Coyote Creek II.

Links to the separate levels:

2- Lake Apache.

3- The Canyon.

4- Canyon Bridge.

5- Apache River Rapids.

6- Aquatlantis.

7- Battle For Coyote Creek.

8- The Golden City.

9- Master Control Facility.

10- Epilogue-Coyote Creek




Walkthrough by Dutchy and Gerty

Find a Video Walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer here


1 - Return to Coyote Creek

Level by George Maciver - 1 secret

The Station.

Go straight (N) and open the door to the Station, go to the right and around the corner pick up a Medipack and Flares in the windowsill. Go back to the previous room and jump over the crates to get Winchester ammo after shooting a wooden crate. Go back out to the street, take a left and around the corner is a small medipack.

To the E is the church, still closed. Head W into the alley and into the Barn, there are some Flares next to the big crate. Back out to the street and S into Main Street. To the right is the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's Office.

When you get in and close to the cabinet, you'll learn about the new moves.


Arrow up – jump up

Arrow down – jump backwards


Arrow up –swing

Arrow down – stop swinging

Jump – jump off with somersault (while swinging)

Jump – climb onto pole and jump (while hanging still)

Roll – turn around (while hanging still)

Water to Ladder:

Action and arrow up – climb a ladder from water

Monkey Bars:

Jump – turn and jump higher to a ladder.

Go in further and continue W down the stairs, talk to the imprisoned Chief.

Lara: Well, well, if it isn't Chief Dark Cloud.

Chief: Miss Croft! I didn't expect to ever see you again.

Lara: I was in the area and thought I'd stop by. The place hasn't changed much.

Chief: It has changed more than you know.

Lara: What are you doing in jail then? Been a bad boy?

Chief: Much is wrong Miss Croft. There is gold and the greed for it desecrates the graves of my ancestors.

Lara: Sounds like you could do with a little help.

Chief: Can you get me out of here?

Lara: I'll look around, see what I can do.

Go back up the stairs and a door opened N. On the cabinet is the Saloon Key. Go back out to the street and in front of the Bank is a small medipack near the bush. Go to the Saloon, opposite the Bank.

The Saloon, the Crowbar.

There is nothing downstairs except for a Ghost playing the piano, so go upstairs and watch out for the swinging crate. On the S side is a door and in this corridor you can use the Saloon key on the door. On the cabinet you’ll find the Crowbar. On the other side of the bed is a Medipack. Back to the street and towards the Store; "Morgan’s Dry Goods".

The Stables.

When you hit the small hill a bit further (opposite the Store) the doors of a barn behind you opens up. Go in and to the end, kick the door open. Go in and run straight, a barrel comes tumbling down from the stairs. Shoot the coyotes and go up the staircase. Go left (E) and take a running jump over the spikes. Turn around and climb higher, at the end of this rafter grab the Winchester Ammo. Go back down and in the NE corner is an open door, in this room you find the Winchester 73 and Winchester Ammo in the N. Go out and to the Store.

The Store.

Use the Crowbar in the NW corner, go into a bedroom and read the paper on the cabinet.

Last days of Coyote Town.

Coyote is a ghost town these days since the rail bridge was destroyed all those years ago. No supplies come here now and the only people crazy enough to venture in this isolated Territory are bandits or Klondikers in the mines. As a religious man I sense something very wrong with this land, something ancient and very evil. I can almost feel it trying to come to the surface. Even the dead get no rest here. At the worst of nights I see apparitions from the corner of my eye and I can almost hear the piano play by itself.

Whoever is reading this, heed my warning and go, leave this place.

Mark Bates, Coyote Gazette.

Over the Roof tops.

On the E wall is a ladder, climb up and shoot the snake, turn around and grab another ladder. Make your way over the rooftops all the way to the N, jump down left and further NW to the roof of the barn. Down on the E side from where you can jump over to the roof of the Station E. Go around the front and just past the clock you can jump to the opening between the balustrades of the balcony of the Theatre S.

To the left are some Flares, go back to the front and to the S end, shoot out the balustrades here and on the other side and jump over to the roof of the Bank.

The Bank, the Jail Key.

Jump into the opening there and get down from the rafters. Go to the back (E) and find a Medipack in a windowsill. Then go back to the front and N into the corridor, take a right and at the end again and get the Jail key from the small cabinet in the back. There is a lever next to it (W); this opens the front door.

Free the Chief.

Back to the Street and into the Sheriff’s office, down the stairs to open the Jail.

Chief: You found the key!

Lara: Yes, but not where you would expect to find it.

Strange things are going on.

Chief: You must hurry and get into the church.

Lara: Now why would I want to do that?

Chief: The church was built near the secret entrance to an old apache burial ground deep beneath the town. Your adventure begins there.

Lara: The church it is then.

The Theatre.

Go back to the streets and now to the Theatre opposite, the Chief opened the door. Up the stairs and open the door on the landing. Up more steps and into the opening W. SW in the bedroom is a lever, this opens door (E) at the bottom of the stairs downstairs (the closed door in the bedroom is for when we return much later).

So go back down to the ground floor. Go into the door you opened (right) and climb on the stage, behind the piano on the right pull up in the right hand corner, immediately run right around the corner into the passage, because a barrel will come tumbling down. Go straight and avoid the crate, shoot the balustrade and jump to the next balcony. Follow this path around the corners, shoot more balustrades and jump over. Get the Church Key on the small cabinet E and safety drop to the floor. Go back out and out to the streets go to the NE corner and up some steps and use the Key there.

The Church.

Go in and watch the flyby. Use the lever next to the altar and then go back to the stairs, turn around and take a running jump and grab the rafters. On the right (S) is a small medipack. Make your way to the NE by using a monkey swing and use the lever on the wall. Safety drop down, the door S is open now.

Climb up the roof and get Secret #1 a Medipack, Winchester Ammo and V Pistol ammo. Jump down and now go into the opening behind the altar. Jump into the hole in the floor and you go to the next level.

2-Lake Apache.

Level by George Maciver - 1 secret.

From the central structure swim W and into the upper opening. Get out, shoot the snake and go straight to that bright light. Spikes pop up, watch the flyby and avoid the fire and ice wraith, they will disappear. Take a right and pick up a Medipack in an alcove right. Go back to the water and to the Big Cave.

Swim to the bottom and into the lower opening W. Follow through and get out and use the lever you'll find. This opens a door all the way on the other side of the Big Cave. Shoot the snake and go back, swim all the way E though the open gate in the lower opening and keep swimming to get some air at the end. Climb out and find a ladder on the right (S wall), go up, pick up Winchester Ammo get down to the floor and the doors E will open when you approach.

You'll get into a huge cave, watch the flyby.

The Cave.

Watch out as some coyotes are guarding this cave. There are also some deep canyons.

You need to go to the SW corner of this place, just go straight S and when you reach a canyon, take a right (W) and to the left you'll see a suspension bridge. Cross it to the S side and take a right again and go towards those burning torches. You get a camera shot.

Down the Canyon, the First Chiefs Head.

Walk a bit further and look down into the canyon on the right and there is a roof; that is the place you have to lower yourself down. Grab the edge of that roof and then drop onto one of the slopes below, you'll loose some health.

Go E and follow through and when you hear the snake (SE) kill it. In the N wall there is an opening. Keep going N till you come to a small pool and the opening to the next canyon is left (W), follow to the end. Shoot the coyotes and go inside to a pool of lava. Inside take a right immediately and pick up a Medipack.

Stand in the corner there and face W and shoot the pot on the other side (NW), then go to the other corner and do the same. This will raise a block to cover the spikes (S wall) so you can jump over the pool.

Get the First Chiefs Head and see a door opening. On the other side is a floor lever, so flip it to open a small gate.

Jump back over the lava pool and leave. Once out the opening look to the right (S), there is that gate you opened with the lever. Get in and climb up the long ladder on the right and at the top back flip. Kill the snake and the door you opened is near where you entered this level (NE corner). So make your way over there along the N side of the Cave.

NE Doors, Break tiles.

Enter and slide down backwards and safety drop down, you cannot use your guns here.

Go to the lava lake and first jump onto the rocks to the right (SW). Face N, stand on the right and hop on the breakable tile, take a running jump with a slight curve left, another running curved jump to the right, then hop to the next with a left curve and a running jump curved right to grab the block. Grab Secret #2, V Pistol Ammo. (Savegame)

Face S and jump to grab into the crawlspace. Jump out the other side (new move: Alt) and you are back where you started.

Now turn left at the lava lake and there are also breakable tiles there, going around the corner.

Hop on the tile and then the one on the left, again a hop and side jump into the building (Or jump to the right hand side of the first and do a sharp left curved running jump to the third tile, skipping the second, and run inside).

At the end of this passage take a running jump to the block in the lava, turn around left and jump to the wider passage. Then face NE and take a running jump to the slanted block and back flip from it.

Turn and get a Medipack on the left and use the lever on the right.

Look N and take a running jump to the block that appeared in the lava and into the opening. Follow all the way to the end and then take a running jump to the SW. Run straight into another room (S) and pick up a small medipack on the left.

Face the blocks at the E wall and jump on the two trigger blocks at both ends. The ones in the middle go down so you can use the lever to open a gate in the SE corner of the Cave.

SE Gate.

Leave the room W, go straight to the W and look out for that suspension bridge on the left. Cross the bridge again and left (E) towards that light way up on the E wall.

Once in loop around to the right, there is a crack in the wall. Grab it and jump to the pillar behind you (arrow down) then jump up to get up onto the column (arrow up+Alt). Turn around and a running jump to grab the crack (W) and shimmy to the right. Back jump to the column behind, shimmy around two corners, again a back jump to the next one and then a jump up to get on top.

