This is a short, one-room level. Since it's a single room full of animated objects, you might experience slowdowns.

Approach the door and it will open itself. Kill the
Fiama Nera thug (1) and pick up some Uzi clips (1) at the corner. Take a look around to find two M16 clips (2-3), a large medipack (4) and also a crow (2). Operate the wall switch and climb up the metal structure. Watch out for another thug (3), and then drop down to the hole to pick up the Uzis (5). Climb back up and jump to the other side. Ride on the snowmobile to run over a flamethrower (4). Pick up the M16 (6) from beneath the snowmobile. Before jumping across the gap, get off the snowmobile and shoot down another flamethrower (5) on the ground. Jump over the gap, falling into a hole, and climb up the ramp on foot. From a safe spot, kill the other flamethrowers (6-7) on the columns and another flamethrower (8) on the ground. Then jump across the metal columns, eventually picking up the shotgun shells (7), then jump to the higher icy area, where the last flamethrower was. There, run to the hole on the corner to finish the level.

End of Level.
Kills: 8 (Run overs do not count)
Pickups: 7
Secrets: none