Temple of Qualopec

Level by townsieboy

Walkthrough by manarch2

Go forward and the door opens itself. Take out your pistols and shoot a raptor. Find a Little Medikit in the central hole under the breakable tiles, then head out and run on the ramp, turn when the door opens and sprint back, then left/right to avoid the boulder. Now get up the ramp again and grab the Broken Beetle, the door opens and some stones fall on the floor. Run down the corridor behind the door and enter a new room. Shoot two raptors and note three gem receptacles. There are two ways to go, the N passage leads to a gap, jump down and get into the right passage. Run over more breakable tiles and get the first Horsemanís Gem at the end. Look for a left high opening and climb up, see a flyby and jump up into the room. Jump in the pool, swim left and climb the ramp when the fire behind you go out, then backflip with a mid-air turn to the block and run-jump with holding Action to the balcony. Get out and find the second Horsemanís Gem, then slide down the ramp, then up the blocks and to the room with the receptacles. Shoot another raptor. Now go into the S room. Jump down and find a Crowbar near the structure, then climb up the block and the block on the other side of the room. Get up the top ledge and pry the Golden Star off the wall. Turn and use it in the opposite receptacle. The room gets flooded and you can swim over to the third Horsemanís Gem. Take it and return to the receptacle room, place all gems and three succeeding doors open. Enter the new room and watch out for boulders, stones and a raptor you can shoot. Run towards the self-opening door and through the corridor and the level ends.