Turn W and take a running jump to the top of that column and another jump to the one S. Shimmy around left and hoist up. Take a running jump to the next crack E; shimmy to the right and at the highest point jump up to get on top.

Use the crack in the E wall all the way to the end and jump up to get into an alcove. Then jump to get on top of that column. Get to the next one and pick up the small medipack.

Take a running jump to the next one (S) and jump up to get on top. Now, the next sequence is only jumps over slopes so get to it. Try to grab the top of one of the slopes and shimmy to the right as that makes the jump in the last corner easier. At the end you get to a safe ledge, shoot the snake (might need to choose the weapon from inventory) and use the lever ( Savegame )

Another gate in the cave opens.

Walk to the edge and just stand jump down into that small body of water. Go out to the cave and now we need to go to the W side. So go sort of straight to the wooden bridge and cross it and then run to the W wall, climb into the opening there.

W Gate.

In this new room get a small medipack in the SW, then up the ladder at the W wall. Almost at the top back flip and use the lever. A double door opens somewhere.

Go back to the cave; the door we’re looking for is to the left (N).

NW Doors.

Get in, up some steps and to the left (NW). Take a running jump to the pole and swing to the corner. Face W and jump back, grabbing the edge, drop down and grab the crack, shimmy to the right, and jump up to the crack above. Back jump to another crack; shimmy to the left and at the end back jump to a pole. Swing or stand on the pole to jump to the ledge where you have to kill the snake.

Go in and jump the alcoves to get to the other side so you can flip the lever on the E wall.

Most spikes down are gone but a fire was ignited behind Lara. Jump back to the ledge S, line up for a jump (or run) down to the ledge under that fire tile.

Jump to the N and go around the room again to get to the SE corner, as there is a lever you need to flip.

After flipping the lever, the spikes are gone so leave through the passage S. Follow through and find your way E to the cave.

Go SE, cross the bridge and go right (W) and enter the door where you see two fires.

SW Doors, the Second Chiefs Head.

Once in go left through the open doors, up the steps and around the corner. You get a flyby and a fire and an ice wraith come for you. Just run straight into the light and they won’t bother you. Go S and climb up and grab the Second Chiefs Head.

Leave this place and go back to the cave. Now we have to find the way out of here.

Get out with some Alien Ore.

So back to the bridge (E) and cross it, go all the way N, then to the NE corner so you can leave the cave and go back to the underground water cave.

Jump into the water W and swim out, swim up and into the upper opening E and climb out. Shoot the coyotes and head into the bright light over a bridge. Two wraiths will appear, just ignore them, to the bright light and place one of the Heads on that small pedestal E. Back to the underwater cave and swim all the way to the other side and into the W upper opening and place the other one. Back out and now swim to that island in the middle and pick up the Alien Ore from the pedestal. There is a small medipack in the water near the SE corner of this island.

A gate S opened, so get in there and up the ramp. Climb into another cave and you get transported to the next level.

3 - The Canyon.

Level by Titak.

3 secrets

There is a lot of noise and a rumble; the cave behind you has collapsed. Go to that pool and climb into an opening E, down at the end and crawl through (when you kneel you can use sprint to roll through).

Cross the puddle, climb up W and turn to the right (S). Jump up and shimmy to the right and hoist up. Crawl into the crawlspace where you can pick up V. Pistol Ammo. Go back down and continue to the W.

You are now above the cave where you started this level. Climb up left (S) and look a bit to the W, there is a crack, jump to it and jump up. Climb even higher and face the rock wall NW. Jump and grab the edge and shimmy to the right, when you can’t go any further, jump back.

You end on a small triangle of rock, face the rock (E) and climb up again. Make your way to the S and enter the opening on the left. Face the wall right (S) and grab the edge, shimmy left almost at the end jump back.

Go further, jump down E and you are overlooking another part of this canyon. Slide down and prepare to fight four coyotes, be careful, as most of the cacti will hurt you too.

A snake attacks when you get to the edge of the gorge.

Dive into the water and swim to the waterfall NW, on the right is a cave, swim in and follow through.

Climb out NE and in the corner left you can climb higher. Hop up another block and now jump over the slope on the left.

The poor guy left something here, Winchester Ammo for Secret #1(3).

Make your way down and swim out the cave, to the left and get some air. Swim S and climb out, climb up S and turn right, see that crack up? Grab it and jump up. Jump up W once more; turn NW and jump to grab the edge of the rocks and shimmy to the right (towards the waterfall). Halfway, drop to grab the crack below and keep shimmying and at the end jump up. Climb up W and face the waterfall, take a running jump grabbing the edge left of the fall, shimmy right and around a corner and pull up.

Jump over the waterfall (N) follow through to the next fall, jump up and go right. Jump up again and find Secret #2(4) a Medipack and Winchester Ammo.

Get back to the top of the big waterfall and jump SE. Then to the next, the one covered with grass.

Jump up on the left, another one left and shoot the snake. Walk to the end and look down, drop down backwards, slide and grab the edge, shimmy right and drop. Look down SE; see that block near the waterfall? That’s where you have to go. So just hop down there. Take a running jump over the river and shimmy right around the corner and pull up. Go in the opening and down and at the end a running jump to that branch and swing to a rock ledge. Carefully walk further and drop down towards the water on that rock there. Take a running jump N on the one in the water, then one to the NE to a block covered with grass, jump then to the one near the water and follow the ledges.

Go S along the right hand side and wait for a boulder to drop before you take the Flares.

Another boulder will drop while you go S.

Jump to the slope E and shimmy to the end, back jump and grab a ledge, shimmy around the corner and hoist up. Jump up S and turn to the left and take a running jump (E) and grab the edge at the last second and pull up. Crawl through and shoot the snake before you drop down.

Then jump in the water and climb out at the other end. Pull up and hop onto the rock E to shoot two snakes. Climb up on the rock ledge N. Shimmy to the left, pull up and hop back down to the floor again, a boulder comes crashing down. Get back up there taking a running jump to grab the ledge W and climb up even higher.

Jump to the S and a running jump to the other side. Face E and jump there, go N and jump to the slope and go to the right. A snake is hiding in the grass. Follow through to the left and get out in the open again.

Careful a couple of boulders will come crashing down. Go to the E and follow through, avoiding more boulders. Best is to run back. Go up the slope killing another snake. Go up NW, find a crack N and jump up twice.

At the end just slide down to come into another part of the canyon.

Down here are some coyotes as well as snakes.

On the right (W) you can jump up S and get into the coyotes den and get Flares. Slide to the ground floor and go N.

Behind a big bush left (W) is an opening and all the way at the end in the coyote’s den you can find a Medipack.

Go out, to the left to the high wall E and jump to the right on that small triangle ledge. Face W and grab the edge of the rock, shimmy all the way right and back jump (arrow down) to grab the high wall.


Go into another cave, jump down, go SE and shoot a snake. Follow through and come to a place filled with quicksand. Stand on the right and take a running jump to a slope, slide/jump and again to grab the other side. Now turn and take a running jump S, left of the sloped part. Then another one to the slope E, slide/jump twice aiming left and the last one curve to the left and you are safe again. Jump up N and then jump to the NW.

Once there turn and face S, jump to grab the edge and hoist up. Go right (W) and crawl in. Hop down and climb up, roll over the skeleton and crouch to get Secret #3(5), Arrows.

Go back up E, crawl through and run down onto the lower pillar NE. Hang from the N side and safety drop down, slide and back flip. Jump over the rest of the quicksand (W) and grab the edge of the slope, shimmy right, slide and jump with a slight curve right to get to safety. Climb up W.

Jump and grab up into that cave N and push the boulder out off the way. Stand on that small hill and jump across to the N so you grab the edge in the right hand corner. A bit further will be another snake. Go around to the left and slide down

4 - Canyon Bridge.

Level by Titak

3 secrets

Go further and climb up the sloped block and jump back (N) crawl through and watch the flyby.

Drop down and go W, into the cave and follow through, kill a snake and at the end find Secret #3(6), some Arrows.

Go back to the gorge.

Jump up on the right and stand on the highest point to get back up. Now jump to the rocks E so you slide back and hang, shimmy all the way to the end, jump back and grab the pole, climb up (Alt) and jump with a grab to end up at the other end. Climb up and get Secret #2(7), Flares.

If you want all the goodies, jump into the water and swim W, around the corner get the Winchester Ammo from the bottom, go straight but keep on the right and after the next corner swim into the opening there on the right. There you find a Medipack (We’ll be up here later, but it was easier to get the pickups now).

Now you have to swim all the way back and get out of the water at that column in the middle of the river near the waterfall.

Take a running jump to the left side of the slope S and jump to grab a crack in the rock wall and jump up.

Follow this path behind the waterfall. A boulder drops. Now take a running jump with a curve to that flat rock NW (you can also go up E first and jump from there to the NW) ( Savegame )

The Bridge.

Use the branch to swing over and after that climb up on the right. Running jump NW, go to the end and then climb up right (N). Immediately turn right and climb up even higher. Then take a running jump NE to get to the buildings there.

Walk to the end at the waterfront NW and jump or even shimmy to an opening up E wall there. Drop down where a pool of water is (N) and follow through, near a skeleton you can get a Medipack, Flares and Winchester Ammo as Secret #3(8).

Go back the way you came and get to the water tower.

