Cult of the Mask


Back to Basics 2010


Level by TombMaker


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.



Go forward and pick up the Flares from the little pond. Walk onto the balcony E to shoot out the window SW and go there to climb in. Shoot a gangster and pick up his Glock ammo, notice the ceiling hatch and head down the stairs W to open the hatch with the button W. The button E opens the door to the street. For now go up the stairs again, climb into the open hatch and get the Shotgun ammo next to the opening, go W and then N and shoot out a window. Jump on a balcony and shoot out windows W and jump in. There is another window W, jump down to the balcony there.


Get Secret #1, the Shotgun plus ammo. Go back the way you came and leave this building through the door you opened before. Go W and shoot a dog on the edge of the water of the Main Canal. In the NW corner behind the gondola on the jetty is Shotgun ammo, notice the door.


The Crowbar.


Swim into the canal S and climb out of the water to shoot the gangster on the jetty.  Keep swimming S and go around the corner (W), use the jump lever behind the plant NW.  Back around the corner over the jetty into the door that opened up. Go through the corridor and open the doors.  Once in there are two gangster and one leaves a small medipack. In the SE corner on a box is Shotgun ammo.


Jump behind the crates NE and open a trapdoor, get down and go E to pick up the Crowbar. Get back to ground floor and jump onto the crates NW. Use the Crowbar on the wooden panel W. Get Secret #2, the Grenade Gun.


Go out and into the water and swim back to the Main Canal and then into the N canal. At the end you can climb out SE onto some steps. Shoot the gangster and jump up to the awning E, jump over to the next and then go to that jump lever in the corner. But first I shot the window and jumped in. Get the Glock ammo. That was all I could find except for a closed door, jump back to the awning and now use that jump lever, a gate opens up.


Shoot the Bell.


Once you’re in the water, swim back S to the Main Canal and the underwater grate E is open. Swim in go left over the block to get that small medipack. Swim back over the block and go through a tiny crack E and down to pick up 2x Uzi ammo, continue through another crack and swim up at the end.


Use the Crowbar on the door. Use the button, climb stairs and shoot out the window. Jump the awnings to the W side and shoot the Bell NW. Look down and see the N door behind the gondola is open. Jump in the water and go there. 


Pool Square.


Get in, shoot a gangster and his dog and grab the M16 ammo he drops. Above the entrance is a jump lever to open a hatch, climb the ladder S and climb off left. Run around to the SW corner and use the button (or just jump W over the ladder hole), a door opens up. This opens a door on the other side, you can’t get there from here, so down again, left into the canal and swim N, up the steps and jump the awnings into that broken window (next to the jump lever). That door is now open, so head up the stairs and shoot the gangster, pick up a small medipack.


Climb the left bookcase and back flip on the chandelier and stand jump to grab the triangular crevice N, traverse to the left and crawl in. At the end push a button and that means… go down again into the water, back to the Main Canal, to the door N and into the just opened door N.


Shoot two dogs, SW is 2 x Uzi ammo, NW is a medipack, and SE is the Uzi plus Uzi ammo.


Push the Harp.


Go W, end up on a balcony, shoot the guy and get Grenade ammo he drops and some Flares NE. Open the door S, get Uzi ammo on a crate NE, Shotgun ammo up NW.


Go to the SW corner and pull/push the Harp and pick up a small medipack, push/pull the harp (around the corner to the W wall) and use the lever to raise the platform, push/pull the harp to that marble tile. Another platform goes up E, jump there to use the next lever to open a door on the Pool Square.


So back again down and to the balcony and into the opening W, down the stairs, follow back to Pool Square and head into the door E.


The Great Hall.


Following the passage with a closed door, you’ll get to a great hallway and there are stairs left and right. They lead to the same areas, so go up one of the stairs and get a screenshot of a guy on the other side. Go to the balcony and approach the crook to kill him. Get the Uzi ammo, use the lever E. Go back to the stairs and now go all the way down. You opened a door W where you can use the TIMED lever.


Timed Run.


Run upstairs to the ground floor and head W into the open big door. Climb one of the bookcases and back flip on the chandelier to use the jump lever E. Go N, get some Shotgun ammo and then go S behind the bookcase to open the doors there, you’ve been here before.


The Library Key.


Go E to Pool Square and then left (E) and halfway down on the left is a button. Go back to Pool Square, up the ladder and into the door W. There is a crook waiting on some crates, shoot him. Go SW and right around the corner behind the crates, jump on a box and turn around. Take a running jump to the SE and jump the chandelier. Look NE; that is where you have to go but as the ceiling is very low you have to go jump around the room starting SW, pick up the Library Key. 


The Library.


Go back to Pool square, down the ladder and out the door S to the Main Canal. Jump S over to the jetty with the big doors and use the Key. There is a gangster on the left so shoot him. Go NE and right and use the button (#1) in the alcove. There is another button (#2) SW and right.


Climb a bookcase and grab up to a chandelier, then use the chain to get to the top balcony. SE is a small medipack, then go N and use a button (#3) on a pillar NE to open some big doors W on ground floor.


Old Library Basements.


Get down to the ground floor (a backflip over the balustrade to a bookcase below) and W and use the Crowbar on the door left (S). Get down and shoot some rats and go to the manhole. Next to it are 2 x Flares. Then open the manhole (face N). Into the water and use the underwater lever N. Go W and climb up, crawl straight through that crawlspace and get the Grenade ammo, then use the lever.


