BtB2013-Frozen Fire under the Sea.

13 secrets

Level by Lara Croft (Nerkan)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The guide takes off without you.

Follow him to that door and go in when he opened it, up on the right (S) where he ignites the wall torch is Secret #1, Flares. Wait for the guide to disable the Spikes and follow through to a pit. Jump onto the slanted pillar straight ahead and after a few more jumps you are on a safe block.

For another Secret: Turn W, hop back grabbing the edge and do two drop/grabs down to a crack, shimmy right around the corners and pull up in a crawlspace. Go to a garden room and step through the dark wall to get to a Secret spot and grab Secret #2, a Yellow Secret Key and a Medipack. After taking the Medipack you'll get another bonus Secret #3 to your Secret count and you're back on the block.

Stand NE facing NW and side flip onto the sloped ledge around the corner, grab and shimmy right to the floor.

At the big door, climb up to the lever in the NW corner to raise a block and move the wood pile to the opposite corner (SW). Climb on the S wall and use the lever (or simply jump here from the wooden block without moving it). The trapdoors in the pit will raise, so the guide can cross the pit and let him open the next door for you.

Dried Leaves, burn the Tree.

Under the tree, NW are some Dried Leaves, place those in the bowl. In the SW corner of the room with the tree is a skeleton with a Torch, get that and wait for the guide to ignite the wall torch W, ignite yours and burn the Leaves in the bowl, watch the flyby. Drop the Torch, you don't need it anymore.

Making an Entrance, Pressure Plates.

Drop down into the opening and just slide into a fast flowing river, swim with the current and end up in a large cavern where a flyby starts. The lower opening is still closed, so swim W and get out.

For a Secret: Go SE and up the snowy S slopes with trees and make your way to the far SE corner, grab Secret #4, Arrows. Go back to the W side entrance.

Inside shoot 3 werewolves and around the corner is a closed gate. In front of the gate are two rows of pressure plates. They operate doors in a small labyrinth below the glass floor and also blocks and trapdoors in the room behind the gate N. First we will go open the gate to that room.

- First trigger all 5 plates in the first row, a boulder comes down behind the glass wall W and a trapdoor moves in the room N.

- Now trigger the plates so you have in the first row from left to right: down-down-up-down-up (platepuzzle1.jpg). (If you make a mistake, just step on the plate in the second row and the opposite one in the first row goes back up). All 3 doors in the labyrinth under the glass floor should be open now, so go into the hole in the floor SW. Follow the passage to the room with the platforms and raising blocks.

For a Secret: Go to the NE corner of the room for Secret #5, Arrows.

Then use the lever to the right of the entrance gate S and it will open.

- We don't need the doors in the labyrinth anymore, so you can now use the plates for the next mission,

raise all platforms and blocks in the room. Seen from the gate, first row left to right: down-up-up-down-down (platepuzzle2.jpg). Jump over the plate (without touching it) back into the room.

Jump on the block SE, onto the platform and then to the platform NW, over the wall and blocks to the next platform N, to the raised blocks SE and then SW onto the trapdoor in the ceiling.

Outside, Statue Push.

Head E, crawl under the blades and drop into the next room, walk along the wall past the Axes and shoot a werewolf and a raven in the next room. Go out through the opening left (E) and blocks raise below (shortcut back up). Use the chain to get to the thin rock ledge and go for the tree branches SE. Run jump to the second branch and swing along the rest to the corner ledge. Turn around and jump to grab the ledge W, hop up to the tree and do a curved run jump to the next ledge W. From there swing to two more branches to a sloped corner ledge, slide and jump to the roof.

Go over the bridge to the structure and find a pushable statue SE.

For a Secret: First jump from the structure to the rock ledge SE and get Secret #6, the Flares. Jump S, then up W and follow the route back to the roof W to get back to the push puzzle.

Move the SE statue W onto the raising block, use the green crystal button SW and move the statue onto the solid block. Use the red crystal button NW and move the statue to the other side. Use the green button and push the statue on the red block, now the red button again and move the statue to the NE corner. The Big Gates in the lower section of the lake open up as you can see.

For more Secrets: Hang from the W side of the higher floor and drop grab to the crawlspace, go in and through the magic wall to get Secret #7 and Secret #8, Bow & Arrows and the Blue Secret Key. Step through the wall N to get back, crawl out backwards and just drop into the lake below.

The Garden, the Celtic Knot.

Swim through the opening in the bottom and through the Blue Gates, up left into the next Hall and get onto the ledge while getting a view of some enemies. Do safety drops down the structure and on a red pedestal is a Celtic Knot. To the S near the tree is a dead bonsai tree in a bowl, we'll need some water.

The Sunken Village.

Go S up the stone ramp and open the gates with it, follow through to the village.

Head left into the house S, on a table under the jars is the Small Waterskin. On the other table are some Torches, take one and ignite it S or on a safer lantern outside at the village entrance. Take it with you for some extra light.

