LB Advent Calendar 2012 – A Little Gift (Remake)

Level by Ranpyon

Walkthrough by manarch2

Getting into the Manor

At the start turn around and head around the house to find a jumplever on the N wall of it. Now jump and slide down into the river and get out on the S side, or simply climb down the ledges. Run to the W wall where you can find the door you’ve just opened. Watch the cutscene when stepping in the manor area. Head SW and go down the ramp, at the end turn right and to the bench; pick up Revolver Ammo here. As you already have the Revolver in your inventory shoot the window behind the bench and enter the kitchen. Pick up a Large Medipack and drop in the room. In the SE corner, near-invisible, the House Key is hidden. Before exiting don’t forget the Revolver Ammo NW in front of the door, then get outside again and back all the way up the W ramp to the entrance of the area. Place the House Key up the E ramp.

A Message, The TV

Enter the manor and go right around the corner into the living room. Go to the E windows and pick up the notes For Santa Claus.

“Dear Santa Claus,
I’d love to receive
a teddy bear.”

Go to the present box right of where you found the message, face NE and open it to find the Study Room Key. Pull the NW table with the small tree away and pick up a Small Medipack. Now pull the table under the yellow star in the N alcove, climb on it and push the star in the wall. A door near the entrance to the manor opens; go in the bathroom there, shatter the grating on the opposite wall and get through the crawlspace. Use the valve wheel and a pool gets flooded. Return to the living room for now. Go W into the dinner room with the aquarium and right to pick up a Large Medipack. Shatter the E painting and get the Remote Controller; just as the hint says return in the living room and get close to the TV, then open the inventory and use the Remote Controller to see a nice little cutscene, showing a door opening in a room full of cabinets.

The Meatloaf

Now head S into the kitchen and pick up the Raw Meatloaf from the windowsill (Lara obviously having a sixth sense), then place it while standing in front of the oven. Exit the kitchen and see what happens… the cutscene shows a trapdoor and another door in the room where you found the House Key opening. Head back all the way there by exiting the manor, then going around two right corners and down the ramp. Jump back in and first head through the open door in the cabinet room you saw in an earlier cutscene, behind the open door you can find X-Mas Balls. Head back out and drop down through the trapdoor into the cellar. Shatter the boxes in this area for Revolver Ammo and a Small Medipack, then go to the middle of the larger room and pull the four blocks away to reveal Revolver Ammo and a Torch. Light it S on the block and push one of the blocks under the trapdoor so that you can jump with the Torch.

Study Room, Lighting Fireplaces

Return all the way into the main entrance of the manor, head in and straight up the stairs. A message tells you it’s cold in here, but you have the lit Torch with you now. Open the door left of the stairs with the Study Room Key and light the fireplace with the Torch, getting a screenshot of a yet closed door outside. Pick up Flares from the windowsill and you might have noticed Lara looking on the E book row, go there and you can pull a small block out twice. Crawl in the just revealed tunnel and pick up the Crowbar. Now go to the E part of the room and open the doors to the balcony, take your Torch and jump over the NE fence onto the small roof, then to the other balcony. Open the door here and light the second fireplace, the door being still closed, and pick up the Large Medipack in the NW corner. Jump on the windowsill N behind the bed and shatter the window (this opens the door to the main hall of the upper stage), then jump up to a monkeyswing, get all the way on the W balcony and shatter the next window. Get in the second bedroom and open the cabinet Lara is looking on to get the Lights. Open the door with the button and retrieve your torch from the first bedroom, backtrack to the second one and light the fireplace here. The door in the garden opens.

Empty Box, Pool Room

Throw the Torch away as you don’t need it anymore, head out of the bedroom and down the ramp. Exit the manor E and head to the NE corner of the garden where you can find the opened door. In the new area you can find an Empty Box. Head back in the garden and down the W ramp. Open the door at the nearest left side of the large glass row with the Crowbar, then enter and dive in the pool. Pick up Revolver Ammo W and then swim through the fake wall in the middle of the lower part of the N wall to get Secret #1, a Christmas Star. Swim back out and into narrow E tunnel, thereon up and you’ll arrive in the aquarium. Pick up the Library Key and swim back through the fake floor, then climb out in the pool room and exit outside. Before returning to the main entrance of the manor get back to the SW side of the garden, enter the small kitchen through the broken windows again and drop through the trapdoor. On the N wall the third block from the left can be opened with the Crowbar, enter and pick up a Christmas Star for Secret #2. Now you can return all the way back to the main entrance of the manor.


The Library Key has to be placed very near where you found it – in the aquarium room, so get there and use it to open the door. Get in and it closes behind you. Push the button to the right of the entrance to turn off the lights (important), then climb the NE bookcase to get the Lasersight. Drop down; go S and to the middle bookcase which you can climb up so that you reach the second floor. Go to the N and use the book switch here to see a camera shot of a yet unchanged raising block. Drop down and head to the W side of the room, in the last left corridor, and find another book switch to your left. Push it and see another camera of the raising block; when both switches are pulled it goes down. On the S shelf row you can find Revolver Ammo when you climb up and crawl in. Now head to the just revealed passage opposite of the entrance door and pick up the Golden Star; a cutscene shows a NW window opening, so go there and get out on the balcony. Combine Revolver and Lasersight and shoot the green garland, you can now jump to the just created rope, turn left and jump to the S balcony to pick up the Silver Tinsels. Jump down in the snow and return all the way to the living room of the manor.

Placing the Items, Teddy Bear

Go to the large Christmas tree NE and place all four important items you got throughout the whole level - the X-Mas Balls, the Lights, the Golden Star and the Silver Tinsels -: one item on each side. The two sides that are close to the stairs might take a few tries, but as a tip try to stand on the stairs close to the three but not on the tree square. After all items are placed a door on the upper stage in the library opens. Get there through the W aquarium room, climb the S ladder and enter the W room you’ve just opened. Pick up a Small Medipack SE and of course the Teddy Bear right of the tree, which you can combine with the Empty Box to get the Gift. Enjoy the view a last time, return through the library and back in the living room. Go to the far NE corner near the E windows, face S and place the Gift on the presents, which triggers a final flyby.