Folklorist Diary II Ė The Condor Eagle (Demo)


Level by Leoc1995


Walkthrough by manarch2



Run around the corner to arrive at the hub room of this level. Pick up Shotgun Ammo beside the pool and a Small Medipack on the block with the bird statue. Go to the N side of the statue and press Action. Eventually a W door opens (if not, wait a few seconds), use the higher blocks to jump there, pick up Flares and enter. Hear the cutscene (I didnít understand much) and take the Shotgun with you. A door near the bird statue has opened so return there to find Super Grenade Ammo. Above you is a ceiling trapdoor so jump to the handle to open it, then enter the well hidden passage to get the Tachibana Jar.


Get back outside and kill two ninjas. Jump in the large pool and first of all open the NE door for Secret #1, Shotgun Ammo. Return and swim through the narrow passage SW. Pick up Uzi Ammo, but donít swim up yet to the airhole; instead swim further and pick up the Gold Key at the end of the passage. Now climb out at the airhole, kill the demigod and take Grenade Ammo and the Kiryu Jar from the blocks at the end of the room. Swim back to the hub room and climb out. Place the two jars in the N receptacle to open a door down in the NW hole.


Drop down there, before heading through the door grab the Shotgun Ammo and, after climbing a block, another Serpent Stone at the end of the passage. Now head through the door and pick up Uzi Ammo and the Crowbar in the next room. Return outside and climb out of the hole. Spot the water hole in the very NE corner, dive in and at the end climb out to use the Gold Key. Pick up the Serpent Stone and the Guardian Key behind the opened door and then return to the hub room.


Now head to the S wall in the large room and to the receptacle for the Guardian Key. Place it to open the nearby door and enter the passage. Quickly sprint in the right alcove to avoid the spike wall coming nearer, or simply return to the outside area and wait for it to vanish in the wall. Climb the blocks where the spike wall originally was and pick up Uzis and another Gold Key. Ignore the right hand passage and return to the hub room. Drop down and climb into the right passage (a door has opened here) and avoid the blade doors, crawl through the passage and in the next room watch out for falling swords. Find the Grenade Launcher in a N passage, then climb the blocks left of the passage and use the Gold Key around the block. Climb on it, then jump to the opposite crevice and shimmy around until you can climb up. Enter the revealed doorway to find Secret #2, the next Serpent Stone.


Now you can return to the passage near where you found the last Gold Key, enter and drop down to the floor. Open all three doors with the Crowbar and place the three Serpent Stones inside. Now drop through the hole in the floor of this room, follow the passage and dive in the water where three doors were opened by placing the Serpent Stones. Swim through the long passage and climb out at the end, head up the stairs, pick up Uzi Ammo and hear another voice. At the top of the stairs climb up a block, pick up a Large Medipack and Revolver Ammo and drop down and avoid the swords in the next room. Pick up the Gold Key from the marked tile and drop down in to the only hole in this room. Follow the passage avoiding the blade doors, pick up Grenade Ammo, climb up and drop down in the passage. Kill the mummy using the Grenade Launcher, then use the bird statue from where you come from (and wait a few seconds on the trigger tile), head further while another voice gets triggered and pick up Grenade Ammo. Use the Gold Key to open the door and you find yourself back in the room where you found the Crowbar once. Follow the passage and climb out to the hub room, kill another demigod and enter the final door in the middle of the E wall. Run through the passage to let this level come to an end.