BtB 2009 - The Deadly Sands of Bastet

Level by: TC14

Walkthrough by D&G Productions

Down the Tower.

Go to the SW corner of the Floor and get the Shotgun there, then go to the opening in the fence S and run/jump down with a grab to land in the opening under the cat face. There’s a statue you will be coming back to later, there are 3 more on this level of the tower. Shoot the jackals from here with pistols and jump back into the tower, take the Shotgun ammo from this floor and go to the E side bridge, Drop from the bridge to the one below and shoot remaining jackals, go to the N side and drop one floor down. Shoot the jackals and go to the W side, safety drop down and shoot the jackal.

Go E and stand one step back from the edge facing the pillar with the low fence, stand/jump over the edge of the floor and grab the climbable surface on the pillar. Or maybe you land in the crack where the large medipack is. Either way, get it and hang from the climbable side of the pillar, back flip and roll, drawing guns and shoot the jackals. You might have spotted all the chains with the flames while going down the tower, here’s the first without fire, so pull the chain and the door S opens up.

Jumping Pillars, the First Magic Sand.

Jump over the gap in the bridge and stand at the end of the floor, careful, the liquid sand is deadly. From the right hand side a run/jump straight and without Ctrl onto the nearest corner of the block on the right. Now jump far S and start jumping the slanted sides till you are on the next block. Now jump the blue ledges and keep jumping till you are on safe ground (blue ledge behind the pillar). Jump and grab the ladder on the pillar and go up, then jump N to the grated platform, next is E and then left around the corner with a grab in the end to land on the platform in the top of the tunnel. Throw the lever and return the way you came. Now jump from the last platform or the pillar and grab the opening under the open door. Pull up and slide into the room below.

Go left and use the first lever there (SE), go to the SW corner and climb up the blocks there to throw the second lever. Go down and to the NW corner to climb over the blocks to get a small medipack and throw the third lever. Climb up the blocks and jump to the ledge on the nearest column. Jump over to the NE corner and go use the fourth and last lever for the gate up E. Turn W and climb the block next to the wall, climb one block higher and jump over the columns to the gate E. Pull the chain there and watch the flyby, the floor is now covered by deadly sand.

Go out and jump down to the blocks NW, where that last lever is and climb up W, go to the W side (jump over the flowing sand) and jump down to the blocks in the NW corner. From there take a jump onto the base of the nearby column. Now you can jump into the opening in the W wall where the First Magic Sand is (or on that triangle ledge in the deadly sands and from there into the opening). A gate closes up.

Jump back out to that column left and from there onto the blocks W. Turn around and now up to the ledge on the column again and grab a crack in the N wall, shimmy over to the right and drop onto the blocks in the end. Stand on a lower block S and stand-jump down to the broken column, slide and jump to get onto the next ledge. Make your way back to that climbable pillar and go up, over the grated platforms to the platform with the lever in the tunnel and run with a left curve off the other end to land on the block below. Jump to the N and go to the tower. Jump and grab the climbable pillar E and go up. Turn around and jump to the tower, pull the chain and thus open the door W.

Grinders, the Second Magic Sand.

Follow in and hop into the water, carefully swim in a bit and wait till you saw 2 grinders pass, only then you have time to swim in and climb up the floor ahead. In the pool S is a small medipack, in the canal NW a large medipack. Now we have to climb the block in the middle NE, stand in that pit where the sand goes down, stand N facing and jump up, the sand will rise, now use only Ctrl till Lara grabs the edge, hoist up.

Face NE and wait for the grinders to pass and take a running jump with grab at the last second to get on a ledge. Crawl into the crawlspace and get down and throw the lever there to open an underwater gate W.

Get back via the crawlspace and stand facing NE on the ledge, time the grinders and jump with a roll onto the slanted floor NE, jump again with a grab to get onto a grid. Pick up the Uzis and 2x Uzi ammo. Jump down to the island and time the W side grinder to get into that underwater gate. Save halfway down the tunnel and wait for 4 grinders to pass.

Immediately swim right after the 4th grinder and all the way up into an air pocket. Climb out and go down the passage E to use the lever there and sand will flow into some pits. Climb back up to the water, face S standing on the side near the lever passage and dive in after the 4th grinder, swim down and to the right into the exit. Back past the grinder into the main room.

Timed Run for the Gate.

