Babylon Is Fallen.

Levels by eRIC

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Take your time and watch the amazing title flyby

1 - BABYLON WILL FALL. 3 secrets.

Go straight and around the corner, near a torch to the left, push the block in.
A door opens E, in the NE corner is
Secret #1/3, a small medipack after you jumped into the gap.

When you attempt to pick up the Golden Lion Statuette on the pedestal, Lara will fall and ends up in the next level.

2 - SUMERIAN MORNING. 4 secrets.

Go straight and right, in the trench you can climb up where the box stands, then turn around and use the jump lever up there. Go down the trench and through the opened gate, kill the guy and get the Prison Key.

Go W, use the key on the right and then wait for a monkey to appear, it will operate a high lever for you. Get into the open gate NE and pick up some Flares, then go out and through the opened gate W.


Keep going straight (W) a gate opens to a garden.
Climb up W then turn SE and take a running jump with Ctrl to get left of that yellow coloured point S. Then you can shimmy left, pull up and jump to the ledge with the vase. First go into the passage E and get Shotgun ammo inside. Back out and do a run jump and grab to get into the passage N and find a lever on the right, this opens a gate on the ground floor S. Don’t go down to the ground floor just yet, but go W into this passage and jump left into the alcove to get the Flares and Arrows. Go back, drop to the ground floor and go into the gate S.

The 3 Fountains room.

In water SE you can pick up some Shotgun ammo, in an underwater niche N are Arrows.

The Key Room, the Sword. (Crowbar)

Climb out of the pool and go through one of the openings S to a small hallway with 2 vases. S of there is another room, the Key Room and just past the first fire on the left is a Timed gate. In the hall with the vases, between the vases is the lever that will open the Timed gate, save and pull, back flip and side flip left, sprint into the Key room and hit “Alt” so you will roll underneath the Flame thrower. (It is possible to continue to run without setting Lara on fire, if stay close to the wall on the left). Turn left and run into the Timed gate, grab the Sword from the pedestal. Go back out and you see on the pedestal in the Key room is a Key, protected by spikes and flames. To get that item you will have to get the flames and spikes down by collecting and using 5 Cogwheels.
Go back towards the pool and take the NW exit out of this room.

The Bag of Sand, the First Cog wheel.

On the left near the Fountains room you will find a ladder, climb it and go SE and into opening S. There are 2 crowbar gates in this room, both leading down to the same place. So open one of them and go down the stairs to a garden room. Dive into the little pool and get Bag of Sand. In the SW corner is a swinging ball, shoot it and a Griffin will come through the room crashing through the wall S. Go in there and pick up the First Cog wheel from the pedestal. Go into the room W and carefully approach the pedestal between the fences, empty the bag of sand to extinguish the flames. Now you can safely use the monkeyswing to get to the other side and place the Cogwheel. One down three to go as you will see in the flyby. Return to the room with the crowbar gates the way you came. Go out N and towards the ladder but to the end of the ledge.

Do a runjump to the swing pole N. Hold Ctrl and you will end up on a block, jump and grab into the opening SW and go left to the next opening. Crawl out backwards and shimmy right to the ladder. Drop and grab the Jump lever there and a gate will open up. Go to that open gate E of the pool (opening in the middle of the E wall). On a slanted block immediately inside and to the right are Arrows, crawl in and get them, then go into the E end of this passage. Just around the corner there are Arrows and Shotgun ammo then look N for a crack up in the wall and spot the swinging ball. Shoot that while jumping up and down and gates open up.

Back to the Fountain room and go left and left (E wall) up the stairs.
(If you want another pickup and Secret, turn around on the stairs and jump W to grab the floor up over the entrance, walk to the edge and jump around the right hand corner with a curve to a block in the NE corner of the Fountain room. Climb up N, then W and jump to the NW side of the room to get to the ledge with the Shotgun ammo, jump back to the large opening E, now jump and grab to the crack in the pillar right of the brownish ledge E and shimmy to the brown ledge, get
Secret #1/4, Shotgun ammo and Arrows. Get down to the open gates.)

