Scarabs Temple

Level by Bartlomiej Baron

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by standing on a ledge above a pool. Run/jump to the north ledge for the shotgun and to the east and south ledges for shotgun ammo. Now jump into the pool below, dive to the bottom and get the Gem. Swim up and surface, get out of the pool at west side and get the crossbow. Go north for two stashes of crossbow explosive ammo, then head south over to the receptacle. Use the gem to open the stone door and pass to a short passage and the door closes.

Go forward and get a flyby of the room ahead. Watch the burning trap floor. Jump west onto a ledge and take another jump over the large ledge, notice the north door and get the Gem. Kill the harpy, then run/jump/grab the south rope and swing forward over the large ledge. Jump to the east ledge and make one more jump to the next large ledge. Use the gem at the receptacle to open the north door, but now you are in big trouble. Kill four harpies while beetles bite you and go back to the large ledge.

Go through the door you opened and follow the passage, watching the dart emitter. Pick up two stashes of crossbow explosive ammo and the medipack, then reach the opening. Jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the room over the block. Pick a side hole and drop into a pool below. Pick up the flares and you might notice an exit hole in the ceiling, but this hole is for later. Swim south-west over the underwater door and pull it back. Swim into a tunnel and reach the exit hole.

Climb into a room and a bunch of beetles is crawling over you. Run west and climb the blocks, then jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the north-east blocks. Pick up the Gem. Jump to the floor and run west for a medipack, then turn around and run back to the water hole. Swim back to the pool and find the ceiling hole. Climb into a room above and watch your steps from the burning floor. Head west and run up the stairs, follow the ledge until you reach the receptacle.

Use the gem to open a door nearby and pass to a room with six jump switches, three on each wall. Face to south wall and pull only the right jump switch. An east door opens, so climb the block and go the next room. Follow the marked floor until you reach the south opening. Enter the passage and run forward to end this level.