Here's the walkthrough and I've included the only semi- secret: the automatic pistols.

The level begins with Lara on a tall stone pillar. Drop to the floor and head to the right corner of the room. There you will find a small medipack. Notice the double doors ahead- you will come back to them later. For now, go to the section of the floor that is facing the high passage with the collapsible tile. Position Lara toward the opening and run over the red tile that is actually a bouncing pad. Keep running when you land or you’ll fall back down. Continue up the passage to enter a room, littered by broken columns. Locate another bouncing pad in the left side of the room next to the columns. Look up to make sure that Lara is facing the opening and run forward. Lara should land on the upper section safely. Turn to the left and approach the opening. By now you’ve distinguished the sound of the rolling blades. Wait for the blade to come and start running after it when it makes its way down again. At the end of the passage jump forward and angle Lara a little to the left to land in the opening and clear of the blade’s way. Repeat this with the next blade that’s waiting in the next passage. After accomplishing this, you’ll be in yet another passage. Notice that this time the blade passes the opening Lara's in. Turn to the left and wait for the blade, the moment it passes you and goes to the right, start running and jumping at the same time, and in the end of the passage jump to the left. Now that you’re safe, go and pull the switch to open the double doors from the main room. Backtrack to the opening in the ceiling while running in front of the rolling blades . Safety drop to the floor but be careful not to land on the bouncing pad. Run through the passage to the room you initially started in. Safety drop once again and head for the now opened double doors.

The room ahead has two tall platforms supported by columns. If you run forward, the camera will move away from Lara to show you around the room. Face the entrance and notice the switch up above (which opens the double doors) and the collapsible tile that leads to another passage. You’ll use the switch much later, so head to the left platform and inspect the floor. You’ll come across a tile, which is slightly lighter than the rest: another bouncing pad. Face off the wall and run forward to bounce to the top of the platform. Take a running jump to the collapsible tile and emerge on the platform. Pick up the box of flares and ignore the flare on the ground, as you don’t need it for the passage up ahead. Run to the exit and draw pistols because there are two tigers inside. You can run in and kill them in the room while jumping around to dodge them (be careful of the broken columns that obstruct Lara’s way). Or when you enter the room you can hop back in the passage and kill them from there, as they will not follow Lara inside. After they’re dead, run up the stairs to the top. Take a running jump to grab the edge of the first collapsible tile and pull up. Run forward and stop before you step onto the last tile. Side flip to the left to the safety of the ledge. Turn to the left to the nice little obstacle ahead. Wait until the rolling blade passes you and jump to the platform. Hop back and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left until you reach the double blades. Wait for the rolling blade to pass to the right and pull up. Immediately side flip to the left and then jump forward to land in the opening of the passage, concealed by some vegetation.

At the end of this passage is the hardest puzzle in the level but it’s not that bad if you follow the instructions. Jump down and grab the edge. Shimmy to the right and drop down. Don’t worry, the blade won’t harm you here. Wait for the blade to pass and turn to the right wall. Side flip to the right twice and side step to the left once. Pull the switch and roll. Wait about 4 seconds and jump forward (this should be about when the blade is passing over a black clump on the floor to the left). Lara will barely miss both blades. From there side flip to the left once and side step to the left four times. Back flip and when you land, immediately jump forward to pull the switch. Roll and jump forward. Take a step back and grab the medipack. Back flip immediately. Lara will bump in the wall. When she stands up, jump forward and bump again and then back flip. Side flip to the right and then jump forward. Pull the switch and immediately side flip to the right. Roll, wait for about a second and jump forward. You should have barely missed both blades (depending on your timing you may lose some blood). Pull the switch and side flip to the right. Roll, jump forward and side flip to the right once more. Take a step to the left, pull the switch, roll and jump forward. Turn to the left and climb the ladder to the open door at the top. That’s it, you’re safe now.

