Welcome back to the Tomb Of Qualopec, or rather, a twisted pseudo version of it. Run down the corridor (if you try the opposite way you'll stumble upon a glitchy invisible wall) to reach the main hall. Head right to find a door locked with two key locks and two open passages. Take the one straight ahead of the entrance and pick up the KEY on the corner, then take the other passage, drop into the arena with two statues and retrieve the second KEY. Use them on the locks you saw before. Enter, push the block twice to reveal another block which you shall push only once, and hop over the gap to throw the lever. Return and head right, where you got the first key, to find the open trapdoor. Drop through it, then go up the ramp and pull the block out of the way, by pushing it to either side. Up the stairs, throw the lever and return to the two-locks room. Throw the lever that was on fire and head to the twin Seth statues arena. Drop down, enter the open passage and go up the stairs, and, in the end, jump to the right. Climb up the giant steps, drop down in the end and jump to the alcove on the right to throw a lever. Drop down to safe grounds again and head for the gate you just opened. Climb up the wall as the statue comes to life. Throw the lever and head back to the main hall, the other statue will be summoned to life as well. Take the opposite entrance now and, just on the very first step, climb up the wall to your left. Jump over the fiery pit and pick up the KEY. Return and head up the stairs until you meet Pierre and Larson. Beat them and recover a second KEY from Pierre's body. Use both keys by the 'throne' to unlock the gates. Pick up the ORA DAGGER.

End of Level.
Secrets: none