Crawl under the fence of the water tower, shoot the box for some Matches. Crawl out and climb the ladder on the water tower (SE corner). Grab the edge of the wooden floor and shimmy all the way round right to the opposite corner (NW), grab the Rope hanging on a hook.

Go back to the NE corner and do a stand jump to grab the roof of the house. Safety drop down through an opening there. Open the chest in the SE corner and get the can of Oil. Combine the Rope and the Oil to get the Oiled Rope: Fuse.

Open the door and go out.

You might wake up some coyotes so be aware.

For some Explosives.

Go to the house S and shoot out the door. Go to the back and shoot some fences and boxes and get Winchester Ammo NW.

In the SE corner is a box of Dynamite, this one has to go outside and push it all the way to the end of the wooden walkway, over the edge to one floor down.

The Big Bang.

Go SW and jump back on the path there, jump down a few ledges and make your way to the box of Dynamite you dropped down (N). Push the box all the way N (on those wooden planks) and attach the Fuse to it. Go to the end of the Fuse and use a Match to ignite it. Now you’ll have to get out of the way.

Jump up on the ledge on the right and loop around right and run and jump to the S side ledge so you won’t be killed by the blast (Savegame )

Jump back and carefully make your way down to the huge wooden beam that is crossing this gorge, best is to go along the edge of the river. Walk across it and up at the end and again up at the left.

Go to the end and run to the branch, grab it, climb on top and jump off. Climb up right (W) and then up S, turn around and pull up. Jump over the rock and you are at the windmill area. There are coyotes here.

Go to the hut and shoot the door, then shoot the crates inside and get Borchardt C39 Ammo from one crate.

Get out and follow the train tracks W, when you go up the rocks SW and up to the plateau S you can find a small medipack.


A Tool Box, Volcanic Pistol and the Second Alien Ore.

Back to the tracks towards the windmill and near a big bush left (N) is an opening. Shoot a snake and enter. Go to that contraption W and first go into the cave N to get the Winchester Ammo from under a crate. Go out, to that contraption W and take the Tool Box from it. Immediately roll and run onto the elevator and take a free ride down. Choose the box from the inventory and separate twice, to get your Volcanic Pistol, the Second Alien Ore and an Empty Tool Box remains.

A Counterweight.

Drop down from the elevator; go over the walkway to the N and at the end jump over the balustrade left onto the corner rock. Climb up and grab up (W), shimmy all the way to the right till you can pull up. Jump up into the corner and enter, watch out, falling boulder. Resume your way. Down to the small pool and climb up. You end up behind the waterfall. Pick up the Rock and combine it with the Empty Tool Box and get a Box with Rock (weight) .

Just hop backwards out of the cave and grab the edge of the rocks, shimmy left and drop on the upper corner ledge.

Take a running jump onto the walkway E ( Savegame )

Go to the far S end of the walkway and left are some wood blocks on a chain, place the Toolbox Weight on the hook below that. The small elevator goes up and a scaffold will be available now.

A Scaffold.

Drop down and pull/push the scaffolding out three times. Then pull/push it all the way to the end of the jetty (N). If you want another goody go E onto the rocks, climb up twice and then twice to the S, there is a small medipack on this ledge. Get back down to that scaffold.

Climb on top and take a running jump to grab the edge on the other side of the river. Go in and jump right (NE) over the water and follow through. Back at the gorge, jump to the left, face N and jump up in that opening.

Grab the edge on the left (W) and shimmy almost to the end (below is the pool where we got the Medipack before). Back jump and grab another edge and shimmy left to the end. Back jump and grab a pillar. Stand jump to the NE corner ledge and immediately back flip as a boulder drops down. Jump back again, grab up E and shimmy left, jump back and grab a crack, jump up and follow cave to the end and slide down.

5 - Apache River Rapids.

Level by EssGee

Small Maze, the Feathered Key.

First go left (N) and at the end shimmy past that statue to get a small medipack.

Then go back and E over the wooden bridge and through a small room, shoot a small scorpion. Go right and loop around and pick up Flares in between the baskets there (use crouch). Go E and at the intersection take a right (S).

In the next room shoot a clay pot S for a small medipack. Go to the N wall and push the green button. A block left of the pillar W went down, go pick up a Feathered Key there.

Go back out, up the slope and at the intersection go straight (W) and use the Key on the left. The gate a bit further on opens.

The Burial Chamber.

Go in and push the button on that screen then go up W and follow through, there is another button, this opens the door you can see through the barrier (W).

Go all the way back to the wooden bridge (keep going right) and at the end where the poles are face N, jump up and get to the monkey climb. Follow the monkey climb (first straight and then a right) to the block that stands in the water.

Jump to the opening with the waterfall; that is the door you opened. Go in and come into a burial chamber.

Go to the left and in the middle (W wall) behind the right guy in a basket is a push block. Push it in as far as you can and get behind the block into a passage. Use the lever at the end. Go back all the way and jump through the waterfall on the block and the gates in the bridge area (N) are open now.

An Indian Canoe.

Jump in the water, the catfish bite, so be careful and get into the Indian canoe. Paddle up the rapids, go right (E) and get out of the canoe in the next pool.

Dive down to the SW corner and behind the block is an opening, swim in and follow through and up at the end.

Climb the ladder, go E and then right, shooting scorpions, use the floor lever and watch the flyby.

We have to go back to the Burial Chamber; down the ladder, through the water, into the canoe and paddle back. Get onto the bridge, grab the monkey swing and go to the block at the waterfall. Jump in and in the NE corner of the burial chamber is a jump lever.

Face E, stand in the middle and jump/grab the pole, stand on it and jump (Alt) to the lever. Another fly by, back out the Burial Chamber again and to the canoe; paddle up the rapids and to the E and get out, climb up SW.

Another Feathered Key.

First take a running jump to that ledge SE and pick up a small medipack. Jump back and use the ladder up that S wall. Jump up on the left and climb another ladder. Turn around and spot an opening a bit down on the S wall. Jump there (with CTRL) and use the lever. Jump back (or use the ladder) and enter the open gate.

Follow though and jump up in the far corner. Go straight (E) into a room and shoot the clay pot on a block S. Pick up the Feathered Key. Go out and to the NW corner is a ladder down and a trapdoor.

Next to it is a higher ceiling and in there (facing E) is a jump lever to open that trapdoor. Now climb down the ladder, follow through and near a wooden gate is a key lock.

Get in and shoot a scorpion. Loop around to the right and push the button, go out and see another trapdoor opened.

Jump over the hole and hang left from the trapdoor, let go, grab the wooden bridge below and crawl in through the waterfall. Push the button on the corner block and get out. Let Lara drop in the water below and climb up at the trapdoor NE. Push the button and jump in, and up left, shoot the scorpion.

Save at the lever, flip it, run out and side flip to avoid the boulder.

More Paddling.

Get back out and climb into the canoe, paddle through the opened gates N.

Slide down the rapids and when you get to a pool get out and swim down to the NW corner to find an underwater lever there.

This opens the gate N and W. You can use the canoe but I just swam through the canals.

Go N and in the first room loop around the left and use the underwater lever. Swim W and pull up out on the right in the next room; shoot the clay pot for a Medipack.

Back into the water and find another underwater lever in the SE corner. Swim S, the last underwater lever is left around under a block.

Climb up S and enter this new passage. Shoot the scorpions.

Find a push block SE and push/pull it on that marked tile in the middle, this opens the door S.

Last Rapids, Laser Sight and a Feathered Key.

Get into the new canoe and paddle down the rapids.

Once down, get out the canoe and pull up out NE.

Face the wall E and find a crack, shimmy right and crawl in, shoot the clay pot to get the Laser Sight and another Feathered Key. Back out into the water and climb out NE. Use the key on the lock left of the door and enter.

6 - Aquatlantis.

Level by EssGee

3 Secrets

Slide down and fall through some breakable tiles. Follow through and use the lever left and go through the opening.

Go straight and in third alcove on the left is a small medipack. Go further and find in the next area a ladder on the right. Climb all the way up and Lara grabs the ceiling, turn around and, travel this monkey swing to the end, use ALT and Lara climbs even higher. This is a jump lever. Climb almost to the top and let go and grab the lever (you might have to do this again), the door opposite the ladder is open.

Stand on the block with your back to the ladder and jump to the pole and swing into open door using the second pole. Climb up and crawl under the darts and over the pit, watch out as there is fire underneath. At the end jump down and grab the Flares.

Jump down N and use the lever, go back and safety drop down; the door S is open.

Sprint down the steep ramp and at the end go either sharp left or right around the corner, grab from the pedestals V. Pistol Ammo and a small medipack.

(The V. Pistol Ammo pickup will recharge if you run out of ammo)

Go back up the ramp and hang on the left (W) side and shimmy left to the end. Go in and get Secret #1(9), 2x Borchardt C39 Ammo and 2x Winchester Ammo.

Go back and down the ramp again, jump over the boulder and proceed into the Main Hall.


Wow! That's some piece of machinery.

It looks ancient but in other ways very technologically advanced.

It does look Atlantean, but somehow different............. almost like some other race has adapted Atlantean architecture and modified it into more sophisticated technology.

I wonder what it does?

Main Hall.

This hall is filled with a large Dimension Tower we have to get started.

First Atlantean Disk.

Go to the S wall, look left (E) and up a bit to spot a target on the outer corner pillar (SE), shoot that stone it holds and a platform will be activated left of it. Get on the platform, be sure to have full health and face N.

Jump to grab the pole. Climb on the pole (Alt) and jump to the next, then a swing and jump, 2x Climb up and jump and then another swing and jump, the last is a climb and jump to the lever. It's a long way down so you'll loose about half your health.