Enter the open gates and in the passage to the right is a small medipack, then go into the opposite passage N and get the Shotgun ammo after timing the steam blower. Now head E and then S where a gate opens up. Before going through that gate, first get the small medipack from behind the fence E and the head into the gate.

Fight the Griffin, the Second Cogwheel.

Go to the Griffin in the niche S and lure him to the N of the room, then up one of the ramps so you can get him to break the 2 tiles next to the gates up there. The right hand tile produces a Medipack on the same ledge and the left is for a rope to appear.
Use it to swing and grab the ladder up N and jump over the ledges with the traps to the balcony S to get the Second Cogwheel, gates open up.
Drop down, go out N and straight through to the newly opened gate, and follow through to a pit, careful, that Griffin might follow. Run jump with a bit of a curve around that sloped block to a ledge in the NE corner of the pit. Grab up E and shimmy right to the middle of that wall. Pull up and immediately jump to get over the spikes. Place the Cogwheel and the next flame will be extinguished.
Stand on the NW corner at the pit and jump back in the direction of that ledge in the pit, could be you hit the slanted block, just slide and jump with a right curve and land on a small triangular ledge in the corner of the pit. Climb up and leave to head back W to the Fountain room

The Third Cogwheel.

Go into the passage NW, a gate opens to the left. Go in there, walk and S to the edge at the pool. Take a left curved running jump/grab to the opening in the E wall and get a Third Cogwheel in there. Go up E and on the left are Arrows.
Go into the opening W, turn around and crawl out backward and hang, you can’t do anything else than let go and slide, and grab the end, shimmy to the right, pull up, jump/roll and curve left to get on a safe ledge.
Get the Shotgun ammo under the balcony SE.
Go back to the ledge and run jump with a right hand curve onto the SE balcony, place the Cogwheel inside.

The Fourth Cogwheel.

Go out, hop into the water and get Arrows SW, a small medipack on the slanted bottom next to it and then climb onto the block in the middle of the W wall, face S and grab up to the slanted block, hang on the left corner and pull up, backflip and immediately jump from the next block, grab only at the last moment so you’ll get onto a ladder in stead of a monkeyswing. Climb up and get the Fourth Cogwheel. Hop down into the water and get back onto that block W, do the same jump and this time hold grab so you will grab onto the monkeyswing, turn right and go to the end and to the right. Place the fourth Cogwheel there.
Watch the flyby of the Fire room. Get back in the water and climb out on a block NW, grab up E and find the door opened again. Go back to the Fountain room

Upper levels, the Fifth Cogwheel.

Go up that ladder NW again and use the swing poles to get to the NW corner, jump to grab the opening W and get into that corridor. In the N end are gates, stand near the right hand side of the opening and use the crowbar on the gate. Go left around the corner and to the S end of that room. Look for a jump lever over the third window left and use it. A Warrior will come running, take him out and collect Flares and Arrows in the S of this room, go back N and into the passage W to the room where the warrior opened the gate S.

Once on the balcony, turn to the W wall and jump into the windowsill, turn around and take a running jump to grab the ledge up E, pull up and in this passage is Shotgun ammo, there is one more pickup and that’s the Medipack in the window E, stand on the SE corner of the ledge, face that window and I took a small step back, then a standjump with a left curve so you end up just next to that ledge, hold Ctrl and forward and when you got it right Lara will climb up into the opening. Pick up the
Secret #2/4, a Medipack. Jump back to the same ledge you came from.
Take a run jump to the ledge SW, go into the opening W and shoot the Warrior. Then open the crowbar gate W and push the button to raise the platform.
Go back to the large room and jump down to the ledge with the platform.

(From the platform you can jump SE to the balcony for a small medipack. From the platform you can also go for the secret, jump/grab into the niche with the blue tile S and then runjump out with a banana jump to grab the windowsill W where you can get
Secret #3/4, Arrows and Shotgun ammo. The door there opens so you can go back to the raised platform.)

