You begin at the office. Pick up the large medipack (1) and move on to the living room. Kill two rats (1-2) and enter the door next to the stereo. Kill the rat (3) and pick up the Home key (2). Run to the kitchen, kill three rats (4-6) and pick up a small medipack (3), kill another three rats (7-9) and pick up the large medipack (4), behind the wall.

At the piano room, kill more
three rats (10-12). Push the red button, enter the bathroom and pick up the Home key (5). Unlock the door by the piano, go outside and kill two guard dogs (13-14). Push the block twice and jump to the flat area on the roofs to the right, then pick up another Home key (6). Go down.

Kill another
dog (15) and push the button by the block. Enter the library and kill three rats (16-18). Pick up the flares (7) beneath the rolled carpet and push the button to open the bathroom. Inside kill three rats (19-21) and pick up yet another Home key (8). Back outside, climb to the upper areas, enter the door, walk through the hallway and kill nine rats (22-30) and pick up another Home key (9). Leave and take a right. Use the key to unlock the door above. Go downstairs to pick up the JADE DRAGON. Go back outside.

On the ground floor, use the key to open the door. Pick up the
flares (10) and climb down. Ignore the path to the left on the sewers and climb up the right wall. Take the right pathway and pick up the GOLD DRAGON. Unlock the door and push the button. Go upstairs and, on the roof, avoid the broken glasses. Keep climbing up and ride the zip line in the end. Slide down the slope and kill two rats (31-32). Pick up the SILVER DRAGON, go down and take a right. Go back up and go to the front gates. Use the remaining key and move to the streets to finish the level.

End of Level.
Kills: 32
Pickups: 10
Secrets: 3 out of 3