Tomb Raider – The Reflection of Eternity. 

Level by Teme9.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

The crawlspace roll is available in this level, when Lara is on one knee (tap spacebar), hit “sprint”

The provided saves will only give you the objects gathered in the walkthrough route, so if you played a different route till that point, you might have to go back for certain items.

Part 1 - Misty Mountains.

Slide down and kill the snake, go to the stone pillar and pick up a small medipack. Walk to the left side of that broken stone pillar and face S, back flip onto the pillar and jump to grab the roots on the upper S wall, climb all the way to the right and then up into the cave above, go get the Medipack there. Go back down and enter the small cave S, to the right are some Flares.

Go stand behind the boulder and push it, this boulder opens a trapdoor further ahead. Go there and safety drop into the opening.

Follow this cave, climb up and watch the flyby.

Courtyard of the Torch.

Slide down and on the right (N) in an alcove you can find a small medipack. There’s a gorilla around somewhere, so be aware.

A Torch.

Take the opening on the left (S) and two boulders will chase Lara so run forward and around the corner.

Go to the SE corner behind the pool and pull out that cage.

Then pull/push it to that opening up in the opposite wall (N). Climb on it and jump up to look into the opening, there is a snake guarding that lever, jump up and shoot it before going up. The lever opens a gate in the pool (for later).

Go back a bit and take the opening on your right, use the monkey climb to get to the other side of the passage and shoot another snake. Stand facing the W wall and jump up to grab that slanted ledge. Pull up and back flip, jump and grab the ladder. Go up one step from the bottom and when you hear the spikes popping up, jump/roll and run forwards to get to safe ground. Get the Torch and throw it down (or throw down two to be safe).

I jumped backwards when the spikes were up and slide/grab and safety drop on the floor. Take the Torch, throw it down E and jump down after it. Pick up the Torch and go up the slope (N) and ignite the Torch in the room N.

Two ropes for a Gate.

Go back and take a right (W) and burn the rope you see next to gate. Go back down to the pool with the boulders (S) and take a right, go up the stairs there. At the end go out and jump back as a boulder will drop down (or just run against the wall ahead). Go out again and climb up a triangle piece of stone behind the boulder, stand somewhere in the middle and run-jump with the Torch over that pit. On the right is another rope, burn that as well and watch what will happen.

You can discard the Torch now and look for a passage W leading to a big door; you’ll need two artefacts there. We can go for a Secret now.

For the Secret: Standing in front of that passage, turn left and walk to the wall S, you can spot a crack in the corner of that wall, grab up there. Shimmy all the way right and pull up in the crawlspace, hang into a spike pit and shimmy to the left. At the next pit, shoot a snake first and shimmy around to the opposite side (W) where you can get a Medipack. Shimmy back and get into the passage where the snake was, grab the Arrows. Get on the monkey climb to get to the opposite side, push the block (N) and throw the lever to lower spikes. Return to the first spike pit, drop in to get Secret #1, a Golden Elephant. Grab back up at the S side and go around to leave N.


Go towards the passage you opened when you burned the rope. Look left of the passage and go to a triangular stone block at the right wall. Climb up and look up NE, jump into that small opening. Crawl through and get the Flares, keep crawling and slide down, you are back at the other side.

You can now choose between two routes, each leading to a Statue of Shiva you’ll need at the big door.

The First Statue of Shiva.

Go back into the passage S, down to the pool and jump in. Swim into the E opening, then left, there is a small medipack in the end. Now swim to the other side, there is that gate you opened before when you went to get the Torch. Swim through and at the end is a central breathing hole. Now we explore. Turn around, go N and take the first left, then left and in the end under the air pocket are Arrows. Swim back N to the end and right around the corner, at the end is an underwater lever. Go back and first left, straight at the crossing and right around the corner to the trapdoor you opened. Climb out in the NE corner. There are some bats flying around here. Go N and around two corners and in the SE corner crawl through and climb down.

Timed Run to the Gate and the Scope.