From the platform you can now jump and grab into the arched opening E, take a right and follow up the stairs to a keyhole, go around and you are on a stone bridge, look NE and spot a ledge under an arch with a broken railing and a pedestal, jump over there and get the Fifth Cogwheel.

You see a door behind the keyhole block opening up, so back to the stone bridge and into the open gate E to place the Cogwheel. Now you have a wraith on your tail so move fast. Just run out of this room straight and with a left curve off the edge of the floor, this way you will land in the water below (SE corner). Start swimming and around left corner to some Shotgun ammo and then swim out NE to the fountain room.

The City Key.

Go into the Key room S and grab the City Key. A gate opens up W; it is a shortcut back up to the keyhole. Follow through, left up the stairs and use the key on the keyhole. Go over the bridge and into the open gate, up the stairs and in that small room upstairs is an orange ball you have to shoot, the gate opens. Go through the open gate.

2 - IN THE LION’S DEN. 4 secrets.

Go down and in the room with the fire go left and come to a spike pit. Stand a bit right of the middle, take a step or two back and jump onto the first slanted block, slide a bit, then jump right onto the next block and slide a bit to jump up into the passage straight ahead. Save and turn around, do a runjump with a grab (to land safely) back over the slide and end up a floor down, find a ladder at the end for a Secret #1/4, Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun. Back up the ladder and slide/jump to the passage.
Go right and right (E) and then if you go left you’ll meet a lion.
Go back to the main passage and E again, in the next room is a ladder N. Go up to get the Flares, go down and go E again to find a lever on the W wall of the next room. This will open a gate and a block at the end of the passage where you met that Lion, so go back there.
Use the lever and this open another gate in the same room (E) where there is another lever. Go back in the alley (S) and the third alcove on the right a block is lowered behind the tree.

Pool room, the Gate Key.

Climb up and in the next room, look at the wall ahead (left to right) jump only those 3 marked tiles to the other side and the gates open (first straight ahead, second is behind the next one straight ahead (spikes) and the last is the one SW near the gates). Get the Gate Key and see a gate opening up.
(Info; If the combination is wrong, the player has to restart the sequence from the very first tile of the room)

First we have to get another gate open so jump down and go to the room N and use the first lever again (N). Jump back behind the tree, and take a running jump opposite (E).
Find Arrows E and on the left. The gate you opened last is on the N wall, jump N and on a raised platform to get to the room with the moving blocks.
Get the Flares straight ahead and then go back to the moving block. Face SE and run in E avoiding the block and get into the space behind the block.

Use the Gate Key and get back, run out left avoiding the moving block again. Go out (S); jump over to the double gates and then to the left, the gate opened there.
Jump NE and over the gate into the next area to get Shotgun ammo on the ledge. Safety drop to the ground floor and go N. Lara will look up at a certain point. There is a button there she must push.
Go stand on the block in the NW corner, face S and spot a statue in a crack in the opposite wall, jump up and shoot that statue till it breaks. Go to the crack and grab up from the higher ledge, shimmy and pull up into the crack. In the crawlspace W is a small medipack, then go back to where you look out into the room and stand left, standjump and grab the grated ceiling, turn right and go to the ledge E. The button is on the N wall.

Jumps over the Deadly Pool.

The grated wall below opens, go in to the end and to the left. A gate opens to the right and you’ll see a block coming up from the deadly water. Jump SW where you see that block in the water, then to the blue ledge SE and next S over to a safe tile on the corner.
W is another block in the water, so stand in the corner and take running jump NW with a curve to the block W.
Save, turn left to jump up onto the wooden platform E, jump again to get onto the slanted block, slide far and jump a bit to the right to get onto the next invisible block. Save there, then hop back once and jump to the crumbling wooden platform ahead with a standing jump, run and jump to the one to the left, stop running and stand jump to the next and get to the higher one up to the right, just run off this one onto the balcony with the button, which is the first for the gate back in the main hall.

