Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Swim down the tunnel and surface in a pool. Ahead are some steps that end with a closed gate in front of a garden. There is an opening on the right. Go there and kill two tigers (1,2) and enter. There are high openings on the right wall and two more in the back. Go into with back opening and reach a temple ruin with a closed door. Now return and go behind the pool. At the end turn right and go straight. Up the stairs is a corridor that ends in a closed double gate. Follow through a corridor and when it opens into a large area jump on a rock to the right side. From there you can kill five wolves (3,4,5,6,7). The area is divided into four rooms. Go to the far left room and pull a movable block to underneath a wall switch on the left wall. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of the double gate opening. Go back to the stairs and follow them to the opened gate. Inside the room are many blocks and gates. From the entrance run around the room counter clockwise and notice that there are five gates (1 to 5). Climb blocks in the back right corner for a small Medi pack (1). From there you can jump to the balcony on the right and see five switches on the wall. Go down the nearby hole and down the stairs to a switch. Pull it to open the gate #3 next to it for easy access later on. Look out from the switches jump to a column on the left. Jump to the next column and then to the ledge. Run/jump/grab the corner ledge with a switch. Pull the switch to get a cut scene of the door opening in the temple ruin.


Go back to the pool and the temple ruin. Go through the door and follow the tunnel to a switch. Pull it to get a cut scene of the gate with the garden opening. So now go there. In the garden are two closed gates on either side. Go to the ledge on the right side and jump to a ledge and down a tunnel. At the other side kill the guard (8) that is there. Jump to the platform with MIDAS on it and move the movable block. The five numbers behind it are 01011. These are obviously switch positions so go back to the five switches. Assume up is zero and down is one.


Set the switches (01011) and gate #2 below opens. Enter and see the fires on columns and a timed run of course over them. Go down the stairs to the right and kill the four crocodiles (9,10,11,12) first. Run over the columns when the flames go down. If you make the last column you can pull up onto a corner and be safe from the flame. Angle a jump to the ledge. Pick up the Indra key (2) and pull a switch to get a cut scene of a door opening in the garden area. Go back into the garden and though the door. Follow to a room with a Shiva statue. In the far left corner there is a number 10110 on the floor.


Back to the switches to set the values (10110) and gate #5 opens. Go there and see a closed door and many collapsible tiles leading to high doorway. Go into the doorway to the right and to a back alcove. Pull a switch and a moving wall starts. Get out of the alcove and up the ramp through the open door. Run over the tiles and make it into the doorway. Luckily you can grab the edge of the tiles and maneuver a bit and then save while pulling up. Inside pick up another Indra key (3) from the floor. There is an arrow on the wall. Light a flare and the number 11001 appears next to the arrow. Exit carefully since there are spikes just below the doorway exit.


Back to the switches to set the values (11001) and gate #1 opens. Enter a room with a column in the middle. Go around to the back and enter a doorway. You could go left to a doorway overlooking the room but you can do nothing there yet. Go right and down the stairs into a room. Kill the guard (13) who drops a large Medi pack (4). Pull the movable block out (Lara says "Great" if you use the full TR3). Now go back upstairs and up the other stairs and you see that the room has been destroyed. Jump to the ledge to the lower right. Then jump to the middle column and then to the far ledge. Jump into the hole and starting climbing blocks until you can jump a gap to a pool. Look down and see the wolves you killed earlier. Dive in and swim a little to lure two crocodiles (14,15) into the right water channel. Kill them and swim into the channel. Swim to the end into a room and pull up to the right side to pick up Uziís (5). You can get to the other side where you see a health pack but you cannot pick it up.


Swim back into the channel and surface on the left side. Go the pool at the far left end and slide down the rocks to the level below. As you go forward six guards (16,17,18,19,20,21) attack. There is a hole on the right side you can jump into and shoot them from there. Or go through the second arch to a ledge and shoot them as they walk in front of the arch opening. Afterwards you can pick up three Uzi clips (6,7,8) and two small Medi packs (9,10). Walk down the ledge outside and kill the two tigers (22,23) and three wolves (24,25,26) you have attracted from alcoves. At the last alcove by the rocks you can kill a guard (27). Jump across the gap to a crevice and shimmy left to the end and drop down. Turn around and jump the gap again and follow the corridor in front of you. Go up an inclined tunnel to the end and climb some blocks on the left side. Jump the gap over the pool and slide down the other side. Follow the tunnel until you enter a ledge above the first pool where you entered the level. As you follow the ledge kill the three guards (28,29,30) who has appeared on the ground floor. At the end enter a tunnel and follow it to an opening. Get out onto a column overlooking the room where you shot the tigers. Jump to the next column and go into a cave with a water hole. Dive in and swim into another cave. Climb a block and go into an opening. Pick up an Indra key (11) from the floor. Jump the gap to the roof of the building. In the middle of the roof floor you see the numbers 01101. I went back through the water tunnel and dropped to the floor from a block there. Dropping from the temple roof looses too much health.


Back to the switches to set the values (01101) and gate #4 opens. Go inside the room and up the stairs into a doorway. You could continue the stairs to a balcony above gate #4 but I found nothing there. Inside the room you see the places for the three Indra keys. Use them and the gate opens beside you. Go into the door and slide down as the level ends.


End of the level.
Pickups: 11
Kills: 30
Secrets: 0