Level by KlonaKroft

Walkthrough by manarch2

1. You can run out of pistol ammo but you donít need to shoot the animals.
2. You canít drive backwards with the quads. If you so canít manage to jump over ramps, you have to reload an earlier savegame.
3. Donít save onto the platform with the four monsters. Otherwise you fall to death while reloading.
4. You have and will get no medipacks. Be careful with the poisonous monsters.

To first quadbike

You begin the level falling onto a sandy floor. Run N around the structure and climb over the wall. In SE corner you will find 1x pistol ammo. Get on the quad.

First quad ride

Drive up the ramp N and arrive at a new area. Follow the path to a fork. Itís your decision how to go on, if youíve chosen one (right path seems a bit easier) jump over the ramps and finally crash into a wall. You canít go on with the quad so get off.

To second quadbike

Climb the wall and on the other side you find 1x pistol ammo. While going further N a monster (1) attacks you. Kill it or run away. Behind the little hill there is 2x pistol ammo.

Climb another wall and and there is 4x pistol ammo W. Afterwards run E to the bridge. Jump over the little platforms until you reach some higher ledges. Climb them and take a running jump to lower platform. If you want go NE to more platforms, overcome them and get 1x pistol ammo. Otherwise or if you came back jump to SW platforms. Run further and get on second quad.

Second quad ride

Drive over N ramps and jump further. On next bigger platform get off and you have access to 2x pistol ammo. Drive further S and get over next ramp. After that you approach a little driving maze. You can 1. try it and drive through it (hard) or 2. simply jump over to the end of maze. Do the same with next maze. Take a fast start and jump over the big ramp. You (hopefully!) land near 4x pistol ammo. Get off the quad.

Monster Platform, The End

Climb up the wall and slide down the ramp. Jump before you fall to death. Do never save on the following platform! Kill or let the monsters (2,3,4,5) there (you need extra ammo for them, so look in the 4 corners to get 16x pistol ammo.) If finally done, stand two tiles more N of SW edge with looking E. Press forward but very short. Then, hold backwards and hold Action, near the point Lara grabs the ledge release Action and Lara will find herself on a bright platform. Follow it to the end and climb up. Jump to the bridge and run S. Climb up the ledges and jump over the pit.

[Scottie found a little trick with the monsters 2,3,4,5. The single platform towards the ramp is the trigger field for the monsters. So, slide down on the left or the right side and grab the Edge of the big Platform right or left from the single platform. Now you have no problems because you don't trigger the monsters.]

End of Level.

Kills: 5
Secrets: 0