Level by Justin

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth and
Anya Marie McDonald

NOTE: A fourth secret is documented in a reply post by Akci.

Begin in a narrow gray corridor in front of a door that opens as Lara approaches. Go inside and look around the beautiful large room that boasts a central fountain, a surrounding pool, a number of pillars and a presently inaccessible bridge that spans the room from north to south. To your left are two receptacles flanking a closed door; to your right is a closed face door with another receptacle beside it. And that's just the area in your immediate vicinity. You get the idea that a lot of activity will take place in this room.

Before doing anything else, jump into the water to wake up the crocodile, then pull out and wait for it to investigate so you can dispatch it from your position of safety. Then go over to the west side of the central fountain and pick up the crowbar that's lying in the shallow water. Other sections of the surrounding moat will yield some shotgun ammo and a small medi-pack. Leave the fountain area and go over to the NW side of this vast room. Go up the circular stairs and use your crowbar to open the face door.

Step inside, and you're immediately confronted with the choice of a rocky corridor ahead of you and a relatively smooth corridor to your left. Stick your foot inside the rocky corridor to alert the bat, then draw your pistols to exterminate it. While your guns are out, shoot the pot in the corner for some flares. Continue down the rocky north tunnel and be prepared to do battle with a trio of wild dogs.

In the next room, take a hairpin turn to the right around the far column and pick up the small medi-pack that's lying on the floor. Turn back to your right and throw the wall switch in the column face to open the door in the NW corner. Go over there and draw your pistols to eliminate another bat in the tunnel ahead. Go on down the tunnel and turn left at the juncture, where you'll encounter another bat. You'll soon come to a major intersection with a crawl space to your right, another large room to your left, and more tunnel to explore straight ahead.

Continue forward down the tunnel and go down some stairs where another wild dog attacks. After dispatching it, shoot the pot over to the left and pick up the revolver ammo. Turn further to the left and go into the darkened area to the east. Locate the jump switch near one corner and activate it. A cut scene shows an underwater door opening elsewhere. Now turn left, run to the wall, turn left again and run down the long tunnel to the south. When you pass the arched doorway to your left, a bat flutters out to greet you. Kill it quickly, but keep on going down the south tunnel for now. Draw weapons at the bend and kill two scorpions, then turn left and continue until you reach the door that opens in front of you.

To the right is a closed door with a gem receptacle, to your left is an archway with stairs leading to a new area, and straight ahead is a continuation of the tunnel you've been following. Turn left for a change of pace and go up the stairs. A trio of wild dogs comes out to attack Lara from all sides, so draw weapons and eliminate them. There's nothing of interest in this room except some uzi ammo near the east wall, so go on through the next archway into the larger room to the north.

Go on down the nearby stairs to your left. There are two face doors in this hallway, which leads to the tunnel you followed earlier. Open the south door with your crowbar, then draw weapons to kill the wild dog that's alerted by your intrusion. Go inside, climb up to the platform above, shot the pot and pick up the shotgun ammo. Then throw the nearby wall switch and watch the cut scene showing an underwater trap door opening elsewhere. Use the ladder to climb up to the highest platform, kill a couple more bats and pick up the shotgun.

Now climb back down to floor level and return to the hallway outside. You can also open the other face door with your crowbar, but don't do so quite yet. Instead, turn right and go back and jump into the waterhole and swim along the tunnel until you can surface through the trapdoor you opened just now. Pull up into a subterannean room, pick up the revolver ammo in the corner and throw the floor switch. A cut scene shows some blocks rising in a room that turns out to be the one behind the other crowbar face door, so go back there and open it.