Crawl back and take the first right, passing a gate till you find another lever, crawl back and take the first on the right (S) again. When you can stand up again go right (W). Watch out, bats (save and reload). Jump down and jump up into the opening N, climb down the chain.


Go further to a small chamber and use a switch NE, jump down the opened trapdoors and be careful as there are big fans so keep to the left and swim into alcove left and pull up out. Pick up Flares SW, a small medipack NW and Shotgun ammo NE.


The Wires.


Be careful by approaching the ladder S as half the ceiling drops down.  Flip the lever and side jump to the ladder and climb up (best in the corner). Climb the ladder in the next room too and jump/roll to grab a jump lever. Get into the floor opening NE, at the chain go NE to the chamber with the trapdoors and into the open grate N. Use the ladder, back flip and shoot two rats. Shoot that electric box and pry loose the Wires.


Go back down, go SW and use the chain to climb up and back flip, get down to the shallow pool and now jump up W and use the Wires there. A grate opens up S so go there, open the ceiling hatch, turn around and climb up. Crawl through W and shoot the guy to get his Shotgun. But more important, his ride.


Vespa Scooter Ride.


Get on his Scooter and drive W and then left (S). In this tunnel are two grates, the left hand one opens for the Timed Ride later. Go S and into the first left to pick up a Medipack. Turn around and go left (S) and left (E) again. Get off the Scooter and into that crawlspace. Grab the Nitrous Oxide Feeder and crawl back out.


Back on the Scooter and go N, right, left right and leave the Scooter (better turn it around as you are in a hurry and even you can attach the Nitrous Oxide Feeder to the Scooter, but the timed run later can be done without it) and climb behind the crates and use the TIMED lever there. Turn right, run over the corner of the crate onto the other one.


Jump on the Scooter and go straight (W), left (S) and follow through (zigzag),  (passing the Nitrous Oxide Feeder crawlspace to your left), so go right there (W) then right around the corner at the end (E) at the intersection go straight (N) and it is the second door on your right. Park the Scooter very close to the door, step off and hop back into the gate before it closes (savegame).


Use the lever SE, this opens 2 gates, the other gate so you can get back out and another in the Medipack tunnel. At the N wall between the boxes is a Medipack. Go back out, onto the Scooter. (if you have trouble getting back onto the Scooter when you parked it too close to the gate, just run between the gate and the Scooter holding Ctrl till Lara gets on).




Drive back (S) a bit and left (E), that gate where you got the Medipack is now also open. Leave the Scooter here. There is a dog in that room and 2x Uzi ammo SW. Climb the ladder on the back of a pillar. Get on a room with more ladders; your goal is the opening way up in the SE corner. Take the ladder on the right (W wall) and climb up, once on top, let go and grab and immediately start to shimmy (quickest way) to the right around two corners and at the end climb up. Go around and up a block in the NE corner. Climb two more ladders.


Go S and find an opening in the floor to the right, go down below run to the N wall, jump up twice and quickly use the Valve there. Water appears, so dive in and on the bottom near the pipe S you can find 2x M16 ammo and the M16.  There is also a small medipack NE. Then swim SW for air and get out. Go E and swim to the other side. Kill a dog and two bats.


Behind the pipes is a pick-up and also an electric box. Go to the SE corner of the pit, hang from the edge and shimmy right passing the ladder to shimmy to the ledge with a small medipack. Drop back again and grab the ledge to shimmy to the next ledge, shoot the box and use the button. Grab the edge again and shimmy left till you can climb back up left of the ladder. Go W to swim back over the water, go up the steps and go right (N) as that gate is now open. Follow through and shoot another electric box, flip the switch to open the gate (This will be a shortcut for later). Step through the open gate and pick up another Grenade Gun on the right.


First go back to the W (swimming or back through the corridor) and into the opening SW and swim to the valve N and use it again.  Back out and take the shortcut (N) as the other basin is now filled with water.


Swim to the other side (a bit SE) and climb up into an opening, climb a ladder and pick up a small medipack S. Shoot the electric box and use the switch and jump up.


The Old Theatre, the Theatre Keys.


Go down the stairs and pick up flares, go E and on the right, around the corner is a jump lever. Now go straight (W) up the stairs and go to the other side of the balcony, a door opened.


Take either staircase, and grab the Theatre Keys, from the floor in front of the door. Go back down the stairs, out N and down again, once down go E and use the Keys next to the door there. Enter and get the Glock 17 on the left and a medipack on the right.


Get out and go N, up the big stairs to the door you saw at the end (N), use the keys again. You get to a room full of boxes, couldn’t find anything there so continue E.


The Backstage Key.


You’ll find yourself in the theatre, climb the stairs NE and go down the other side. Then climb the boxes till you are as high as you can get on stage. Take a running jump to the chandelier on the right. Jump to the balcony NW and enter, go to the end and then go left onto a small balcony. Jump to the next and then to the pillar right of the balcony S, there is a crack you can grab and shimmy to the balcony. On this balcony you’ll find the Backstage Key.


Get down by grabbing the crate beneath the balcony, and use the key on the door NE on the stage. Inside around the corner right (SE) is a chain, pull it.


Go back on stage and see that part of the curtain lifted. Straight ahead on a box is another Uzi, and on a box N is your goal, the Rose Jewel.


Go back to the back of the theatre, through the box room then left (S) down the stairs at the end to the right up the small stairs, follow the balcony and through the door at the end and place the Jewel on the W wall. Go up and enter the open door, better safe here. Kill the masked figure and pick up the Carnival Mask he drops. Place it on the E stand, (facing E), the level ends here.