LB Advent Calendar 2011 – Waiting for Christmas

Level by Eelkemama

Walkthrough by manarch2

You start this level in a small chamber. Pull the bin twice E, climb on it and jump S to the open door. By the way, when you step on the tile with the flower, a door S opens, but it closes when you leave this tile. That is for later. After jumping to the S door, pick up the Revolver from the floor and drop back to the starting room. Shoot the white grating with the pistols and enter the courtyard. At the W wall, you can find a trapdoor, open it and drop down. Follow the corridor and at the end open the ceiling trapdoor. Climb up left and search the right wall for a brighter block, pull it out and to the side, then enter the passage and run up the ramp. Shoot the box Lara is looking at to find the Lasersight.

Get back to the hole in the floor, and go to the opposite end of the passage. Open the double doors and in the courtyard find Revolver Ammo NE. Return, drop back in the passage and head all the way back to the starting area. Go onto the tile with the flower, the opposite door opens, combine Revolver and Lasersight and shoot the bell inside the tunnel behind the door to open the trapdoor beneath. Drop down and find a Large Medikit at the end of the corridor, climb up into the crawlspace and pick up the Crowbar, get back down and climb up the ladder again, then open the E door with the Crowbar. Get through the passage into a chamber with a conveyor belt. Jump on it and jump against the direction, eventually grab the ladder and climb up, then drop on the left ledge. Slide a bit, then jump up to the monkeyswing and get to the jumpswitch at the end, use it to change the direction of the belt. Duck while standing on it to get transported through the crawlspace.

You arrive at a city. Shoot the snake statue N to lower a NW block (for later). Exit this courtyard NE and follow a long passage to a new courtyard, open the N door with the Crowbar and enter the house. Find a Green Key NE. Head out and back through the passage S to insert the Green Key, a door left of you opens. Pull the timed lever to open a SW door, sprint through and the door opens again if it is closed by now. Pull the SW pillar on the two marked tiles to open an outside door, head out and go right around the corner; pull out the box, climb on it and jump up to the S wall. Pull the two levers to lower two blocks inside the building. Inside, pick up two Stones and exit again, head to the N wall of the courtyard and place the Stones on the ice statues to open the W door.

Enter the house and grab the teddy from the cabinet SW, then pull the E lever. Get out and NW around the corner (the passage with the lowered block) to grab a Torch afterwards. Go out and E into the passage, light the fireplace to let the ice wall vanish and also Revolver Ammo appear NW in the last courtyard. Get out and find the ammo, then head into the NE passage again and light the wall torch halfway, near some dwarfs. The nearby door opens, head through, the builder warns you to remember the following happenings. Pull the lever to see the right order, then go to the newly opened passage shown in the cutscene and grab the Readme from the pedestal. It warns you that you only have one try, so light the ovens correctly (middle-left-right). This opens the door right of the last door you opened with the torch. Enter a completely new area. Go right around the corner and up the stairs. Find a lever on the middle N wall behind a snake statue to open a door right of it, enter the building and see a little cutscene.

Climb over the block and in the next room you can push the brown boxes, including the one you climbed over. Pull one of them behind the SE pillar, climb on it and use the jumpswitch to lower a NE block in the last courtyard, return there and get through the passage behind the block to get the Bronze Secret. Return in the previous building and push the three lower blocks N to create a bridge (that prolongs the one consisting of the solid blocks, and one box being just E of the most N box).  Now hop down into the W alley and locate another moveable box in the wall.  Push it forward into the next room, then maneuver it into the opening and push it E as far as you can.

You’re now stuck in the outer room, so go to the NW opening, jump across the gap and grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy right and drop down into the NE passage.  Climb the ladder and safety drop into the room with the moveable boxes.  Hop down W and push the box in the alley S as far as it will go.  Get up on it, hop over the first box SE and push it into this room, then move the first box along the bridge and to its N end, then pull one of the two boxes where the box is pulled over E behind the box, then pull the box under the alcove and climb up into it. Pull the lever to open a SE door in the last courtyard. Head through the passage and pick up the Blue Key, then climb the ladder to the right of it and arrive on a stairway. Run-jump S around the corner and grab the ledge, then climb up and find the Gold Secret.

Drop down, a door is open now so head through (this is also a shortcut for later) and find yourself back at the entrance to the last courtyard. Go E back through the passage, then S and back in the passage where formerly the ice wall blocked the way, however you need to find (or pick up and light a new one) your Torch. Insert the Blue Key in the far right receptacle and pick up the Star. Head through the newly opened door and light the left wall torch, you drop into a pool and prevent the TREP torch bug. Climb out and head left through the door. Jump into the next pool and swim N to find a tunnel S, swim through. Find a N underwater ceiling lever to open the SE door, swim through and climb out. Use the SW timed wall lever and quickly swim back in the previous underwater chamber, then NW through the timed door.

Climb out and use another SW timed wall lever, drop in the pool and swim through the NE door now. Climb out and use the NE wall lever (it’s not timed, so no need to hurry). Climb up on the NW pillar into the passage above and at the end the door opens, drop into the water again and swim through the SW door. Climb out of the water at the end, then climb the SW block and jump to the higher N block. Jump up to the monkeyswing (there are arrows pointing out the way), then follow the arrows and use the jumpswitch in the corner that opens a trapdoor in this room. Again climb up to where you could get up to the monkeyswing, then jump around the pillars and climb the ladder. Get in the SW crawlspace, climb up SE in the next room and pick up Revolver Ammo, which is an indicator what to do next: Take out the Revolver and shoot the NE and NW vases, then get back via the crawlspace. Climb the ladder on the left part of the S pillar and get in the S alcove, shoot the right hand bin to open a door further in the passage, then head through the passage and at its end pull the boulder down in the water. Run onto the balcony and jump to the NW central ledge. Pull the NW lever and thereon drop down the gap in the floor, pick up the Book and climb back up. From the ledge jump NE to the red raised trapdoor and then NW to the lower ledge above the water, which appears to be the ledge after using the Blue Key. Go out W again and then, in the next courtyard, NW and place the Book on the pedestal (facing SW) to open the next door. Run-jump to the right hand ladder, then shimmy right and before jumping to the jumpswitch shimmy around two right corners again climb up the ladder to the top, then backflip into the passage to get the Silver Secret.

Back on the ladder, shimmy left around the last two corners again, then backflip to the ladder, climb up to the jumpswitch and use it. This opens a door NW, climb the ladder after dropping down and head into another courtyard. Push the far W ice block in the middle of the slopes away and pick up the Stone. Use it in the NE receptacle to lower the right block and pick up the Wishlist. Drop back in the E room and climb the SE ladder again. Back outside head through the NE passage, then run through the second left door to get to the second big courtyard and run through the opposite W door (the shortcut from earlier) and run up all the stairs. Insert the Wishlist in the machine to let a Red Key appear on the left pedestal, grab it and use it in the left passage to open the door. Enter the chamber and pick up the Box, combine it with the Teddy and run all the way back to the first city courtyard and into the SW door to place the newly combined Gift on the gift stack facing SE, the door opens. If you found all the secrets you can grab the special gift from the pedestal. Look at the fishes in the aquarium and afterwards place the Star SE on the Santa statue to provide the fishes with presents…