Lara Croft and the Frozen Cave (Demo)

Level by Klona Croft

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: Don't even try to change screen resolution during the game.


Grab the ledge! Shimmy left till you can pull up on a flat ice part. Kill 3 bats, go E and hop over the gap on your right to land on a flat part next to the ice block with a large medi on the top. Grab the item, jump back over the gap and get across the icy bridge. Jump over the W gap and follow the corridor to find SECRET 1 - a crawlspace with flares, uzi clips and another large medi. Go back over the gap and towards the bridge, but drop NW instead of getting across. Land on the lower snowy platform and drop W from the far end. Next, jump on the NW block and go through the far icy portal.


Go into the left passage, N at the pillar, ahead and choose the left path to pull up on the N shelf for SECRET 2 (12 wideshots). Drop and follow the left wall to find a block you need to runjump from to the exit opening.


Spot a distant small medi on the pedestal. Grab it and follow the corridor to fight 3 thugs (manual targeting, rapid fire). One of them drops uzi clips, another gives you a small medi. There are three hands in this place: yellow, brown and purple.


N passage - following the left wall: kill a guy, throw a jumpswitch behind him and grab a small medi from the pit. Back in the beginning, push the block three times, move it 4 squares E, 4 S and 2E. Get on the block and grab the S niche ledge to pull up for yellow ball.


Jump in the SW pool.
The water is freezing cold, so move it! Get the brown ball from the bottom and get out of here! Remain on the bank.


Face NW and tap backwards with holding Action to land in the pool right in front of a switch you need to throw. Do it and get out as fast as you can. If the thugs didn't hurt you too bad, you may not need to use a half medi. The icicles on your right are gone, but before you go in the revealed part of a cave, push the block on the S of the pool. Behind the ex-icicles, you can kill another red-jacketed guy and get a small medi from him. Follow the left wall to find and throw a jumpswitch. Place a block of ice under it - you can find one by the entrance. Moved the cube, hop on it and into the upper niche for 12 normal shells, a small and a large medi. Go back to the previous room and check the remaining passage to kill a guy (drops uzi clips) and move the 1st block: 1W, 2S, 4W, 3N, 2W, 5N. Hop on the cube and grab the following ledge. Pull up, grab the purple ball and throw a jumpswitch from this shelf.


Place the keys in the central room receptacles. Go up the revealed ramp, avoiding a spikeball at the 3rd open door (hop into the hole on your left). From the top, slide into the next cave. Go left and ignore all the pools but the last one. Jump in and swim to the end of the passage for a metal disc. Go back on the snow and follow the corridor until you see a door on the top of the blocks. Place the key in the slot next to this portal. It appears to be a hiding block. Before you go through, drop into the S corridor to go ahead on the junction and find a small medi in the first pool. Ignore all remaining watery pits and hop back on the blocks. Go through the passage.


Grab the crack in the NW corner, hop up to catch the upper one, shimmy around as far as possible and hop off the rock to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and jump on the following platform for SECRET 3 - a large medi and 3 times uzi clips. As there is a raising block above you, get closer to the N edge to jump back on the previous platform. Runjump on the N cornice and grab the crack in the closest stalactite. Shimmy around and, from the highest point of the crack, hop off to grab the opposite crevice. Shimmy around the left corner and to the highest point, hop off the stalactite and grab the next one. Pull up. This pattern repeats many more times in this place, and it makes no sense for me to describe every single move, as you would get lost in this description easier than in this cave. Generally, always remember to get to the highest point of the crack. Sometimes you will need to hop up to grab an upper crevice, one time you will need to land on a slope and bounce off it with a swan dive (recommended) to get SECRET 4 - the uzis (you can't miss them), and you will have to kill 2 or 3 bats on your shimmy way from one stalactite to another. When you reach the ledge with a jumpswitch - pull it to hide a certain block and drop on the slope below you to slide down it backwards and safety drop back on the first cornice. Now it's time to backtrack - shimmy all the way to the NE corner and hop off a wall, curving your jump the way that lets you land on the platform no longer covered by the hiding block. Enter the crawlspace to find and throw another jumpswitch behind it. Get back on the platform and jump into the SE hole. Surprise! Water room! Throw the lever at the end of the corridor and the pool gets yet more deeper. Get out of the water on a platform in the NW corner and throw the next jumpswitch there to hide another block. It's at the bottom, in the middle of the S wall. Swim into the corridor behind it to throw a switch raising water one more time. The next lever is in the passage in the SE corner (take a deep breath before going there). Pull it and get back on the ledge which the first already thrown jumpswitch is above. This time go through the passage on the right of it to get in the maze (because another block, once guarding the entrance, is now hidden).


Go ahead and 4 x left for another disc. To find a receptacle, get out of this alcove and go L, R, L, ahead, R, L, R, L, L, L. Place the key, go through the raised grate and pull up into the upper niche to throw the last jumpswitch. Backtrack to the water room (R, R, L, L, R, R and ahead to the end) and swim into the central hole in the ceiling to refill Lara's lungs with oxygen. You still can't reach the upper snow - so you probably assume as I did, that you need to throw one more switch, which - as I supposed - is behind that hole in the SW corner, just below the ceiling. Swim through that portal and realize both of us were wrong, because there is no more switches in this game, and the hole leads to the place where the level ends (there is another hole on the SE of the central air pocket, but there is nothing you can do or find).