A block explodes, now you can open the trapdoor there, it is next to the platform. Open it and go down to get the Atlantean Disk. Back out and along this wall, there's a receptacle for the Disk just past the big door (in the middle of the E wall).

The E Side Doors, a Platform Booster and Atlantean Disk #2.

Enter and follow through, in a room around the corner are two white symbols on blocks, hop onto each of them and the doors E open up. In the next large room is a small medipack left (NW), then go S and pull that green block twice to the E and climb up to the S. Move the block there against the W ledge and pull/push the third block (up W) onto the lower block.

Climb it and grab the monkey-climb, follow all the way to the N side of the room, drop in the alcove. Grab the edge of the floor and shimmy right along the rim to the next alcove where you can use the lever to blow up the cover on the pedestal. Drop down and go get the Platform Booster Crystal, go out W and in the room with the white blocks a block went up on the left. Climb into the passage and get Atlantean Disk #2. Drop out and go W, back to the Main Hall.

The W Side Doors, Block Puzzle.

Go to the SW corner and use the Platform Booster to get the block up, climb and use the jump lever to reveal another Disk receptacle. Go to the doors (W wall) and open them with the Disk.

Around the corner is a small medipack, follow through to a Block Puzzle room.

The grey trigger block NW operates the gates (one side closes, one side opens), the grey trigger block SW operates the raising blocks (one side goes up, one side goes down). We experienced some difference in how to go through this puzzle.

The dark push block SE has to go onto two gold marked tiles to open the gate W. There might be more ways to do this, but this is how we did it:

First pull the push block SE 3x W onto the marked tile and push it one square back. Pull the NW block once and gates open, now pull the push block onto the raising block (dark grey square) and pull the SW trigger block once.

Pull the push block that went up onto the ledge and now you may have to use the NW block again to raise the S side raising block. Now move the push block around onto the raising block S (the gates there have to be down). Use the NW block to lower the push block and use the SW block (maybe move it twice) to open the S gate.

Push the push block out and onto the gold tile. The gate N opens up so follow through.

Room with Walkways, the Energy Cores.

Hop into the pool and swim N, turn around to spot an underwater lever on the dark pillar. Swim back SE and climb the ladder W (use Ctrl) back up to the walkway. On the N walkway a platform retracted so get there and grab up to the ladder on the higher block (face W), up a bit and backflip roll to grab the rim on the wall, go all the way right to use the jump lever. A gate opened on the walkway, right (E) side. Enter and use two levers S, so you can then use the two levers next to the N passages. This activates the Primary and Secondary energy cores.

Android machine voice - Primary energy core is enabled..

- Secondary energy core is enabled

Go back out and hop over the railing into the pool because a door in the water opened N, swim in for Secret #2(10), Winchester ammo, a Medipack and 2x Borchardt C93 ammo on the other side.

Get back out of the pool and head into the passage NW, follow through to the Hydro Room.

The Hydro Machine.

Go straight into the passage ahead, up two conveyer belts.

Better save here. When you get on the next conveyer, go down a bit and when you are at the second pillar and under the lower part of the ceiling, jump up and grab the monkey swing. Go straight and then take a left (S) into the opening in the wall there. Travel further on the belt, avoiding some swinging axes (best to run through). Now comes the hard bit, go around two corners and then quickly get into the opening left (the one straight get you out onto the bridge but that is way too early). There is a teeth door there. Get through and around the corner jump left or right in a small alcove. One has a lever the other a Medipack (Savegame )

Get on the belt and avoid swinging axes and another clanking door and at the end you’ll end up on the walkway, the cover over the lever has been lifted, use the lever ( Savegame )

Android machine voice - Hydro-electric turbines activated. All pumps operating at optimum capacity

Lara: Water…!

They're using it to drive the machines.

What could possibly need that much energy to drive it? They must be pumping the water from the river system. (Revelation) No wonder the water levels are so low in the canyon valleys!

The First Dimension Power Cell.

Jump over the railing to get to the ground floor or run and jump against the conveyor to get through the passage back to the ground floor.

Go into the now open gate left (E wall) and get Dimension Power Cell #1 and another Platform Booster Crystal. Go through the open gate in front and end back up at the Main Hall.

Safety drop down and use the Platform Booster S, just left of the alcove with the ladder. Climb the block and up the ladder into the passage, follow through, drop down and go left, follow all the way till a gate opens for you and enter the Sectioned Room.

Sectioned Room, Dimension Power Cell #2.

To the right and up the ladder, go around the corner, up again and then get to the monkey climb and at the end up (Alt) the ladder again. Off left onto the upper walkway and go use the jump lever N.

A platform starts moving left and below of you. Get onto the ladder there and hang as low as possible, drop just before the platform reaches the top of its move and grab it to get on

(Or: Line up Lara on the opposite ledge. Use look to see when platform is coming up. Then take a running jump as if to grab the ladder, but release Action at last moment so that Lara free-falls onto the elevator).

Now jump off NW onto the first floor level, throw the lever around the corner to open a gate below.

Drop down to the ground floor and follow through (N) to first floor in the NE. In the gold grating S is an opening, get in and use the jump lever W (lever on top level opens up).

Turn around and now go right (S), to the left is another opening, drop down to the ground floor and NE is an opening in the glass wall, go in and to the left (S). Use the lever to start some revolving doors W. First go N and use the jump lever to (open a gate SE first floor)

Go W, out right at the revolving door and into the passage N, follow through to where you can jump into the gold grate again. Go to the left (S) side and jump out right to the walkway to get to the open door E.

Follow up to the second floor and get a small medipack N, the jump lever E will lift the cover off the second lever on the top walkway. Head back through the passage S, then drop to the ground floor and go into the glass wall NE. Go to the revolving doors W and out left to climb the ladder SE. All the way to the top walkway (by using monkey swing and so on) (Alternative way back to the top: Go E out of revolving doors. Jump on moving platform. When near the top jump and grab monkey swing above. Go to edge of monkey swing and use Alt button to climb higher on ladder above. Climb a bit and shimmy right to land on top deck).

Use the 2 levers E and W and a gate opens S. Watch the flyby, go to the open door next to the ladder and take Dimension Power Cell #2.

First Event Horizon Injector.

The only safe way back, as the water below isn't deep enough, is by using the elevator in the NW section, then straight through both revolving doors and up the ladder to the first floor gate S.

Follow through to the wide corridor and go W, a Predatorian Guard attacks, shoot it. Look in the W wall and spot a grate, shoot it and jump in to get Secret #3(11), 2x Grenades and 2x Medipacks. Hop out and go NW.

Moving Block Trap.

Proceed till you come to a passage with moving blocks. Stand left and jump through, holding the forward key so you won't stop short.

Then stand right, close to the next block. There's a burner behind it, when it's down, jump through and run left around it to get to the next corner (you are safe when you stand next to the wall behind the burner) where you have to jump through the last blocks (Savegame )

An Event Horizon Injector.

Go left where the doors open, in the end is a shiny object on the wall, pry it off and get that Event Horizon Injector. Turn around and go left (S) and left to the Gold Machine parts storage room.

Lara: These equipment parts look strangely familiar. Seems like someone was up to no good - in the business of manufacturing gold-making machines, I dare say!

Alien Ore and Event Horizon Injector #2.

Loop around to the right (SW corner) and use the lever there, it will activate a platform NW. Hop on and get into the opening N, hang out the other side and shimmy right along the rim.

Get into the alcove, turn around to grab the monkey climb and make it all the way to the other end timing those burners, go around the corner right and straight into the opening. Stand as right as possible and jump to the grating S and go get the Alien Ore #3. Drop down to the ground floor, go into the passage E and around the corner left, on the wall there is Event Horizon Injector #2. From here go left and around a corner to the room beneath fire burners and make 2 pickups between the columns Winchester Ammo and V. Pistol ammo. Head back out to the Gold Machine parts room (E and around two corners straight and around a corner left).

Use the Injectors.

Go back and through the opening W out of the big room, around the corner and left to the corridor and head W, shoot another Predatorian Guard and at the end go to the right. To the left and right the Event Horizon Injectors can be used to open the gate in the middle.

Android machine voice - Inter-dimensional stabilizer operational. Proceed with caution!

Save before going into the passage, ride the conveyor and sprint through an opening between those balls circling around. If the timing isn't right you could always hop back till there’s an opening ( Savegame )

Room with the Circling Balls, Dimension Power Cell #3.

There are three passages leading from the room. Start with the one on the right (N), jump through the trap and sprint up against the conveyor belt. Stand in the SW corner, face N and jump to grab the pole, hang and hit end to turn around, use Alt to jump to the next pole, turn and do the same again, once more and you're facing the ladder wall. Jump and grab, go left around two corners into the alcove and use the lever to open a door down NW. Drop and go up the poles again and from the top pole swing to the open door N. Grab Dimension Power Cell #3 and go out W.

Timed Platform, take a Swim to the Atlantean Disk and Dimension Power Cell #4.

Upon entering in the next room on the left (NE corner) is a trigger pad, it will raise a timed platform SE, get on it and jump to grab the walkway (take your time lining up).

Go to the N end and jump to the jump lever. A platform comes out under the lever SW of the walkway, so up you go again (using the timed tile) and use the lever to open a gate below.

