Pick up the ammo in front of you and roll back to dodge the boulder. Do the same on the corner to the left. Pull the lever halfway through, enter and kill the first monkey. The lever to the left will open a gate on the right. Get there and find another lever, this one will open a door in the upper chambers, straight opposite to the entrance you're now in.

Up there, enter, follow to the left and throw the lever to open a door in the end, take the rockets on the ground and operate another lever. Return to the main hall, with the Shiva's, and follow to the right. Pick up the Rocket Launcher, kill the snake and push another lever. Get down to the lower chambers and follow through the bigger entrance on the left.

Inside, to the left side there's a medipack and, to the right, there's a shotgun and a lever. This one opens the door to the left on the upper area. Enter and rush to the left, pick up the Desert Eagle. A boulder should be resting by the walls now, harmless. Go to the way it came from to find the last lever. Return to the main hall and show what you've got. The newly opened door leads you to the end (step on the far corner).

End of Level.
Secrets: none