Tarragona: World Heritage 4
Devil's Lair.

Walkthrough by Dutchy

If you came here from the Secret tunnel in level 3, just safety drop down the shaft after shooting the barrier at that Secret Skull and slide into level 4. After the flyby of this surreal world, you can get the flares to the R and get a cutscene of the house below. There are many cutscenes in this level and they will sometimes show you where certain Items can be found or used.

From picking up the Flares, go to the other (W) side of the ledge (remember the following route as you will go up more that once) and standjump/grab to that open staircase SW with the Ammo, go on up and find the Ammo near the wall, go stand on the middle of the last flat ledge, with your back to the black and white sloped block and backflip to it, jump and grab the MS ceiling, climb along some bends and curves and come to the end of this MS. Drop and fall on a sloped block, immediately jump/grab again to catch on to the lower MS under the green floor, follow almost to the end (middle of last square) and just let go to slide onto a ledge with some Ammo right at your feet. Now go stand on the SE corner of this ledge and against the black pillar, turn facing W and take a step or two forward, now just a hop back and you’ll land on a sloped block, the moment you touch the next slope, jump hard R and land inside an alcove with Secret #1, a Grenade-gun.

1st Capital Sin.

Hop S over the ridge to slide down the slope and almost at the end, jump/grab another MS under that ledge above. Maybe Lara won’t move forward on the MS, turn sideways and hold “Shift” then push the L arrow key and she will climb sideways down to the flat part, now turn back facing the opened gate and drop on a sloped block. Get the Ammo where you land. Pull out some heavy gun and follow in to meet the 2 Black Ninjas, shoot them and go collect the 2 Wraith Souls (Golden Vraeus), place one of them where you entered and one on top of the sloped passage, to open the door up N at the end of the passage, go to the edge and runjump out to the R, go over that roof to the SE corner and get some Ammo before you drop/hang from the edge of the roof. Climb down and to the R into an alcove with the 1st Capital Sin (Hand of Sirius) and you’ll get a screenshot of the inside of the Temple of Doom.

Drop/hang out of the alcove and shimmy L to get back on the ladder to the roof and go to the N side, onto the lower part and run off onto a dark green ledge below, standjumps will get you around to the last ledge at that big green pillar on N wall, grab the Ammo on that ledge and standjump/grab into the alcove in the pillar to get the Uzis there. Stand on the L side of the S wall and grab up to the crack, shimmy L around into another alcove, grab up N and then climb the black grated E wall, go L around the corner and to the top, collect MP and Ammo and slide off the NW slope. Jump/grab the overhead MS and go W till you can drop back to the ledge where it all started. Now you have to take the same route up over the stairs and MS to that ledge where you’ll slide onto after the second MS, face the R hand side of the S pillar and grab up (if Lara won’t grab up, try run into that wall while only holding “Ctrl”).

Faust’s Contract.

Better Save while hanging a bit L of the middle there and pull up, slide and jump 3 times over sloped blocks and the 4th jump (going W) with a roll, so you’ll slide backwards to the wall, grab the edge and drop/grab to a crack below, shimmy L around one corner and drop/grab to another crack below, shimmy L till you can pull up under the low ledge. Go L (E) to where you can stand again and go up some steps to a ledge on S wall to get some Ammo. Go one step down to the N and stand on the middle of that ledge, face SE and backflip onto a sloped surface, jump/grab the edge of the slope in front and shimmy R to the end, once there, Save and pull up, backflip and jump sharp R and you should slide to a ledge with Faust’s Contract (Scroll) and a cutscene will show you the receptacle for it.

Run off the ledge to the NW and you’ll land on a sloped surface, grab the edge and drop/grab back to the CS under the ledges, go in and L a bit to get some Ammo and then crawl E again, all the way up the steps and now pull up N onto the sloped ledge you just shimmied along. Jump N and just keep slide/jumping 8 times till you land on a flatter ledge you can stand on. Runjump/grab to a dark ledge N, grab the Ammo and go R to the end to standjump/grab to that green hanging block S. On that block is a ½ MP, then turn NE and do a curved standjump/grab up to a transparent green ledge. Standjump/grab to the next S and then a Runjump/grab to the one near that Orange Sun. turn R ands standjump/grab to the one near the Temple and jump onto the entrance ledge (screenshot of a lever on a block).

The Temple of Doom.

