Here's a walkthrough for this wonderful level. One thing, though, Torry got 15 kills and 13 pickups but I got 16 kills and 12 pickups.

In the very beginning you drop down into a room with a door and a switch that opens it, but is too high up to reach. Notice the moveable block next to the door. Pull it to climb up and pull the switch.

Enter the next room and draw pistols, as there are six gorillas in this place. One will charge at you immediately after you enter, the second is up on the slope and the rest are in the spiked area. After you dispatch them, move up the slope to the area with the collapsible floor tiles. A good way to deal with them is to take a step back and hop over the first one. Keep running and climb on the platform with the key. Pick it up and take a running jump onto the collapsible tile.

After youíre back on solid ground, head for the spiked area. Walk through it and use the key to open the door. Draw weapons and charge in firing, because Pierre is waiting for you inside. Heíll go away after a few shots, though. After Pierre's gone, turn to the moveable block in the left corner of the room. Donít bother with the Magnum clips scattered on the floor because you canít pick them up. Push the moveable block towards the spiked area and stop when itís directly underneath the collapsible tile. Head back to the slope and when you reach the top, pick up the small medipack. Take a running jump to the collapsible tile, grab it edge and pull up. Now either run and climb up to the alcove or simply hop forward and grab the key. Safety drop to the block below and jump to the door, using the key you just got. Traverse through the corridors till you reach the opening. The camera angle will change briefly, showing you the next place where you need to go: the alcove in the wall, containing a switch that opens the door on the other side of the room Now this part is a bit tricky. Walk to the edge and turn Lara, so that sheís facing the left wall. She should not be looking straight at it, but a little bit to the left. Now execute a right flip, a forward jump and a left flip to land in the alcove. Throw the switch and turn to the opening. Take a running jump to the platform on the left and press Control in mid-air: this way Lara wonít lose any blood when she lands. Climb up and go to the end of the platform. Take a running jump and pull up to the door you just opened.

Draw pistols and kill the lion thatís charging at you. In the center of the room thereís a pool with four crocodiles that are guarding underwater doors. Take out the first two when you near the pool. Go on the other side of the room to pick up the Magnums, three pairs of Magnum clips and one small medipack. Dive in the pool and collect the key from the floor. While youíre at it, swim to the two crocodiles to draw their attention. Surface and swim to the edge with the two keyholes. Kill the crocodiles and use the golden key in the golden lock. This opens one of the doors in the pool. Dive back down and traverse through the underwater passages, swimming low to avoid a giant rat thatís lurking there. Surface into the next room, to be greeted by a moveable block puzzle.

Notice the block to the right: right now you can neither push nor pull it, so head to the passage on the left and pull the block there twice. Head back to the main room and to the other block. Push it twice and them push it once more, so that it goes into the opening in the wall. There is a new passage in this room and another block that you have to move. Pull it till it wonít go any further. Turn its other side and pull it once more to reveal another passage. Run through it and enter the next room. Keep running straight towards the higher block because there are four lions hot on your heels. A few running jumps should get you there where you can dispatch them from a safe distance. Drop down and head for the switch thatís in the far corner of the room. This would be a good spot to save your game.

The switch opens the door above, but it is timed and you need to follow my directions spot on to get this to work. Now there might be another way to reach the door in time, but I havenít discovered it. Pull the switch and immediately press the look button, so that you can save a valuable second. Turn Lara slightly to the right and start running and then immediately switch to a running jump. After Laraís made one, press shift to execute a diving roll. By now you should be next to the far wall. If youíve aligned Lara properly, sheíd be able to side flip to the left. Immediately press roll and then forward jump. Start running and press jump again after 4 steps and grab hold of the edge. Pull up and roll for good measure. The door should close after one or two seconds. Pick up the key and drop down. Backtrack to the previous room and drop into the water once again. Swim to the main room, surface, and use the silver key in the silver keyhole. This opens the other underwater door. Drop into the pool once again and swim through the door. Stay low to avoid the rat. Surface and climb out into a room with differently- colored tiles. Go as far to the right as you can and jump over the bright green tile onto a tile with face of some sort. Look around and spot another tile diagonally to the one youíre standing on that looks exactly the same. Be careful when jumping, because even touching the rim of a different tile would kill Lara. Look forward and notice a pinkish tile with a yellow ankh on it. Jump to it. From there turn right and locate two identical tiles: green with a black rhombus in the centre. Jump to the closer one. From there walk over onto the pink tile with the ankh and jump back to give Lara a running start. Execute a forward dive to land safely on the other side. Go and pick up the key from the block. Backtrack to the main room to use the key in the rusty keyhole on the opposite side of the main room. Enter the door to finish this excellent level.