Drop down and run over the break tile, turn around and dive into the tunnel, follow through to where you can get some air under the grated floor. On the block N wall is an underwater lever, opens the gate E. Go through, up the passage and run sprint through that door, as there's a nasty barrier. Collect the Atlantean Disk and Dimension Power Cell #4. Return through the door to the water (Savegame )

Get back the way you came, climb the ladder in the end and backflip to where you can use the Atlantean Disk in the passage W. Go inside and use the lever to open the gate in the S end of the room, so jump back over the hole and go S, jump to grab the jump lever.

A Time Portal Coding Device.

A gate opens at the S end of the walkway behind you. Climb back up the ladder and get up to the walkway using the timed platform. Jump to the opening left (S), follow through run/jump through the clanking doors and slide from the end of the ramp to get to that Time Portal Coding Device on the pillar. Now don't just drop from this pillar, you will not survive. Jump to the sloped ramp, hang down from it and safety drop losing some health. DO NOT touch that middle structure, as it will explode.

Go out N and get through the passage to the Room with the Circling Balls. Go out E and follow back to the gates to the passage with the moving blocks to the left. Get through the trap again and go N, following the tunnels.

You woke up another Predatorian Guard, shoot him. Go E again (depends on where you met the guard) and look up left (S) for the passage leading back to the Main Hall.

Activate the Time Portal.

Climb down the ladder to the ground floor and place the 4 Power cells on the pillars around the central floor.

Android machine voice - First dimension tower - power cell activated

- Second dimension tower - power cell activated

- Third dimension tower - power cell activated

- Fourth dimension tower - power cell activated

Watch things unfolding:

Time portal activating sequence may now commence - proceed to upper central tower

Go S and climb the ladder S again, turn around and go onto that central contraption using the new platform and place the Time Portal Coding Device.

Time portal is now online and ready for immediate transportation..

Lara: My God, it is a time portal. If I could use this machine to get back to Coyote Creek in its hey-day, then maybe I can solve some of the unanswered questions about Coyote Creek's past.

I hope this comes with a return ticket.

Oh well, here we go then...... nothing ventured, nothing gained!


The Time Portal N will be activated, go to the W side and jump over to the outer ring, go N and jump to the N opening. Go to the Portal and you will end up back in time.


Destination: Coyote Creek 1875.

7 - Battle For Coyote Creek.

Level by Cowboy

3 secrets

Swim through and climb out of the well. In the SE corner of the yard is the gravestone of Gilbert McCoy (come back later). Head SW and open the door to the church, you can read the front page of the Coyote Creek Gazette on the cabinet SE. Go N through the door, from the steps W you can jump up to the rafters and get a small medipack. Get back down and out W to the street. Head W and talk to Sheriff Bates (near the fire):


Sheriff: Wait! You can’t come here! This town is under marshal law.

Lara: I must talk to the Chief of the Apaches on an urgent matter.

Sheriff: You won’t get that chance! Mr Bolivar and his high noon gang are holding him hostage along with a bunch of Townsfolk.

Lara: I have had a run-in with this gang before. I can certainly help you Sheriff!

Sheriff: Oh, so you are a bounty hunter? No, I don’t think that is a good idea…

Lara: They have you pinned down sheriff and you are undermanned. They will not be expecting me!

Sheriff: Well…very well. The station behind has been turned into a storeroom with plenty of ammunition and supplies if you need it.

The Townsfolk needs to be rescued and they are being held in several places around the town that have been barricaded by the gang. I want the situation under control and secure before I make an attempt to approach to the Fort.

The hostages are being held in the Jail, Bank and Saloon. There is also a Gatling gun above the Fort entrance that needs to be eliminated.

Lara: I better get to work then.

The Station.

Go into the door behind him and look NW on the floor for a Volcanic pistol and Lasersight, on the crate W is Winchester ammo and in a shootable crate NW is some more Winchester ammo. On the cabinet at the N wall are a Crowbar and some Torches, pick up the Crowbar and leave the Torches for now. Push the barrel NE into the room and go in, pick up Secret #1(12), the Crossbow. Back out and grab a Torch, go out and ignite it on the fire near the sheriff. Leave it where you can find it again.

Destroy the Gatling Gun.

If you run on the boardwalks on the right to the saloon, you get a screenshot and see what you have to shoot.

Go back to the crates in the street and stand on them, face S. In the Far S wall, up and behind the steel grates is a crate of TNT next to a barrel, shoot the crate with the Crossbow (you can also shoot it with the V. Pistol, but then you will have to stand closer) and the barrel will roll down, destroying the Gatling Gun.

Hop down back and go W to the alley and open the door to the barn, get a Medipack from under a shootable crate and then pull that crate on top of the stack once to the W, get behind it where you can now grab up to the floor above. Collect a Winchester, Winchester ammo, a Medipack and then read the note on the cabinet.

Gilbert McCoy had some great-customized pistols on him. I have been meaning to recover them but the pastor would get suspicious.

Detour, the Borchardt C93's.

Go out, E and into the church, out to the back yard (where you started this level) and in front of McCoy's grave are the Borchardt C93's as Secret #2(13). The Ghost of McCoy is visible behind the gravestone when you pick them up. Get back to the streets and pick up the Torch.

The Theatre.

Go S into the street and left to the first house, the Theatre. Ignite that pile of wood through the gate and the gate will be opened. Leave the torch, go in and left, around the corner a baddy will attack. Shoot him in the hall, pick up the small medipack and step into the doorway again, and with the V. Pistol you should be able to shoot the baddy upstairs. On the stairs are barrels, run over the lower step and left into the alcove E. Then go up and get another small medipack.

Open a door, shoot a baddy and go upstairs to get Winchester ammo, open the bedroom, shoot the baddy there. Behind the door S is some V. Pistol ammo on the cabinet. Back to the bedroom, throw the lever W and step carefully into the doorway. Take the V. Pistol and Sight and shoot that box of ammo on the roof of the sheriff’s office (W), killing the baddy, which would have taken a shot at you.

Detour: Go up the balcony and right (N) you can jump over to the roof of the Station and go left around to find a crate you can shoot, inside is Secret #3(14), Arrows and Borchardt C93 ammo. You'll have to return to the balcony again.

The Bank, Free the Citizens.

Go to the S side of the balcony and jump over to the roof S, left of the spikes and shoot the baddy. Drop through the hole in the roof and you'll see some good guys being shot. Crawl through the opening NW and shoot the baddy guarding the door. Drop down there and go down the stairs, in the basement you can free the citizens by shooting the baddy.

Thank you miss, you're an angel.

Go into the open vault S, get the Bank Key from the cabinet (screen of doors).

Shoot the crates E for a small medipack and SW for Winchester ammo. Go back upstairs where the door SE has opened, now the baddies are dead the gun there is also disabled.

Pick up a Medipack in the back and go back to the landing, open the door SW with the Bank Key, open the door right (W) and go outside to the street.

Sherriff's Office, free the Prisoner.

Go NW and to the Sherriff’s Office, careful with the traps outside. Inside is a baddy you have to shoot, pick up the V. Pistol ammo he drops and open the gate with the Crowbar.

Lara: Those bars look weak; maybe I can break them somehow.

Go behind the ACME crate and push onto that grate in the floor, the grate will break.

Prisoner: Thank you miss!

Drop in and get a Medipack and shoot the baddy (or the other way around), grab the V. Pistol ammo he will drop. Go back out to the street and you'll get another screen of those doors. Go to the Saloon S.

The Saloon, free the Girl.

As you enter: Barman: Help Miss! They have my wife in the room upstairs!

Shoot the 2 baddies, one of them upstairs (You only can get the Medipack from the bar counter, if you have less than 5 in your inventory ).

Barman: You look injured. Take some snake oil. It's on the house!

Pick up the Borchardt C93 Ammo upstairs and go into the door S. Shoot the baddy and go open the doors N.

Frank Walmington: Don’t come any closer, you hear?

Frank is holding the wife of the barman at gunpoint. Shoot that lock and the barrel (right corner) will kill Frank.

Woman: Thank you! Oh thank you so much!

Go back to the ground floor and you'll get another screen of the big doors with Sheriff Bates and his posse waiting.

Barman: Thank you miss.

Go outside to the street and to the opening in the wall where the Gatling gun was.

The Fort.

Sheriff: You handle a gun very well miss, the citizens can’t thank you enough.

Lara: You are not too bad yourself Sheriff!

Sheriff: We will break down the fort doors. You can follow soon after. There is no other way in but through here.

Lara: Be careful sheriff.

Go through the now open doors S and find a baddy behind that barricaded door S, shooting at the posse.

Lara: A sniper, I better stay out of his view.


Pick up a Torch from the crate and go back out, ignite the Torch on the fire outside and go back in, keep as much behind the crates as possible and get close to that big barrel on the right of the barricaded door. "Do not set alight" is written on the barrel... well, don't get too close but ignite it anyway. Leave the Torch.

Lara: I better run for cover

Then jump back N over the crates and wait what happens.

Bolivar: you are left in command here Sanchez

Make sure no one can get past.

If they do, make sure that is the last thing THEY will do.

The sheriff is wounded.

Sheriff: I just gone and got myself shot…

Lara: Wait here maybe I can get help!

Sheriff: I will…be fine…just stop Mr Bolivar and the…the…remnants of the high…noon gang…

Lara: I WILL.

Go to the opening S, pick up a small medipack from the crate on the left first and then enter. Go to the courtyard straight ahead

Sanchez: Diablo! Who the hell are you?

Lara: Where is Senior Bolivar?

Sanchez: You are too late chica, too late!

Lara: It’s NEVER too late!

Sanchez: Senior Bolivar and Phoebe have gone in search for the golden city! You would be wise to give up now.

Lara: Give up? I don’t really think so.

