Tarragona: World Heritage 6

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Level 6: Algernon’s Lab

Main Control Room.

Open the door with the button and enter the Lab, a Flyby shows you the main Control room and the Offices on the first floor of the Lab. Go check on top of the E side main frames for Ammo and a Shotgun and the drop in the NE corner where a button is located on the N wall to open a door in the SE corner of the Control room. Follow the passage past a closed door to a slope passage that will bring you down to the Research area.

Research Area.

You have to go S and through one of the red Security lasers. The light will go on and a Guard is alarmed. Go to the S end of this strange Glass area and find an open door, but there’s one more closed door in that passage, so go into the Glass Labyrinth opposite the S passage.

Glass Labyrinth.

The route is simple, just walk towards the camera every time the camera angle changes at crossings. In the end you’ll find a Crowbar in the central room (most important is, that picking up the Crowbar will open the second door in the S passage, but also a Bull will be released). When you go out of the labyrinth, you will have to walk away from the cameras, whenever you reach a crossing. Have a look at this Map to give you some directions.

Coming back out, the Bull is waiting for you, run away first and the sprint back to the S entrance. In the room is a button next to a block, push the button to open a door and go up the block to enter. Get a MP and in the next corner is a hole up N. so climb up and push the button, runjump to the top of the labyrinth and go to the middle to get the Revolver. Go to the S side and drop near the entrance to the S room, roll and quickly get onto that block again, follow the passage to the end and shoot the grate L of the door, crawl in and go down the ladder to the Sewers.

The Sewers.

In the room to the L is an opening in the wall on the second ledge to the L, go in and straight to the end for the ˝ MP, then turn around and go in the first L, follow to the button and push it to open an UW gate in the Sewers, return to the first room, dive into the water and swim into the small opening N, follow to a room with 3 tunnels in the walls, take the E tunnel and go up to a room with a ledge E, on the ledge is a Key. Take it and swim back to the first room (nothing in the other tunnels), climb up on the S ledge straight of where you come out. crawl to a passage where the Kay can be used, go through the passage and hop over the hole with the ladder, in the end is a slide. Save here and slide down to a room with falling pillars, as soon as you can you have to get into the passage L of where you end up after the slide, but there’s a Secret if you want, you have to sprint straight to the back of the room, pick up Secret #1, the Silver Skull.

Roll and turn R a bit before you sprint back to the R and up to that passage. Follow the passage to the end. climb into the CS up L and drop backwards into the water. Swim to the NE and get a MP on the ledge there, grab up to a crack in the N wall in front and shimmy R to the opening. Follow the route up a ladder, a wall another ladder and get the Uzis on top of that second ladder, turn and jump/grab up E, shoot the grate and drop out into the Office level.

The Office level.

Go S and then R and L into a room with boxes, shoot what you can and get some Ammo. then push a shelf in the E wall all till you can enter the room. push the shelf back in the wall and go shoot more boxes to get the E shelf out of the wall and push it L, go in and shoot more boxes, so you can shoot the grate that covers a CS in the SE corner. The door opens and a Guard will come in, take him out and then go out the open door to the corridor, go N and L into a conference room, hop on the table and get the Security Card. The see through mirror can be shot, so you can take out the Guards that appeared in the S room. Pick up the left-overs (Ammo and MP) and head into the passage SE, open a door. Shoot a Guard for a ˝ MP, go L and come back into the Main Control Area. Follow to the and go into the 2nd passage L, going up to a wide corridor, go R and pass some doors, when you come to a big white overhead door to the L, the closest one of the grey doors will open up, shoot the Guard and go in. To the L is a passage to an area with a nice room, to the R you can see a Skull behind the glass, go L and come to the entrance of the room with the moving pillars.

Moving Pillars.

Not too hard really. Just grab up to the MS ceiling and go R past the 2nd pillar before turning L and go straight to the other side of the room. Look for the single ledge a bit to the R, without a pillar on it and better Save before you drop onto that ledge (in case you miss the ledge). Shoot the grate behind the moving pillar NW and the pillar stops moving, jump to the ledge and follow the CS, go out through another grate and go straight into the next passage for a nice surprise, a Ninja abseiling from the ceiling, another one behind, in the control room to the R is some Ammo, then follow the passage and in the end you’ll find Secret #2, the Golden Skull.

Boulder Alley.

Open the door and go back W to the wide corridor and head L (S) open the white overhead doors and Save. I ran in, went R up the slope on the other side of the corridor and sprinted back with a curve over the slope to the entrance, so all the Boulders were triggered and then go to that gap the Boulders fell in, see a pit below, jump onto the side slope, slide onto the one going down once more and jump over the water hole to a passage, go R at the crossing and follow to a glass covered passage where Secret #3, the Emerald Skull is located. That glass is pretty strong, considering what happens next.

Go to the W end of the passage and L into a passage down to a hole, safety drop down into the pool with the Boulders and a bunch of Crocs, shoot them if you like, but stay on the ledge and go into the NW corner to climb the endlessly boring ladder. Follow the passage and shoot the grate to climb out backwards, you’re on top of Boulder Alley.

UW Labyrinth.

On the N side is another hole in the floor, slide down from the corner and fall into the water, surface and Save. Swim down and to the glass in front, go r there and along the glass, over a block and stay on the same height, go R into the opening away from the glass and in the end, to the E through the next opening, you’ll come to another glass wall, go R (L for the viewers) and then through the hole to the second compartment, up and to the glass to go up in the hole NE, then through the hole N back to the first compartment and L, then down and R, L and up in that room for air, climb out and go down the long staircase to a dark basement, go up the staircase in the opposite corner and follow all the way up to the big white overhead door you can open with the button, you’re back on familiar territory.

Go R into the corridor and L into the second door that now opened, go get the Flares at the window and go behind the Main-frame, push the button (opens a gate) and shoot one of the grates, to climb in the duct. Follow to where you can stand up and climb up S, go through the long passage to that gate you opened, Use the Crowbar lever on the floor and shoot the grate (if you didn’t already, because it will bring you back to the store rooms at the Office level. Go out and L through the corridor, all the way to the end and L, follow out to the top of the main Control room, walk out onto the walkway and in the middle of the room is a hole up in the ceiling, grab up and climb to the room above, follow the passages to a hole in the end, drop down and shoot a grate.

Test Lab.

Safety drop out into a Lab with a Tank in the middle. Go to the Control panel N, stand on it and grab up to the bottom side of the walkway, monkeyswing L to the E side of the room and go into the room between the 2 pillars, go to the R around the corner and in that alcove is a Jumpswitch, drop/grab (to open a door in the Tank) and climb back up to the Test lab, In the N side of the Tank a door opened, go in and through a blue tunnel with blue rays shooting out of the walls, follow to the end where you’ll come out of a blue block and enter a dark cave, just walk on and leave the level….