Follow through to the next room and watch out, there are spikes hidden in the floor and also some spiders. Go to the wall torch and jump over the corner. The same goes when you are through the spider web. At the end in the SW is a pushable half block; pull it out and push/pull it into the tunnel E till it is on the third tile.

Go back out and to the timed lever S and pull it, roll and run to make a running jump over the burning tiles to the block, again a running jump landing left or right of the pedestal. Grab the Scope (Laser sight) from the pedestal and side flip into the gate (Savegame)(Video).

Jump down into the next area, again some bats flying around here. Near that wooden gate NE are some Arrows. On the other side of the gate you can spot a grey rock.

To Construct a Scaffold.

Go into the opening in the E wall, climb down and follow through to another jungle area. Go to the N side and in front of that tree, pick up a Piece of Wood.

Go to the W wall between the two gates and climb the wall there. The camera is fixed but in the middle of that tile is the Odd Stone (grey rock). Combine it with the Piece of Wood and you’ll have a Primitive Hammer. Climb down, go to the SE corner and shoot the grate in the wall there. Shoot the spiders and don’t pull the chain or step on the trapdoor, you will be killed; you can however jump over that trapdoor to open it. There is a jump lever in the SW corner of the room; this opens a gate in the NW.

Kill the two gorillas and go there, pull out the cage and go behind it. There is a crawlspace on the left (N) get in and use the lever you find at the end. This lowers some spikes. Get out and run to the room in the W again and safety drop through the trapdoor. Pull the lever in the E, this opens the other gate W. Use the chain to climb out and back flip to safety. Go to the right hand opening W and get the Rope from the floor. Combine this with the Primitive Hammer to get your Building Tools.

First go to the SE corner to that pile of wood on the right and use the Building Tool there.

A Few hours later…

The Crossbow.

Push the scaffolding to the N and around the corner there so you can climb up that ledge that is sticking out above. Push the cage next to it and climb onto the scaffolding. Climb up to the ledge and use the lever there.

The fires under the chains are gone.

Jump down to the ground floor and leave SW, up the ladder and pull both chains. The gate N opens, grab the Crossbow from that pedestal (the gate in the fire passage opens back up). Go out S and jump up, jump over the fire, go right, jump the spike traps, climb the ladder and go N. Turn around at the corner and shoot the emerald in that gong way up S.

You’ll hear some noise, go around the corner E and climb the blocks that appeared to get to the floor above.

Go to the opening S and at the end climb down to a small pond, or just jump into the water.

In the S side of the pond is an underwater lever, this opens the trapdoor in the pond. Swim in and go either left or right, watch out for the spikes and swim up and use the underwater lever there. Swim back and do the same at the other side, flames appeared in the room above.

Get out and climb the ladder, turn around and now you can spot some transparent ledges that weren’t there before, the first one is on the left. Jump to the other side and use the lever there. You’ll see some spikes going down. Make your way back where that ladder is, go straight ahead over a closed trapdoor and jump on top of the wall. The spikes left and right are gone, jump from the NW corner to the spike ledge, back flip on the slope and jump to get to the lever. Drop to the floor and go up the cage E to get to the second jump lever. The trapdoor on the upper floor opens up.

Jump down on the low cage, jump to the next one and climb up W over the wall. Drop through the trapdoor there and go S, take that nice globe and watch the fly by.

A Place of Dark Magic.

Arrived at a magical place a tiny ghost light will accompany you. Stand at the NW corner and look through the binoculars where you have to go. Light a flare and slide down, jump onto (or) grab the next ledge. Pick up Flares (it is rather dark here). Go to the W end, just run off and grab the end of the lower slope. Pull up, backflip and end up on a ledge.

Then jump to the slide SE so you slide backwards. Grab that one as well, back flip with roll and slide/jump, slide/jump, run over two breakable tiles, then jump to the left and hop to a few more breakable tiles then jump up a block, you are safe here (Savegame).

In front of you a block with spikes, jump when they are up and hop straight to the next safe tile. Turn to the right, jump when the spikes are up and then take a running jump and grab the next safe tile.