Well, relatively. Continue down the passage to emerge in the opening of a room with a spiked wall. Slide down the slope and drop to the ground. Get up and start running, taking a running jump at the end. When you’re safe, look behind where the wall was, to find a small medipack. Pick it up and head for the opening. Position Lara to the right and start running, taking an occasional running jump. Traverse through the next corridor to emerge on the platform with a switch in an already familiar room. Throw the switch to open the double doors below and safety drop to the floor.

Enter through the doors to find yet another spiked wall. Slide down the slope and take running jumps to reach safety. After that approach the corridor with the statues with the huge swords. A good way to deal with them is to near the swords and roll to the other side. Repeat this four times. Jump forward at the base of the slope and continue to the left. You’ll be at the top of a sequence of spiked walls. Go as far to the left as possible and slide down the slope and jump forward at the very end. Don’t stop running and jumping until you’re in the safety of the passage ahead. Beware of the walls, as they can hurt you if you stay too close to the entrance. When they stop, jump to the floor, taking extra care not to touch them. Turn to the left to pick up the only “kind of a secret”: four clips of automatic pistol ammo and the automatic pistols. Return to the opening and climb up.

Run to the end of the passage and jump to the stone pillar. Walk to the rightmost edge and wait for the swinging punching bag and blade combo to go almost all the way to the right and jump forward to grab the edge. Pull up and wait till the punching bag behind you starts swinging to the left and then take a running jump and grab the next edge. On the next pillar position Lara so that she’s facing the leftmost part of the stone pillar ahead. Execute another running jump when the punching bag is at its rightmost, starting to swing to the left. After this jump to the next pillar and align Lara with the collapsible tiles. Take a running jump and when you land, start running to the right, executing a banana jump (now banana jump is short for when you jump and use the left/right arrow to adjust in mid-air) to land in the opening to the right.

In this next room, there are two doors, one of which is open, and another you need a key for. Go to the open door and draw pistols. Near the artifact- looking thingy that’s a transporter. You’ll be transported in a room, whose floor is littered with skeletons and the reason they’re here is advancing upon you rapidly. A not so friendly acquaintance from TR2 is back: the huge spider monster. Anyway, jump about and kill it. After you’re done, go to the right corner of the room to discover a passage. Its end leads to another room.

See the skeletons below? Draw pistols and slide to meet two more spiders. Kill them and go to the part of the room they came from to collect a small medipack. Ignore what looks like an opening in the wall: you can’t reach it. Instead turn right and approach the passage. There are some smashing doors that await you (and hearing them smash closed all of a sudden literally made me jump. Lara too). Approach them and roll through when they’re ¾ open. After you’ve passed through run to the end of the passage. You’ll get a wide- angle camera shot , showing you the room. Take a running jump onto the second collapsible tile, only to find out it’s not a collapsible tile. Same goes for the corner tile ahead to the left, too. Take another running jump to reach it. A simple running jump will take you to another solid bit. From there turn to the right and take a running jump ahead, The second of the two tiles in front of you is solid. Now in this part of the room, there’s a platform made of 3 tiles and two more single collapsible tiles. You can jump ahead on the 3-tile structure because of the solid tile, but then you’ll need more precise adjusting when moving on to the next two tiles. So I've chosen to go to the leftmost section of the tile you’re standing on. Look down and make sure that Lara will be able to make the first lone tile without adjusting. Jump forward (don’t do a running jump or you’ll miss the tile) and then jump to the tile ahead. Lara should automatically adjust her position and keep running straight. Jump to the next tile and grab the edge of the alcove. Pull up before you fall to your death. Go as far to the left as possible and align Lara so that she’s facing the edge of the opening above. Jump and grab to pull up into the next passage. In the end there’s a ladder that leads you down into another spider lair.

When you’re at the bottom, draw weapons and enter. Two spiders will arrive shortly. You can either kill them by jumping around or you can climb onto the pillars on the left and pick them off from there. Either way, when you’re done, go to the switch. Throwing it raises the red lattice, which connects with a taller pillar. You need it to shimmy over to another switch up above that opens the golden door in the back. The switch is timed but reaching the shimmy in time is not hard at all. Only thing to keep in mind is that the pots/amphorae/vases obstruct your way. Throw the switch and press look to avoid the weird camera angle. Take a running jump or two to the taller pillar. From there climb the next one and turn right. Execute a banana jump to the right and grab the lattice. Start shimmying to the right until you reach the tall column. Pull up and climb to the top, where there’s an opening with the next switch. Throw it and you’ll see the golden door opening.