Timed Target Shoot.

Exit to the left, go straight N and slide down. Jump straight and stand on that blue tile there, the statues will shoot bolts every now and then, watch your health. Stepping on the tile opens a gate in the SW corner, so best stand in the NE corner, run over the tile and jump to the ledge SW, run in there and shoot Orange Ball #1. Wait where the ball was and climb up the ladder to the passage above, get
Secret #2/4, a small medipack. Go back down and save before stepping on that grate in the floor.

When you step on the grate at that first ball, the timed door NW opens, so stand back against the door, facing E and run out left a bit. Jump to the central ledge and run left to jump over to the NW ledge, shoot Orange Ball #2 but do not run into the open door. Wait till it closes and stand back against it.

Run over the grated tile and jump to the central ledge, run straight across and jump to the ledge SE to shoot Orange Ball #3.

Run over the grate and jump along the entrance to the last ledge NE to shoot Orange Ball #4.

Now jump over to the opening in the W wall and enter there, the door is open.
SE is Shotgun ammo, jump back and stand next to the fence surrounding that pillar NW, jump to the pole and swing to the corner ledge.

Proceed without Secret:
Face E and stand under the highest part of the ceiling, runjump over the spike/burner trap and grab the crack in the E wall.

Proceed with Secret: Shoot the grate behind the spike trap and hand from the ledge you’re on, shimmy to the spike trap and just around the first corner, pull up when the spikes are about to go up and immediately sidejump right into the alcove, get
Secret #3/4, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Now the fire on the spike trap is gone, stand left facing N and run out with a right curve to jump and grab the crack E.

Shimmy right and pull up into the crack. Go into the room and push the second button for that gate.
Hang out of the crack and drop, slide and jump with a right curve to land on another sloped surface, slide and jump back to the entrance ledge.
Get out and go back to the spitting statues and leave E, back in the hallway the door on the right in the middle is open.

Shoot the nasty guy, he leaves a Gate Key.
Go through the open gates W, go left, to the end and look down that hole in the ground.
Face N and jump back and grab the ladder, climb down to the end of it. Back flip (no roll) on a breakable tile, quickly take a step forward and jump over the slope to land in an alcove below the ladder with
Secret #4/4, a Medipack.

Turn around, jump and grab the ladder, climb up right or left. Then pull up and take a jump with a curve left or right (easiest is to jump to the right hand side). Jump back and fro until you land on the breakable tiles. Quickly enter the opening right (W) where you get some goodies, Shotgun ammo and Flares. Return towards the spikes pit and jump straight, slide down backwards and grab, shimmy right and climb in (The breakable tile may still be there or not, it does not matter). Jump up left and use a lever. Jump up and follow through you are back at the hallway.

The Arena.

Go N and left and now the Lions are loose. Go W, and open the door N with the Sword. In there a Shotgun lies on the steps and some breakable tiles are found left, run over those to break them and shoot the skeletons into the hole.

Go behind the water bowl, face N and push it, so you can open the crowbar door. Use the Gate Key on the N wall; go through the open gate and to the S, the gate is open at the end.

Timed Escape Route. (Tight run)

Up the steps, you are above the Arena. Go into the opening N and look in the niche to the right, shoot that thing to reveal a Timed lever.
Save, pull the lever and have a close look at the fly by to see where you have to go in a timed run ….
The shortest route is in fact not the one shown in the flyby, but through the room below where you pushed the water scale before. Save again at the lever (so you won’t get the flyby again) and just have a couple of test runs: roll, run out S, roll just before you hit the edge of the floor so you’ll land on the Arena floor facing N and run into the room, up the steps at the scale and straight E through the next rooms, then the tunnel and through the hallway, up the steps and left through the gate in the room where the monkeyswing is. (Save)
It is possible to make it via the longer route though.

The Lion Temple.

