One Room Challenge 2011/12 - It's Christmas!

Complete Walkthrough by manarch2

The Veiled Monastery

Builder: Mman
Secrets: 0

Some Jumps

After a short flyby of the monastery Lara starts this level on a ledge above a deadly yellow floor. Note a closed gate with a bell behind it to your right. Go ahead a little bit and then run-jump SE to the far pillar, using a left curve to be able to grab the ledge. Jump to the SW slope and backflip onto the safe pillar. Turn around and jump up NW. Run-jump over the W boulder and it starts to roll. Run down the ledge and at the end jump to the far W slope, then to the NW corner pillar. Kill an attacking eagle. Jump up E to the ledge and then to the pillar with the Flares. After picking them up run-jump far SE to the lower pillar near the start you couldn’t get up before. Jump N to the slope and drop on the ledge.

Inside the Monastery

Go to the right and find the Revolver, the Lasersight and a Message from Santa which tells you the main objective is to ring the central bell and warns you not to touch the yellow snow. When having picked up the latter the door in front of you opens so head into the monastery. There are more paths to go now.

The Trap Room

Head SW into the room, watch out not to step on the deadly floor. Jump to the SW platform and jump over more platforms until you reach the NW corner. Jump up to the slope and to the W walkway’s ledge, climb up and head S. Turn left and jump to the jumpswitch. After using it you drop on a lower platform, get back up to the walkway and time the jump to the first E pillar (tip: jump from the side and the spike ball may not hit you). Jump to the next pillar when the spikes are just vanished; also time the spike ball. Quickly jump to the E side of the room.

Fire Pillars

There are two timed button on this side of the room, the left is more tightly timed than the right, so use the right first and then the left one to let some fires vanish in the room behind the door you opened by the jumpswitch. To be quicker between pushing the button, it is recommended to sideflip twice left. When both buttons are pulled sprint through the open doorway and run-jump on the first pillar so that you can still curve run and jump onto the second and finally turn right and stand-jump with a grab to the safe ledge.

The Bell, First Bauble

Climb up and follow the walkway and step on a marked trigger tile to open the door of the gate with the bell behind it from the very start. Combine the Revolver with the Lasersight and aim for the bell through the crawlspace. Shoot it to lower a block on top of the walkway. Get through and monkeyswing to the other side of the room to get the Mystic Bauble. Another block lowers, you now can overlook the entrance room of the monastery. Jump NW to the pillar where you can place the first Mystic Bauble. Safety-drop down.

Boulder Run

Now enter the NW room in the main hall. To your left, you can jump over the deadly snow to pick up the Shotgun and Shotgun Normal Ammo. Jump back and explore the room. Jump up the red slope and go to the left hand box. Pull it back once so that the boulder when activated won’t go missing (if it will, Lara will be set inflame and dies). When everything is correct jump in the SW gap behind the box and push the floor lever to let the boulder roll down into the gap at the end of the ramp. One of two N doors opens.

Knife Passage, Second Bauble

Jump to the ledge where the boulder formerly was and then run-jump to the N pillar. Climb up, turn around and spot and jump to a jumplever. Using it opens the door on the pillar you jumped from, so climb back up there and face a passage with some knifes in it. Run through it when it just moves away (I found the crawlspace roll move pretty helpful here), then use the button to open the second N door in the previous room.

The Central Bell

Return there and as seen in the cutscene a block high up the E wall has lowered. Climb back up to the red ramp and push the box once N, climb on it and run-jump into the opening, avoiding the narrow ceiling. Jump E to the ledge where you can place the second Mystic Bauble. The upper block lowers, jump up there and shoot the bell.

Boss Fight

Watch the cutscene – the message obviously was not written by Santa. Drop down the ledges and kill the devil – you should have some Revolver and Shotgun Ammo left, which should be enough to kill him. Pick up the golden Exit Key he leaves when he dies, then head W through the passage and jump over the gap. Use the key to open the S door and jump there. You face two ghost dogs that can be shot down, but soon they will be resurrected.

The Escape

In the small maze head left, ahead and two times right at the junctions to exit it, jump on the block in the centre of the lava room. Face N and jump to the opening in the wall, then on the next block and the scenery changes into a more friendly kind again – head into the SE passage to finish this level.