Level by Ram16


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Slide down to a ledge overlooking an Egyptian-themed room.  Hop down to the floor and have a look around.  The W passage leads to two closed gates.  The E passage leads to a closed gate.  Get onto the stairs against the S wall and go to the top.  Climb onto the block for shotgun ammo, then take a running jump N and grab the ledge.  Pull up and use it to jump to the NW and NE corner blocks for 2 x shotgun ammo, and to the SE corner block for the SHOTGUN.  Jump back to the ledge and push the floor lever to open one of the gates in the W passage.


Hop from the ledge to the stairs, run down to the room below and enter the W passage.  Run past the intersection to your left, as the gate there is still closed, and follow until you reach the opened gateway.  As you enter the next room you're fired upon by two ninjas, one ahead and slightly to your right, and the other one behind you and higher to your left.  Go up to where the second one was and push the floor lever to open the gate in the passage you ran by just now.  Before leaving here, jump into the water and look for 2 x shotgun ammo and a large medipack.


Pull out SW and exit this room.  Turn right at the intersection and enter the next room through the opened gate.  When you do so the gate slams shut behind you, trapping you in a room with two giant scorpions.  When they're both dead, explore the W end of this large room for 2 x shotgun ammo.  Locate the moveable block and move it aside to afford access to a climbable wall.  Climb up to the overhead ledge and go down on the N side and on the S side.  Each time you'll awaken a skeleton, so use that plethora of shotgun ammo to blast them both over the ledge to their doom.  You'll awaken a third skeleton if you go further down the N side, which you must do if you are to find and activate the jumpswitch near the NW corner. 


You can jump onto the E ledge near the center of the room and shoot two scorpions scampering about in the enclosed area below.  Then hop down and pick up the large medipack.  Now use the block to pull up on the W side of the room.  Kill three more scorpions and drop down to push a floor lever.  A gate opens elsewhere.  Climb up E, jump back to the outer ledge and climb back down the ladder to the room below.  The NE exit gate is open once again, so follow the passage back to the beginning room and go across into the E passage to find that the gate there is now open as well.


Enter a large room with lots of pillars of all sizes and shapes.  Run around a bit to flush out four ninjas.  When all is quiet, get on the short block near the middle of the N wall.  Face S and take a running jump to grab the edge of the next pillar.  Pull up, slide down the other side, jump off and grab the next sloped pillar.  Pull up, jump off the other side and keep the jump key depressed as you jump off a series of sloped pillars and finally land on one of the taller flat pillars in the middle of the room.  Face E and jump from flat pillar to flat pillar (picking up another SHOTGUN and some shotgun ammo along the way).


When you reach the last one (against the E wall), turn left and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing N to the next pillar, drop down and pick up the shotgun ammo, and jump NW to the receptacle.  Since you don't have the necessary artifact, pick up the small medipack in front of the closed gate and slide down to the floor.  Get on that short block again and repeat the jumps to the flat pillar near the center of the room.  This time, face W and take a running jump (no grab) to the short block.  Turn left, take a running jump S and grab the next short block.  Pull up and turn right.  Take a running jump to the ledge in front of the crawl space.  Turn around and lower Lara through the space.  Push the floor lever inside to open a door in the pool room and pull back out through the opening.


Turn left, slide down to the floor and exit W.  Go across the beginning room into the W passage.  Continue past the intersection to the N wall and turn right to enter the pool room.  Run along the right side of the pool, pull up and turn left.  Take a running jump to the opened gateway and enter the E passage.  You come to another pool room.  Stand at the edge of the pool, facing SE, and shoot the empty vase in the alcove to give yourself some extra room.  Take a running jump into the alcove, take a standing jump SE onto a higher ledge, and drop down E.  Push the floor lever, pull back out N and jump into the water.  Pull out NE, shoot the vase if you like, and pull up N.  Hop down into a trench and find the doorway you opened with the floor lever.


The tiles with the design are deadly.  Jump over the first one and then immediately jump forward over the second one to avoid the boulder that comes crashing down.   Climb the ladder and pull up into the crawl space.  Lower Lara down the other side and climb down almost to the bottom (but don't release because of the deadly tile).  Back flip into a new area and watch the flyby.  This place has deadly tiles, too, so watch your step.  Step forward as if to pick up the nearby flares, but hop back and allow the boulder to pass by.  Now pick them up and continue S.  You'll trigger two more boulders in quick succession, so be prepared to avoid them.


Hop up onto the SE block and jump down S.  Follow the ledge until you trigger another boulder, then hop back.  Go to your right and hop up onto the SW block.  Face the W wall and jump up to grab the crack.  Shimmy left until you can pull up into an alcove.  Save your game.  Turn around, jump up and grab the ceiling, and monkey swing E until you're over the block.  Drop down on the right side of the block, and don't be distracted by the boulder that rolls down the slope in front of you.  Instead, side flip right as soon as you land on the block, and you'll land in the S passage before the timed gate can slam shut.  You have only one chance to do this, which is why I advised you to save your game before getting started.


