump with a curve left to rock in deadly water. (It is also possible to reach the rock in the deadly water with a single long run jump.)


The 3 Cogs


Stand on the highest tip of this rock, face E and jump over to the right hand side of the rock under the bridge.


Face NE and stand jump with a right curve around the corner to grab the ledge behind the fence you found the shotgun ammo to get the first Cog. (If this jump seems too hard, you can also run-jump from the ledge N of the pool onto a slanted rock under the ledge with the Cog, jump again to end up on the ledge with the Cog.)


Hop back, grab the edge and drop down to a ledge below. Jump back N and go jump over to the rock in the water again (you can also do a run-jump to this rock from the ledge where the cog was). Jump onto that rock E again and turn around, grab the monkey swing and go over to the opening W. Face NE and jump out left to grab the ledge, jump E and then onto the bridge E, grab the second Cog there and jump back to the corner ledge NW. Face SW and jump up to the higher ledge so you can hop onto the bridge S. Go to the lever E and throw it to see a door open up. Hop back to the ledge NW. Hang from the S side and do drop/grabs to get down to the water level. Jump to the rock in the water and face NW, a run-jump up onto the ledge in the NW corner where you see the fire. Go up into the open door N and shoot the Wolves inside. Pick up the Flares and go for the third Cog on the pedestal W. return outside and climb up to the right where the fire is now gone, follow this passage to where you can place the Cogs. An electric tile becomes active in the left corner, stand on the electric tile and the big doors downstairs will open. Go back a bit, turn right to the monkey swing and drop out backwards, hand right and safety drop to the ledge below to go into the big doors W.


The Big Hall, the Temple Key


Shoot the Wolf, go to the left (S) into a Big Hall, hang on the ledge, shimmy right around the corner and back flip to the pillar, face E and step as far back as possible, do a curved run over the pillar and jump to grab the ledge with the blades. Shimmy to just right of the middle where you can safely pull up. Now a side jump over the spot between the 2 blades and get Secret #1, the Shotgun on the floor N.


Climb into the window there and stand jump out with a right curve so you can grab the slanted wall again. Shimmy right around the corner and back flip to that same pillar, hop to next pillar S. Run jump with a left curve down onto the slanted ledge SE near bridge, shimmy right to the flat part. Pull up, use the wheel turn and run jump to the other side, hit roll as soon as you bump into the timed gate. Watch out for the darts and pick up the small medipack just around the corner.


Walk along the right hand side of the passage and climb up into the first opening E, just before the swinging hammers, jump out left onto the ledge outside for Shotgun ammo. Stand jump up into the window NW and drop carefully back into the passage, duck under the darts and pick up the Medipack. Crawl to the W side of the darts and face S to time the hammer, run around the right hand corner. Get the Temple Key from the pedestal. Go back out passing the same hammer and climb up into the window. Jump down with a left curve to grab the slanted wall then shimmy back to the entrance, go out N and use the Temple key N.


Entering The Temple


Go into the open doors W, follow through and shoot the 2 Raptors, turn back and walk towards the big doors. To the right of the right hand door is a small triangular opening, which will be closed off when the door opens. Sprint to the door diagonally so you can turn into that opening and follow through to get Secret #2, a Medipack. Go back to where you shot those raptors and go right (N).


A Torch


Save and run-jump to the left side of the first timed platform, curve sharp right while doing a running jump up onto that floor to the right. In a pit there you'll find Secret #3, the Revolver ammo. Stand N of that pit and hop down onto the left hand side of the second platform, run curving right and jump at the last moment to get over a Spike pit into the opening E.


Get one of the Torches and walk on the platform over the Spikes, jump up to the slanted part S, follow through to the end and the platforms will come up again, no need for those as you can run-jump back into the entrance with a left curve from the W end of this ledge. (Or go back to the other side and stand on the platform over the Spikes. From the middle of it a stand jump to the first platform, a running jump to the second and then jump to safety.)


Igniting the Torch


Go through the hallway and jump into the opening S (with Torch), hop onto the ledge in the water and immediately back flip before the Knives close. Jump to the ledge again and stand SW. Run-jump up another ledge and immediately run curving left to jump into opening S. Slide as far as possible and jump left to the ledge, ignoring that pole. Now jump W over the slanted blocks and go over the bridge to a room where you can ignite the Torch at the skull on the stick. Hop onto the windowsill N and throw the torch through the small opening on the right. Return to the bridge and walk to the end, use the monkey climb, turn right and drop to slide jump to the ledge on the left. Now use the swing pole, grab the swing pole with a standing jump (place Lara near the yellow vase) to get back up and climb up. Run-jump with a left curve over the slanted floor onto that block in the pit, jump to the exit N. Pick up the Torch and ignite the two skulls on a stick near the gate W and enter with the Torch.