Turn right (N), jump up walk to the end, slide and jump to grab the edge of the ledge in the gazebo. Pick up the Flares, go to the N end, slide and jump to grab the edge and pull up. Then jump up NE and up at the corner, up a slope and make your way to the tower. If the camera stays fixed, hit “Look”. Picking up the Statue of Shiva will transport you back.

Leave N and once outside shoot the gorilla (or let him be).

Go NE and back to the waterhole between the raised cages, swim back, around the corner then take a right, right again, around the corner and then left and get out of the pool with the boulders. Go up the ramp N to the Courtyard.

The Second Statue of Shiva.

Go NW to that gate you opened when you burned the ropes, go climb down and once on the bottom, shoot the grate N and get in. Climb the long ladder, follow through and run around the corner to jump to the right (S) and use the lever there. This opens up a gate somewhere.

Safety drop down N and now pull/push the cage from the passage W to the E wall, climb on top and grab a crack, shimmy to the left and hoist up in the opening. Jump up to grab the monkey swing and traverse to the other side, take a right avoiding the emitter and get Flares SE. Back to the monkey climb to the W side and use the lever. A gate opens below. Safety drop down, the gate is E. Follow through and watch the flyby.

Cascade Valley.

Now take a running jump through the first waterfall (opening to the right) and end up on a submerged block in the water. Another running jump (E) and grab the crack, shimmy right and pull up into a crawlspace. Follow through and watch out, spikes popping up, so avoid them. You’ll end up on a small balcony.

Use the lever and you see cages rising in the river. Then climb up (W) behind the lever and crawl in, down at the end and you are back at the start.

Go to the far end (N) and look right with binoculars and you can see the cage behind the small island.

Stand NE, close to the wall and take a left curved jump to the slope with the fern and slide down (screenshot). From there jump S to the small island with the palm tree. Take a stand jump to that submerged cage E, turn right (SE) and jump on that cage and from there a running jump/grab to the S and use the lever, a gate is opening up. Two routes to get there:

1: (You could also do this later) Jump in the water, Lara gets swiped away by the current and when she can swim again, swim up. Climb out and on top of one of the corner blocks. Pick up a small medipack, stand on the corner and face E, back flip onto the slope W, bounce off and grab the ladder. Climb up and crawl through and drop down. You are back at the start.

Go back N and to the NE corner to do the same jump to the ledge with the fern as before. Jump up NW and from there into the opening (NW).

2: Stand jump down to the cage, to the one NW and then to the palm tree W, a running jump N without Ctrl gets you onto the ledge with the fern. Jump up NW and into the open gate.

Get your guns out and shoot the snake, follow through and climb up, walk to the edge.

Take a running jump up SE, then one more down to that walkway SE. Turn around and jump NE to the ledge sticking out. Jump with a roll to the sloped ledge NE, jump again and curve hard right to grab that crack in the corner (Savegame, hold Ctrl while loading!) and shimmy to the left around the corner.

Then jump around that cage with the lever behind it and in the E wall is a pushable block, with a small medipack behind it. Push it back and go the opposite wall (W). Pull another pushable out and to the side so it ends up under that lever on the wall (NW), it will open a door in the passage we go to now. Go in the passage W, shoot the spiders and there is another pushable. Pull it, jump over and push it, roll and use the lever where you opened the door with the lever outside.

Go out, the cage on the outside ledge NW is now gone. Use the lever there as well.

Hang from the edge of this ledge and drop to the submerged cage below, jump to the one NW and to the palm tree island, from there to the ledge with the plant again (N). Up NW and into the open gate, follow through and jump up to the left. From there to the balcony SE and go S to the open gate for the second Statue of Shiva.

Use the Statues.

Back into the water, through the tunnel where the current takes you, follow through (and get the medipack if you didn’t yet). When you are back at the start go out S and left, straight down S to the pool with the boulders. Go right and up the stairs, jump over the pit behind the boulder and take a left to place the two Statues on the receptacles near that door.

Push Blocks and Chains.