Save your game again, to be on the safe side, and slide down S.  You'll eventually drop into a water-filled tunnel, so swim forward and up to surface in a new room.  Locate the 2 x shotgun ammo and a HAND OF ORION on the floor of the pool, then pull out of the water and locate the ladder on the E side of the central shaft.  Jump to it and climb up to where you can add still another SHOTGUN to your collection.  Pull up onto the bridge and draw that shotgun to blast a skeleton over the edge.  Go down the W and N extensions to awaken two more skeletons, so you won't have to deal with them later. Note the closed gates N, W and S. 


Jump to the E ledge and insert your Hand of Orion in the receptacle.  The W gate opens behind you, so jump back to the bridge and enter the W gateway.  Push the block forward two times.  There's another moveable block to your left, but ignore it for now.  Go right and pull a third moveable block E to reveal a fourth moveable block and a HAND OF SIRIUS.  Move the third block into the NE alcove to get it out of your way, then pull back the fourth block and push it N into the alcove where you got the Hand of Sirius.  Enter the revealed passage to your left and find a fifth block.  Pull it back as far as you can and go to the other side to push it against the wall next to the third block.  Reverse roll and return to the revealed passage.  There's another moveable block in a N alcove, but it appears to be a red herring. 


Turn the corner to find a sixth moveable block.  Push it forward as far as it will go, into the SW corner.  Turn to your left to find a seventh moveable block.  Pull it back once, then go around clockwise to the second block.  Pull it back N two times.  Turn left and pull the fifth block W as far as you can.  Turn right and go S down the passage.  Pull the block to your left once, then push it S against the wall.  A gate is revealed SE.  Insert the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle to open it. 


Jump down into a water-filled passage and swim until you can pull up and trigger a flyby in the next room.  When camera control is restored, you can see a nearby hand receptacle.  The hand itself was revealed high above you at the end of the flyby, so your next task is an obvious one.  Jump up N to the closed gate, jump into the NE corner and pull up onto the higher ledge.  Kill two ninjas at the S end and go there.  Hop into the trough at an angle to trigger a boulder, then back flip to safety.  Go to the E end of the trough and jump up to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy left around two corners and continue a long distance until you're able to pull up.  You're immediately fired upon, so reverse roll while drawing weapons to kill the ninja.  Take a running jump to the ledge where he was perched, and continue to the ledge in the NW corner.


Pull up, turn left and take a running jump and grab to the pillar.  Pull up and take a running jump and grab to the large block suspended in the SW corner.  Oops, looks like the end of the line.  Jump back to the pillar and face the W wall.  Jump to it to find that it has a climbable surface.  Climb up and shift left to drop down onto a ledge.  Face E and save your game for an acrobatic jump sequence.  Take a running jump to the first slope and jump off three times in succession to land on a block in the E wall.  Jump counterclockwise along the pillar tops until you're able to pick up the HAND OF ORION.  It's tempting to jump down SW to the ledge for a short cut, but the low ceiling will prevent you from getting there.  Instead, turn around and take a running jump to the previous pillar.  Grab the edge and pull up.  Continue to the lower ledge in the E wall.  You can safety drop from here to the lower ledge.  Hang from the edge and release to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy right until you can drop safely.


Get down to the floor and insert the Hand of Orion in the S receptacle.  The door behind you opens, so reverse roll and jump up to the threshold.  Hop down into the water and swim to a small room with a closed gate and a cartouche receptacle.  Climb the pole and back flip off at sharp angles to get the large medipack and the shotgun ammo in the alcoves.  Climb the pole once more and go past the hole in the ceiling.  Back flip into an upper room and pull up onto the E sloped pillar.  Back flip to the slope behind you and jump three times in succession to land on a platform near the ceiling.  Turn around and take a running jump and grab to the loft, awakening a skeleton in the process.  Pick up the BA CARTOUCHE and the shotgun ammo. 


Before leaving this area, activate the jump switch in the NW corner and climb down the ladder to the bottom.  Release to land safely and climb down the pole.  Insert the Ba Cartouche to open the nearby gate.  Return to a familiar place and find that the S gate is now open as well.  Go inside and pick up the flares.  Jump into the water hole and swim a long distance until the passage brings you to a large underwater area.  Turn left at the intersection, swim all the way to the W wall, turn left and locate the underwater lever in the structure near the ceiling.  Pull the lever and swim through one of the cracks in the structure.  Locate the opened trap door and swim up for air.  Pull out into a dark room and locate a high crawl space at the NE corner.  Pull up inside for a HAND OF ORION. 


Climb the pole through the hole in the ceiling.  Back flip into an icy passage and follow to a closed gate and a receptacle for your Hand of Orion.  Use it to open the gate.  Safety drop into a deep waterfall area.  Walk around the shallow water (which isn't dangerous) and hang from the SW edge (noting the inaccessible ladder ahead).  Drop down twice, then climb the long ladder next to the waterfall.  Grab the crack, shimmy left around two corners and pull up through the water into a crawl space for the SECOND CARTOUCHE FRAGMENT.  You still have to find the first one, so back out and shimmy back to the ladder.  Climb down and use the blocks to get back up.