Go straight and just inside the Temple you’ll see some lion statues that have a lever as a tail to the left and right. The first one is on the right (E) the second lever is (from left to right) the third lion W, 2 blocks went up.
Shoot the left bench of the S side block and climb up; jump to the block you raised and turn around to jump on the arch, a door opens. Jump over the balustrade E to get Shotgun ammo, jump back to the block, and down to the ground.

Second Lion W, Room with the Tiles.

Behind the second lion W is the open door.
In the next room are 4 water holes, dive into one of them and find the underwater lever behind the pillar (face E). It will open a timed gate in the tunnel N. Swim over the first grate and through the timed gate, follow through and up and climb out.

Pillars and Ladders.

Down a ladder and go W and at the end face W under the ladder on the pillar W, back flip/jump and grab the ladder. Climb up to the last sport and back flip with roll to grab the next ladder. Climb right around onto a platform. Jump to the ledge S and shoot the orange ball E (a rope appears). Take a stand jump to the pole E and swing over the spikes. Jump to grab the rope and swing to the NE corner. Jump to the next pole (W), swing over the fire and grab the ladder, climb up, jump to the slanted block and slide backwards, hang in the middle of the last block. Pull up and backflip/roll to grab the pole and swing to land on a ledge.
Face SW and shoot that grey thing, jump over there and use the jump lever. Jump back and go to the pedestal, face N and get Daniel’s Reward, immediately side flip right and jump back to avoid the rolling balls. NW is another thing you can shoot and that hides a small medipack.

Go to the pedestal and climb down the ladder, and when your feet are at the bottom, back flip and grab the other ladder, use the jump lever and slide, then back flip to safe ground. The door E is open again, so climb up and back to the water to the room with the Tiles.

A Waterskin, Tablet #1.

The door W is open again go there and through the water to the room with the marked tiles. Have a look at the ceiling in this room, (the full circle is the safe floor and the half moon is the one the statue has to go to). Push the pushable statue to the 3 Moon tiles (see the ceiling). The door S opens. Get the Waterskin, now push the statue again (the layout of the floor changed) on the so marked tile and go into the open door (N) and back to the room with the lion statues.
Climb back up the S block and jump to the Arch where you can now put the gem you have in that receptacle in the niche S. Jump back to the block and a running curved jump around the fire to the next and go N (or jump from the arch NW to the balcony and from the balcony to the N side raised block).
The deadly water in the room up N is safe now, fill the Waterskin there.
Get down to the ground floor and use the water in the bowl N, go through new open door E.
Take Tablet #1 from the pedestal in that room and leave S.


Follow through and watch the fly by. Keep going straight to the 3 Fountain Room. Go to the W side fountain and look down NW into the pool, shoot that grate with the Shotgun (aim by looking down) and get in to grab Secret #4/4, a Medipack. Go back out of the water and into the passage NW, take a right and end back up in the room with the stone bridge above, the opened doors are in the W wall.

3 - HIDDEN GARDENS. 2 secrets.

In the next room where that Harpy attacks are Arrows SE, Shotgun ammo NW and Flares under the wooden bench on the ledge N.
Go through open gate N and approach the other gate SE. Go through and climb the N side ledge in the previous room, face NE and take a running jump to the corner block in the room with the pool. Jump to the ledge W and then to the grated monkey climb, watch out for the darts and go to the other side.
W is a Medipack, get it and go back via the monkey climb and stay on the right, let go and grab the crack, shimmy right around the corner and push the button to open a door.
Jump in the water and go back to the room next door, the door NE is open now.

Door Puzzle.

Stay in the opening and look up to spot an opening in the ceiling. There is a lever there you have to use later. First run N into the passage to that open door N and it will close, another door opens. Go back to the hole in the ceiling Sand climb up to the room above, use the lever (2 doors open up) and drop down again.
Go out W and out of the room, go right to the pool room and right around to get into the second door E. Walk the lower path into the open door N. (if you step on the raised floor, the door might close again)

In the next room, go into the passage N and push open both doors right and left (not really necessary, but easier later).