The Temple


Run through the standing spikes timing the Teeth spikes, face N and jump in the opening up there and light the skull on a stick. Watch the flyby of the Temple area. Go back to the corridor and ignite the skeleton on the floor. This will deactivate a double spike trap so don’t rush in though. Go up the passage and run over a collapsible tile to jump to the central structure and leave the Torch there, as you won't need it again. Mind the opening in the floor and run-jump to the ledge W. Here you need 2 Masks you'll find later.


Go inside, turn around and climb up the ladder on the left to the ledge above and jump NE. Walk along this ledge to the end. E is a crack, jump and grab there, hang left and pull up, stay close to the wall while you walk left around the corner at the flame. Get Secret #4, Revolver ammo. 


To the Top


Go back the same way and when on the yellow ledge over the Mask entrance W you have to jump and grab a pointy ledge sticking out to the E, there's a closed door here for later. Hop up onto the block next to that door (SE), turn around and again a jump/grab to the ledge sticking out to the E. Face E and jump to grab the monkey climb to get to the middle structure. Go over to the E side and run jump to the ledge over the closed door E, pick up the small medipack, use the monkey climb to get back to the middle structure. Stand under that arch S and turn so you face N, hop back and slide to a ledge with Shotgun ammo, duck to pick it up. Stand back and back flip onto the arch, and then jump to get back up to the middle structure. You can do the same moves on the N side of the structure to get a small medipack.


Take a run jump to the S ledge (SE corner). Turn W to that triangular opening behind the orange arch and a stand jump with Ctrl to get behind it, the spiked door opens, get Secret #5, the Revolver ammo. Go inside and use the lever in the S alcove to open a door. Go back and climb the left hand ladder at the exit to get up again. Go W to the ledge and face W standing against the wall. Run off onto the ledge below and walk over to the end. Here you can do a run-jump and grab to that pointy ledge sticking out to the E, the door is now open.


Go left inside and enter SW, shoot Gong (look up), to open the spike gate near the entrance. Continue through the passage and turn around to shoot 2 Raptors coming in, go back past the Gong to the front room and enter the open spiked gate NW. Run to that small edge and duck behind it to let the boulder to pass, then get the Flares and a Shotgun.


The Crypts


Get in and shoot more Raptors. Go S and into a crawlspace under the wooden walkway, shoot the small poisonous dino. Climb up S into a room where 3 Artifacts have to be placed later. Look up N over the entrance and use the jump lever there to raise a block in the room. Climb up again and go N to the opened gate and through to the wooden walkway.


Timed Gate, the Doors Key


Go to ground floor and go through N to a room with a timed gate up N. I did like this; stand left of the texture on the floor, which will trigger the gate to open up. Run with a left curve over the texture and jump up to the second step of the steps leading to the burning vase. You have to land on the right hand side and do a side flip onto the ledge left. Immediately a side flip right to the ledge leading to the gate and sprint in there. Throw the lever to open some big doors. Get out, slide down to that texture and go out, turn right and take the second left, through the open doors. Get the Doors Key from the pedestal. Shoot the Raptor coming in from behind you.


T -Rex Lair, Lever Puzzle for a Golden Token


Go out and NW and shoot the T-Rex (just run under the soft belly and shoot it with the Shotgun. Find some shotgun ammo in its lair W. Go to the SE corner and face N, back flip onto the slanted block, jump and grab the block in front of you. Pull up over the top and jump/grab the first pole, now keep jumping poles and jump off the last onto a slanted block. Immediately back flip with a roll to grab the next pole, go all the way to the other end, and jump off onto a slanted block, slide and grab the ledge. Walk over to the zip line and watch the flyby of the next puzzle room. Now get to the zip line and slide down, get rid of the 3 dogs and skeleton.


In the NE corner you can pick up Shotgun ammo, then have a look at that texture up N. There are 4 more textures and each one contains a part of the one N. Throw the lever under the texture part that can be found on the N side texture.


NW texture- Left hand lever


SW texture- Right hand lever


SE texture- Right hand lever


NE texture- Left hand lever


The Flames go out so you can get the first (of three) Golden Token and release two wraiths. Run S, drop to the ground floor and run out N straight into the room opposite and run around the statue to get rid of the wraiths.