Use your pistols to shatter the "no entry" barricade, then switch to your new-found shotgun and blow away the ninja waiting to do battle off to your right as you enter. Pick up the laser sight he drops. To the left of the empty golden coffin is a moveable block; but before undertaking the next task, climb over the box to its right, shoot the pot and pick up the crossbow. Climb back over and pull out the moveable block once. Go around to the right and push it four times toward the door, then go to the right again and push it all the way into the corner. Behind you a block has been raised, so use it to climb up to the platform. After raiding the coffin of some crossbow arrows, reverse roll and go to the other side to open the face door with your crowbar. Pick up the [/b]horseman's gem[/b], then drop down to the room below, go out into the hallway, turn left and go up the stairs, turn right and go down the stairs, and run down more stairs and go straight ahead to locate the door where you place the horseman's gem in the nearby receptacle.

The door to your right opens into a beautiful treasure room, punctuated with a fountain and Lara's theme music, so go inside, shoot the pot on your right for the Golden Vraeus (the pot on your left just makes another pretty flame), and raid the coffin for a large medi-pack.

Now leave this room and run north past several doorways and through a couple of rooms until you reach the tunnl in front of the crawl space you still haven't explored yet. Go on inside for SECRET #1 and quickly pick up the crossbow arrows. Use one to blast away the skeleton that creeps out of the dark alcove, then pick up the small medi-pack and go into the tunnel where the skeleton came from for some grenade gun ammo. Crawl back outside, turn left and make the long clockwise trek back to the large room with the fountain where you began this level.

Turn left and run to the NE corner, where you insert the Golden Vraeus into its receptacle to open the door to your left. Swim through into the next room and draw a powerful weapon quickly to deal with two crocodiles that scurry out to meet you while you're still wading and relatively helpless. Again you find that you have several choices to make in this room. First pick up the uzi ammo in the SE corner, then jump into the water hole on the other side of the room. Swim through and surface on the other side. Pull up and shoot the crocodile that's swimming about lazily below. You see the flaming pillars ahead, but this is not a task nearly as daunting as the one you encountered in Palace Midas. Just pull up onto the short block next to the water hole, and all the flames go out. They aren't timed, either, so just hop on across and take the Canopic Jar 1 from the pedestal.

Either hop back across the column tops or drop into the water and swim to the previous room. Shoot the barricade in the NW corner and go inside, but be mindful of the spike traps just ahead. There are four of them, each guarded by darts spurting out of the wall. You will trigger them by standing of the block in front of each one, and once sprung they become inert. Your main problem is avoiding the darts, but once you're on the other side, open the face door with your crowbar.

In the next room are three more face doors, one of which has a lock on it. Shoot the pot for a small medi-pack, then combine your crossbow with the laser sight and shoot the lock on the south face door. The door opens, so go inside, shoot the scorpion, then shoot the pot to your left for some revolver ammo. On the south side of the two columns are wall switches, both of which appear to be guarded by spike traps. However, the one in the SW corner (the one directly in front of you as you enter the room) is safe, so go ahead and throw it to open one of the face doors in the previous room.

Leave this room, cross the previous room and go through the open doorway in the north wall. This room looks much like the last one. If you go behind the two columns, you'll see two wall switches with a boulder poised above each one. The switch in the NW corner is safe; but if you feel like playing chicken with a boulder trap, try throwing the other one and make an immediate side flip to the right (which releases both boulders, blocking both switches, so save this stunt for last).

Exit this room and turn left to enter the third and final room through the open door. Pick up the Canopic Jar 2 from the pedestal and shoot the pot in the corner for the uzis. You'll see two more wall switches behind the columns, one guarded by a spike trap and the other by a boulder. The spike trap is real, and flipping away from the boulder just sets Lara on fire, so don't bother.

Return to the central room and go on through the doorway in the SW corner. Go on down the spike-dart tunnel, remembering that the spikes are now inert, and go to the SW corner of the room where you waded in earlier. Pull up into the opening in the wall, go to your left and up some stairs, and stop to pick up the small medi-pack from the wooden platform. Walk out to the south opening, and you find that you're overlooking the bridge that spans the huge room where you started this level. Run all the way across the bridge and throw the wall switch on the other end. A cut scene shows two face doors opening, thus freeing your way to the exit.