This time, loop around to the left, walk out to the water's edge and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing W as far as you can and drop down onto a block.  Turn left, look down S and note the jump switch.  Get down there and activate it.  Use the ladder to climb back up and return to the block beneath the monkey swing.  Take a running jump to the S ledge and jump from there to the E block with the ladder surface.  Shift left around two corners and take a rolling back flip to grab the next ladder block.  Shift right and drop down into the opening on your right (that you created by using the jump switch).  Enter the passage and pick up the FIRST CARTOUCHE FRAGMENT.  Jump back to the ladder block, take a rolling back flip and grab the first ladder block, shift right around two corners and back flip to the ledge.  Turn around and jump down W.  Combine the two fragments and insert the BA CARTOUCHE in the receptacle to open the gate.


Follow the passage to an opening.  A burst of action music warns you of danger ahead.  Simply run off the edge and allow Lara to slide down a short distance.  From where you stop, turn to face S and take a running jump to dislodge the first boulder.   Turn around at the S wall, run straight back to the N wall and loop around to the left to dislodge three more boulders.  With a little bit of agility you should be able to avoid them all.  Now do the same kind of loop at the S wall to dislodge a fifth and final boulder. 


With that exercise out of the way, pull up to a ledge in the S wall and follow it to the W end.  Turn right, jump up to grab the ceiling, and monkey swing N across the room and release to drop into an alcove.  Hop back, grab the edge and shimmy right until you can pull up into a crawl space for a BA CARTOUCHE.  Back out, release and slide down to the boulder trench.  Run down, jump over them and pull up onto the W ledge.


Three ninjas await you in the next room.  Kill them all and collect the shotgun ammo dropped by one of them.  Shoot the large vases for two more stashes of shotgun ammo.  Go down to the trench next to the W wall and grab a large medipack and more shotgun ammo.  Come back to find four skeletons guarding a cartouche receptacle down below.  Engage them.  You've got plenty of shotgun shells, but try to blast them into the SE hole.  I found that they could climb out of the NE hole.  The third hole is filled with scorpions.  Kill them if you like (it's similar to shooting fish in a barrel) and use the Ba Cartouche to open the door above.  Climb back up and jump from the W ledge to the open doorway.


Follow the passage and go down the stairs.  Pause for some shotgun ammo and stop before you reach that deadly tile at the end.  Turn left and pull up to some stairs.  Go up the stairs to dislodge a boulder and awaken a skeleton.  Hop back and grab the edge until the boulder passes by, then pull up and deal with the skeleton.  At the top of the stairs, hop back and grab the edge, and shimmy right and around the corner to follow a crack to the other side of the room.  Pull up onto a pillar and hop down to a lower NE pillar.  Make your way down to the floor to find a closed gate and a hand receptacle, so you know that's your main objective here.


Climb back up and stand on the pillar adjacent to the corner pillar, facing S.  Save your game, as you have little margin for error here.  Take a running jump to the first sloped pillar, slide down the other side, jump off to the second sloped pillar, slide and jump off to grab a gap in the tree trunk.  Pull up into the crawl space for a HAND OF ORION.  Lower Lara down the E edge and release to drop down to a safe tile.  Jump SW to the adjacent safe tile, then hop SW onto the tree trunk.  Jump to the higher block W and make your way clockwise around the room as you did earlier.  You can jump off the first slope with a sharp curve to the right and land on a pillar with a ladder and an overhead monkey swing, but I found no use for either.


Drop down at the NE corner and open the gate with the Hand of Orion.  Enter the next room for a flyby featuring a youngster in a sports outfit on one wall and a hot female on another.  I found nothing else of interest in this area, so I went down into the N area and released a bunch of boulders at various times, none of which managed to hit me.  Dumb luck, probably.  There are plenty of areas to explore at the far N end, but the only productive thing I found was a crawl space leading to the next area.  You can access it by jumping up NE to a ledge leading into a red-tinted alcove.  From there take a long running jump NW into a far alcove and pull up right to find the crawl space. 


Lower Lara down the other side and drop to find another crawl space.  Enter it and follow the passage to a long block.  Pull up onto the block and step forward to face a lava pit and a series of sloped pillars.  Take a running jump to the first one, grab the edge and pull up.  Slide down and begin a series of jumps that will take you to a final pit enclosed by ladders.  Climb down to the bottom and pick up a HAND OF ORION.  Climb up the N ladder, and when you near the top, shift right and continue until you can drop down into an upper room.  Locate the SE ladder.  To the right of it is a jump switch in the W wall.  Activate it to open a gate, then climb the SE ladder and pull up into the opening at the top.


You find yourself in a familiar room.  Just for the heck of it, insert the Hand of Orion in the nearby receptacle, even though the gate one would think it goes to is already open.  Slide down to the floor and find that the large SW door is now open.  Enter the new room as Lara's theme music plays.  Go to the SW corner of the room and find a wall switch in the corner pillar.  When you pull it down, the level ends.