Go out and right to that main room with the wooden walkway. Climb the lower block and run-jump to grab the one E, then jump into the opening S and follow to the keyhole for the Doors Key, gates open up, take care of the Skeletons that showed up and jump to the high pillar and climb up E.


Block Puzzle, Magic Ledges for a Golden Token


Go into the room E and head S to jump down through the opening in the grated floor into the room below, pull/push the Skull cage on tile S. Use the lever in the passage SW and turn around run E and crawl in E. Climb up for the Shotgun ammo and jump back over to the Skull cage that is now on the grated floor. Push the block N and over both flames on the skulls with sticks below and get a fly by of ledges in the main area.


Go out W and the door SW is open so you can jump to the first Magic Ledge. Turn around and jump/grab to the crack SW, shimmy to the right and drop onto the ledge over that Knife trap. Run-jump to grab to one of the ledges under the statues W, shimmy around to pull up at the second Golden Token. Drop down into the room where the key was and head back to the main area.


The Knife-trap Crawlspace for a Golden Token


Climb the low block and jump grab up to the magic ledge. Spot the crawlspace in the N wall and run-jump there with a curve to grab the edge, go in and stay low, as a Knife trap on the ceiling will be activated. Go on to another Knife trap, stand on the right hand side and jump over to the other side alcove, turn around and stand jump with a grab so you will land in the safe corner of the ledge with the trap. Turn E and stand jump grab to the grating above. Go over to the other side and follow left into the room with the third Golden Token. Go out and left. Go all the way to the end and right to get back to the ledge with the keyhole. Drop down to the ground floor and hop onto the wooden walkway S, go through the opening SW and place the 3 Golden Tokens in that room, turn left and go left into the open door S.


The First Jivaiti Mask


Go to the bridge, stand on the left side near the middle, run over the collapsible tile and jump straight to the one ahead, a stand jump turning to the right a bit to the next and a running jump from that one to get across. Shoot the skeleton into the pit under the bridges and go follow in to the left to pick up the Jivaiti Mask. Go back to the pit and run-jump to grab the rope. Swing across and land on a remaining platform, quickly run to safety and head right into a newly opened gate to follow that passage with the Gong to the Temple structure. Jump up (NW) and again to the SE and get up to the monkey climb and go over to the top of the structure. Now run-jump to a ledge NW and go inside, throw the lever N to open a remaining door E. Climb the ladder SE and run-jump back to the top of the structure.


Go to the E side and run-jump to grab one of the pointy ledges right or left of the opened door. Drop and grab, then shimmy to get to the door and follow in.


Hammer, Boulders and Spikes


Stand right or left and aim for the ledge under the Hammer, run jump when the Hammer starts to move away from the ledge (you can also stand save at the outer corner and then time the rest….), a running jump curved to the Spikes ledge. They should just be up so when you land there and the spikes come up you'll have to start the first jump a bit later. Run over the Spike ledge curved sharp to one of the Boulder slopes and you have to land behind the incoming boulder. A platform went up so now you can enter the passage E.


Target Shoot!!


Go E to the last room left and in the middle is a trigger tile opening up the gates around you. You have to shoot the vases inside except for the purple one NW, this way you will open up a trapdoor in the room S. When you run over the trigger tile and into the gate with the purple vase afterwards, you can shoot it and a block will lower and there is Secret #6, the Revolver.


Go to the room S and down the ladder, shoot the Wolf and go right around the middle gates and turn right into that room S to get a small medipack, go into the  E opening, cross the bridge in the start area and turn to the right at the end to get the second Jivaiti Mask. Shoot the Wolf coming for you.


Retrace your steps to the trapdoor and climb up, go out N and left through the corridor and go left into the first passage (S), in the end a door opened up. There's a pit with Spikes. On the ledge to the left is Shotgun ammo, go get that and jump back. Now go for the pole and straight forwards to the rope. Swing straight to grab a narrow ledge and shimmy into the opening right (N).


Go to the outside (left) and take a running jump to land on the lower floor of the middle structure, go jump over to the W side and place the 2 Masks there. Watch the flyby OR jump straight and grab a ladder, let go, slide backwards and grab, pull up and back flip. Go W to place the masks.


Now take a running jump back to the middle of that structure and hop into the now open trapdoor. In the room below and E is an underwater door, swim through, watch fly by of all the deadly water turning safe.


Turn right and swim through to climb out near a water wheel. Jump onto the wheel and grab the ledge above to watch the final flyby of life coming back to this place, all thanks to Lara.