TR5 Custom Level: First Custom TRC Level
Author: Turbo Pascal
Walkthrough: Lucas (Treeble)

Demo and No-CD compatible.

(Unauthorized) Walkthrough

As the level starts, some hungry lions will come forward you. Dispatch them. Pick up the Shotgun on the golden blocks along with some ammo, then go down and push the button on the wall to open the door nearby. Enter the next room. There's a large medipack between the pillars, pick it and then go up the ramp to jump across the pillars to reach the next area. Slide down, push the button and proceed through the now open door.

There is some revolver ammo on the corner. Go through the opening, kill the gladiator. Climb the steps and jump to the entrance on the far right. Pick up the GOLDEN ROSE #1 on the corner and a large medipack on the other, proceed and climb the tiny structure to find the Uzi and a button to open the door just below. Push it and cross the door. Dive, pick up a large medipack in the bottom, and swim to the other side. Surface, climb out, pick some more Uzi ammo near the portal and go out to the snowy room. The stone hammer guardian will wake up and come to get you. You are heavily armed, time to use those babies. Pick up GOLDEN ROSE #2 on the left corner and push the button on the right to open the exit door.

End of Level.
Secrets: 2