Go in and jump down in the water in the next room. Swim through a small crawlspace SW, go left and use the underwater lever. Turn and swim through the opened gate. Follow through and at the end up. You are at another pool. Better get out quick(N) and shoot the croc.

In the NW corner of that floor are some Arrows. Dive into the water and climb onto a block in the S side of the pool, look E and jump to that crack in the pillar there. Go around to the back and use the jump lever to open a gate W.

Swim back to the W and climb out the pool, the open gate is to the left. Follow through and in the next area, shoot the gorilla.

Go to the far end and pull/push that block to the poolside so you can jump up to that arch N. Look N and shoot the gem in the gong that you see there (a gate opens W).

Then take a running jump to the W, once in there jump over a slope on the left and get that Medipack. Jump back, go to the slope next to it, back flip, jump and pull that jump lever (up N). This also opens a gate, at the other side.

Jump to the N and go E to jump to the rope, swing into the opening E. Climb up the ladder in the corner and back flip, pull the lever and get a camera shot of the two chains in the room with the pool. Back down the ladder and jump down into the pool.

For a secret: get back up to the S side of the pool, onto the push block and to the arch N. From the arch a running jump with Ctrl NE to the waterfall, there is an opening in it (don’t grab the crack), follow through and get Secret #2, a Golden Elephant.

Back into the water and down the opening N, swim back to the other pool.

Climb out and go to the chains N and when you pull them the gates opposite disappear and two blocks will appear.

They both have to be pushed into the pool, so pull them out as far as; then shimmy around them to get to the back then push them into the pool.

Get back on one of the ladders and back flip to the upper floor, the big door N is now open.

Slide of Death.

Watch out, moving blocks alert. Jump through them and make a save game. Slide down avoiding the spikes and jump up to grab the edge of that bridge. Go right and left and in the next room look at wall on the right (E). There is the clue for the next challenge (the map is mirrored). So start jumping those tiles (first tile is safe, then go 2x NW, once SW, jump S skipping one tile. Then SW, W and NW to the exit).

Trapdoor Challenge, the Key of Ganesha.

You’ll come to yet another pool. There are two crocks swimming there, jump in the water and near the first statue on the right is a small triangle opening underwater (W wall)

Go in and right and swim up. Pull both Cog wheels (W, one opens a door and the other releases the ball) a couple of times and a ball breaks one chain, camera shot of the trapdoors. Back to the former pool and in the middle of the W wall is a submerged block you can stand on, jump up to that mount W and get Arrows.

Jump back to that same block and look S and find some pots under water with bubbles coming up, shoot the pots. Go there and pick up the Key of Ganesha. Swim S and climb out, face the key hole at the W wall, stand on the highest edge, jump back, jump up once (a trick to make the jump easier) and then take a running jump and grab the ledge at the last moment. Use the key and jump back in the water. The underwater gate in the W wall opened, so swim in there. Around the corner left is a small medipack.

In the NW is a piece of rock you can stand on, Jump up to grab the monkey swing and go N and around the corners till you are on the other side. Drop and grab the crack and shimmy around to the left till you can stand again. Go to the end and climb the ladder.

In the next area push that ball to the NE corner. This smashes the other chain and some trapdoors over ladders go down.

Either climb down the ladder, jump in the water and swim out, or follow the boulder, jump in the water and follow through till you are back at the pool. Climb onto the block at the N side and jump up to the ledge. Take one of the ladders N to climb up.

Trapdoor Puzzle.

There are 5 levers up there which operate several trapdoors; the solution is this:

From left to right: up-down-up-down-down.

Then stand in front of the lever in the middle and jump up to the monkey swing, go straight and take the second left, take a right around the corner and go straight and take the second to the right. Go straight to the end, take a left around the corner. Go to the end and left again and then swing to the right and let go when you are in front of the opening (Savegame).

Go in and face the crooked pillar (S), grab the pillar and climb up. On the right around the corner is a chain (SW), pull it (camera shot of doors opening up).