Backtrack down the slope and safety drop to the ground. Go into the next room and use the transporter. The next room contains the golden key for the door back where you used the first transporter and a closed trapdoor. Picking up the key opens it. Safety drop to the floor to find that you’re back in the room with the closed door and the golden lock. Use the key and enter. Slide down the slope and then go to the right.

You’re overlooking a pool with two very hungry sharks in it. Dive into the water and head to the left, because there’s the life- saving harpoon gun with lots of ammo there. For some reason the sharks won’t attack when you get the harpoon gun. After you’re done with them, swim to the right to a very small opening that leads to an airlock. Fill your lungs and dive back down. Pull the switches to open the door. Return for air any time you feel like it. Near the switch that’s resting on the same wall as the door, there’s a skeleton that holds two boxes of shotgun shells. Pick them up and swim to the next room where two tigers are just dying to see you. Kill them and locate the bouncing pad near one of the corners. Face the column you need to get to the top of and take a few steps away from the pad. Jump onto the pad and you should land on top. Take running jumps to move along the columns until you finally reach the room that you saw from the bottom. Run to the opening on the right and then through the passage. When you enter the room with the columns littering the floor, draw weapons and enter.

Notice the two thugs guarding the place. If you keep your distance you won’t take any damage. Dispatch them and move to the six switches on the far wall. Pulling all of them opens the two doors that give you access to another switch. Run to through the now- open doors and pull this switch as well. It raises the red lattice that allows you to shimmy to yet another switch that opens the golden door. But you need to fiddle with some blocks before you can go there. First head near where you came from and push the block to the section of the wall near the entrance where there’s a gap. Use the block to plug the gap. Climb up and pull/push the block as close to the lattice as you can. Climb back down and head for the switches. There’s another moveable block. Push/pull it until it is next to the higher block. Go to the other moveable block and pull it until it connects with the one you just moved there. Now you have enough space to move the higher block closer to the lattice. Climb up and pull it once, then go to the other side and push it, until it rests on the second moveable block. Drop and move the free block around and place it in front of the high block, giving Lara enough space to move it again. Pull it and then push it so that it rests on this next structure. From there push and pull it until it will not go any further. Climb on top and jump onto the next stone platform. Turn around and face the lattice. Simply jump forward and grab it to shimmy all the way to the left (don’t take a running jump or you’ll hit yourself). Throw the switch to open the golden door. Safety drop to the floor and go to the door.

Enter and run through the corridor to come into a lava room. Run to pretty much the end of the platform and turn around to face the pillar ahead. Take a running jump and grab the edge. Pull up and turn to the left. Execute another running jump to land on the ledge. Pick up a big medipack and three clips of ammo for the automatic pistols. Return to the previous pillar and turn right. Take a running jump to the low stone block with all the lava bubbles erupting around it. Turn to the left and take a running jump to another stone block. From there, jump to the block in the corner. Pull up onto the high ledge. Run to its end and turn left. Run through the corridor and stop when you reach the opening. Check your health and draw the automatic pistols, because there are five thugs that wait for you down there.

Slide down into the room and pick off the thugs. Don’t jump around a lot, or you’ll have to battle more of them at once. After they’re dead, search their bodies to find one small medipack, one silver key, one golden key, and one copper key. Use the keys into their respective keyholes, which are situated on the right wall. This opens the door ahead. Run through the corridor and pick up the small medipack. Draw weapons (preferably the automatic pistols) and slide into the next room. Battle out the thug and pick up the beautiful dragon head that he dropped. Run to the double doors and use the dragon head in the receptacle. With this, you’ve finished The Fenician Temple 3, an awesome level, isn't it?