Left hand door, the Crossbow.

Go left (W) and get the Crossbow.
Jump in the pool and stand facing W near that spike trap. The camera changes, standing on the dark blue tile use Ctrl, Lara opens a trapdoor. Swim in and up on the right is Shotgun ammo and on the left out of the water a Button to open a gate next door.

Push it, swim back and go to the E room, up in the NE corner under bench are Arrows
Go into the alcove N, hop down and crawl in S, at the end is a button to raise a block behind the vase up N. Get out and go into the small corridor between rooms and to the right, pull out the vase twice, hop over the vase and push it into the passage (or go back around through the crawlspace). Jump left over the corner of the vase and pull the vase into the E room under that lowered blue ceiling tile that is sticking out (4 pulls).
Now the spikes have stopped in the pool room W, go and get the Anti-Spikes Key. Go back to the room with the vase; use the lever in the N alcove, a gate opens up.

Go out of the room S and to the left through the open gate, go right, a Harpy attacks, watch out with jumping around as you can fall down.


Go to the E side of the room, hop over the fence and jump into the water from the NW corner at the place where a floor lever is with spikes popping out.

De-activating the Spikes.

Swim S and the first to the right (W), keep to the right and get Shotgun ammo and air.
Face S and swim there, over a plant turn right and open the underwater door in the end. Now swim to the SE and up the tunnel to get some air.

For now go back to the opened underwater door and swim in a tiny bit to release the boulder, roll and swim out and left around the corner (go for air if you want). Go in where the boulder came from and use the lever there. Then swim back E and left, then keep going right where possible towards the open gate there, go through it and immediately around the left you can get air and climb out.
Use your Anti-Spike key here. Go over the ledges N, stand on the W side ledge with the fence (or E) and jump to the block with the lever. Jump backwards and grab the edge, shimmy around to the corner of the lever. Pull up and use it, to open up gates for later.

The Torch.

Jump back into the water, swim back S, first right then left to the room with the boulder and left at the underwater door, up the tunnel and this time climb out into the hall. S is the room where we have to place 3 Gems later. N are double doors, open them now (easier later).
Go E into the passage and get a small medipack in an alcove to the left.
Go further and shoot two Harpies in a passage with 2 gates.

A Deadly Pool with Spikes.

Go to the right at the end and you are in a deadly poolroom. Go into the W side behind the pillars and stand where there is an opening of the balustrade. Take a running jump NE onto the slope and slide then jump to the other side.
Move the tall block with the purple stripes (NE) to the W near the water opposite the opening between the slopes. A camera will show the other side of the block if placed correctly.
There is a lever N behind the lamp, this shows a pole. Go to the waters edge, find the pole there and jump to the pole, swing across and from the other side do the jump the slope once again, but this time stand in between the slopes and jump to the left one.
Slide and jump to grab the block you pushed, climb up and shimmy right. Back flip/roll and grab another ladder, go climb up and shimmy left till you can pull up in the safe attic (like in a crawlspace) Lara can stand in the middle.

Once up, stand exactly in the middle and do a run jump N after timing the spikes (they should be just down as you land), do a running jump to the next ledge (where you are safe on the edge) and jump to grab the next one. Pull up (like in a crawlspace and crawl to the other side. Drop down and shimmy to the right (under other spikes) and hoist up, take a quick step forward.
Next task is to avoid the emitter and go down at the end, get the Shotgun from the pedestal, shoot the harpy. Use lever S, go out N and straight through the hallway where you shot the Harpies before and get a Torch and a screenshot of where to light it.

Torch Puzzle, Azaria’s Reward.

Go out and right and up the ramp and to the hall and into the open double doors N (or open them first). Take the Torch in and at the intersection go left (W) and left again (N). At the end is a small space; you can run (jump) through with the Torch. Follow through passing a balcony, down some steps and go left and again left (S). From this grassy ledge, jump down twice to get on the ground floor of the main area.
Go into the room N and push that statue onto the blue tile. Then ignite the Torch on the statue. Go out and right and straight to the NW door and ignite the 4 statues there (down in the alcoves). The gate W opens, leave the Torch here where you can find it again and enter. Shoot the two lions; and go W.

