TR5 Custom Level: The Dream
Author: Raider Croft
Walkthrough: Lucas (Treeble)

No-CD only.

(Unauthorized) Walkthrough

Load the first savegame to begin the actual level (do not select New Game).

If you ever finished Tomb Raider III, the setting will be very familiar to you, we're "back" to Nevada Desert. Take either of the two paths and run past the small lake to a small passage. You can ignore the torch, but if you want to, you can light it up on the wall torch nearby. Go through the small passage on the right, climb up the high grounds and slide down. Fall down with the first collapsing floor to find the GOLDEN ROSE #1 and a large medipack. The door in this pit will open as soon as you approach it, and you'll be back to the small passage you just were. This time, jump over the breakaway tiles and gaps.

Climb up on the right and you'll be atop the initial area. Follow till the end of the right catwalk and take one running jump to the sandy catwalk on the other side. Run around, jump down to a brownish structure and then take one running jump to the central structure, to climb back up to the metal structure where you were. Fall into the hole.

Swim to the other side and climb out of water to reach this grandious valley. Jump to the right and follow the narrow path until you reach the wall, then turn around to see a wall Lara can climb. Take one running jump to it, but instead of climbing up, first climb it down to reach a GOLDEN ROSE #2 and a small medipack. Jump to the water and swim all the way around until the waterfall. Pick up a small medipack under water before surfacing. Get out of the water via the reddish ground by the left of the waterfall, then take one running jump (don't hold down Action!) to the sloped sandy platform just opposite to it, then jump to the right and, then, to the right again, so you reach a climbable wall. Climb back up to the entrance of this valley and follow to the right until the place where you got the second rose, but this time around, climb up instead.

Follow the catwalk, jump around the corner to the safe spot and hang on the edge to drop down to the crack just beneath. Shimmy to the left, climb up, monkey swing to the wall, drop and immediatly grab the wall and climb it up. Jump to the slide to the right of this entrance, grab the edge and shimmy to the left so you can climb up to a safety spot. Then, jump to the other side of this room with help of the middle slope.

Jump into the water and swim forward to this cave. There's another torch close by, and you don't need it either. On the right side of the structure there's a ladder Lara can climb. Once you're on the top of it, go to the right and swim on the left side, dive and find an underwater tunnel. Swim through to reach one HEART. Slide down and swim to the other side now, where previously there wasn't water.

When you fall down the waterfall, climb up the nearby block, jump to one rock beneath the waterfall and jump to one smaller right in front of it. Inside this hidden chamber is the GOLDEN ROSE #3 and a large medipack. Dive again and follow the water flow to reach the cavern again. Swim until the entrance but don't fall - otherwise you'll have to do all the way up again. Climb up to the rock in the center, near the waterfall, then take one running jump to the platform you jumped before, using the middle slope. Take one running jump to that slide you used before and climb down the wall, drop and grab the lower wall. Climb up to this space and use the Heart on the wall. The doors up there are now open, jump to the wall to your right and climb up there. Slide down and enter the small bluish cave. Get close to the Timex stopwatch and you'll be done with the first part of the level.

Either the game will crash or the next level will load. In either case, you have to load the second provided savegame now.

Go around the fences to reach a small crawlspace on the wall. Crawl in and, when you come to a gap, jump to the higher ledge. Drop into the water and pick up a large medipack (you'll see a door opening somewhere). Return the way you came and this time, fall into the gap. Crawl and cross through the door you just opened.

Climb the ladder behind one of the four pillars to reach the water tower. Fall into the water and climb up in the other ledge, from where you can jump over the fencee to a small box on the other side. Run across this small field and enter the storage depot. There's a small medipack on the drawer. Jump over the boxes in the back of the depot and pick up a small medipack (the door to the other building will open). There's yet another torch nearby, but it serves for no actual use.

Enter it, on the first drawer there's a small medipack, a large medipack on the second one and a HEART close to the control wall (a door will open somewhere). Exit via the main gates and slide down into the cave to the left. The door you just opened is to the right, enter the small room and use the Heart on the wall. A mysterious laugh will be heard and the game will be over.

End of Level.
Secrets: 3