Go to the SE corner and find the push able block. Pull it out once and then pull it once to the E and then push it to the other side (N) into the alcove. Climb up and jump up on the left (NW) (watch out for a snake), use the lever, opening a gate below. Jump down and climb down to the lower room to find the open gate in the E wall.

Tricky Business, taking the Shiny Cog.

Go down the ladder and to pedestal. The artefact on the pedestal has a pressure trigger underneath. Pick up the Shiny Cog, immediately turn right and run to the S wall to pick up a Rock and place it on the pedestal. The flames die down.

Use the Cog.

Time to leave; so go up the ladder, up the steps and once again climb the wall S, go to the push block and pull it out the alcove once. Stand on it with your back to the wall and jump up to the climb wall W and climb up, back flip to the corner ledge. From there a running jump S and shimmy to the opening (gate opened with the chain before).

In the room to the right (W) is where you place the Shiny Cog.

Watch the fly by, so you know where that is. You could go back and through the room with the trapdoors, the deadly floor tiles to end up on the bridge over the Slide of Death, but you can also dive in the water and follow the way the fly by showed you. This way: Out to the pool, through the tunnel in the bottom and left to the room with the 2 push blocks, up to the upper floor and out, through the moving blocks and down the spikes slide, jump from the end of the slide to the now safe spike trap. Step through the open door and go to the right to pick up a small medipack then go N into the bright light and you’ll get transported to a Place of Magic.


A Place of Magic.

After the flyby you can get some Arrows S. Go to the W and a running jump to the next rock. Stand back and just jump a bit NW to grab the edge of the sloped block, shimmy to the right, pull up and jump with a curve right. Look SW to spot a pointy block, we’ll be back here shortly.

Go N and to the left and take another running jump W to the next rock. Walk to the end and jump/grab the next one. Then jump one down, again a running jump/grab to the rock with plants, and then a running jump up to the lever ledge. Climb up over that lever and down the ladder on the back to get Secret #3, a Golden Elephant. Climb back over to the lever and save.

Timed Run through the Trapdoor.

This is a timed lever raising a trapdoor near that pointy block we showed you before. Pull, back flip with roll and hold down the forward key so you can immediately do a running jump to the next rock and grab it a bit on the right hand side if you can. Pull up and curve left with a running jump to that next block, curve wide to the right to the next block (to get space for another running jump). Then curve left to jump to that island, run right around the rock and jump to grab the pointy block we showed you before (Savegame, hold Ctrl while loading!) (Video). Slide and jump to the next slide, then to the timed trapdoor, jump straight to the climbable pillar W.

Turn around and jump to grab the pillar E, climb up. Turn N and jump to the ledge and then a stand jump down to the right hand side of the lower block N, now a curved jump to the block E.

Jump SE and the next two jumps are to the S, grab the last one. Hang one step from the left side and pull up over.

Just slide (no jumps) and wait till you land on a break able block with plants, turn left and grab the sloped block, hang left. Over the top and jump to the next break able block, side flip right to safety…

Stand on the SW corner and face the corner of the next block, you can spot a sloped ridge on the left side. Aim your jump so that you grab that ridge and shimmy to the block.

Stand back facing W and stand jump down to the break able block, another hop to the next, landing left and curve right while doing a running jump to the next, another running jump to grab up to the ledge with the Medipack.

Stand jump to the slanted block W and grab it, pull up over, slide far and jump to grab the break able block. Pull up and run a bit left, hop down to that block left and a running jump to the next, another running jump. Curving right and you can grab the steps of the gazebo there. Better save here…

Fight the Goddess Kali.

As soon as you step through the bright light, the place changes, Kali steps forward. You’ll have to fight her while dodging the turning flame throwers on the corners of the battle floor. Best is to stay close to her and roll a lot (if she shows a red halo, roll away from her or put the guns away, because shooting her then will drain your health). Try to save here and there after some progress so you won’t have to do it all again (Savegame). We provided this save, because you should really see the end…

After Kali dies you can pick up the Hourglass.

Watch the final cutscene and credits.