Quarter of Evil – The Tower

Level by Potter

Walkthrough by manarch2

The Cartouche

Use the floor lever near the S wall to see a door opening SW. Head into the new room, jump to the E platform and use the platforms S to jump to the far ledge. Pick up a Small and a Large Medipack, then use the floor lever to open the other door in the starting room. Jump back there using the N platforms, then enter the new room and kill a ninja. Go into the S passage, run up the ramp and kill two ninjas, avoid the boulder rolling down and afterwards pick up the first Cartouche Piece. Return back to the previous room and spot a N crawlspace, get through it and jump over the pillars to get the second Cartouche Piece. Return over the pillars and through the crawlspace, then combine the two pieces and place them in the receptacle in the main hall.

The High Tower

This opens the door nearby, head through the left passage and go right at the junction to use a floor lever. Back at the junction go right and a door has opened here so you can get Secret #1 – the Grenade Gun. Now head back through the corridor and notice another open door. Run up the stairs until you see a door opens ahead of you. Jump over the fake floor, then kill two ninjas and climb the ladder to your left. After some time you can climb around the right corner; run around the walkway and find Secret #2 – the Revolver and the Lasersight, Revolver Ammo, a Small and a Large Medipack. Now jump back to the ladder, climb up and eventually you can climb again around the right corner. Pick up 5x Uzi Ammo, Grenade Ammo, Grenade Flash Ammo, Grenade Super Ammo, a Small and a Large Medipack. Now jump back to the ladder and climb it to the top. Enter the E passage and kill three ninjas, then pick up two Small Medipacks, two Large Medipacks and 2x Flares.

Boulder Traps

Follow the passage and slide down a slope, a boulder comes down from behind so quickly jump to the pillar at the end. While sliding a few doors opened to your right – jump into the open doorway at the bottom to find Secret #3, Uzi Ammo. Climb the stairs to find another 2x Uzi Ammo and at the top stair the Uzis. Climb down again and drop on the next slope, another boulder follows you so when the slope makes a turn jump to the next pillar; drop on the next slope (a third boulder comes down) and while sliding jump on the right hand blocks to find Secret #4 – the Crossbow, Normal Crossbow Ammo, a Small Medipack and a Large Medipack. Drop on the slope and slide down into another high tower.

Neptun Chamber

Enter the open doors to the W and kill two ninjas, then pick up Flares NE behind the pillar. Spot a strange looking tile in the SW corner, you actually can crawl in here. At the end use the floor lever but don’t step in front of the golden block at the brightly lit wall at the end. Get back to the previous room and dive into the pool to find the open door NW. Swim through the passage and climb out at the end. Use the floor lever and don’t forget to pick up the Large Medipack. Dive back in the water and the other (SE) underwater door has opened so swim through and after a long passage climb out and use the floor lever. Back in the water swim all the way into the main shaft and up. Climb out and head back into the high tower.

Thor Chamber

Run down the stairs in this room and jump to the ladder. Climb down, follow the walkway and enter the passage. Run up the ramp and into the right passage to avoid a boulder. Run up where the boulder came from, turn around at the end and climb the unmarked ladder to find Secret #5Explosive Crossbow Ammo and a Large Medipack. Drop back down, head through the left passage until you arrive at another walkway of the high room and run straight into the door ahead. I don’t know if using the floor lever effects anything but use it anyway and jump away as a boulder comes down. You also cannot get the Cartouche Piece lying on the floor as a boulder protects it. Avoid more boulders while running N through this room. Run through the central lattice and avoid more boulders in the middle of the room. Climb the E platform, jump up to the high W ledge and enter the passage. The door opens itself so pick up the first Cartouche Piece and return all the way to the high tower.

Damocles Room

Jump to the stairway behind the door left of you and run down. When you see a different floor tile, climb up through the left wall and shoot two ninjas. Use the floor lever and find the Shotgun, Normal Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo in the passage behind the lever. Get back to the high tower, run down the stairs until you spot an open door ahead. Enter the room, carefully run through the spikes (but quickly) and spot a small passage in the NW corner. Run up the ramp, then jump all those pillars until you can jump on a larger platform. Pick up three Small Medipacks and three Large Medipacks, then jump up to a monkeyswing and follow it around the room until you can drop on the second Cartouche Piece. Pick it up, drop down and either shoot the five mummies with the Grenade Launcher or the Crossbow or just run away from them. Run back in the first area, shoot or avoid six more mummies and return to the high tower.

Final Steps

Climb down the ladder far N of the walkway, then shoot four ninjas that seem to be stuck in the walls and head E. Combine the two Cartouche Pieces and place the Ba Cartouche in the receptacle. Slide down the ramp into the dark to finish this level.