Burning Library


Level by M@ster aka Bartlomiej Baron (February, 2001)


Walkthrough by Michael Prager


This short adventure starts with a short flyby of the… (duh!) Burning Library. So avoid fires and steam as best as you can and first go to the NE corner (keep right) to pick up a small medipack and the flip a wall lever in the area next to it. There is another small medipack centrally on the west wall and some flares behind the block you raised with the lever in the NE corner. Go up the block and into the room above.


Jump up the blocks, note the star receptacle and climb up the pole and backflip into the next higher room. Use the jumpswitch to open the doors, and inside go to the right and pick up the crowbar on a wooden box. Go to the other side of the room and stepping on the coloured floor tiles against the south wall will lower two raising blocks on the north side.


Go in and pry the Golden Star off the wall in the back (watch out as fire and steam will be starting). Then go back down the pole and place the star. Enter the newly opened door, get a short flyby and then push the planet to the one circle tile that is not burning.


The flyby will show you where to go and as soon as you enter the now open door and step on the circle floor tile the level will end (and crash to the desktop).