Go back onto the bridge and drop down into the water. Pull up and go over to the SE corner, where you place the canopic jars in their receptacles. The door between them opens. But before leaving here, run over to the SW corner and swim through an opening you created earlier. Open the next door by using the action key, and surface in the room beyond. Pull up and draw weapons to shoot the pesky bats, then walk over to the lava area. Turn to face the sloped pillar, then take an angled standing jump to grab its edge. Pull up and take a back flip to the sloped surface behind you. Keep the jump key depressed and bounce off to the next slope. Allow Lara to slide down, jump off to the next slope, slide down a little ways here as well before jumping off to a third sloped surface. Slide down and jump off at the last minute to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and deal with another bat. (It may be wise to use an explosive arrow in these close quarters.) Turn left, take a running jump across to the next ledge, and do the same thing to yet another bat. Now turn to your left and jump up to grab the edge of the sloped pillar. Shimmy to the left as far as you can, then pull up and slide a short distance down the slope. Jump ahead to another slope, slide just a very short distance this time and jump off, using the left arrow key to bring Lara over. She'll jump off another surface, then switch to the right arrow key while keeping the jump key depressed to make Lara bounce back and forth until eventually she'll jump into an area where the chimes of SECRET #2 are sounded. Go inside and pick up the grenade gun and three stashes of grenade gun ammo, and be mindful of the scorpion.

Drop down from the hole you find here into the water below, return to the doors you opened in the SE corner of the main room and swim through the opening. You see two crocodiles swimming up to meet you, so pull up on either side, draw weapons and get rid of them. Then jump back into the water, swim to the other side and pull up through the waterfall. Draw your weapons to shoot the ninja waiting in the next room, and take his uzi ammo. Climb down the ladder through the hole in the floor, and slide and jump over four spike traps. After the fourth one allow Lara to land in a safe pit. Turn to your left and walk forward into the dark area of SECRET #3. Pick up the shotgun ammo and the uzi ammo.

Now you have to negotiate two more spike traps. Reverse roll and step up to the wall ahead. Jump up and grab the edge of the slope. Pull up, allow Lara to slide a short way down the other side, jump off to land on the next slope, and jump off that one and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right past the spike trap, drop down and slide into the next area. Draw weapons immediately, kill the waiting ninja and take his uzi ammo. Go on down the long hallway to the north, flanked by huge pillars, and take out the two ninjas (stopping to collect their uzi ammo) and a harpy you meet along the way. Behind the pillar to your left, at the point where you alerted the harpy, you'll find a wall switch that opens the door at the end of the hallway.

Run toward the doorway, slightly right of center. The room inside has a false floor, so you'll drop down without warning to one of several blocks jutting up out of the lava below. Hop over to the corner block for some uzi ammo, then hop back to the block in front of the entrance and time a hop past the scissor trap down to the tiled floor. You'll have to deal with two more ninjas, and collect the uzi and the uzi ammo before moving on.

At the opening is a waterfall. You can jump across to the tiled ledge against the far wall and pick up a small medi-pack. You now need to slide down the water chute and bounce off several sloped surfaces. Be prepared to jump off the last one and grab the edge of a sloped pillar ahead. Pull up and slide down to the tiled floor. Take a clockwise loop until you reach the very end, and pick up a small medi-pack. Turn around and go up the steps into the open area that looks much like the ones you've already visited. Run between the pillars to the north and deal with three crocodiles and two ninjas as you explore this area. The door at the north end is closed, so turn to your left and go in the cave entrance. A flyby gives you a tantalizing view of the jeep inside, at which point the exit trigger brings this level to an end.

Addendum by Akci: The 4th secret is located on top of the waterfall, at the other end of the aqueduct. There is a second ladder in a dark corner leading up. Climb up and once there, jump up for a crawling space. Crossbow non-explosive, and two large medi-packs lie about inside.