You are in a corner of Jungle Room. In The middle of the area is a water pool. It is raining. Now run fast towards the water pool and jump in, because from you right side two tigers are attacking you! When you have successfully managed  to get not ripped into pieces, draw your weapons and kill the two tigers (1,2). Get out of the water, explore the surrounding and follow the path. Go left and at the very end jump into the gate. You fall through the bottom to a lower place. Look up and notice you can't see the sky anymore.  Run the long path. Notice  a grey tile at the ceiling. Stop immediately and look ahead. Notice that this is the bottom of the water pool!!! Walk further. He, the water pool is empty! The only thing you can do now is running the whole way back! But unfortunately there is  no way back...


End of the test level.
Pickups: 0
kills: 2
secrets: none