There's V. Pistol ammo near the W well (will reappear when you run out). Dive in and swim near the ceiling E through the right hand passage, there's current, but you can get into the opening left if you're fast. Grab the Borchardt C93 ammo and look S, that's where we go next.

You might swim further and around the corner, the current will take you back at the well and then swim in again and stick to the right.

Swim to the end and up, in the storage is a lever to open the doors N to the courtyard (shortcut). There's also a movable crate in there; get it to that opening in the ceiling SE. Get up there and through the doors NE. Follow through N and left into the window.

Out to the roof below and walk the rope to the other side ( Savegame )

Up into the window, head S to a lever with the #1 below, a door N has the #1 too, it's Timed. Pull, run N and safely passing that crate to the door at the end on the right.

The Vault Codes.

The bedroom behind the door left (N) has some Winchester ammo. Proceed to the E and shoot the baddies, then open the second door left (N), in this bedroom the next door N and go to that crate of V. Pistol cartridges, if you are running low, in case you were low on ammo, you will now have at least 12 rounds. In the W is a bottle moving from side to side, shoot the bottle and a door opens E, go in and get the Vault door access Codes (

The Vault, the Fort Key.

Go out S to the corridor and left to the end, throw the lever and exit.

Just right around the corner is another timed lever, #2. The door is in the far S end and right around next to the stairs. But a baddy will come for you, so first pull, go get that guy and return to redo the run to the door (the lever might stay down, just pull it up and the timer starts again) (Savegame )

Open the gate S with the Crowbar and inside are switches, two numbers for each switch, Use the switches so they point to and the beam will slide aside, then use the 5 and 8 again so you will have and the door opens.

Inside are all kinds of goodies, The Cursed Mask of Montezuma, the Golden Man Head, some bars of valuable metal and on the cabinet E the only things you can actually pick up, Alien Ore and the Fort Key. Bolivar shows up and he's a tough one to kill.

Use the Fort Key, the Cellar Key.

Go back to the room N, (you can use the lever N and leave through the door right (W) but we went E, right around down the steps and down the hole in that room to the storage, leave N to the courtyard. Go SW and open the doors there with the Key you have. Inside Sanchez will mount a horse, shoot him and get the Cellar Key he will leave behind. (remember that you can get more V. Pistol ammo near the well if you run out ). Go back into the same room and shoot a crate NE for some Arrows. Then open that gate W.

The Cellar.

Go down the steps and look at the ground, there's quicksand, so jump as far as you can, then wade and climb up at the other side. Go into the next room and talk to the Chief.

Chief Thunder Eagle: You have rescued me, why?

Lara: My name is Lara, are you the leader of the Apache here?

Chief: I am Chief Thunder Eagle of the Apaches and guardian of our tribe.

Lara: I seek knowledge about your tribe’s history.

Chief: We do not discuss our history to any outsider but since you did save my life, I will grant you your request. What knowledge do you seek?

Lara: I need to know about the time your ancestors built the great golden city that fills men’s hearts with greed and more important, why?

Chief: Originally, we were hunters on these plains where the coyotes used to hunt until a great spirit came to us. He showed us his power and instructed us to build his vision. He instructed us to build it on the highest peak. His golden men watched us while we worked and after many moons it was finished. Our tribe gave up these lands and relocated to the mountains. Some time after we realized something was wrong. The spirits grew restless and bad energy filled our hearts. It was only now we saw the Great Spirit for what he was and rose up against him. The spirit was outnumbered but he and the golden men thought with the strength of ten warriors. Despite this, we pushed them back to the nightmare they came from and we rejoiced in the victory. We trapped him in the realm and cut off all access to the city, never did we return there.

Lara: Interesting, very interesting! Look! I have to get to that city. I fear the spirit will return and this nightmare will never stop.

Chief: The spirits may have indeed sent you for I sense a great energy within. I trust you stranger. The way is through these caves behind me…may the spirits guide you.

Step N through the curtain and jump on the blocks and get to the next level.

8 - The Golden City.

Level by Cowboy

4 secrets

The Cavern.

Follow the passage to a huge Cavern, stand at the edge. There are 2 routes from here the first one will be with 2 Secrets.

1- For a Secret Challenge.

Face NE and just run off, slide down from the ledge below and if needed grab the edge, shimmy right a bit and pull up. Jump to the ledge E, turn NW and run off, slide down the ledges grabbing the edges to soften the fall. Go down S and get that small medipack, then follow through to the opening far S. Quicksand inside, walk as far as possible and first jump straight towards that grass S, pull up and hop into the water at the other side, swim through to a room with Secret #1(15), walk in along the right hand side, grab the small medipack, in the sacks left and right are Arrows.

You better not do this as you don’t have to, but if you shoot that object on the wall next to the gate S, a Wraith will be released, turn around and get into the water, swim back to the quicksand cave and there I lost the Wraith.

Back through the water and from the grassy ledge a jump NW onto the solid ground in the W passage (right hand side of it) Then jump W to get to the other side, climb out and open the gate with the lever. Next room, first go straight and shoot that clay pot near the door to get the Medipack. Go to Smilodon (the Sabletooth Tiger) and get it to break the tiles on the E and W walls, stand in front of the flames and side jump away, for me that worked.

Go through the door and pick up the Borchardt ammo on the higher floor. Then get Secret #2(16), some extra Borchardt C93's. Walk to the piece of paper E of the highest floor, which seems to be an extract from a Journal.

Extract from journal

It was then that I decided to sally forth armed with nothing more than my trusty “Gatling pistols", in search of Fame and fortune to find that lost realm, El Dorado.

It appears the Conquistador Alano Balthazar was here before me, most likely after the gold for the Spanish crown. However, what I am really after lies well beyond! Accordingly to native rumours, great powers await those who breach the inner sanctum of the city, powers too great to behold! Oh well, I can’t stay here blathering all day for I must prepare myself for this adventure.

Signed the Great Alexander Wainwright,
Inventor and Adventurer extraordinaire.

Go shoot a clay pot NW to get Arrows and some sacks SW for a Medipack.

Through the gate N and to an Indian head, you'll be teleported to a room. Scroll down to "Continue".

2- Normal Route.

From the start jump to the ledge E, follow to where a pillar blocks the path, hang from the side and shimmy along the crack around the corner, jump up one crack and go right around the corner, back jump to land on a ledge. Jump W to the pillar ledge. Stand N and jump back E to the right hand ledge on the pillar, go N and climb up. Jump to the mushroom pillar W and shoot the 2 Bald Eagles. Jump over to the W path and go left, climb up into the second window (first has falling debris) and throw the lever inside to open the gate. Jump across the spike pit and go left into the next room.


Shoot the clay pot for a small medipack, push the table to the S wall and into the passage left and then into the lower room E. Shoot the scorpion there and move the table in front of the red tapestry so you can climb the ladder to the room above. Under a vase SE there are Flares, shoot the Bald Eagle. Up another ladder and left around to a window overlooking the Cavern.

Climb down E and go into the big opening S, halfway climb left into the window. Throw the lever S to bring out a rope in the big Tomb area. Climb down the ladder in the opening in the corner and shoot the scorpion, also shoot the clay pot for Winchester ammo. Hop into the opening W and throw the lever to open a shortcut door (for a Secret later).

Go back and up the ladder and back W through the window. Head S to the Tomb area. Go left around the corner, climb the block there and jump to grab the rope, turn around and swing up E to the higher floor. Go to the S, jump with a left curve around that gold statue and shoot the scorpion, push the two buttons in this room and see a camera shot of big doors.

Go to the SW corner and get onto the sloped front steps of the Tomb, go over to the far W side where you'll find two more buttons and a note pinned on the wall.

Enter here not, by all that is holy.
These doors remain closed for good reason.
For behind these doors is a cursed place
which man was not meant to enter.
After watching my comrades getting killed
one by one in this wretched tomb, I write
this down as a warning to any that come after.

Be not fooled by its lustre, watch out for
traps most foul and touch thou not the
Native dead men for they bring only death.

Signed Alano Balthazar, Conquistador.

Of course we will open those doors... In case you don't want the Secret but a pickup instead, go N and drop down into the alley below where you'll find some Winchester ammo, go down SE and jump up to the block with the bowl. Jump E to the steps and then to the next block E, from there NE into an alcove with a small medipack. Run jump back SW to the block and go up the steps S to the open doors.

Detour for a Secret: After opening the doors, go N and jump over the gap to the N wall, go to the far N side and look over the edge. Stand on the edge and stand jump to that windowsill with a grab so you'll land inside. Grab the Secret #3(17), V. Pistol ammo and the gate opens up. Go down the hole in the floor inside and out the shortcut door E. Up the ladder and out the window W. (In case the shortcut door isn't open: go up the ladder NE, onto the windowsill and down E, to the corridor leading to the Tomb area). Go to the Tomb area and up the rope to the upper SE corner again, go W and down to the entrance of the Tomb.

The Tomb.

In the next corner, SE is a wall panel you can shoot, go in an bit and roll to get out again as a boulder comes down. Go in again and again shoot the wall and inside some sacks to get the Borchardt C93 ammo. Out again and to the W, careful with the spike traps in this place. A flyby will show you around the Main Hall.

Doors S; Skeletons and a Golden Sun Coin.

Head for a lever next to some doors S to open them and they will close as you go in. Stand a bit back from the button behind the burner and stand-jump to it when the burner goes down, push and backflip. Now you can jump up into the open door and step forward a bit to get a normal view.

To the right you can get some Winchester ammo, skeletons are roaming the place. Go jump to the W end of the walkway and then jump over to the beam S, shoot skeletons as they land on a beam after a jump.