Go into the passage S, through a pit and in the end is a trigger tile opening a timed gate in the passage N from the main room as shown in the flyby. Stand back to the wall and run over the trigger tile into the passage, make sure you jump over that ridge so you land in the middle of the pit, a stand-jump up and over the edge of the pit. Run to the edge of the floor and jump over to the island, go along the right or left hand side and just a bit into the deeper water so you can make the jump into the N passage without falling into the deeper water. Again a jump over the ridge landing in the middle of the pit and hop over the edge ahead. Quickly into the timed gate and pull the chain there, to retract spikes at the Magic Sand
(this run could have been performed before raising the sand in the pits, but that would make it more of an expert run).

Go back to the main room and get up onto the NE block again. This time jump to get into the opening up W and follow almost to the end, do not stand to close to the edge. The textured wall you see ahead is climbable, so run out when the grinder passed and grab the wall, go up one step and back flip/roll to grab the blue structure, immediately pull up and run forwards. Pull up over the next block and wait there till the grinder passed again. On top of the structure is a small medipack, get it and quickly run-jump to the yellow floor E. Go get the Second Magic Sand and get a screen of the tower where flames were extinguished by sand.

Now you have to get down and if you want to go for a Secret, go to the SW corner of this yellow floor and run-jump W with a right hand curve onto the slanted blue structure, so you’ll slide backwards off the S side. Grab the edge, then drop and grab into the crawlspace. Get
Secret #1, a large medipack and a something called “Sorry this item has no name”. Wait for the grinder to pass and drop out, quickly swim to the island and pull up. Go back to the tower through the tunnel E.

Traps and Traps, the Third Magic Sand.

Stand N and right and run-jump to that block ledge in the passage N, then jump over to the ledge W and get a small medipack. Now jump SW to a ledge in the corner of the tower room and then over those pillars to the S, just run around the corner and pull up onto the fenced off ledge. From there over to the higher one S and a run-jump with a curve will get you into the opening in the fence up SE. Go get a small medipack on the floor and go E to jump into the tower, pull the chain and the door N opens up. Follow the route, no traps active yet and end up in the room with the Third Magic Sand (the sand activates the mechanism for some spike-traps). Face the exit N and pick it up, and run-jump with holding the forward key down (no Ctrl) into the exit N. Go to the next room with the blades and run-jump in, keep doing run jumps (or sprint) and jump into the exit. Time the spikes in the next room and jump when the first set is down, sprint through and jump into the exit. Back to the tower and jump to that pillar down SW, make your way back up into the S side fenced passage.


Now you have to jump the spikes, position yourself in a way that you can do stand-jumps diagonally up the blocks to the top one in a straight line. So stand near one of the Bull statues and stand-jump up to the top block. Jump over to the N and then to the tower. Pull the last chain. The door E opens up.

Changing Ledges, the Fourth Magic Sand.

Go in and watch the flyby, the far right hand corner is the first safe spot in this series of jumps. Jump onto the yellow ledge as it appears, to the blue one when you think it will be there when you land and go on like this till you are on the SE balcony. Grab the crack in the E wall and go left to where you can pull up. Now you have to go to the balcony NE and I did it by facing N and a side jump onto the first ledge, then again stand jumps to get to the balcony NE. From there a run-jump to the ledge SW, landing on the left side followed by a stand-jump to the next and a running jump over to the balcony. Go to the upper ledge and now you have to cross the whole room to the opposite NE corner again (runjump/standjump left/runjump/standjump). In the opening is a climb wall, go up and back flip to the ledge behind.

Go over to the other side and jump the slanted ledges to the W, wait a bit after the first one appeared before you start and slide every time before the jump to the next. The last jump is with a grab to get onto the balcony. Follow through up a ladder and back flip to the top of the room, then jump over to the ledge with the Fourth Magic Sand. The door W opens up, so jump there and follow through, back to a room next to the tower. There’s a ladder down (you could go down and collect a small medipack there), but I didn’t go there because you now have to go to the top of the tower. Just run-jump from the opening in the fence down to the top floor of the tower and from there, go S and down into that opening under the cat. Place the Magic Sand and jump back to the tower. Place the remaining Magic Sands around this level and the tower shakes. Go to the SE corner of the floor and just run off into the water below.

The Eye of Bastet.

Swim into the SE tunnel and get the small medipack, a bit more to the S is
Secret #2, a “Boring Cartouche from Old Wad”. Get back to the tower and swim into the tunnel N, climb onto the textured floor and stand in the SE corner. Facing N you can just spot a solid platform in the deadly sand, jump over to it (there are hints for safe platforms on the ceiling, the lighter spots) . Standjump a bit NW and then a runjump W to the wall, hop N to the corner from there and one more standjump to the ledge near the exit. Jump in there with a grab and get the Eye of Bastet. A block lowers N, so go in and the adventure ends.