Level and Walkthrough by Dempsey Rosson

Assault Course

Turn left away from the door where you start. Climb onto the boxes and pick up the shotgun shells. Jump over the small gap. Now take a running jump to grab on to the next box and climb up. Jump over the last gap and slide down to the main entrance.

Entrance Courtyard & Roof

Run across the courtyard and go to either side of the big door. Climb up the ladder and then jump up to reach the rooftop. When you get onto the roof, grab your guns and shoot the 2 goons. Run across the roof and climb upon the higher part with the trapdoor. Pick up the 2 small medipack and the large medipack from the lower part, then climb up to the high part with the button and pick up the shotgun. Now push the switch and go to the trapdoor that has just opened.

Inside the Manor

To see where you need to climb down, light a flare. Now climb down the ladder. You are now in the ballroom. Pull the switch and go up the stairs into the main hall. Shoot the guard and the goon once you are upstairs. Now go the door, close to the piano. Pull the switch and go into the kitchen. Climb up on one of the cabinets and take a running jump to get up on the closet. On the closet, take the key and go back to the main hall. Go straight ahead to the door in front of you and use the key to open it. As soon as you enter, pull the switch to turn on some light and shoot the 2 goons that jump down from the ceiling. Now light a flare. In the far left corner, with your back to the door. You can climb behind the box and find secret 1, it contains the MP5 and some ammo. Next go back to the door and climb upon the crates next to the door. On this set of crates, you can find a small medipack, a large medipack and a key. When you grab the key, turn your back to the wall and take a running jump. Then climb up another box to find another key. Now go back to the main hall and use one of the keys to open the doors. When inside, push the button to open the door and shoot the 2 guards. Now locate a bookcase with a keyhole and use the other key to open a door above you, climb inside to find secret 2, it contains the uzi's, some shotgun shells and some MP5 ammo. Now go to the far end of the room and use the button to open the door. Climb down the ladder and run accros the hallway. There's no going back because the tiles start to burn. When you reach the end, push the block once and go outside.

The Village

Once you're outside, climb up the wall and slide down. Shoot 3 crows and 2 rats. Now go into the village. Shoot 4 crows and 3 guards. Take a look around the village if you want. Go to the school, that's the orange building next to the red building where a button and a door are located. Climb over the wall to find secret 3, it contains a large medipack, a small medipack, MP5 ammo and some Uzi ammo. Now push the button on the red building to open the door and go in.

The Exit

Once inside, shoot the goon that comes down the stairs and go up the stairs into a library. Jump out the broken window behind the music installation and dive into the river. Climb out and pull the switch to end the level.