TR5 Custom Level: Searching The Iris
Author: Raider Croft
Walkthrough: Lucas (Treeble)

Demo and No-CD compatible.

(Unauthorized) Walkthrough

You will begin this level unarmed and sliding to a room with a guard and one hulk machine. The HK Gun is right on the ground though, so do a little dance to get your eneemies distracted and get time to pick up the weapon without being fried alive. Quickly dispatch both baddies then. There's a crawlspace to the left, and if you crawl until the end you can pick up the GOLDEN ROSE and some goodies. Crawl back (don't climb up the ladder yet).

On the far right corner of the main room there's a hole with a ladder. Climb down. You'll have to get past the laser, the best way I found to do this and stay alive is to run right behind it and once it switches directions, jump and roll over it. You'll lose some health anyway, but on the next room there is a medipack and some ammo on the shelves.

Go up the ramp and jump to the crossed catwalk from where the guard is firing you. Enter the passage to the left and, as you approach it, the VCI door will show you the path to follow. Climb all the way up and once you reach the top you'll hear a door opening. Slide down - you're back to the main room, and another hulk is waiting for you.

Now go through the crawlspace again, but this time go up that ladder you ignored previously. The door will be open so you can enter a small room. Examine the shelves to find THE IRIS and step on the yellow tile to finish this short level.

End of Level.
Secrets: 1