OK, first of all draw your guns. Then make sure you have enough practise about Lara's jumps and moves. Because around the corner await you THE (Yes that thing) Giant Mutant (1). Jump, run, shoot. Shoot until it dies and explodes. Then Save your gave and have a rest. Now jump on the not moveable block and grab the magnum and five magnum clips (2,3,4,5,6). Then push and/or pull the moveable to the other side. Directly under the Switch. The switch is near the door. When you have moves the moveable block over to the switch, pull it and the door will open. Enter the new room. Walk up the slope and jump for one pillar to the next pillar. Enter a new room. Glide down or jump down. At the bottom you will see a switch again the wall. Pull it. Now climb up the small and the other pillar to enter the next room. Here you will find four more magnum clips (7,8,9,10). Now draw you weapons again, and be prepared for another attack of Centaur Mutant!!! (2) Try to kill it and in the meantime avoid his fire balls!. When you have killed it, take a small or a large Medi Pack to restore your health if you did lose something. Go into the next room and explore it. If you look around you, you will see that the next exit is at the top of this room. So climb on the lowest block, and make you way to the exit. Walk towards the large Medi Pack (8), and grab it. Explore the surroundings. So we need to move the moveable block whole the way through the passage! Yes, we do.. Ok, let's pull and push that block. When you have reached the switch, pickup the Uzi (11) and the Uzi Clips (12,13,14). Now pull the switch!. And Arm yourself with the Uzi's. You will need them. In the other room, there are five Winged Mutants (3,4,5,6,7). Kill them one by one, avoiding there return fire. When they are all killed examine the room and flip the switch nearby the door. Enter the room with the pool. Ah, yes a cold dive.... Jump in and grab the large Medi Pack (15). Now dive again and find the passage in one of the corners. Swim alone the passage and enter the surface in another room. Pickup the three Uzi clips (16,17,18). Draw your weapons because you will be attacked once more by.... your great friend.... Winged Jacqueline Natla (8). Jump, shoot and run to avoid here fireballs. When you have killed Natla save your game, because she will wake up once again. Kill it with no mercy!. Now explore the room. Pull the moveable block alone the wall right under the switch. Flip the switch and the door will open. When entering you finished this level.


End of the test level.
Pickups: 18
kills: 8
secrets: none