Now you can first go around the R (N) hand side of the Temple either by shimmying along the edge of the floor or standjumps around the pillars and get Uzis, a MP and Flares, make your way back and go around to the S side of the Temple the way you prefer. You’ll find a ½ MP there, turn S from the MP and runjump/grab into that blue structure. Go R for some Flares and L for that lever, which will stop the flames at the temple entrance. Walk out past the lever and turn L, hop over the sloped block and jump to the ledge at the Temple to go around to the front. Have a look at the ceiling before you go in, only the black/white Tiles are safe, so do standjump from pillar to pillar or a Runjump to the R and side and another Runjump to the W wall where you can place the Capital Sin to stop flames in a place we go to now.

The Gate Key.

Go jump back to the entrance and go L to the NE corner, drop down onto that safe ledge and look W. there are 2 long slopes down Runjump to the L (SW) one and just slide down, grab the edge and drop into the path leading to the Gate Key, just follow to the S and go into the structure L and pick up the Gate Key from the floor, hop onto the sloped block in front E and slidejump (maybe grab) the green walkway, go L and runjump NE past that pointy block and onto the ledge in front of the house. Open the Gate and go in, shoot the 2 Ninjas and place the Scroll on the receptacle SW. Collect a ½ MP and a Revolver from the windows and then pick up the 2 Wraith Souls, place those to re-open the gate.

Back to the Temple.

Go out and jump over those green ledges to the NE corner. Then to that big green pillar and go up like you did before, slide NW and jump/grab the MS to go back to the start ledge. Now you have to take the same route up over the stairs and MS to that ledge where you’ll slide onto after the second MS, face the R hand side of the S pillar and grab up (if Lara won’t grab up, try run into that wall while only holding “Ctrl”).

Better Save while hanging a bit L of the middle there and pull up, slide and jump 3 times over sloped blocks and the 4th jump (going W) with a roll, so you’ll slide backwards to the wall, grab the edge and drop/grab to a crack below, shimmy L around one corner and drop/grab to another crack below, shimmy L till you can pull up under the low ledge. Go L (E) to where you can stand again and go up some steps to a ledge on S wall to grab that sloped ledge N again and do those 8 jumps over the sloped blocks to the flat one, Runjump/grab N and go up that hanging block SE, go jump over those transparent green ledges to the Temple entrance. Remember the safe Tiles, go jump them again to get to the open gate W and climb in.

In the next dark green room you’ll find the Crossbow in the NW corner, then go to the water in the middle of the room.

UW Labyrinth, a couple of Capital Sins.

Save and dive in, the strong current will take you through the tunnels and you’ll end up in a crossing near a closed gate E, facing the gate go R and L up in the sloped tunnel, where you can get air in a room where you have to go later. Swim back to the gate and go past the tunnel you came from, straight down to the N, then into the 1st wide tunnel L and go to the end of that tunnel. Turn L (S) and follow straight down to where the 2nd Capital Sin (Hand of Orion) is located, pick it up and swim back. 1st R (E) and the current will take you back to the gate, you know, R a bit and then up L to climb out and find the receptacle for the Capital Sin behind the pillar. Well it’s not this gate that’s going to open, Save and dive back in the water, go R/R into that E gate which opened into a complicated room with many corners and openings, just go sharp around the R hand corners into a short tunnel to the 3rd Capital Sin (). Roll and swim out the short tunnel go L and then down to the E side. Up into a crevice E and down into the hole there, just follow to a wider room and go up in the SW corner into another room with receptacle and gate, this time the gate (to the 1st receptacle room) actually opens and you’ll also see another UW gate open up. So go through the gate, Save and dive into the water, swim R/R again and into that complicated room, go sharp L around the corner and through the opened gate.

The current will now take you to a room with many holes in the walls. Take the one down L in the E wall (darker floor) and go straight, down and around the L corner. Up and then R follow to some openings R, just swim along the R side and up all the way to a room where you can finally get some air. Pick up some Flares behind a wall W and some Ammo on the central island and go up into a passage SE, follow to where you get a flyby of Hell.