Three doors open, just go through any of the doors and keep doing that till you are in a small room (after 4 doors) with a drawing of three animals on the N wall. Note which animal comes after the next, from the left to the right. Go through the next doors and out S to the room with the pedestal. Now start the door puzzle again in the order you wrote down (left door/middle door/left door). Between the last doors; if you did it right, you’ll get a flyby. Take Azaria’s Reward from the pedestal and go out E, pick up the Torch again and head back to the main area.

Michael’s Reward.

Drop the Torch, so you can find it later and go into the gate SW you opened before, when you enter a room with lion statues, left around the corner is a bench with Arrows under it.
Go to the N wall and pull the statue NW opposite the lion statue S.
In the passage W is one more lion statue (NW, facing the wrong way) that one goes opposite the lion statue in the fist area (the one standing in front of a blue vase right around the corner). The spikes in the passage W are gone, use the button.
Watch the flyby and go to one of the sides of that glass structure in the Lions room. Dive into the opened trapdoor and swim into the structure either way and get the Michael’s Reward.

(For a Secret: After taking the Gem, swim straight up, NE out of the room and into the gate in the middle of the pool to get
Secret #1/2, Arrows. Swim back the way you came and climb up in the room with the lion statues).

Get the Torch Up, the Anti Spikes Key #2.

Go out E and go get your Torch, light that pedestal standing in the middle of the main area. A block goes up on the balcony NE. Take the Torch into the SW corner and go into the passage S where you’ll find a lever. Turn W and throw the Torch a bit where you can easily pick it up because you have to hurry to a timed block with the Torch.
Save and pull the lever, get the Torch and sprint along that fence W to the raised block, jump up onto the right hand side of it, turn left to face NW to the opening in the balustrade and run jump up there with a curve. Hop onto the other block you raised and turn around, jump up onto the grassy ledge and go in N. Follow through to where the passage is caved in, throw the Torch through the opening and crawl in yourself (takes a bit of manoeuvring).

Take the Torch, go left to the crossing and left to sprint jump (Alt) over the Knife trap or run down using Shift and Alt. Open the double door if you didn’t already and see a lever. Go all the way into the N room behind the lever and throw the Torch on the lowered block (hit #1 key) and now use the lever. Now go back over the Knife trap, at the crossing go left into the passage and get the small medipack. Return to the crossing and climb up through the opening in the ceiling. Go get the Torch N, it is almost at the end on a wooden floor. Now go to the pedestal N and ignite it. Leave the Torch where you can find it again.
Go into the opened gate N and get the Anti Spikes Key #2, a flyby shows where to use it.

Hanania’s Reward.

Take the Torch, go all the way S and to the last opening on the right (W), jump to the grassy ledge below, hop backwards to get down to the balcony and throw the Torch down to the ground floor. Then get
Secret #2/2, Shotgun ammo on this balcony. Get yourself down to the ground floor.

Take the Torch, go to the E over the wooden bridge, up some steps to that keyhole and use the Anti Spikes Key there. Get the Torch once more and hop onto the now safe ledge and ignite the 2 unlit face statues. A gate opens in the passage N. Leave the Torch and go into the room with the circular blades, the camera shows where the Gem is…

Run jump to the right hand island and follow the turning blade to jump to the next island, immediately get to the centre (blue axle) where you are safe. Time the Blades and get the Hanania’s Reward. Run and jump into the opening NE and get the Medipack there. Get back to the axle and time the jumps back over the right hand island again and to the exit (if necessary; you can side flip over the gate).

Tablet #2.

Go back to the water W, dive under the wooden bridge and swim in W towards the boulder room, up the tunnel left and up to the hall, go into the room S where you can place the 3 Gems, go into the opened gate S and pick up Tablet #2. Go out S and hop into the water.


