Dec. 6, 2003, the Vagrant

I hope you won't have to use this walkthrough; really this game is so easy

* the Swamps

Lara starts this Louisiana level by approaching the old plantation house from the swamps. Quickly swim to the dock areas (avoiding the Shark & 2 catfish) & pick up the spear gun, spears & medipack. other spears & an underwater switch can be found on the left side of the house's front dock. the switch opens the underwater door into the boatshed.

Use CTRL and a direction key to get in or out of the boat. use CTRL key as a "speed boost" while driving the boat. leave the boatshed, pass the front of the plantation house & jump the ramp ("sunken roof") into the back swamps. There are shotgun shells & a medipack hidden under this roof. when you round the building's corner, you'll see the second dock...
across from it is an underwater cave with hidden Uzi ammo to find and some spears on the sandbar. but nothing to find in this back swamp...
generally, the swamps are simply a Background for the level(& to drive the boat in). there's nothing much to find in them; it's all up near the building, if there is...

Drive up to the dock, jump out & kill the goon with your spear gun. you'll get your pistols from him. Now you're ready to start the game! make sure you've got full health & rounding the building's corner, you'll see dock # 3. Pull up, jump out & start raising hell! you'll get a shotgun from the Bad Girl;
use it on the flamethrower guy... you'll notice he Had a fondness for sleazy "Detective" pulps... "Nora, we're going for a boat ride tonight"...yuk,yuk--- after the flamethrower guy, there's a large medipack to find in this room with the rotted floors... down the hall, take out the shotgun guy-he'll drop the Uzis..& there's a medipack in the poolroom
to find. you'll proceed on to a lounge area with 2 dogs, a levy wearing goon & another bad girl. After this fight, there are 2 routes that can be taken.

#1: you can pull the block out of the wall, throw 2 switches & go back to the foyer room to the main hall to fight goon there.... OR.... better yet....

#2: you can drop down thru a hole in the floor into the underground caverns. here you'll find a small medipack & grenades in a side room. continue down the tunnel. you'll have to jump some spikes & outrun some
boulders, run thru some moving spiked walls.

Someone finally commented that this part is just like "the Great Wall of China" traps. That's because this section IS; I did that intentionally, I like it. anyways, after you outrun the moving spike walls, you can go back into this room & pick up the grenade launcher & a med pack.

Next you'll have to kill a few spiders. use the bounce pad to get up into the high tunnel. you'll fight 2 more goons here and will return back to the lounge room (with the pull able block). You gained the grenade launcher by choosing route #2....

*Back on the first floor-

Proceed on into the main hall. you'll have to fight 2 dogs & bad girls. extra grenades can be found by bouncing up onto the hanging lamp...

* the second floor

You'll eventually go into a grey colored room with a canopy bed in it. kill the goons & 1 dog in here & in back of the bed, pull out the block so you can reach the switch. it'll open the door into the green room (nearby room).
if you decide to pull the block out one more time, you'll find the -Hanged Man- tarot card here.

secret #1.

Going into the green room, watch out for the flamethrower guy; best to quickly take him out! you'll need to make a few jumps to get to a switch that opens the next door... after pulling the switch, might be a good idea to save the game here. The next room has moving spiked walls; they are "wider' than they first appear... continuing on from the spike walls, climb up thru the ceiling onto the terrace overlooking the back swamp. Don't jump down into the swamps; you've already been there, done that.
Instead, run thru the swinging spiked balls & wall knife blades to a balcony...this leads into a library, where you'll have to fight 2 dogs & a bad girl... there are 2 switches in this room. both of them operate doors in the boatshed. one to return to it & the second to Leave the boatshed.

You'll proceed down into a room (with spikes) that has a railing overlooking where you first entered the plantation house. please don't jump down there (you've been there already!)..... instead, kill the 3 enemies, the flamethrower gut, a dog & a levy wearing goon. they drop pickups too.
you'll notice a "double-door" with spikes below it. you can jump around the ledges to reach it's switch (located in the corner to the left of the doors)... or use the bounce pad. use the bounce pad to get the goodies on the hanging lamp. After opening this door, you can do 1 of 2 things:

#1: use the bounce pad to jump over the spikes, thru the doors & onto a balcony overlooking dock #3 (& probably your boat too...) OR....and this is a better way...

#2: find the room to the right of the double doors. you'll have to kill a shotgun guy in this red bedroom. Off to a side of the fireplace, you can jump up to a small room behind the curtains. Here you will find secret #2, the -Lovers- tarot card... now you can return to the balcony overlooking the boat... you gained the second secret by choosing this route. Back on the balcony, you have a choice of 2 things to do.

#1: you can dive down to you boat, jump the ramp into the boatshed & exit the level by driving thru the (now) opened door... OR....better still...

#2: you can throw the wall switch on the balcony & proceed onto the Graveyard....(the final secret is in the graveyard...)

* the Cemetery

Jump across to a ledge (from the ramp into the boatshed); you'll come to the small grated door. You'll be bothered by 2 catfish in a small swamp with some sunken crypts in it. Go thru the cemetery pillars; there's a gun battle to be had here. you can hide behind the crypts between
killing goons. you can jump on top of them too. the goons drop pickups. when you get them under control, you'll go thru some slamming doors into another crypt area infested with giant spiders....take them out.

Proceed thru the graveyard, you'll be attacked but there are lots of pickups to be had. When you get the goons under control, you can pick up secret #3: the -Death- tarot card.

Your work is down here, at Cape Fear; it's time to head home & crack a frosty one, Lara- smashing show, girl! you've got the 3 tarot cards for Queen Ida; you've shut down this nest of smugglers, so backtrack thru the graveyard to the boat...

Exit the game by boating thru the double doors in the boatshed.

Hope you enjoyed Cape Fear & thank you so much for playing it!
I had fun building it, Kevin (a.k.a "the Vagrant")