Drop/hang from the entrance and shimmy L to the end, then climb up into the Connection room, grab the Crossbow and have a look in the adjoining room N, push a button and the gate back to the pool room opens, shoot a Ninja there and return to the Connection room where another Ninja appeared, shoot him to get his Wraith Soul (Golden Vraeus) and place it in the receptacle in the Connection room. The gate in the S wall opens up, so climb up and go over into the next opening S, from standing at the edge of Hell, a runjump to the ledge up and to the R, turn around and standjump/grab up E to the top of the structure, go N and get Secret #2, Ammo. Have a look over the W side and take a note of that Labyrinth with the Capital Sin (or just have a look at mine later). Now it’s time to go down again, go back to the S side and stand on that sloped ledge, run off to the W holding grab and land back on the lower ledge, turn and run off to the NE, climb back into the opening N and down into the narrow passage with the green floor, drop down the hole E and fall into an UW Labyrinth.

Swim N and go L at the crossing, follow to the L to find a ½ MP, return to the crossing, go straight N around a R hand corner to an airpocket in the ceiling. Continue and pass a closed gate, then go L/L at the next crossings and up in the end to climb up at the lower part of Hell (there are some Flares down here too, but it’s a long swim, turn S and swim straight, follow all the way and at the dead end ahead go L and follow to the Flares, roll quick and go R at that dead end, just follow back straight and up for air, it could cost you that ½ MP you found before). Get out of the water and climb the wall to the R of the entrance, just before stepping on the first yellow ledge and jump to the ledge with the pillar SE, climb up N and then runjump to the ledge ON the pillar and grab up to the ledge to the R and up, pull up on the ledge, drop/hang from the W side and shimmy R to the end, drop onto a ledge.

Stand about on the middle of the W side and face SW. look down and see the opening in the wall, standjump (grab in the end) down into that opening and drop/hang from the edge, shimmy R around the corner and pill up, go jump to the SE to get into a passage along the E wall and follow to some steps going up. Get Ammo from the grated floor to the R, then follow the steps all the way up and come to a room with pillars, get the Ammo and shoot the Ninja. Then go to the second opening L (W) and grab up to the bridge spanning the room.

Another Capital Sin.

Go N a bit and to the E side, look for a block SE at the E wall and runjump onto that block. Go jump into an opening S and follow to some Ammo, shoot a Ninja and go on W to that wall with the crack, follow to a drop off N and climb back onto the bridge W at the same spot as before. Go L now and at the end face SE, spot the wider part of the crack there and Runjump into that wider crack, standjump to the ledge SW and get some Flares at the entrance to the stairs, follow all the way to a wall around a muddy pool (L) get in and look at the ceiling, there’s a kind of cross. At the top of the cross is a hole in the ceiling, stand under the hole (middle of the pool, 2nd square from the W side) and get the 4th Capital Sin.

The Aquarium Labyrinth. (Click here for Map)

Climb back on the wall N and look in the yellow wall NW for an opening, jump in there and get into the water, surface and Save facing E. See that opening in front E and down a bit? Swim into that opening and then down into the next shaft. To the front (glass) and then to the back and into the opening E, up and to the glass and all the way up along the glass, to get the 5th Capital Sin. Swim back down, to the back and into the hole, to the W and up, to the back and then through that opening W (you can’t see from there) to the entrance for air if you like. Swim down all the way in this W shaft and then head E to go up in a hole in the back L.

Coming back from the pickup, you can also just swim on down when you reach the W shaft and then head E, follow along the glass to the E where you’ll see air up in a hole in the back L, climb out and you are at the exit.

Safety drop down to a yellow ledge below and make your way over to the green building S (the one from the cutscene) and place one of the Sins, then runjump to a ledge W for a ½ MP, jump back and place the 2nd Sin to open the gate, go in and Save in front of the lever.

Timed Run. (Click here for Map)

Throw the lever to kill the flames on the ledges you have to go over now, they are Timed. So you have to be fast (don’t forget, you CAN save while Lara pulls up to a block or while she’s in the middle of a jump, this will not cost any time when you reload later).

After the flyby, roll and run with a R curve to jump back to the first yellow ledge N, a running jump to the one in front of the high ledge and climb up fast, Runjump/grab over to the next, grabbing the L side of it. Pull up and run with a R curve to jump from the far R corner to the corner of the block next to the water hole, running jump curved R to get to the lower ledge E, landing on the L side, again and R curved running jump to get to the first of the S group of ledges, runjump to the sloped one and runjump/grab over the top to the one at the now extinguished long ledge into the S wall.

