Level by Fabio

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: The hunt for the jewels is just for a secret. You donít need them to finish this level.

Get the Pistols

Pick up the pistols.


You get transported into an underwater tunnel. Swim forwards to the end and climb out. Pick up some Flares and climb up the ladder. Backflip onto a platform and jump to another one. Climb up the left block, turn left and jump to the platform on the other side of the room, then to the Flares. Pick them up and slide down the tunnel. Climb into the left room and pick up the Shotgun and 3x Shotgun Ammo right. Climb up the blocks at the other side of the entrance and pick up more Flares. Pull down the lever to open the door left of you. You get onto a large bridge.

SECRET 1: Look to the right when stepping on the bridge. Jump to the slope and drop on the breakable tile. Quickly step forward and run into the tunnel. Climb up at its end and run upstairs for a Silver Coin. Shoot two natives (1,2) and run outside using the doors again. Run back to the bridge.

Follow the bridge to the end and run up the stairway. Slide down into a room with a bridge across an acid lake. Shoot two dogs (3,4) and jump to the lower of the two left blocks. Now head left and jump to the next ledge, climb up and jump into the tunnel. Pull the lever to open the double doors in the acid room. Jump back to the bridge and follow the stairs. Shoot two dogs (5,6) in the next room and jump left of the exit to the ledge. Pick up Keaneís Jewelry there and jump back. Run upstairs and kill three more natives (7,8,9). Jump to the right ledge over the acid. Climb up the ladder and backflip on the right platform. Get into the little tunnel and jump to the platform with the Little Medikit. Climb up the second ladder and backflip onto the left block. Get into the corridor and slide down in a room with two yetis (10,11) to fight against. Jump to the left ledge with the Tomb Key, Automatic Pistols and 3x Ammo to pick up. Back on the bridge go ahead and jump to the higher block. Turn right and jump up the platforms around the room, then pull the timed lever. Jump quickly back over the platforms and climb up to the raised platform. Climb up to the ledge with the zip line and slide down through the door and to the first acid bridge again. Run up the stairs and jump into the right alcove. Place the Tomb Key in the keyhole and the doors open. Jump in the room and kill three natives (12,13,14) and two yetis (15,16) in the room. If you want run back and jump to the acid bridge and kill them from here. Pick up a Large Medikit in one of the corners. Pull down the lever to open the door left of you. Run inside the new room full of breakable tiles. Jump or run on one of the safe spots.

SECRET 2: In the corner beneath the door right of the entrance let yourself fall into the hole. Get a Gold Coin, a Little Medikit and 3x Shotgun Ammo.

Pull the wall lever, then sprint and jump into the open left door and push the button inside. Donít stop but rush to the other side of the room and the now open left door. Climb out at the end and run back to the acid rooms. Run ahead and upstairs Ė the door in front of you is open now. You arrive at a big room with a bridge. Donít cross the bridge yet but pull the lever right of you. Get back to the last acid room and climb up the left ladders again, get in the tunnel, climb the other ladder and into the dark passage, slide down at the end to the room where you once fought the yetis. Turn left and jump to the block in the acid. Jump to the raised platform and run up the stairs, shooting a native (17). Get into a big room. Shoot three dogs (18,19,20) and pick up Automatic Pistol Ammo and Flares. When you jump across the lava some Shotgun Ammo waits for you here. Jump up the huts, standing on a high point, and get a Keaneís Jewelry on the left hut and Shotgun Ammo on the right one.

Get back and enter the dark tunnel on the other side of the entrance. Shoot a native (21) on the stairs and two natives (22,23) and a yeti (24) in the next room. Pick up a Large Medikit, Shotgun Ammo and finally a Ruby Key near the windows. After picking it up two yetis (25,26) appear. After killing them run back to the lava room and shoot two dogs (27,28) in this area. Run down the last stairs to the acid room and jump on the central bridge. Make your way back up the platforms, pull the timed lever and jump back to the raised platform. Use the zip line to get back to the acid rooms. Run up all stairs until you arrive at the bridge room. Cross the brigde and pick up a Little Medikit. Place the Ruby Key in the receptacle and push the button to open the door. Get inside the next area and the door behind you closes again. Drop in the left hole for Flares and in the right hole for a Little Medikit. Run upstairs and climb up the right ladder. Go left and climb up in the little corridor for another Keaneís Jewelry. Upstairs climb the right structure and jump in the rocky area. Slide down few times and run into the right corridor. Push the button to open the door, then run onto the wall walkway. At the end climb into the tunnel and find Shotgun Ammo, Automatic Pistol Ammo and Flares. Pull the lever to open the doors and shoot a dog (29).

In the dark room behind there are four levers: Two on the entrance wall and two on the opposite. Pull down all levers except the left lever on the opposite wall. The left doors open; shoot a native (30) and pick up Shotgun Ammo from the alcove ahead of you. There are two more levers in this room. Pull them and pull the left lever on the opposite wall to open the right door. Shoot another native (31) and get into the new room, picking up Automatic Pistol Ammo. Pull the only lever in this room and kill two yetis (31,32). Get inside the next chamber and pick up the Tomb Key, then shoot another native (33). Exit this room to the first hall again and pull up the left lever on the entrance wall. The exit door opens again; you can get out, but also get into the left room with only two levers and pull up the left. Now go to the main room and pull up all levers to open the door behind the key. Climb up the platforms there and get into a long corridor. Run upstairs and get the last Keaneís Jewelry there. Either run back or drop on the lower walkway and get back, using the button, to the forest area. Jump down.

SECRET 3: Get ahead to the new area and place all jewels on the central structure to open the doors here. Get the last coin and get back to the forest area.

Run all the way back to the acid bridges and into the room with spikes over it. Place the Tomb Key in the receptacle and run through the door, then the level is over.

End of the level.
Kills: 33
Secrets: 3