Go to the opening with the spikes S and jump inside. On a tiny table are Torches, get one. Hop down E to the ledge with the wall torch and ignite yours.

Jump back and now go around the room to carefully ignite the four fire bowls. Leave the Torch.

Get to the passage S where the gate opened and grab the Golden Sun Coin. You have woken up the dead.

Back to the torch room, hop onto the ledge with the wall torch again and go down the ladder next to it, climb down to the bottom of the pit and go N and a bit right for some Winchester ammo, a bit to the NW is a dead soul with a small medipack next to it. Pull the corpse away to find Secret #4(18) underneath, Winchester ammo.

Make your way back up the rocks S and up the ladder. Get back to the entrance N and head out to the Main Hall.

Go N along the W side of the central pit and find a note there.

By the grace of our Lord, we hath found it, the
Golden City most glorious! I never thought such
a sight where possible. We didst separate from
Coronado’s main group to explore these remote
cliffs and didst not hope to find any such signs
of civilisation. All we came across where an
impressive city hewn from the rock, as if rising
from the earth itself but alas no gold. Indeed we
were about to turn back until we chanced upon it,
a golden face from beyond the city. Excited we
climbed closer until we were within reach of the
opening and it was then that our long search was
over. We gazed in wonder at the blinding light from
the City.

Then proceed to the N side and a lever will open those doors too.

Door N; Water Puzzle and Golden Sun Coin #2.

Jump up to the opening and go right, jump over and get the Flares SE, be careful, those skeletons will set you ablaze when you let them come near. I shot them with the explosive arrows I still had.

On the bottom of the pool is Winchester ammo. In the room W are Explosive Arrows and in the room down E is the Small Waterskin.

Go NW and up the ladders, backflip off and go into the room E for a small medipack. Look SE and in the corner next to that wall is a pushable Eagle head statue, push it down into the pool below.

Jump over to the E side of the room, hop through the spikes in the opening right (S) and go left into the room with the Large Waterskin. Do avoid that mummy, as he will set you ablaze.

Hop down into the pool below, stand on that Eagle head and you'll need two litres (there are 2 symbols on the W wall in the room with the scale N).

Fill the Large and combine with the small leaving 2 litres in the large, so go use that on the scale (N) and the gate opens W.

Another scale, 1 symbol in the room, so stand in the small pit W and fill the Small skin, combine it with the empty Large, fill the Small again and combine it with the Large again, leaving 1 litre in the Small.

Put that in the scale and the door opens up N. You can shoot the mummy a couple of times so it will stay down for a while. Climb up to the first floor in the room N and get Golden Sun Coin #2. Go back to the Main Hall where a second waterfall appeared now, through the poolroom and leave S.

You also get a screenshot of Bolivar and his gang.

First Floor, SW Door; Deadly Floor, Golden Sun Coin #3.

Go right into the opening W and climb up to the opening in the S wall, go through to a room with another set of doors. Open them with the lever next to it. Stand left, most of the floor is deadly (the one with the skulls on them) so jump to grab the base of the pillar left, shimmy around and back jump to the next, go on to the end and run off the ledge into the next room.

There is V. Pistol ammo on the floor and on the small table is Golden Sun Coin #3, only a slight problem... the entrance closed up.

Pull the corpse away from the trigger tile underneath and step on to open the passage again. Go back the way you came and from the corner of the last pillar, take a back jump with a curve to land in the open doorway. Go straight (E).

First Floor SE; Symbol Puzzle, Golden Sun Coin #4.

Jump the ledges (shimmy and back jumps) to the opening E. Turn around, hang from the edge and do drops to the cracks below to land on a high block, do a safety drop down.

Shoot the scorpions and pull that table against the high block W (to get back up later). Now you can spot those symbols on the base of the Totem E. In the corners of the room are the same symbols on the ledges. Shoot the wall S and inside are more symbols on the floor, at the S wall is a small medipack.

On the Totem is the clue; you have to step on the symbols following the clue clockwise.

So the first one is the full moon SW, rest is up to you ( map ). Every correct symbol gives a sound effect. When the last is triggered, the Sun Disc will appear on top of the Totem.

Climb the table, up to the block and up the cracks to the entrance. Face W, turn right a bit and side flip to the slanted ledge and grab the edge, back jump to the thin ledge and jump over to the Totem to pick up Golden Sun Coin #4. Well going back will be a bit harder you might think but it isn't really.

Jump back to the entrance and go stand left or right. Ignore the first ledge with the moving pillar, but just run jump to grab the corner of the second, go shimmy around and back jump, shimmy to the safe floor W. Go right to the NE corner and down the ladder to the Main Hall ground floor.

Main Hall, placing the Discs.

Dive into the pool, all the way down into the opening and throw the underwater lever opening up gates, grab the Medipack on the way out and swim back up, get ready to fight some baddies that came out of the gates W. I could find 2x V. Pistol ammo and a Medipack, dropped by those guys.

Go into the gates W, to the right and left of the steps are 2 crates, medical supplies and ammo (you'll get them if you have less than five).

Senior Bolivar: "You have turned out to be surprisingly useful Senorita. Now give me the coins and run along…"

Lara Croft: I don’t think so. It ends here!

Bolivar (angry): I have waited years for this moment. The moment when I find El Dorado and NO CHICA IS GOING TO STOP ME!

Lara: You attacked Coyote Town so that you could have the machine for your self. So there would be no witnesses.

Bolivar: Com on! You felt the same greed as I when you first heard about this machine and gazed upon these walls.

Lara: No, you are wrong! I felt wonder but at the same time sorrow. Sorrow to see the harm this “machine” has done and has yet to do.

Bolivar (angry): I always get what I want…

Lara: Not today!

Go shoot Bolivar and Phoebe…

Bolivar: This…this…is not what……..

Bolivar dies

Jump on the ledges to place the 4 Discs, step through that door to get to the teleporter.


9 - Master Control Facility.

Level by Cowboy

3 secrets

Go E to where the big door rolls aside. Go all the way E and don't touch any of the hot pipes. In the corners of the Big Hall are shootable crates, get V. Pistol ammo SE, Winchester ammo SW, jump over the machine N to get a Winchester NW and Borchardt C 39 ammo NE. That green cylinder S seems to be a teleporter, so run in and get upstairs.

Go out SE to a connection room, take a right to get to the bridge over the Big Hall.

Fire, Wind and Toxic Gas.

Around the next corner is a fire passage, time the moment you step on the conveyor and run when the fire is out, keep hopping back where you have to wait a bit ( Savegame )

In the next room the doors will close, look up and spot a half broken window, shoot out the rest of that window and there will be a strong updraft under the windows, stand left in front of that green lower floor and run to it, jump just before that green part and you'll get blown upwards through the window.

Shoot the boxes S and pick up Secret #1(19), Borchardt C39 Ammo and a Medipack. The box N has Winchester Ammo under it. Step into the teleporter N and get back down, but on the ledge in front of the fiery wall. You can reach this ledge also with a jump from running onto the green floor and jump, you will miss out on the secret though.

Go N and as soon as you step through the one way portal, Toxic gas will fill the room, you have to shoot the four gas vents show in the screen, two W and two E. The room will become safe and the door N opens up;

For using the keypad:

Use the keyboard arrow and number keys to select and enter a number (Ctrl) and press enter when complete.

To the left is a button that will show the door that has to be opened, ( screenshot ) Look left of the door in the screenshot and make a note of the codes (6182). Punch those numbers into the keypad and the door opens.

Go back to the Wind room (S) and this time you have to run against the conveyor through those flames. Back over the bridge and to the connection room, the door on the right (S) is the one you opened.

The Gold Machine.

The Machine is activated so you can finally use the Alien Ore in the central contraption. Four Gold Bars are produced; you can find them around the room (For fun, save here and climb onto the central contraption where you used the Ore). Use the button E and the other door in the connection room opens up, so leave N and go right (E) into the new opening.

Go into the next Hall, to the door to the right (S) and open it with the button, shoot the crates and get V. Pistol ammo, Borchardt C39 ammo and a Medipack.

Go to the door N and get through the burners, step into the teleporter.

Go out the door and jump over to the walkway left (W), jump to that door in the W side, open it. Jump on the conveyor, run to the very end and jump, shoot the crate and get Borchardt C39 ammo.

Now push the block W and shoot the crates inside for Secret #2(20), Winchester 73 Ammo and a Borchardt C93.

Go back to the walkways; jump over to the E side of the Hall. Now go to the red glass door E and it will open for you, shoot a crate E for a small medipack and then shoot the two yellow glass objects on the jump levers N and S.

Now jump on the central block and stand in the safe spot between the spikes. Run and jump to the jump levers from here and after you did both, the machine in the Hall will stop and a door opens up.

Two nasty robots appeared, shoot them, one leaves V. Pistol ammo behind, go out W to the Hall.

Now it's time for a Secret you might like, jump over to the W side walkway again, drop into the opening in that walkway and get a Medipack. Now climb down the ladder on the E side and down as far as before dropping down. Shoot the crates for Grenades, a Medipack and around the back Secret #3(21), the Grenade Gun. Around the next corner is a button activating the teleporter to the first floor.

Go out to the Hall and N through the newly opened door.

Battle Room.

In this room twelve of Robots will appear, sometimes in pairs, some of them even dare to shoot you from upstairs. For them you can hop onto one of the machine blocks. On the floor is a crate of V. Pistol ammo, every time you run out you can get a new pack in front of it. Most of the robots drop 2 small medipacks, Winchester Ammo and Brochardt C93 ammo, go collect them.