Don’t forget to save and go in R, follow to the water in the end and dive in to get the 6th Capital Sin. Climb out and go back to the crossing, R and past a Golden gate to where you have to use the Capital Sin. That gate opens, so go in after you shot the Ninjas and jump over the Lava, go slide down the slope into a cave and slide jump across the lava, go in and run down to the NE, slide down some more and standjump/grab onto a ledge in the middle of the cave, then jump/grab into the L side of an opening N and enter the Black Pyramid room.

The Black Pyramid Room.

Go L from the hall and you’ll get a flyby of the Black Pyramid room, go onto the steps down to those blue doors and go to those blue doors to open them with the button on the R hand side (no need to go in yet). Climb up the side of the bridge close to the button. Look down and see a sloped surface down into a lower part of the room with a Burning pedestal, just slide down and go into the passage in the NW corner of the room, follow to another part of the room with a Burning pedestal. Go into the SW passage and shoot the 2 Ninjas. Then follow this passage to the end to find another room with a Burning pedestal. Go into the SE passage and follow to a dead end where the First Piece of the Big Brother (Eye Piece) lies on the floor.

Now head back and go through 3 rooms with Burning pedestals, going intro the passages in the opposite corner and come to the room with a Burning pedestal with a big rock to the L, look in that E wall for an alcove with a ladder, climb up and go NW to find the Second Piece of the Big Brother. Go L around the pillar to your L and grab up into the hole above, shimmy L a bit and pull up, go N a bit and turn L along the ledge next to the Pyramid, in the end a jump to the corner of the Pyramid and then jump N with a R curve to land on and slide off the roof, grab the edge of the roof. Safety drop down in front of a blue door, again open it without going in.

Turn around and head into the W room, shoot 2 Ninjas coming up some stairs and get the Ammo at the L hand stairs, go down these L stairs and collect the Capital Sin, go back up and to the N side stairs, pick up the Ammo on top and go down for more Ammo below, return upstairs and go to the bridge to the Pyramid, stand on the higher L (N) side and turn facing the W entrance you just left, now backflip (tricky, so better save first) so you’ll land on the sloped surface and jump/grab to catch the edge of a rock ledge above, shimmy R around the corners till you can pull up in a CS, follow to a dark room where more Ninjas attack. One of them leaves another Wraith Soul (Vraeus) Look for some Ammo in the back and then head into the NW passage. Follow the long passage to a walkway around a lava pit. Walk to the L and in the corner, drop/hang from the N side walkway and drop/grab to a pillar below, shimmy R and drop on a ledge, crawl in N and use the Wraith Soul there to change lava into water as the flyby shows, an UW tunnel system is now accessible.

Yellow Tunnels.

Swim into the hole in the bottom of the lake and just follow the tunnels (in the first corner is a hole up for a bit later) to the end, climb out and go into the W opening R side for Flares and in the enytrance of the L side is a MP. Go to the S side of the pool and place the Capital Sin in the receptacle, an UW gate opens behind you. Swim in there to get Secret#3, Ammo in a small dark room. Swim back and through the yellow tunnel to the crossing, up in the hole there that will bring you to some winding steps up to the room with the 4 doors in the heart of the Pyramid.

3 Doors should now be open, hop to the E side doors and go onto the bridge where it all started. Climb up L and look in the wall NE, a crack leading to an opening, jump/grab to the crack and shimmy L to pull up in the opening. Go into a cave with a small lava pit. to the L of it is the receptacle for the Combined parts of the Big Brother. The door opens, step in and get a screenshot of the S door in the Pyramid, open and all. Go back out and climb up to the opening in the wall, no way to get back to the bridge from here, so Runjump to the SW and slide down to the room with the Burning pedestal, go into the SE passage and follow to the room with the rock ladder L of the Burning pedestal. Go up and W to that pillar where you can climb up one more level, go straight to the E side ledge at the Pyramid and from there a safety drop onto the E bridge, go in and Runjump to the now open S doors. Follow through to the end and find a lever to the L, roll and go into the opposite passage. Throw the next lever and the room is flooded, swim up through the hole and then up the hole in the top of the UW cave, the level ends.

Level 3: Devil’s Bridge. (part 2)

Save as soon as you got control back and swim on, out of an opened gate and into the UW cave of level 3. Find that pointy rock (SW) on the bottom with the air pocket over it and surface. Now you can finish the last part of level 3.