Follow the tunnel and get a short flyby of a Warrior. The current will take you back to the 3 fountains room. Climb out, go N through the enclosed garden and keep going N, down some stairs, use the 2 Tablets NW and NE. Go into the open doors N…


Go right (E) and follow through to a room with pillars, go right around the E side pillars and into a triangular opening SE, turn around under the high ceiling and use the jump lever. Now doors have opened N, go into the Hall of Jumps where Harpies will attack.

The Hall of Jumps.

There are two ways to go, a hard route with a secret and a not so hard route without the secret.

No secret:
Stand NW, take a running jump NW and grab the slope. Shimmy all the way left, pull up, slide and jump with a curve to the left again. Take another running jump NE and then a curved running jump N, jump up to the entrance N, slide down and watch the flyby, timed platforms over spike traps.

With secret:
Stand on the NE tip of the entrance ledge, aim for the lower right hand side of the pillar N and run jump with a roll over the top, grab the edge as you slide off and pull up on the flat surface. Face NW and step back in the corner, run NW and curve right to jump to that grey block along the E wall. Climb up N and get
Secret #2/3, Flares and a Medipack. Jump further to the N and jump up to the entrance N, slide down and watch the flyby, timed platforms over spike traps.

Fast Moves and Deadly Spikes.

Hop down to the water edge, stand with your back to the stone (to the left a bit), save and then run jump to the first of the collapsible ledges with a bit of a right curve, a left curved running jump to the next and a running jump to the last.
Or; Walk just off the lower flat ledge (under that torch) onto the slanted part, stand to the left a bit and standjump to the first of the collapsible ledges with a bit of a right curve, a left curved running jump to the next and a running jump to the last.

Side flip right to a safe ledge below.
Once save, turn around and jump back to the Medipack and then to the floor lever. Jump back N again timing the popping up spikes. Go up the ramp and in the next room there is a harpy but also another foe. Way back N are water and a small medipack if you catch fire. Try to take out the harpy first. You can take refuge in the passage where you entered.
W is a button, E as well, climb on the raising block with a face and jump to the pillar W and run up the ramp indicated by stroboscope lights. From the pillar SW you can jump over to a small room W with a small medipack. Once all the way at the top, jump onto the grey ledge and shoot a harpy. Climb the ladder N, turn around and hop to the central ledge (the lever S is for a secret, I’ll explain later). Go W (or E, it doesn’t matter), just around the corner is a pit, use monkey climb (another earthquake), go left into a big hall and pick up Lion statuette N.

Go the opening S, face SE and jump to the triangular ledge, stand one step away from the edge, face SE and jump backwards with Ctrl. Go down to the ledge near the water. First get onto the ledge SW. Jump/grab and to the crack W and shimmy right. Pull up into the passage, now the spikes below are gone, so drop out again and go N for a Medipack.
Climb back up and push the button in the end of the passage, see water flow into that deep shaft. Go into the open door and the elevator goes up. Climb out E, use the monkey climb over the pit and jump back to the central ledge.

(If you want to go for the last Secret, go to the lever S. This is how I did it:
The gates are in the West wall of the ground floor, on the right of Lara.
Use the lever, hop back twice while turning right, so Lara will land onto the central ledge below this one. She has to globally face W when she will land. Then run jump and jump again with Ctrl from the edge of the floor to the most right hand side of the sloped architecture of the wall in the SW corner (those grey triangular ledges). Keep holding Ctrl and Lara will go down from ledge to ledge. It requires a bit of practice, and even if Lara does not die in the process she may lose some health. At ground level, quickly run to the gate(s). Take
Secret #3/3, a Medipack.
Go back up the path of stroboscope lights and up to the top of the central pillar.)

Dive into that deep shaft on top of the upper ledge. Swim down and through, stay up high and left. Watch out for falling rocks when you go up, better face W or E when climbing out. Go stand on the blue tile and get transported.
Follow through W, just keep going W to where the level started before…