Code Zero (Demo)

Level by tombraider1703

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start as a prisoner locked in a cell. Collect the crowbar, then pull the table over toward the grate and open it with crowbar. Carefully drop into the pit and alarm starts. Pull into a crawlspace and grab the next pit, shimmy around, take the flares from the alcove and climb into the corridor. Open the grate with your crowbar and start running faster away from the guard, pull a switch to open the next cell. Enter and grate closes behind you, saving you out from bullets of the guard, but not for long. Inside this cell pull back a table and press the switch, quickly climb the sloped wall and jump/grab the south pit wall in the ceiling. Climb up, then jump the next hole and two guards with dobermans have joined the hunt. Reach the room, collect a small medipack and when you press the switch on the east wall, those two guards will enter inside. Quickly back off into the passage you came from, go west and make a monkeyswing over the gap. Reach the pit and climb down into a room, collect the Armoury Key from the north block, then throw the switch. Exit the room, and if you go south you will see those guards searching for you. However, go north and use key to open the armoury, collect a small medipack, then climb the block to take Lasersight and Grappling gun with two Grapples. Exit, go behind the corner and open the grate. Load grappling gun with lasersight and shoot the ceiling to release rope, grab it and swing forward, land and when you go over toward the door this demo ends.