Puzzle Clue #1.

Go N and right around that first house to find a pair of statues. A Snake (Red) and a Lion (Yellow) and they are facing each other. To the N are closed doors, NW a gate that needs a Golden Apple.

Puzzle Clue #2.

Go back S and passing a Big Round Door. At the S wall are two entrances, go into the left opening (SE) and up the left hand slope a bit.

For a Secret: Drop the Torch and look up in the E wall, get into that crawlspace there. Use the Blue and Yellow Secret Keys. Enter and you'll be transported again, grab Secret #9, the Holy Grail and you are back at the door while receiving another bonus Secret; Secret #10. Go out of the crawlspace and grab the Torch, go S up the slope and spot the closed cage that has to be opened, the Empty Sack is inside.

To the SW you can shoot some sacks to get Flares. Head E with the Torch, into a hall with levers.

Continue all the way up to the highest point. From the balcony upstairs you can spot the second clue, a Snake (green) and a Lion (purple), they are facing each other. You can drop the Torch here for now.

For 2 Secrets: Go to the last two bookshelves SW and find Secret #11, Arrows. Head down the stairs and left around the corner under the stairs is Secret #12, Arrows.

Levers, Doors and a Labyrinth, the Rocks and the Empty Sack.

In the floor of this Hall is a sunken Labyrinth, the entrance of the labyrinth is in the NE corner of the glass floor and around that floor are 6 levers. I numbered them 1-6 starting in the NE corner next to the entrance. Maybe there are more ways to do this, but this is the fastest way:

Use 2-4-5 (the ones facing the glass floor) and enter to go to a Rune button SW, a platform slides out of the floor.

Back to the levers and now only the #6 lever and go back inside to get to the second Rune button in the SE corner. Now you can go out, up the stairs and jump across with the Torch. Go burn the rope of the boulder and get down to the ground floor. Go to the boulder ramp and find some Rocks (pieces of the boulder, light a flare to spot them) on the steep part just before you enter the tunnel. Now go down to the cage opened by the boulder and grab the Empty Sack. Combine it with the Rocks to get the Heavy Sack. Out of the cage, left around the corner over the ridge to the other side (SW) and go up to a Puzzle Field.

Statue Puzzle, Make the water safe.

The water around the Puzzle field is stone cold, so deadly for now.

The lion in the SW corner is correct so leave that one alone.

There are two levers S, they change the colour

 of the fields.

-Push Snake S to the SE corner (purple)

-Push Lion N to the NE corner (green)

-Push Snake N to the NW corner (red)

-All the statues look at each other, the only thing that's not correct yet are the colours of the E side fields.

-Push the left hand lever S (savegame.0) and you should get a screenshot of a waterfall and the waterfall flow. The colour of the statues has been changed in Snake in red and green, the lions in purple and yellow.

Water the tree, the Golden Apple.

The water turned safe, so go up the ladder W and fill the Waterskin there. To the E is Secret #13, a small medipack.

Get down and leave NW, go N to the entrance and take a right to the garden and down the slopes at the Smithy. Put the water in the bowl with the small tree and the Golden Apple appears on the other side of the big tree. Take it and head back to the village, to the gate NW and place the Apple on that small block left.

Axe Alley, the Witch and the Sacrificial Dagger.

Run with short stops over the break tiles to the other end (keep left or right, that makes it a bit easier) (savegame.1) and go to the back of the battle ground N. A Witch appears, grab the Sacrificial Dagger when she's dead. Doors opened SE so leave there and get back to the village.

Use the Weight, Jumps for the Monstrous Heart.

Go N and left around the corner to the opening leading to the stand where you can place the Heavy Sack. Go in and find a cogwheel, that's for later, we'll first raise a block. Jump from this ledge to the W, from the end to the block W and left to the higher block. Turn around and jump to grab that block with the spikes (left of the spikes of course). Run through the spikes to grab the beam E, also left of the spikes (mind the icicles on the ceiling). Turn right and run onto the spikes, stand jump from the end (don't slide) and jump twice without sliding to end up on the block S. Jump to the SE corner block and stand in the middle of the E side facing the moving log. Stand jump when the log is fully extended and you should be able to do a running jump and grab the block N (savegame.2).

Timed Jumps.

Jump to the ledge ahead and raise a block (SW) with the lever.

The Timed gate you open with the Cog Wheel is the one in front of you. Safety drop down to the cogwheel and pull about 6/7 times, roll and jump up to the raising block, roll and run-jump to the ledge at the gate and inside (savegame.3). Inside are Thor and 2 Knights, just keep jumping around holding the Ctrl key down so Lara will only aim at the Thor. When he dies he will leave behind the Monstrous Heart. Get out through the gate SW and drop down to the entrance ledge. Go out and straight to the pedestal at the Big Door, combine the Heart and Dagger to place the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice. The door starts to open and a lengthy flyby will show you around once more

G&D- Mar 01-2013