Head for a pushable crate in the NE corner. Shoot the cover, pull it out and move it under the button on the N wall. The doors open up and go through to the next challenge, Spikes.

Spiked Lava Pool.

Not too bad really, stand at the SW corner of the pool facing E and close to the spike trap, run as they are up and jump as late as possible, land on the far sloped block and slide backwards a bit, back flip and immediately side jump left.

OR you can stand at the SW corner of the pool facing E and left of the spike trap, aim for the spike trap between the 2 sloped blocks and jump there to land when the spikes are just down, immediately jump forward.

Under Pressure.

In the next room is a button to the right, Timed, first push it and watch the flyby, then save and push, turn right while sprinting through the first Press, you have to see if it is best to run or sprint, that is the way to get through the traps ( Savegame ). The door closes behind you, proceed go to the right (S) and shoot a crate for Grenades.

The Monorail, Toxic Gas and a First Jump Lever.

Go back and to the right into the monorail cart, the buttons operate it. You have to go S so push the button and at the next stop go out W, shoot the crate and get the Arrows. Meanwhile a robot will be blown to pieces because he gets to close to a barrel, let that be a lesson to you. Open the door and first run in and to the right, shoot the crate and get the Medipack, go back out for air. Run back in, keep to the right and hop over the traps on the floor, also keep clear of the barrels. Go into the opening to the right and then left, shoot the cover from the jump lever up W. Use the lever and get a screen of a door. There are some Flares in a crate in the E side of this room if you want them. And in the back of the room (W) is another crate with a small medipack. Back out and a robot awakes, shoot him and return to the monorail.

Monkeyclimb and Lava, Second Jump Lever.

Run straight through the cart and to the E side of the tracks, go a bit S to a wooden crate and push it N under a monkey climb. Use the monkey climb to go over the Lava and there's a convenient conveyor on the ceiling to speed things up. Go close to the burner before you drop. Get past the burner and look up S to find the second jump lever and get another screen of that same door. Go W and left, find a crate with Borchardt C93 ammo and a bit further S are Grenades. Go back N and open the door, shoot the robot and pick up the small medipack he drops. Go back N to the monorail and ride it S to the next stop.

Laser Traps, Third Jump Lever.

Go to the W side and to an automatic door, grab the V. Pistol ammo near the crate (this will reappear when you run out) and a small medipack from the crate near the lava pool N. Turn and go up the ladder S. Side flip over and crawl under the lasers to get to the N end, use the jump lever there and get another screen of that door. Get back to the ladder, shoot the crate E for a small medipack and get downstairs. A welcoming comity of 3 robots, remember you can get new ammo near that crate.

Booby Trap Jump Levers, Fourth Jump Lever.

Back to the monorail and S to the next stop, E is that door and W we go. Into the automatic door and pull out that block in the S wall so you can get behind it. Push the button to disable the trap under the important lever. Use the left hand lever and the door opens (You can do the other levers too, push the block on the spikes to use it and hop back in time before the fire starts, but the levers are useless).

Back to the cart and into the open door E, follow to the S and left to another cart, ride it to the end (look E to see an robot playing the piano and the only female robot in this game).

Hasty Push, the Predatorian Guards.

Go out W and left for V. Pistol ammo and a small medipack from the crates. Back N and proceed to the N end. The door opens, go jump the lasers and push the crate on the left all the way while a robot comes closer and closer. As soon as you can, get into the room, grab more V. Pistol ammo from the tile where it will reappear when you run out and shoot the two Predatorian Guards to get the Alien Orb Key from the last one. There's also a Medipack in this room. Try avoiding contact with the robot that was chasing you and use the Key to open the door. Quickly run into the green teleporter.

Meet Kellar: The main Boss, a supernatural entity.

Lara: WhWho are you?

Kellar: ….


Kellar: Why do you disturb me mortal!?

Lara: My name is Lara…

Kellar: YOU can call me Kellar!

Kellar: I am the one behind the mystery of Coyote Creek. I am the one responsible.

Lara: You are an Atlantean?

Kellar: Pah! I am from a far superior race, can’t you see that mortal!? You know nothing of our past.

Lara: Then enlighten me.

Kellar: In times long gone our race opposed Atlantis. Our two mighty races fought each other…great battles scared the earth. I still hear the echoes from those days…

Lara: Then your race built all these machines.

Kellar: Yes to fight and corrupt the Atlanteans. I became a god to the tribes here, wearing this mask to cover my features. I made them construct all of these structures and war machines in my name.

Lara: Natla and the Atlanteans, you made them fight each other. But the tribes realised who you were and they trapped you didn’t they?

You still had access to the machine and the gold is still corrupting, so you desperately reached out to others, so their greed could set you free. The native tribes, the Conquistadors, the miners and others. Their spirits remaining trapped here by you.

Kellar: YES…but you have now set me free where the others failed. You are powerful and only someone of great strength and spirit could have made it this far.

JOIN ME, as my champion and you will see more glories by my side.

Lara: Never, it’s over Kellar!

Kellar: How right you are.

Battle Room, using the 4 Gold Bars.

The case explodes and Kellar will try to stop you from placing the Gold Bars. Each side is a bit different, as long as you keep moving the only thing you have to watch is your health. Save often.

*That pad with the floating Medipack on the central platform will give health, so stand on that one every time.*

N-S: run and jump to grab a conveyor platform (bit to the right), run to the corner and jump onto the lower part of the ledges on the N wall, turn and jump onto the higher part where you can place the Bar in the machine. Turn and hop back onto the conveyor platform, then down to the central platform and do the same thing S.

E: Jump from the platform to grab the corner of the burner ledge (left or right) and hang left(right), pull up and turn to the higher ledge, grab up when the burner is down and place the Bar, stand-jump back, jump to the central platform.

W: This platform has no conveyor, so stand on a corner and stand-jump to the outer corner of one of the lower ledges when the spikes are down, side flip onto the higher ledge ( Savegame ) This save is before placing the last Gold Bar, otherwise you'll miss out on the clue in the flyby). Place the last Gold Bar and watch the show.

Jump back to the central platform, stand on that Medipack tile till your health is full and step onto the teleporter tile next to it.

W: This platform has no conveyor, so stand on a corner and stand-jump to the outer corner of one of the lower ledges, side flip onto the higher ledge and use the Bar. The whole alien contraption explodes.

Jump back to the central platform; stand on that Medipack tile till your health is full and step onto the teleporter tile next to it.

Escaping with Keller on your heels.

Run out N to the walkway.


Turn left and jump over to that walkway W, drop down the N side and then shoot the robot down W. Drop down and get through the burner into the room, pick up the Borchardt C93 ammo and shoot the next robot (leaves a small medipack) while keeping to the right to avoid falling debris. Proceed through the firetraps and come to the now destroyed bridge, shoot the robot on the other side (leaves nothing behind) and jump from the bridge to the block in the NE corner. Turn SE and run onto the slope below, grab the edge and safety drop down onto the machine, jump S. Go W and avoid the flames, jump into the alcove to the right and then jump diagonally to the SW alcove. From there take a jump onto the W ridge. Line up for a jump to the right hand side of the sloped block and jump to the left, then to the right and right again to get to the passage with the Portal. Go into the passage on the right and enter the given code into the code pad 2012. Keller will be trapped in the Portal:

Kellar: Noooo! I WILL find you…

Turn around, pick up a small medipack and go in to the Portal and you'll be taken back to Coyote Creek.

10-Epilogue-Coyote Creek, present day. The year 2012.

Level by George Maciver.

1 secret.

Up the crates and up the ladder to get to the Barn, go out S and to Main Street in front of the Sherriff’s Office. The Chief will come out to have a talk.

Chief Dark Cloud: I wasn't sure if you would be returning. It is good to see you again.

Lara: It's nice to be wanted.

Chief: A great evil has been lifted from my people. I feel it in my heart. My people owe you a great debt, one which I fear we can never repay.

Lara: This was a threat that concerned all of us Chief.

Chief: You seem troubled.

Lara: The gold machines and the time portals are destroyed, but Kellar may yet be alive.

Chief: We will remain vigilant.

Lara: If you come across him, give me a call.

Chief: What will you do now?

Lara: I have to return to England. There are pressing matters to attend to.

Chief: And so we part again. You can leave anytime through the doors in the Station. The key is in the saloon. If you would prefer to spend a little time here before you leave, I have hidden a special secret somewhere around the town for you.

Lara: A special secret for me? How exciting! Well, take care Chief. Perhaps we will meet again one day.

Go to the saloon and upstairs to the left, in the bedroom, next to the bed are the Store Key and the Railway Station Key. Back out to Main Street and now you have a choice, go for the last Secret or go to the Train. If you want to leave now, go N, straight to the Station and open the door to get inside with the Key.

For the Secret, go S and to the Store on the right hand side, inside open the door with the Store Key and go up that ladder inside, turn and jump to the ladder to the roof. Go N, keeping to the left to get to the roof of the barn, drop from the E side and jump over to the Station. From there jump S to the balcony of the Theatre, go S to jump to the roof of the Bank. Look over the S side banister and jump there to get the Hidden Room Key in front of the Indian Statue. Drop from the roof, go N and into the Theatre (last house right). All the way upstairs and in the bedroom you can now open the door S, go in for Secret #1(22), the Tribal Feathers. Back down to Main Street and N into the Station, open the door N and leave Coyote Creek.

There were a lot of opening doors and some levers, but we couldn't find anything else to do than written above.

D&G, October 29-2012.